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Here it comes.

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only thing that's coming is pain and misery for you, stinkies

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Adem Kayser -Voorburg, Zuid-Holland - third world import leeching off of Netherlands taxpayer dollars when he isn't working for actual MLM scam companies doing paid stock bashing along with a small collection of other parasites with similar backgrounds also living in the Netherlands.

He immediately shut down his twitter @chainlinkthomas when a pic from his facebook was posted along with his name. His twitter used to be @geoxadem (literally had his first name in it) when his porn addiction posts were initially discovered and he shut his account down and scrubbed it the first time to change it over to @chainlinkthomas. Now it's back up and he's trying to pretend nothing happened even though he still stupidly referenced deleting his account when he said he was "back" and going to war with an equally retarded faggot, CLG. Also has a linkedin with a netherlands location in the same city that he lives in, listed as a "crypto investor" at a very shady looking netherlands company (The Success Factory) that apparently tried to run a failed DAG ponzi / MLM pyramid scheme style grift and was busted.

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bad choice of words

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>imagine being so butthurt about losing money on a crypto scam that you trigger your fight or flight schizophrenia and attack anyone that insults your special "corporation"
stinkies really are in for a big surprise