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I took out a loan and bought crypto and it isn't feeling good.

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Because the Fed is tightening for the first time in crypto's history. You seriously bought crypto during a Fed tightening cycle? You deserve the pain and suffering in the years ahead.

Bear will last the rest of the decade.

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You gotta get washed out

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The FED will pivot. They have to. Influencers wearing collared shirts said so on YouTube.

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niggers tongue my anus

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All I do on /biz/ is reply to words in the images and this one is particularly retarded
Beauty is goodness, otherwise the two would not be correlated
Would you take a world with no beauty in it at all but all goodness? No that would be rightly absurd
A bunch of the ugliest people and things undulating around in fact would almost make it impossible for most kinds of goodness to exist, except in perhaps a small minority of creation

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Goodness and beauty are not the same. However, they are two of the three transcendental cosmic values. This is why it is easy to get confused by big boobs.

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March is exactly what this decade looks like.
The rate stays high, people get poorer and the government spends money to do what it wants to do. We will have a dollar crisis because of the faster and faster creation of dollars and that's normal for humanity, we always do this.
Is what it is.

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>Why is this bear cycle lasting so long?
Because it's not a "cycle"

That's like asking "why is the bear cycle for Beanie Babies lasting so long ... it has been bear since 1992."

It's not a cycle, they're just worthless now.

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Because you don't understand macro and make.dumb ass investments without really understanding anything about the market.

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Wait until you see the next bear cycle from 2026-2032.

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>I took out a loan and gambled

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Alpha breeder.
>go sit on a firepit you commie homo

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The truth is we are on the cusp of an economic revolution and the big boys are slow to the game, so to ensure their dominance they actually froze and suspended the economy to put mechanisms in place so they win when the game resumes

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beauty (european genetics) is selected for because that's the genetic end game humans have been designed for since before they were even primitive negroid races.

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>beanie judge, I kneel

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Interesting take anon.

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Taking long? Why? Last bullrun was 2 years ago, come back in 2025

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Bear Market does not exist. There are bad choices made.

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you are so wrong its not funny

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Incel confirmed.

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pic related is the zenith of human aesthetics, whites are boring which is why you demand diversity, the true arayan not the virgin larping variety thats mogged by a philipino egg

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>2 of 3
What’s the third?

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FED will hold rates now and pivot in July next year.
Unless something breaks hard and they are forced to set interest rates to 0 again, like they always do.

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Before then I must have become a billionaire in EVR, enjoying a mesmerizing NFT collection designs that resonate from artistry to fashion

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Why would anyone buy crypto?

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it's not lasting longer than any other bear cycle, faggot. its been 2.5years now, and i would make the assumption that we already entered the bullrun. basically we are at the same stage as Covid was in 2020 last cycle

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if you're not a pure blue eyed western/european specimen you should remain an incel. we don't need any more animals


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I'll tell you a very uncomfortable protip my brown friend. Everyone white is basically very deseperate to escape this rock knowing that we have little chance to survive the continuous genetic onslaught.
We would all be immensely happy in all white communities (aka paradise) but unfortunately Satan is the lord of this realm of existence and his legions will continue to erase the little spark of divinity left.

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if it follows the 4 year meme cycle then its behaving right on schedule anon, maybe reduce your exposure a little?

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is that pic real

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Tolstoy, the turbo simp?
>Nah... nah brah.... these are big brain philosophical thoughts
It's simpery. Shrimples as.

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Why is he wrong you fucking idiot?

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>I took out a loan and bought crypto
I'm not concerned faggot. Have now resorted to spending my remaining coins via CryptMi app. I'm done with crypto.

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pretty privilege is real

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Zoom out brudda, Beanie Babies will be in when we retire. Only the smartest will horde and retire from their BB stack 50 years from now

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Wait, so you have zero Beanie Babies in your portfolio?

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whites are golems of the reptilains, theres would be no such thing as an all white community in the absense of humans, because your life experience is contingent not self defined.

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>golems of the reptilians
>last people to actually go against the world economic profit machine
Yeah ok jeet. You are a farm animal. You cheat, lie and corrupt your way through life. You have no base high morals and everything revolves around milking the system. Yet you still dare talk shit about people with 1000x more nobility.

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india was the jewel of the world until the people with the same characteristics you are trying to project onto them, arrived. I doubt an npc can self reflect but baptizing yourself in denial doesnt absolve you. Though i give my condolences since your the peasent slave caste of the reptilian heirachy, though piper still has you in his pocket and you will dance when the music hits your ears

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"whites" don't exist. only the beautiful, evolved, tip of civilization in the northern and western european races. those who saw the blessing of evolution right to the end, instead of a stunted and maligned failure in the eastern or southern bands.

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because it's impossible to keep rates high without complete dollar collapse in the first place, anyone telling you that high rates will last longer than next year is either extremely ignorant, memeing, or in bad faith.

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We'll pump after people like you lose everything

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Suppression and market manipulation lmao, the elites don't want my pond to pump

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the elites give no fucks about your worthless bags faggot

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Based, get out and never come back

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Nice hair anon, not so nice shitcoin

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Ah, at last, a layer 0 appreciator

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Yes anon its all someone else's fault that your population shits in the street, scams the elderly, scams their way through the corporate sector by EXCLUSIVELY hiring their own. Its white people fault that western cities full of jeets like Brampton are corrupt shitholes full of bad drivers, crime, low quality hoods.
Its white people fault that both your men and women are incredibly ugly, have no charm or sexual appeal, and generally found gross by EVERYONE.
Who the fuck even wants to live in India now that its "colonizer free"?
Listen carefully shitskin, and listen well. You have grown so accustomed to pillaging and looting our naive brainwashed people that have been raised on love and tolerance, but that era is ending. You are the sin of the world marked by your skin, a lineage of impure mongrels and random rabble.

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Btw we can take places like Poland or Finland that have never colonized your dogshit favela mongrel brown shitterland, and they have 100x the quality of life, 10000x hotter people, 1000000x better lifestyles than you ever will lol.

You are just a genetic cancer. Fuck off ajd perish already you lying dysgenic ugly rat.

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> uses reptilain feed scientific slop as his explanation for why he isnt a golem.

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bro, your existence is a condemnation on the world, the barabrian tribes that caused the dark age where products of kali yuga period. This is. the aftermath. This is your epoch, the era of deceit, degeneration, and destruction. The state of the things is largely a reflection on your influence, control and infestation on every sector of society, the elite are your champions and the world has been rebranded in their image. If youre not satisfied then of course because parasites will always consume its own tail

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Rofl no. Our age was marked with beauty (think peak architecture), the age of peak hollywood and cinema, and the most handsome males / beautiful women to ever grace the earth. Also the highest quality lifestyles and productivity. The world of today is african/
+pajeet which is why its so ugly, dogshit, dysgenic, and scammy. Sorry bro you will simply have to admit it eventually: you are a bloodline of scam artists.

The lies are done, all the whites that believed this shit are going to be gone in like 20 years max lol.

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>be Indian
>be brown subhuman savage
>get invaded by R1a steppechads
>wypipo set themselves up as the highest caste
>all good parts of Indian culture beloved by the world comes from these aryan übermensch
>all your women get gangbanged and inseminated by white cock
>(You) cope and seethe
>fastforward 2000 years, upper caste browned out by degeneracy and racemixing
>be Indian, brown subhuman
>get invaded by Mongol chads
>get enslaved by chad Islam
>get gangbanged by Turkomongol cock in your bussy
>(You) cope and seethe
>fastforward a few centuries
>be Indian, still a brown subhuman but also gay
>get invaded by Britbong chads who want to monopolize the tea and spices trade
>get colonized and enjoy a higher standard of living than ever before because of the white man's grace
>all the pretty pajeetas have unprotected sex with the white men stationed in the British Raj
>(You) are a gay incel who gets no pussy and no white man would ever think of fucking your bussy because you're a subhuman savage who smells like literal shit
>(You) cope and seethe
>fastforward another century
>no more British Raj
>India is a brown shithole once again, rape capitial of the world
>(You) emigrate and come to the west to enjoy high standards of living at the behest of white men
>india was the jewel of the world until the people with the same characteristics you are trying to project onto them, arrived. I doubt an npc can self reflect but baptizing yourself in denial doesnt absolve you. Though i give my condolences since your the peasent slave caste of the reptilian heirachy, though piper still has you in his pocket and you will dance when the music hits your ears
>he types as he eats the delicious butter chicken takeout invented by the white man

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I can fix her

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I almost forgot
>be Indian man
>be in a western country
>go to club to meet women
>no girls are attracted to your soft, scrawny betacuck body
>go home alone
>open tinder
>0 matches
>blame huwite supremacy for not being able to get laid
>next day, parents call you asking when you're going to find a girl to marry
>offer to set you up with inbred womanlet brownoid hamplanet from next village over
>meet her
>she takes one look at you and does a 360 and walks away
>you go home alone
>finally ropes

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We never actually hit the bottom. CZ, Saylor and their gang artificially inflated the price of bitcoin with scam pumps. Now we have this horrific, drawn out bear that has no end in sight. All pumps in the near future are them desperately trying to maintain the cycle narrative.

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I do not know why Indian incels think they are getting the short end of the stick when they can fap to 10/10 white goddesses on demand porn instead of having to marry an ugly pajeeta and be her slave for a once a month pity fuck. Even the pajeeta is better off being pumped and dumped by white Chads than having more dysgenic brown pajeetlets

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They will but there's nothing saying they won't pivot back. Looking at how inflation is going back up, I have a bad feeling we are going to hyperinflate(locally) if they flip now.

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>Bear will last the rest of the decade

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pic related mogs euro architetcure, your a child in comparison to the golden age, a neophyte

reptilian mk ultra psychological tool

>im so beautiful (lel)
shallow reptilian vanity

your reptilian debt base system is contingent on extracting wealth and resources from the global south. While you work jobs and print fake money at the worlds expense.

>look at my empty material possessions i bought on debt for my reptilian overlords
reptilian cope

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because the united states president is the one that chooses who is head of the federal reserve
someone needs to buy those bonds that china is selling at record breaking speeds
someone needs to finance the 10 trillion being added to the deficits until 2025
you fiatcels are financing it

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>dysgenic bloodline
precisely, we live in the age of the reptilian, the parasites are comfy and humans degenerates in beauty along with the earth and its ecosystems. Where the disagreement?

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>doesnt understand the western economy is predicated on debt and fiat a the expanse of the global south

You get to sit on you ass the majority of the day and when you stand up its probably to take a shit

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God you are such a lying fuck.
Let's go over your lies 1 by 1.
First of all notice how you slyly replaced colonial powers like anglos (small subset of whites) with all white people, and then, the global north?

I would LOVE to hear your theories as to why non-colonial non-anglo (aka colonizer) european states absolutely MOG you. Poland, Norway, Czech Republic, Finland are all high quality GORGEOUS peoples with culture and amazing cities. Many of them POOR.

There is only one truth - its ALL ABOUT GENES. You are simply a low quality being. You will never perform self sacrifice the same way people in advanced states do. If they cant get a good career or start a business, they simply forego having kids to make their societies a little nicer. If they think they are unattractive they drop out of the gene pool. Meanwhile, you will SCAM old vulnerable people just to ctrl+c ctrl+v your dysgenic SHIT genes.

Go wash ur mouth u little rat. Nobody exploits you. You are just genetic trash

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correct, it is all about genes and your genes are corrupted and antagonistic to nature, your obsession with. genetics is a byproduct of your reptilian progenitors that want the eradication of man, terraforming the planet with npcs. Your societies are trash and spiritually devoid filled with mental illness, communal degeneration, material blindness, and meaningless consumption. Even with the world at your helm, your peak achievement is relative stability and thats at the expense of others, the parasite would show its true colors when it isnt able to suck

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Let me guess, you bought LINK instead of ETH, BTC, MATIC or even RAIL?

>> No.56145701

Yet you are desperate to enter our nations at any chance? Weird, huh.
And we are doing a pretty shit job at "eradicating men" aside from culling our own subhumans, given the endless southern favela spam.

The great awakening of the 21st century will be the blunt reality between K and R selected humans. Soon we will begin to realize that people that value beauty, love, technology, and art, are not compatible with genetic spammers and scammers.

I foresee genetics-based border control after the incoming fall of many states. With southerners banned entry for a good 200-300 years.

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I'll claim my million with SUPRA after the TGE. Fingers crossed.

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of course people flock to where wealth is centralized, especially if its siphoned from their home country. secondly, you have no nation, you are a colony, a means to an end, a disposable consumptive unit. Your leaders laugh at you.
For your estimation of the future, dont care, not my business. The world has already been comprimsied, the asterioid will be its salvation,.

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You aren't a victim of reptilians, golems or other magical beings, other civilizations just started building guns and advanced ships before you could figure it out and you got your asses conquered and divided up. Tough luck, blame your ancestors.

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What is your perspective about poor white non colonizers like Finland, Poland, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, czech republic and why they offer comparatively better (safer (less sexual assaults), cleaner) living standards despite being comparatively poorer than India?
Similarly, apply this question to China and Japan (similar amounts of people to the different unions of India).

Stop with the pithy rhetoric and artificial verbal finesse in place of honesty and answer the question.

>> No.56146279

Exclude finland from this question*** I just realised is comparative wealth is higher.

>> No.56146293

Regarding this question, don't rely on the population argument (each union of India is similar in social and political structure to an individual eastern European country yet they life outcomes are drastically different. Why is this?

>> No.56146339

We all know its just genetics. There is no magical formula around it. Niggers are a plague whether in France, Brazil, or USA. Pajeets take the Pajeet wherever they go.

Humans at a macro scale have clearly distinct patterns when it comes to reproductive tendencies, society building, talents, interests, looks, even religions (whites will always gravitate towards God / Christ, foreigners wont).

We are ruled by forces of evil which seek to eradicate biologic reality for whatever reason.

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TITS, I wanna touch some titties.

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>Bear will last the rest of the decade.
>Because the Fed is tightening for the first time in crypto's history.
They actually are not, you fucking idiot.

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Suck a dick you faggot fuck.
1) Interest-rate forecast. We project a year-end 2023 federal-funds rate of 5.25%, falling to about 2.00% by the end of 2025. That will help drive the 10-year Treasury yield down to 2.50% in 2025 from an average of 3.75% in 2023. We expect the 30-year mortgage rate to fall to 4.50% in 2025 from an average of 6.75% in 2023.

2) Inflation forecast. We project price pressures to swing from inflationary to deflationary in 2023 and the following years, owing greatly to the unwinding of price spikes caused by supply constraints in durables, energy, and other areas. This will make the Fed’s job of curtailing inflation much easier. In fact, we think the Fed will overshoot its goal, with inflation averaging 1.8% over 2024-27.

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>Yes anon its all someone else's fault that your population shits in the street, scams the elderly, scams their way through the corporate sector by EXCLUSIVELY hiring their own. Its white people fault that western cities full of jeets like Brampton are corrupt shitholes full of bad drivers, crime, low quality hoods.
yeah actually,

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The barabarians were agents of the reptilians. Rome was epilogue, the new age is in the hands of planetary invaders that are follow npc programming

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indians in western countries outperform whites seven fold, whether it be academically, fiancianlly or professionally. Indians are bad mothefuckers. You see the new predential candidate? You see Yang before that? The only candidates of recent that carry statesmanship, the whites seem like whiny spoiled children in comparison, emotionally driven and warm bottle feed, absolute clown status.

>> No.56146574

youre a dead end.

>> No.56146595

>cream of the crop immigrants outperform the general mass
No shit.
Now compare the average Indian from India to any average person from a white or east asian nation, and we can both laugh.

You are such a LIAR and manipulator its unreal.

>> No.56146619

No I'm not. Dead ends are people that eat up your blatant lies and allow you to game them. We have functioned at the highest level, without a single pajeet, for eons.

You are easy to stop as long as you are called out for lies. Which unfortunately naive first worlders do not wish to do.

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File: 2.16 MB, 1180x1182, Screen Shot 2022-11-01 at 10.08.08 AM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

in the absense of a middle class and survival is priority, professionalism isnt much of a concern, youre operating on a different level of consciousness.

Whiytes have the advantage ultimately since the reptilians give certain circles forbidden knowledge and technology so you've inadvertently become the face of "progression" but its all illusion and puppeteering, the majority of you are the offspring of peasants and ultimately irrelevant.

>> No.56146721

It's cute that you think our evolutionary desperation of technological progress is somehow an alien plot.

Do you even understand the game?
Do you understand what it's like to be under constant invasion 24/7 throughout history?
Do you understand just how badly we truly want to avoid you?
Do you understand the amount of selective mate pressure on us with an ever shrinking pool?

You're a clown dude. You have no clue.

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The truth may sound sacrilegious to a cult member but western civilization is founded on lies, silly.
Let me rephrase.
The western civilization appropriated by the barbarian tribes is founded on lies.
Im sure Rome was based.
Youre living in the midst of a unreleting psyop yet you think truth is a pillar you stand on lel

>> No.56146752

You are arguing with a mentally ill streetshitter.

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my condolences, may paradise one day be yours

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the fed tightened from 2016-2019 dumbass

>> No.56146802

> Why is this bear cycle lasting so long?
What are you talking about? It's the same exact length as the last 3 cycles so far. Pretty much exactly.

>Because it's not a "cycle"
It's literally following the same cycle as always verbatim.

>> No.56147176

Stop being dishonest and avoiding the question like a slimy personal relations employee or politician.

I listed specific post Soviet, non colonial white eastern European countries like Poland, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, czech republic. Answer why they offer comparatively better (safer (less sexual assaults), cleaner) living standards despite being comparatively poorer than India? This is a valid comparison as the unions of India are small and somewhat self regulating like a small eastern euro country in the EU.

You responded by talking about educational attainment in the west which avoids the substance of my question. This is dishonest.
I'll give you a second chance to respond honestly, otherwise I will recognise you discuss these issues in bad faith and will stop responding.

>> No.56147201

Biggest btc gains during high interest rates.

>> No.56147254

You sanctomoniously insist on westerners being liars yet you avoid answering my question described above, honestly.>>56146056 >56146562
You then resort to ad hominem attacks.
You are a pseudo intellectual lacking intellectual curiosity who hides behind the veneer of intellectualism to project his own insecurities onto others (while likely being a beneficiary of the very western society he denigrates).
I doubt you are even indian yourself (every indian I have engaged with url discusses issues in good faith compared to you who acts in bad faith behind the aforementioned insipid veneer of intellectualism and sanctomoniousness).

>> No.56147270

cycle lengthening law

>> No.56147279

so they can sell it to someone else at a higher price

>> No.56147301

what revolution? The ponzi is dying with boomers, the demography of all relevant nations are extinction-tier level. Only the darkest niggers still reproduce in their filth, but they can't bring anything good to the table, only more misery and uglyness.

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news flash OP.

It's the heart of an individual that is judged by God.

aesthetics is all candy and when the dopamine no longer hits like it once did, the aesthetics has to change to get the same high or greater.

>> No.56147317


unironically crypto doesn't look good when the faggots tried to push something stupid as the nfts and the metaverse into normies.... obviously being a blatantly scam made the whole market look like a circus... it have to correct itself first for the real rally start.

>> No.56147327

>took out a loan and bought crypto

>> No.56147436

That's why the idea should be to offload the shitcoins via Miles card for proteinous foodstuffs.
Make use of your coins today before your coins make use of yourself.

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File: 317 KB, 869x747, Screenshot 2023-09-14 at 17-03-57 Co-founder of $4 billion crypto fraud scheme gets 20 years in prison 'Cryptoqueen' partner remains at large.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


> obviously being a blatantly scam made the whole market look like a circus

one simple word. (( Greed ))

Blame the exchanges, they are the ones who gave the space and did not vet or regulate their own listings, they just took money from whoever and advertised blatant scams.

For whatever reason, stealing 1 billion dollars and going to prison for a decade or 2 is better than legitimately profiting a few million every year.

It's literally the ultimate jeeting playbook and eventually they get rugged by the feds.

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Its not. Right on schedule with % less pump, % less dips.

>> No.56148581

Excuse me, but I believe you've been BTFO: >>56144213 >>56144358

>> No.56148611

lmao holy seethe

>> No.56148668

Tons of reasons anon, investing, diversifying, hedging against inflation, speculating, privacy, and use cases.
Personally, I'm into XRP and XLM for financial transactions, gods and Ride for gaming fun, UNI for DeFi, and a bunch of others

>> No.56148698

Yeah, just sell it to random peeps at a markup, easy cash.
How genie is this? The only NFT I've dabbled in is silk, though it's still hanging there at a loss, and Cloudbreaker NFT that I'm staking on XOXNO marketplace

>> No.56148705

>Even the pajeeta is better off being pumped and dumped by white Chads than having more dysgenic brown pajeetlets
100%. All nonwhite men should be castrated and their women made into concubines for white chads, financially speaking. They suffer in life already because they can't compete with YT and do nothing but seethe, so why even suffer to exist at all, financially speaking?
>Verification not required.

>> No.56148712

What about the economy made you think that was a good idea? Almost all indicators suggest continued crash. You better hope that it is so bad that no one chases you down for your loan.

>> No.56148715


is that the context? beanie baby custody hearing?

>> No.56148775


>> No.56148916
File: 558 KB, 1024x537, 1695073467719935.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>falling for an Israeli scamcoin

>> No.56148935

It will come to an end soon. Just keep accumulating on those with good potential that can print more money. I hope my expectations come through on XRP, XTP, and Bat. I'm stacking these assets on Tap app.

>> No.56148947

Don't fall for those shit. Just deal with what works much better for you.

>> No.56149048

A handsome woman is not a beautiful woman.

>> No.56149081
File: 90 KB, 1483x632, bitcuckery.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

2021 was a speculative bubble, there are a lot of people with a lot of money they might splash on bitcoin again, but these things are very random and unpredictable, like gambling really.

Uncertainty about the economy and real estate market might be factors in the current bear market, they need the money for other things, covid lockdowns and boredom might have introduced people to bitcoin and coaxed them into it and now that's over they've lost interest. This is all speculation though.

However considering the amount of money that was poured into bitcoin earlier there is a possibility it will rise again. I am a low risk investor so I only bought when it dipped below $20k which seems to be the rock bottom level.

>> No.56149097

I need to know who she is like I need to know the cure to porn addiction! Help!

>> No.56149101


>> No.56149171
File: 154 KB, 1079x255, Screenshot_20230920_013034_Firefox Focus.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

She ain't real bro, she ain't real.

>> No.56149177
File: 255 KB, 909x270, GLOW.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>We project price pressures to swing from inflationary to deflationary in 2023 and the following years
Sounds good so far...
>inflation averaging 1.8% over 2024-27
Oh so its bullshit. They admit there will never be deflation. The rate will just lower, prices will continue to increase, and somehow everyone is still supposed to get by when they ALREADY CANT. Fuck you, fucking retard.

>> No.56150233

>two things are allegedly weakly correlated so that mean they're the same thing

>> No.56150276

Because baggots haven't capitulated and left crypto. They are still holding waiting for their bags to moon. Only once they are purged November 2018 style can be heal and begin anew. We'll never see 69k with massive sell pressure from baggots. They need to be purged so market makers and poomp and new even greater fools can fomo into the pump then baghold for 4 years to sell the next bottom. This is the way. If you witnessed more than one cycle you know this.
>2013 bitcorn watcher

>> No.56150277

You would be a fool thinking Kaspa is going to keep ripping when it's the most hyped up bubble in crypto right now. Getting in near the bottom and riding your bags all the way up doesn't take some high IQ skills to make money.

>> No.56150280

I hope you bought QANX if not you are fucked

>> No.56150344

Whites aren’t relevant anymore China won

>> No.56150395
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>> No.56150441

Bitcoin ends the fed

>> No.56150530


>> No.56152992

They really won't. There is no more pivot.
Look at the markets, everything is overvalued. Property is overvalued and it is crushing upwards mobility.
Tech stocks are overvalued and they have zero in the way of positive innovations in the pipeline. Automation is going to destroy so many industries and jobs that poverty is going to explode, why do you think they've legalised shoplifting in so many places? They know that the alternative is riots and civil unrest.
The entire Western world is overvalued and the chickens are coming home to roost because of decades of cheap lending and bad investments.

The alternative is permanent hyperinflation and that's likely coming anyway because governments refuse to cut welfare and military spending.
Congratulations, you are living in interesting times.

>> No.56154386

that pic, eh I don't know about that, if some hot bitch acts like a bitch then I see her for what she is, a bitch.

>> No.56154618

is this the edited one? the original was accurate

>> No.56154683

The mass printing of unbacked currency.

>> No.56155775


>> No.56155862

Those that did this in the last bear market where some of the richest in the last bull market.
Though I'm not taking out a loan to invest into crypto, but I'm also DCAing into some promising alts like COTI, UTK and CYMI

>> No.56156048

Crypto adoption in Asia is now on the rise so China and others might be taking over
Those are some good crypto payment tokens but I prefer the last one's crypto card better because of its zero fees on all transactions

>> No.56156429
File: 122 KB, 1056x937, 1630250885349.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

To be beautiful, must mean that you, or someone before you, did good. Good genes don't happen by themselves. The horrible woman who looks good will most likely pass off bad genes to her off spring, either through epigenetics and a poor mental state of her own, or simply through bad upbringing. In one generation, that petite face which her parents graced her with will be wiped away, because she was horrid.

Tolstoy was a glorified retard and I would debunk him in two seconds if I saw him today
I'm just an average /biz/raeli, mind you

>> No.56156430

Youre talking about Jews right?

>> No.56157407

slavic women are like that
the basis of the slavic race is cannibalism, boom and bust agriculture in a climate with early frosts etc. that leaves starving masses periodically.

or maybe that's just an excuse, maybe the real cause is that they are descended from people who just liked to betray and eat eachother because it felt good

>> No.56157420

honestly this is a story of jewish incompetence

they thought they could keep milking the "goyim" if they just put a carrot on a stick (fake money) in front of us, but everyone worth a shit isn't contributing to this system anymore and there are no solutions to any of the real problems.

of course the kikes can't figure out anything at all, they are just thieves and mimicks.

basically they are hoping for some propaganda miracle through AI that motivates white men to work wholeheartedly under slavery, but it will never happen.
The system will collapse and all the kikes will die along with all of us.

Unless we trigger the collapse ourselves and ride the wave, then we can probably survive.

>> No.56157531
File: 151 KB, 1976x480, Screen Shot 2023-09-20 at 11.19.53 PM.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.56158129

>honestly this is a story of jewish incompetence


This is the problem with nepotism. Eventually, you put someone very dumb in a very senior position in society and they begin to only promote people who are dumber than them out of fear of losing their position in the hierarchy.

Now, many Western nations are making this the law with diversity and inclusion hiring and they wonder why everything is going to shit.

>> No.56158183

>I took out a loan and bought crypto
Do your parents have children they actually talk about with their friends

>> No.56158477

that is the original

>> No.56159417

I'd rather buy more RAIL than this shitcoin.

>> No.56159677
File: 2 KB, 125x101, 1687775321957062s.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

If you did invest in Qanx, you wouldn't be complaining dumbfag

>> No.56160223

It gives smartfags like me a chance to scoop DUA, NXRA, and VET at a discounted rate.

>> No.56160259

Because crypto is the future of finance, Faggot I bought cryptos and will hold them in my BrillionFi smart wallet when they're live.

>> No.56160289

>I prefer the last one's crypto card better because of its zero fees on all transactions

Not just that the also have amazing travel deals on the CryptMi app which i found quite helpful in the summer.

>> No.56160394

Imagine taking out a loan and putting it in crypto. I hope you lose everything because you are truly one big retard.

>> No.56160485

This thread is a prime example of why browsing this board long term gives you mental illness

>> No.56160613

>Crypto adoption in Asia is now on the rise so China and others might be taking over

Asia seems to be embracing crypto at an impressive rate and it is quite visible has we have seen major players like Public office in Abu Dhabi partnering with CryptMI.

>> No.56161460
File: 2 KB, 91x125, 1675772990200387s.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

And only jewfags will fade Qanx. Kek

>> No.56161489

EVR is a life saver and the presale is ongoing, you shouldn't sleep on this life changing opportunity.

>> No.56161846

>the rest of the decade

>> No.56162213

beauty is subjective. if everyone in the world was "ugly" and only a few were "beautiful" then that would mean evolution favored ugliness. if evolution favored ugliness (aka non symmetrical features) then that would mean you would get a hard on for ugly women and detest beautiful women. this has nothing to do with good or evil, but how our brains are programmed to perceive attractiveness

>> No.56162469

You realize evolution is just adaptation to the environment? It has nothing to do with selecting the most beautiful or the most intelligent. It simply about quantity, resource management, and acquisition.

Hell, the entire world right now is basically about breeding bottom of the barrel humans to work at mcdonalds and sustain the economy lol.

>> No.56162542

> It has nothing to do with selecting the most beautiful or the most intelligent
i never said it did, just that your sexual preference would change if evolution valued asymmetry (what we consider ugly) over symmetry (what we consider beautiful)
>it simply about quantity, resource management, and acquisition.
close, its only about quantity. the other 2 are tied to quantity because if you can manage/acquire more resources you stand a better chance at producing more offspring

>> No.56162687
File: 174 KB, 749x735, 1686305738757573.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>beauty is subjective
meaningless statement. everything is subjective. there is nothing that is not subjective. everything you experience, have experienced, and will ever experience is through your own subjectivity. it's inescapable. there can be no experience outside and beyond subjectivity. to speak of such nonsense is ludicrous.

>> No.56162711

Ask the white women to help you. I’m sure they will since you dump for them with that ugly bitch in your post among other things. Lol

>> No.56162719

How is this fucking retarded thread still alive?

>> No.56162758

>everything is subjective
it's not meaningless. if it was meaningless then how did you understand what I meant? your reply was very "high school philosophy" level of deepness. math is not subjective, unless you believe the universe ceases to exist when you do

>> No.56162935
File: 158 KB, 424x294, sunjak.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

big boobs

>> No.56164246

Yeah, CYMI is also one of those that isn't affected by the bear market

>> No.56164478

Why the hate? Those that did it in the last bear market made huge money
I prefer using its card to holding the token.