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>ask parents if I can move in
>they tell me to fuck off

I’m ngmi

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Yeah. Stung pretty deep when my dad decided he loved his new wife and her bastard children (2) more than me and tild me he had no room for me.

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>I’m ngmi
everyone with Boomer parents is ngmi
3 generations so far

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my father started a new family twice. I've got half-siblings from three different mothers. And before you ask: his skin is white as snow.

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Asked my little sister (dentist) if I can move in. Now I'm her personal maid (male)

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I am 36 and never moved out of my parents house

My dad absolutely does not like it but he’s a beta cuck that does whatever mum says

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>Needing to ask your parents

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still a nigger

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can i move in aswell? i would be a good maid

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>some boomers kicked their kids out at 18 never to see them again
>some boomers never kicked their kids out, but undermined them in any way they could
>and some boomers pretend to be a friend, but are actually stealing all the inheritance that would have been yours