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My pond bags are now in the green. This is the biggest bottom signal, consistently so. Buy quickly before it's too late, everybody, we are good for about three to five business days.

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Holy mother of top signals.
When there's still hope you know it's the time to SELL.

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Not time yet, my son.

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i am not fucking buying any more bitcoin until im priced out at 5k faggot. im full

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>im fucking plying the "time" is ever going to happen at all
Lmao even

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>shitcoins forgotten by god are pumping

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bulls versus bears is the most fucking cringe shit I've ever seen. Holy shit.

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did they ever recover from the whole multichain incident or are they still fucked beyond repair? askin' for a friend

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arrito, sensei-san

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I don't think anyone asked what you're doing with your money but okay.

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Trump 2024 btw

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Yeah yeah yadda yadda "pond" is going places.
Is this shit EVER going to do something substantial with its tech or is it just gonna keep being dead? holy shit

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MY liquidity is going to a sponsorship for Smartcon this year.

If this doesn't pump POND i'm killing myself.

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I only buy when there's at least 3 pink basedjak threads in the catalog with active conversation each. That's not happening. Therefore, still not a bottom signal.

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Please allow me to assist you with that if needed. I'd be happy to oblige.

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This but unironically. Gotta buy when others have finally capitulated.

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Imagine having to pay attention to stupid fear sentiments and whatever other arcane rituals you got lol

Just buy LTC and wait for $100 bro, that simple

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Be greedy when others are fearful and be fearful when others are greedy

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but that's literally how the market works you dumb fuck. buying blindly will most certainly get you rekt without a single doubt

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Pffft. Yeah bro, definitely will pumpy, wouldn't worry about it.

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