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Cringe all you do is baghold dead alt l1s
1 Ethereum’s getting a new product to sell - Blobspace
2 The cost of transacting on L2s is about to drop toward zero
3 The economics of ETH gas and the burn are about to change forever…

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No zk computation? bankless is onions

Partisia will consume eth

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biz is full of ethtards, hbarbrokkies, and link fodder

Invest in the L0 L1 L2 Bill Gates believes in


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It's a new week, time for a new scam.

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Ethereum is the future. Now that we have 30 plus L2s and counting to choose from and more than 50 bridges to allow easy transfer of funds from one L2 to the other, there's never been a better time to introduce your normie friends and family members to the simplicity and ease of use of the Ethereum ecosystem. Just make sure to explain to them the basis such as keeping enough gas set aside for L1 bridging fees, to only use L2s with an escape hatch and to make sure that the bridge they choose is a trusted bridge that won't rug them.