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How do I break into this niche? I want to make money from demoralizing the masses

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because of the dumbest, most niggerbrained of normies are now clued in to how much of a scam working is in the year 1971+52. if you're part of the $75k/year median household income, you're on life support.

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(As a millionaire.)

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Is that the gongo guy? He lost weight, good for him

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No that's the fat chink.
This is the sad chink who's wife divorced him and took his son.

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>if you're part of the $75k/year median household income, you're on life support.
absolutely fucking tragic but true.

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if he was really that afraid of a collapse then he would be buying land, guns and ammo and learning how to farm. He would be investing his millions into self-sustainable ways of living. Instead this larper faggot is sitting in a high rise condo in a big liberal city running his faggot sissy boy mouth about how everyone is fucked but him because he has some fake digital assets on a screen. At least he should put his money where his mouth is and not try to demoralize the masses through his faggot ass youtube videos. By the way, its been 4 months since his video and I just got a raise. If you listen to faggots like this you deserve to be the incel that you are

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I mean, when does it start to become demoralization? I draw the line on a statement being truthful, as in, it's not demoralization so long as it's true. And he's right, the elites have done their hardest over the past few decades to create a new aristocratic class through social engineering and FUD. In the US, one by one every civil liberty that was taken for granted has been steadily removed , and in the EU, the few that existed no longer do. Corporations finally created an environment where you are supposed to be happy you still have a job, even if it only pays enough for you to barely survive but not increase your own wealth or become established, promotions and good positions are 90-99% of the time handed out to personal friends or close family relatives of those who are on top of the food chain, and laws serve merely to stop the little guy from breaking out of the mold. The SEC is probably more interested in destroying crypto right now than they are at catching wall st. execs insider trading to the point you even begin to wonder if insider trading is still a crime (and it still is but one that only applies to you and me). Economies are now bubbled and democracy has finally completed it's role as the autocracy of idiots and bad actors, which means we don't see productivity rising, just a transfer of wealth from regular individuals to corporations and politicians in the form of the inflationary tax, and if you try to benefit from it, the Jews would sooner crash the market to buy in cheap than let you make money. This stagnant environment also stifles class mobility, so a young guy starting out would essentially have to win the lottery to get a chance to become half as rich as the average boomer, leading to young people having very bleak views of their own future.

What is there to look forward to? More Soros NGOs telling you how to live your life? Bill gates and Klaus Schwab telling you to eat ze bugs?

This is why it appeals to people.

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Trump lost.

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He's not warning about a collapse he's warning about stagnation.
To put it in meme terms he's saying "nothing ever happens."

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>leading to young people having very bleak views of their own future.

Jewish social media (((Faceberg, tiktok, snapjew, instakike, Jewtube, pornhub etc))) has basically made everyone mentally worse off. Their neurotic lust for control of the masses and degeneracy is perpetuated onto normal people via social media. It makes everyone more anxious, more likely to be consumerists, makes people more competitive with eachother and less friendly to be around, people don't trust eachother and self-esteem and loneliness are at all time lows because of this. Instead of a cohesive society you have a fractured people with no real ties to their communities trying to best eachother or cucking for the powers that be so they dont get shunned by (((society))). How much longer can such a system last? maybe until everyone gets sick of being a serf or sick of seeing their children turned into faggots or succumbing to other forms of degeneracy at the orders of Blackrock

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>Become an adult
>Start doing all the shit your parents and society told you to; Go to school, get a good job, work hard, try to save money as best you can
>Inconsistencies start to appear; You go to school, but your degree isn't doing anything for you. You get a good job, but you can barely afford things; Not luxury things, but the basics like food, a car and housing. You try to save money, but even if you don't get wiped out by an emergency your money is worth less year over year because muh inflation
>Talk to normalfags about these feelings
>Get hit hard by just world fallacies: You got the wrong degree! You just aren't working hard enough! You're just bad with money!
>Internalize these supposed failures and have them bearing on your mind day after day
And then, one day, you happen to see a Youtuber that shows you statistics and graphs, proof that shows that you aren't crazy; Shit IS getting worse, your degree IS worth less, everything's more expensive, and there's likely no help coming any time soon. Seeing people talk about this stuff is a means of catharsis for millenials/zoomers who've been lied to and guilt-tripped for years. Normalize conversations about how hard people are getting fucked over, and doomers will have less of a platform.

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a lot of stuff is popular on the internet. there's a lot of people online.

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Hes not wrong though

I wish you guys all luck on the coins you picked and hope you get a 1000X

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>average home is like $500k
>median income is still $30k-$40k

its unironically joever

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He said nothing about a collapse you prepper redneck schizo, he said the rich (him) will get richer and the poor will get poorer. The majority of people will never do shit, there is no such thing as the power of the people. 90% could live on scraps and there would be no collapse

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i made $70k in 2019. in my area you could buy a house for $275k @ 3% interest with $55k down = $930/mo mortgage. i was promoted via job hopping to $100k. today houses in my area are $375k @ 7.5% interest with $55k down = $2300/mo mortgage. kek. not to mention utilities and homeowners insurance going up like 40%, and property taxes increasing as well.

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Now imagine all the normies who only make like $40k and how much more they have to pay in rent

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but he is doing what he is paid to by china

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Inflation adjusted salary vs. price per sq ft ratio isn't as radical. The entire difference can be explained by the fact that mortgage rates went from 15% to 3% over time. They invented a money supply for housing.

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>cant get any pussy despite being a millionaire
Yeah im not going to listen to this guy for anything

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It isn’t doomer problem it is just hard reality. Stop gaslighting yourself that the system isn’t corrupted by Jews and that everything is fair.

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>. price per sq ft
Every fucking retarded boomer that uses this should be shot without any further questions.
All that matters is median price *per housing unit.*

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they think there's going to be advice on how they can avoid it
they can't, it's already over

they'll cope with their depreciating bags of link or xrp and end up killing themselves
but that's fine, we need fewer mutts

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whites are slaves and exist to serve the aristocrat class, the peasants that existed in europe were given a reprieve during the age of exploration because their wranglers sights became focused on the free world. Now that the free world is no longer free, the domestic side things have returned to the mean, seemingly unaware that their house nigger status was only temporary and their uppity disposition is an inside joke.

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reminder that all slaves have brown eyes
that's all you need to know

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the aristocratic class are not only racist but megalomaniac elitist, whites think their in kinship with the maniacs above but they are cattle, a unit of consumption. Whites epigenetic peasent genes exclaim these people and allow them to defile their livlihoods. Vicarious expression of the self

These people dont even consider themselves human, similar when to you stare in a persons blue eyes and your reptilian instinct kicks off, suppressing your natural instinct, you were born amongst a slave cult ran by and you are the prey.

Our paths just so happen to cross by circumstance but this is your ultimate destiny.

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>Corporations finally created an environment where you are supposed to be happy you still have a job
in the eu it is now objectively better to be on gibs, easy to get, than have a job
if you arent fucked with a mortgage i dont get why the normies still wake up in the morning

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>lots of words
brown eyes = slave

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npc projection

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>median income in 2000: $30k
>median house price in 2000: $160k
>median income in 2023: $40k
>median house price in 2023: $500k

yep very small difference

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i'm not here to cope with 100 words about why my inferior genetics are superior
i prefer living as an evolved human

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youre not a human, your e organic portal.
You arent connected to the source, and your fate has already been determined.

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my fate has been determined, which is why while you're genetically, materially, and socially poor, i am not.
i'd say better luck next life but we both know you failed the only roll you'll get.

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youre not trying to convince me, youre trying to convince yourself. ;)

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Almost everything he says is completely accurate.

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The relationship between the East and the West is invariant. Quit coping. At least neither of you are fucking Africans.

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>Why is Doomer outrage porn so popular?
OP all the posts ITT show you perfectly why.
During a bear market the majority of participants WANT to read and consume doomer misery porn to tick their confirmation bias, just like they want to read endlessly bullish and ridiculously optimistic things at the top of a bull market.
Youtubers just create whichever content is viewed most by the masses at the time, currently it's doomer misery porn.

Even the standard normalfag is a blackpilled doomer at this point, being bearish is most definitely not "going against the grain" in this point in time. In fact being in any way hopeful or optimistic would be going against the grain while waiting for black swan event #5384381 is a crowded trade

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yeah its definitely that not because everything keeps getting expensive as shit while income stays the same

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And guess what, things look great during a bull market as well. But it's foolish to expect such things to last forever.

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Those guys in your screenshot are probably buying bitcoin etc now that it is lower

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Even in a bull market things like housing was still expensive as shit if you zoom out income is stagnating while everything just keeps being less affordable

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this whole video stinks of ccp let it rot or lie flat psyop to undermine the competition
now of course he is right that going to college and working 9-5 is bullshit but there are plenty of was to generate income, just look to the ai craze plenty of online neets instantly turned that into profitable side hustles there will always be new opportunities for the nimble

the thing he is absolutely correct about is that the youtube/influencer bubble of self help and finance is going to totally collapse as the normie has been pumped and dumped too many times and now will flock to escapism
this chink doomer concludes that its over give up, the smarter person would find out ways to deliver escapism for profit to the masses and thanks to the immense stupidity of legacy media there is a growing gap to insert yourself into here

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Imho his point is that if you dont want to drift off into the lowerclass over the next decade during persistent dragflation, you need to make radical progress asap. I think he is quite optimistic and trying to be motivational

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he doesnt give any tips or ways to start doing so, he only blackpills the known failure routes

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In a recent video he recommended to take up computer programming. I think he does not like spoon feeding so he comes across as very negative but I can tell he is still trying to send positive messages to those people who do not need to be spoonfed

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>if you zoom out income is stagnating while everything just keeps being less affordable
That is the case for more than half a century, yet there were many bull markets inbetween.

But let me guess, this time it's different am I rite

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asians are but one short step by way of west africa.
only europeans received any significant level of evolution.

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Yeah everything just keeps getting worse and we keep getting poorer what point are you trying to make exactly?

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Go hard. Find something to work towards and just go for it. Doomer porn is definitely gay but it's not completely unwarranted, but I also don't think doomer scenarios should be your main motivation. It can't be your main driver. Being driven by fear will just lead you to becoming a paranoid schizo.

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>what point are you trying to make exactly?
Reading comprehension please. "yet there were many bull markets inbetween"

Greed as a concept didn't suddenly disappear.

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You right man

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So what if there were mini bull markets thats not improving anything for most people

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>build an online persona that grants you authority (i. e. that dude in OP is an "ex-Google" employee)
>talk about depressing, vaguely relatable things to connect to your viewership
>set up ads
>activate the Thanks button
>also buymecoffee and patreon while at it
>and a monero wallet address for donations
It's that easy.

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>how do I doomer porn
Good news anon

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If Average Joe can barely afford to keep a roof over his head, I don't think he's gonna care much if the S&P 500 is up 50%.

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>mini bull markets
So every single bull market in the last 50 or so years was a a "mini" bull market?
This is the case since forever, at the bottom retail has no liquidity to buy, then once retail gets to liqudiity they buy the top and get dumped on, rinse and repeat. The majority always loses, but if you're aware of these facts you can be the one making money.

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kys and go peddle your chink trash fag channel elsewhere

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How does whatever youre rambling on dispute the fact that everything keeps getting more expensive and everyone keeps getting poorer?

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No one is disputing that fact.

And exactly because of that fact you should focus on trying to make as much money as possible during bull markets so you are not even poorer when the next bear comes.

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pussy isnt everything faggot

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>bro just cut the new builds in half and you can get a modest sized house for a good price!

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I think doom spamming is a hailmary play by the big guys. Reality is we are all around fucked from a ton of factors and they were planning control through CBDCs to try to damage control resource issues but bitcoin getting released was the big they are fucked moment cause now you have a million or so autists with over a full bitcoin they keep keys to. Doesn't matter if bitcoin sucks ass on chain its just a bunch of autists getting richer and richer draining their system that could dump it into something like monero and go full decentralized warlord. I do find it bizarre how public facing elite like peter thiel in an interview straight up says 9/11 was the end of globalism and 2008 was the moment where the finance world ended and even goes on to call WEF an outdated and behind the times group. Which tells me XRP and ripple must have been the original plan before satoshi ruined it. Doom posting is just projection of "be happy bro its all meaningless", notice his video talking about how "it doesnt matter if your a billionaire" and leans in on "stuff" while ignoring power potential with wealth. This is some new agenda shit now that alex jones is out of the picture and they don't need to prop up some schizo fat guy to keep the self aware gen X'ers and boomers in a containment zone chasing dumb conspiracies.

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i am not saying i dont know what to do, i am saying the chink in ops vid is only doomposting which is demoralizing even if largely true
but even in the bleakest of times never bet on doom for even if you are right what do you win, just try to have some fun in the struggle successful or otherwise
the only thing you need to know is always work for yourself never for another man and there are always possibilities even in the shittiest of times

i mean lets not get too dark in here, msot of the west is still a free country that doesnt have direct laws or vishnu forbid a caste system to stop you from making it
a peasant truly still is allowed to make it

>> No.56136568

>most people
found your problem, most people are npcs and as such never capable of making it

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its ironically over. either we have a french style revolution or we all substance live under neo feudalism under corporate landlords. if you dont have the right crypto its ironically over.

>> No.56136652

The french revolution was staged by the ultra wealthy. Just like all the ones that have happened during your lifetime. Don't be naive.

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most of this content is just trash, even a lot of the shit you'll find on this site is trash doomer mentality that will only hold you back. But people just seem to click on it in droves.

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biz is shilled to pieces, learn to tell the difference
before the massive paid shill influx of 2021 biz was never doomer, the late 2018 and 2019 bear market was the comfiest biz was

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>fat boy still has wife, family and kids
>asian chad gets divorced and alimonyraped


>> No.56136982

Most people include you and me youre not in the top 1%

>> No.56137025

jokes on you i am for my country, it wasnt that a particular high bar to pass tho
but thats besides the point it isnt about the destination its about the journey
most people you see blow almost their entire paycheck on goyslope either in bowls or on screens and struggle to save between 5-10% and simply cannot comprehend another way of live other than wageslaving for the biggest plantation that would have them
simply getting any kind of ownership and revenue stream from that is already putting you so infinitely ahead of most people it isnt even funny

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you should have your speech rights taken away

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you're right but I mean the site in general not just /biz/, and even beyond the site really.

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This has been the norm for most of human history. A tiny land owning upper class and the rest are poor serfs. The last few decades of a burgeoning middle class who own single family homes and get to go on vacations every year was just an outlier. We are reverting back to the norm that's all it is.

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Blessings upon you fren <3

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Bro I'm in the same position as well (almost half mil net worth) but ultimately I reject this form of thinking

We think we're better than others for being objectively above average in finances compared to others, but other people also have things I don't have. A thriving social life, people who love them, wife, family, kids, social events.

Maybe i'm just romanticizing those things because I haven't experienced them, and maybe those people are just all shallow participating in a social dance to seem normal, but those are my thoughts

>> No.56137297

that is right, but most of human history was a backwards agrarian economy that only grew with the new acreages it put under till
a technological society will require a middle class to function and that middle class will need to have some advantages to excel beyond the barest minimum
the vacations arent needed, but the secure housing definitely is
and thats not even going into the exact requirements for said professional middle class to actually reproduce itself which is truly new terrain
in short they are pushing it with the recent clown world
but again none of that should make (you) too doompilled for yourself

>> No.56137346

>Maybe i'm just romanticizing those things because I haven't experienced them
yes, in our capitalistic societies net worth is the single divider, everyone telling you otherwise is either an idiot or shilling you
now nobody said money would cure your autism and or social anxiety, but money will make dealing with it so much easier
and i dunno in which localized bubble you live but since the coof and the economic fuckery that followed the thriving life part of the normies got rekt hard, there is a lot of anxiety hidden over crippling debts and ever increasing col

but even then it isnt really about the money per se its about the freedom and opportunity that money represents
getting your time back which is about the greatest asset we all have is priceless, no longer spending 60 hours minimum a week (including commute) to make mr noseberg rich is certainly an improvement
not to mention that wagies already by default live shorter lives in general

and yes like you i am an autist with the issues that brings or i wouldnt be here, but in the choice of being a poor or a rich autist its easy to see where lies the best path
personally the freedom never having to be forced to interact with normies is worth everything

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Someone once said that being in the middle class is having a fulltime job and have had it for +3 years, as well as living within your means.

I still think this is the case, it's possible to get a car, house and dog on any fulltime job really.
Think the issue people run into is they want family type homes (despite being alone) and live in the city/expensive areas.

Not everyone can be rich, someone has to be the waiter, cleaning lady, mechanic, school teacher, etc. Those people kind of are the middle class, they just forget it and think they are the aspiring upper class and fuck their own financials up because of it.

>> No.56137433

>someone has to be the waiter, cleaning lady, mechanic, school teacher, etc.
social media influencers rotted people's minds. They will never accept these jobs (even though they deserve them).

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File: 186 KB, 622x437, huc5hf5nyc7b1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

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>I still think this is the case, it's possible to get a car, house and dog on any fulltime job really.
Rent is like $2000 in most places and a car loan costs $500 minimum with $100 in insurance a month, theres no way to cover all that on most fulltime jobs just by yourself.
>Not everyone can be rich, someone has to be the waiter, cleaning lady, mechanic, school teacher, etc.
The difference is you could a afford a car, house and a dog like you said working that now jobs like that basically live in poverty.

>> No.56137568

>a car loan
There's your problem. Pay cash for a used car.

>> No.56137588

Wrong, it's caused by patents / regulations / government
Fucking midwits

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>> No.56137673

I wish i could find those mythical used cars that dont cost anything

>> No.56137804


The auto loan delinquency rate is at 2008 levels there will be a lot of cars getting repossessed and sold soon.

>> No.56137859

Doom posting is escapism for faggots who've given up on making it. The idea of the current system surviving for another 100 years is scary to them.

>> No.56137874


and that. housing prices are going to come crashing down.

>why is doomer porn so popular
because shit is getting drastically more expensive and wages are staying the same, this shit isn't hard to understand.

>> No.56137887

I think he’s correct for most people. Most people will not make it unless they have a constant stream of income that increases with inflation and/or unemployment. Guy like me has a house paid off, 700k in T bills, 200k in shitcoins but I have no career and no money coming in. I’m completely fucked once my money runs out

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>Techlead still scamming the dumb masses after wringing them dry with his Million token

High IQ asians strike again

>> No.56138053

People are desperate for purpose and change in their lives but don't have the means or motivation to make it themselves.
As people have families and form communities less and less, they become less concerned with building a stable future and more concerned with changing the present. But the systems in place make extreme quick change difficult, so people hope for issues that cripple these systems in various ways.

Basically we've become a culture of reactionaries.

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lol I saw this is the guy that claims you need $5000 a month just for basic necessities. Also that you can't retire unless you have 3 million.

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>> No.56138208

People who are unhappy with the status quo want change. its natural.

Also people who feel like their life is ending want the world to end, its narcissism.

>> No.56138228

Sigh...I was EXACTLY in the $75k year bracket back when I was living on my own. I was in a low cost of living state too, and fucking hell even then it felt exactly like I was on life support. Home repairs, car repairs, car insurance skyrocketing, utilities skyrocketing, food skyrocketing, etc etc etc it all became too much to bear. I couldn't find any better paying jobs in the surrounding area either, so I just quit my job to NEET it out for a while.

>> No.56138300

Tail risk is not a crowded trade, absolute buffoonery

>> No.56138304

Its a mix of the too. The message in a recent one was, its over, everyone is a grift, stop watching influencers to try and learn, you did that, atop watching and take action.
Get into the cage, that's ok too.

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$5000 per month would eat the poor quite instantly. is this guy regarded?

>> No.56138489

>They will never accept these jobs (even though they deserve them).
They would & used to accept these jobs just fine because *you could still live with dignity* but for 30+ years every western government has been doing their absolute best to import every last mystery meat shitskin which drives the compensation for these jobs right to 0.
>Those people kind of are the middle class
yeah maybe 40 years ago retard

>> No.56138491

Normies don’t care about this. They much rather not be called racists or sexists and virtue signal for globohomo

>> No.56138501

in the arc jacket no less

>> No.56138527

Because most people know that the economy is shit, longterm underemployment is 40% of the workforce/unemployed and whatever but you'll still get subhuman normalfags insisting that things are fine and you just need to apply harder and then google will finally hire you. They will then cite bill gates or jeff bezos as 'normal people who got rich' because the subhuman fucks unironically believe whatever rags to bitches story the elite put out.

You can go to any board on 4chan besides /biz/ and people will actively tell you taking out 100k for college is a great way to make money, if you tell them it didn't work out they'll tell you to take out another 100k for grad school. You will go broke listening to the advice of the average retards on 4chan.

>> No.56138546

Now get me a wife who isn't obese or has had 50 abortions/more than 50 cocks in her and we'll be getting somewhere.

>> No.56138551

People like doomer porn because economic crashes are good for your average person. Look at what happens to wealth inequality numbers, most people are way better off than the wealthiest in the country when asset prices collapse. It’s also why most young people are doomers too, a collapsing market is good for your personal wealth, you get to buy low

>> No.56138575

More than half the amount of USD currently in existence was printed in the last 3 years you arrogant faggot.

>> No.56138652

dont worry bros, just a few more years until you can afford a down payment on a 25 year old condo, better pick up another job though because that condo is appreciating about 50k a year

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>You will go broke listening to the advice of the average retards on 4chan
That reminds me, buy snake coin. Many moons sir

>> No.56138891

Damn 50k a year. 20% is a lot for only 500k all in.

>> No.56138901

>can't tell if bait or link holder

>> No.56139025

So? Just work 20 years.

>> No.56139193

I stopped consuming this stuff.

10 years on 4chan gave me a very, very different view of reality to most people, and it has been an advantage.
But at some point you just scare yourself in to paralysis.

It's best to go full delusion. This is actually a strategy normies use. They pretend things are okay, so they are. That is why they give you the flouride stare when you try to redpill them. They know that if they let you in to their brain, you will just fuck up their energy, which could be a death sentence.

tl;dr delusional cope is an effective strategy.

>> No.56139251


This was really eye opening, thanks anon. Sometimes I need someone to just tell me that I'm doing better than most people and I deserve to feel a bit prideful at the very least

Maybe I fell for the jew conditioning that to have a happy life I should live like everyone else - shitty job, fake friend/acquaintance workers and shallow social gatherings

>> No.56139302

Hes not afraid of a collapse he just said dipshits like you are gonna be poor.

>> No.56141062

so he made it and then rents a cuckshed in a high col coastal crime hive
found his problem, some of these soibois just cant stay away from the hustle and bustle and have fresh tapped premium soiachinos delivered by poodle walkers within 5 minutes or less of having a cravings

>> No.56141108

If it only costs $70 then he should make it and sell it for a profit.

>> No.56141121

"Beyond the fiction of reality, there is the reality of the fiction."

>> No.56141148

Chinese people factor in Tesla payments to their monthly expenses

>> No.56141225

>i made $70k in 2019. in my area you could buy a house for $275k @ 3% interest with $55k down = $930/mo mortgage. i was promoted via job hopping to $100k. today houses in my area are $375k @ 7.5% interest with $55k down = $2300/mo mortgage. kek.
i am a very old fgt.
>first house was 110k
>payment was $720 a month in 1999 dollars
>99k income for me and 60k income for wife in 1999
This is what inflation and mass importation of labor from india has robbed from United States Citizens.
In my circle of friends, parents with kids same age, we have everything from wfh douche like me making 250k a year with bonus as an IT drone down to an autobody guy in his 40's that is fucking thrilled to be making $25 an hour.
The $25 an hour guy lives a nearly zero stress life, inherited parents home which was a relatively new build, full solar, etc...He I think is the main model for how wagies making 40k a year are getting along in life.
Young wagies, i just don't know, some of the parents have kids just out of college and they are working in there degrees(all engineering) in the 60-80k range but are still living at home.

>> No.56141285

multi generational living is the only hope they got
unfortunate that they already pre psyoped your culture against it

>> No.56141354
File: 3 KB, 180x94, 1896856_10201633549591190_1198635962_a (1).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>The majority of people will never do shit, there is no such thing as the power of the people. 90% could live on scraps
so it will be just like its always been? informative, truly.

>> No.56141382
File: 251 KB, 720x995, cuck.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>waaaaaah! boohoo! i didnt buy bitcoin at a dollar when i had the chance! buy my random late-to-the-party shitcoin you stupid simps! the age of making money is OVER (unless you invest in my shitcoin hehe) how else am i going to support my (ex)wife and her new bbc bull

>> No.56141447

reminds me of cypher in the matrix....'i know this steak isn't real, but you know what? ignorance is bliss'

>> No.56141462

>a technological society will require a middle class to function
Why? in 100 years it won't be humans doing anything. A technological society doesn't need a middle class or a lower class. Watch out

>> No.56141498

Motivational content is much more popular
Watch Sam sulek

>> No.56141507
File: 990 KB, 3040x1440, Screenshot_20230919-135716.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.56141521

So the scammer changed to doomposting ?
His gimmick was to go "As a millionaire", boasting money and now he complains about "rich people showing off" ?
Truly evil. Thanks for posting.

>> No.56141885
File: 1.11 MB, 902x1103, 1625770928810.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

All of these "you can't make money anymore" threads always make me chuckle because i've been making money scalping tokens for 3 years now. First it was with ETH, then i found XRP and now i switched to XOR. 30k monthly, it's not a lot but it's enough for my type of lifestyle.
Turns out baggies have the good ending of crypto

>> No.56142974

1990 median house is 2.5x median wage. 2023 median house is 9x minimum wage. square foot adjusted it's only 7.5x. A 300% increase.

>isn't as radical
bull shit.

if you got to play on easy mode and try to argue the difficulty isn't set to very hard now you're an idiot boomer.

>> No.56143839

Because it makes people feel better. If bad things are happening to many people, it's not just you that's a loser.

>> No.56144566

Kek, you aren't going to automate blue-collar jobs. Trucking and Amazon wagies, sure, but you won't automate plumbers, pipefitters, electricians, lumberjacks, etc etc. You're naive if you think those guys will be automated. It's the techbros that are going to be screwed. Not all of them, but the mass majority of corporate jobs can be automated. Most loan officers are automated now. They take your credit score + income, and a computer spits back an answer of yes or no. Finance and Tech are the first to go in the next 100 years. Again, not everyone, but most of them.

>> No.56144581

My car loan is 280, but it's used and has 90k miles on it. Thankfully, it's a 2010, and I can still work on it at home. Plus, the 5.3l GM engines don't break once you delete the lifters/AFM.

>> No.56144603

>music: police sirens/ambulance sirens/luftwaffe dive bombing sounds
>action: crying
>dialogue: bros, it’s so over. We are all going to die. I just talked to a friend of a friend who knows a big billionaire. If I said his name you’d instantly know which billionaire I’m talking about. That’s how famous he is. He told my friend of a friend that it’s over. They’re going to kill us. It’s ww3. Buy my water filters and freeze dried food for 5 times the price. It’s only sale right now at a discounted price of 10 times normal price. Use discount code fuckme666 for 20 times price.

>> No.56144612

you're already here, it was crypto
"buy now or stay poor" was preying on zoomer doomers thinking there was no way out but to gamble on 1000x's

>> No.56144623

Why would I repo it and sell it cheap when I can still sell it for top dollar and retards keep buying? I heard someone in the dealership say "my payment is only 899 a month, it's really good" to his girlfriend in the used car section. The guy could have gotten a new one at a lower rate for the same payment. People are fucking retarded, and the market is capitalizing on their stupidity. Nobody wants to be seen driving around a beater, even if times are terrible, because people are retarded.

>> No.56144636

$5k a month for living expenses is a luxury lifestyle now but could be the norm in a decade, and if you're "retiring" then it means your portfolio needs to be versatile for decades worth of inflation. so yeah $3M to retire sounds right if not too small

>> No.56144942

Biz has always been pretty doomer. It just picked up in sept 2019 after the repo market crisis because that's when macro indicators started pointing in a very bad direction.

>> No.56145023
File: 13 KB, 300x250, boatpill.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You can live on $300 a month.

>> No.56145649

> Normalize
Hate this reddit/twitter bug men catch phrase

>> No.56145700

Well I am a top 10% earner in bongland at 80k total yearly compensation, been working for 2 years, lived relatively frugally during that time and saved up 40k. Which is relatively nice but at this rate I would have to keep living like this for at least 10 more years to be able to buy a house outright,

>> No.56145745

We bitcoiners are the new rich elite and you wagies missed 2008 to now. Keep waging. Bitcoiners will be your new rich elite bosses. Poor suckers. Even a gym membership cant cure that much beta ass

>> No.56145793
File: 549 KB, 900x720, supfellowyouths.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Jesus Christ stop giving this hideous asian disinfo shill any further attention he does not in the least deserve it.

>> No.56146950

you forgot to mention
>creating a shitcoin at the peak of the bullrun and rugging it for a few million.
there are baggies in the tg still holding out hope whenever he makes a new video that he will talk about it

>> No.56146963

It's easier to say "it's over..." instead of having to try hard

>> No.56147149

it's not that complicated

white society is swamped with shitskin trash that is competing for resources but not producing anything

it was bad enough with liberalism going out of control in 90% white society
now it's a chute to hell

there are two options:
1) give up and die
2) kill every leftist, kike, nigger, spic, asian, and any other kind of shitskin

the problem is there are almost no real humans surviving, they will delude themselves away from option 2 and make up excuses for why it's impossible.
their shattered, garbage DNA just precludes them from undertaking the necessities regardless of cost.
99.99% chance you're one of them.
if you disagree with anything I've said you are a retarded animal that should never speak

>> No.56147207
File: 261 KB, 437x553, Screenshot 2023-09-19 at 14-13-48 wen_buy.mp4.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Imagine not working at anything and thinking it's okay.
Literally a recipe for disaster.

> oh noes, 2 to 3 years full years and making a $200,000 profit while eating minimal food, living in a shack and driving a beater.

BTW, OP, pic related is eventually going to jail where he will be making 0.

Just think...

Live 2 or 3 years working and spending as little as possible.


Going to jail for 5 years and making $0

It's like most people really have low iq and no love for themselves or anyone.

>> No.56147333

Its not that complicated, just flew over my house.

"You take the paukin spot " "NO, I insist "