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When will I receive the BUILD rewards?

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Q4 2025
in the meantime you'll be able to enjoy more announcements and preliminary beta trials, isn't that wonderful?

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When the updated staking is released. Rewards will be staggered so we don’t dump on a project all at the same time

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Why do you want them in the middle of the bear market when they'll be worthless? Might as well wait until the market has some momentum.
It's good advertising for Chainlink staking if early stakers get conspicuously lavish rewards.

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I hope they offer a way to just convert that shit to LINK or USDC.

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In two weeks to flatten the curve

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This was always the real incentive for staking, not the 'meh' 4.5%. Crypto protocols that take off are usually very generous to their early participants. I got $3k from UNI and $4k from ARB. I can't wait to see what Sergey has for us.

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Looks now like the new fud is to attck the Build rewards, huh? Get in early, try to convince everyone that 'we' are all going to dump our Build rewards on the market. Nice one.
Well, I won't be selling any of these, in fact i shall be leaving them untouched, and watching how each of them progresses. I don't think it's too difficult to imagine some sort of staking feature emerging for at least some of them, and i'm not going to be one of those retards who listens to biz fud, just as i didn't listen to the 'don't stake all your Link' fud.
I put it all in Link, staked all my Link, will migrate all my Link to v0.2, will add my Link rewards to that, and I won't sell any Build rewards.

And there's nothing any of you can do about it.


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Literally 90% of these projects won't exist by the time they "release" them. Remember the oracle start ups?

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Jesus christ I've staked 7 wallets and I think I'm literally going to market buy another 20k stinkers and 1kg of gold lmao

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Half of these projects are 2 men scam teams with dead tokens that have already rug pulled, tokens are dead before they're even air dropped kek

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This. You want to get them at the same time as retail is here to buy them, otherwise we'll just dump on ourselves kek
Like with most startups in any industry, the vast majority of them fail. The thing is that you only need a couple winners for all of it to pay off.
Also checked

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Checked and this is probably true but the ones that do survive will bring large value to stakers so it’ll all balance out.

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checked, based and multi-staked-wallets pilled.

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Checked and you're absolutely right. So far, and out of the 50+ projects I'm only excited about Space&Time and Truflation.

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Jesus fucking christ you're gonna make


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are you going to sell the link gained from staking or just restake them ontop of the wallets you have? At first I was thinking of just restaking rewards but if BTC price is low I might convert rewards to BTC (assuming BTC/Link ration is as good as it is today, im about close to 1 BTC in link rewards at this point)

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Why does truflation need a token?

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Seems like a pain to report the BUILD rewards for tax purposes. I doubt most crypto tax software will be able to account for the literal who projects so we'd have to do it manually.
>inb4 "just don't report taxes bro"
Everything is recorded on-chain. Eventually AI will be helping the IRS chase everyone down so better to just play by the rules.

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I don't care about grandpa shit coin that should have died the day monero launched. Fuck it and its cultists. I'm 99 percent in linkies. I'm sure there's dozens of other excellent opportunities but none I feel safe to dump more than 15k usd into desu

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Kek you have to pay taxes on all of them based on their price at time received.
>get 1k of voltgravelinu
>youre on the hook for this 1k
>you hodl
>it rugs (most of these will)
Youre now on the hook for 50 airdrops half of which rugged

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Why would I even sell an airdrop not worth anything? Just let it sit there forever. Don't realize any profits

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more poor fud. as if you'd have to pay tax on something you've never sold or traded that became worthless

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>fudder IQ at display

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If 'Vocare Ex Machina' is not on your radar, it now should be. With 10m supply, once people realize what they are building with their AI
- which basically operates their TG channel, fascinating stuff - it could easily get to $1. There's some early Luna energy about it.


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holy fucking based

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all it takes is like 2-3 to be successful to make up for all the losers

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tax fud is so 2017 dude

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I hope someone can answer this. It seems like a good project but I'm also curious as to why it needs a token too

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You have the mental capacity for tax regulations of a retarded toddler.

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>Remember the oracle start ups?
name them, want to see if you were there

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Guess there were big hitters like gravelcoin run by Ribiero's cousin. Don't think the website was working at the time but they're probably legitimate by now.

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Good project but surely Truflation needs its own token for the same reason as chainlink; it provides oracle data, and to keep the node operators honest it needs to incentivize it and to slash misbehaving nodes. It could use Eth or another token, but would be vulnerable to whale attack as a result, so for purposes of sybil resistance it needs its own token. Can't really see how Truflation will ever be unique in this sphere even though I really like it though, and I reckon the ceiling for the need for that token is pretty low. I'd love to see it moon but I can't ever really see it happening.

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Youre on the hook for the $ amount at the moment you recieve airdrops, not if you sell them
For americans atleast

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how original. i haven't seen space and time and truflation mentioned here 7000 times before when build rewards come up

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since when has stupid shit like that prevented a token from mooning

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you would have to be a retard to sell them on unlock for shit
hold all of them for the of chance you get a giant moonshot among them, totally worth it since your costbasis is zero
with chainlink build you become the vc and the best part you odnt even have to do anything, cll is doing all the hard work for you

do you now understand the fud and why they attack you specifically
also why staking has been attack especially hard last november

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>inb4 "just don't report taxes bro"
by the time the build rewards play out you should alright be somewhere where there arent no taxes to worry about
and those place sure as fuck arent gonna worry about backtaxes from 4 years ago to be paid to a foreign government

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This. All we had to do was buy, stake and literally do nothing. Easiest play I ever made and its going to make me rich. I'm looking forward to watching my investment work for me over the years, and as this man says:
All we had to do was nothing.

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because the POOL IS CLOSED and i dont want NUSTAKERS taking MY BUILD TOKENS

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based LPL chad WAGMI

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>BUILD rewards
Millions of desperate linkies racing each other to dump their airdrops the split second the tokens appear in their wallets

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checked. imagine doing this. how many PS5s do you nerds even need?

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u shouldve bought more link

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t. space and time wagie

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checked. interesting how they try and sell truflation as guerrilla stats the governments dont want you to know when in reality inflation is not tracking the loss of buying power as all fiat currencies trend to zero.
the question in my mind is which assets will be relatively safe vs which will be tied to the collapse of the fiat economy.
I'm thinking avoid commercial property because of wfh and new housing developments because of lack of quality trademanship. you can see youtube videos highlighting the shit these large scale neo pod developments. basically anything bloated like large organizations id avoid like the plague and crypto is not exactly a safe place to be. tied to central infra like electricity production which is in turn tied to the environmental agenda especially the coal industry more pressure will be placed to generate enough power to handle all the new stuff they want to divert from (((fossil fuels))). whatever that black oil stuff is haha. coal production will stagnate. electricity generation will be more reliant on alt means like wind and those turbines wear out so expect depreciating returns on usage over time. the third world will start charging more for raw materials and there is a limited human capital base to extract raw materials in the first world. your average urban dweller is simply not prepared to do the work required beyond socializing near a water cooler.

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The wild card is if the governments do control the weather as many schizos believe this adds an additional layer of complexity into the mix. Based king Sun Tsu had a few words to say about controlling the environment.

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This is why I dump all airdrops early unless I'm really hyped for them. Ironically uniswap was the first airdrop I got and I didn't paperhand it thankfully because it was really the first of its kind

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Come to think of it a lot of new advancements have to do with controlling the environment
Think about AI in this respect. Weather controls IRL AI generated content floods the interwebs. And no one would suspect a thing because its part of the environment, natural causes kek

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why not bro its literally free money helicopter money never solved any problems and you most likely would buy that fourth or fifth PS5 just because you want to flex on plebs owning four PS5s. Just keep consuming and you'll make it I personally guarantee it. this is unlicensed financial advice

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Fuck off fudders

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Wait I thought link was a bear market coin

What rewards? Wait…you still think fat boy is gonna “airdrop” you some Lady Luck coins? BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA what a cuckold you are

And then everyone will clap

You dont get taxed on fake promises you dont actually receive tho


Cringe. You are the loser

How can you sell something you never owned? Can I sell my thoughts? Well, heh, maybe to cult members

>le SECRET boyscout hangout
Cringe x10…that guy has never even kissed a girl

>pools closed
>offers 4% return while underlying crashes 90%
>usd bank account gives 5% interest

Bahahahhaahahahah. Your brain in a cult. You pussies are awful at investing


Incel cringe

How many have you sold so far? How much profit? L O L idiot

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kek look at this pathetic mass reply retard adding nothing to the conversation. kill yourself nigger

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can you imagine taking the time on a saturday to mass reply to all those with the dumbest of replies to all of them

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>Why do you want them in the middle of the bear market when they'll be worthless?
We’re doing this for your own good! Retarded catt… I mean link marines.

What do you mean by “attack”? Link is $6 and Sergey is a lazy obese faggot. How’s reality an attack?

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this who pays these outsiders?

>> No.56123384

>your costbasis is zero
it's the total dollar amount lost from the start of staking + opportunity cost

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what is the X agenda?
collect em n post em lads

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Unbelievably based

>> No.56123487

look how much time and energy you wasted reading this thread and replying... anon you are the biggest loser

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Who cares bro? It’s free if you staked

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>inflation is not tracking the loss of buying power as all fiat currencies trend to zero
Yes it is. The faster fiat trends to zero the greater the inflation. What do you mean?

>> No.56123599

>It’s free
you paid for it with the dollar amount lost since staking started + inability to sell (+ opportunity cost). if you get a free napkin with your hotdog, it's not free, it's priced in

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It took 3 mins. Which part bothered you the most?

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>t. Nostaker
Go cope somewhere else

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you are completely missing the point on the inflation stat
i have said this so many times here yet for some reason it never sticks
.gov reported inflation has nothing to do with the prices you pay in the stores, your budget means nothing to finance at large, the .gov reported inflation number has absolutely nothing to do with real inflation as in its literal definition

it however correlates with market interventions of cbs, the inflation number the government reports publicly is basically a sneak preview of what the central bank will soon do to monetary policy, that is its value and unlike your grocery budget cb policy does affect finance at large
in this regard the reported inflation number has a few oddities in it and by not being retarded about it you can predict its trajectory before they publicly announce it, in this regard truflation has been very accurate this past year and a bit

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that would be the cost of holding link itself the airdrop is still entirely free
these are two different things now go back to your discord for an update set of orders

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You could just insta-sell 20% (or whatever your tax rate is) of the shitcoins to cover taxes and keep the rest.

>> No.56126002

how is the cost of holding link any different than this when the only requirement for receiving airdrops is literally to hold and stake your link?
are you retarded?

>> No.56126066

When is 0.2 staking opening?

>> No.56126093

What kind of logic is that? If you find a $100 on the ground and use it to buy lottery tickets that end up not being winners, did you lose money? The answer is yes.

If I wanted to diamond HODL shitcoins I could do that right now. There are literally thousands of them to pick from and yet most of us here are not spending our own money on shitcoins "just in case they moon".

As long as LINK is under $1000 the big brain move is to dump the BUILD shitcoins immediantly and buy more LINK.

>> No.56126136

What you faggots forget to include in your calculation is that the people you're talking to have been holding for years and would've continued holding for years even without staking. 4.5% APY and BUILD rewards are therefore literally free. Stay mad.

>> No.56126159

Another way to look at is this: If Sergey had demanded payment in USDC from the BUILD participants and then distributed this USDC to Chainlink stakers, would you want to go out and buy BUILD tokens? It's almost as if you believe these shitcoins will outperform LINK gains, which is not neccessarily an incorrect assumption given the last few years in the crypto market, but then that raises the question of why you hold LINK in the first place? Chainlink is still the only guaranteed crypto moonshot, if there ever was one.

>> No.56126477

yes do continue seething
but the proper analogue would be if you found 100 lottery tickets on the ground would you sell them for a nickle and who would pay this nickle and why

the expected price of these tokens at unlock will be so little that converting them into link wouldnt matter
this is really not that hard to grasp if you arent arguing in bad faith

again arguing in terrible faith you know damn well tokenomics do not allow for the conjuring of vast amounts of dollar value out of a fresh project

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you don't owe any taxes until you spend the gas to claim the rewards.

>> No.56126719

i think maybe a few of the BUILD tokens will outperform link yes. vast majority will not

>> No.56126811

You sound like a retarded faggot that missed out on staking and BUILD rewards.

Sorry, not sorry, never selling my Link or BUILD rewards.

>> No.56126952

Imagine the seethe from these kekfuddies when we begin posting our Build rewards portfolios, having not sold any because we're made from selling just a slice of our Link rewards? Holy kek

>> No.56127113

it will be a lonely laugh when you post it from the community computer in the reirement home, but the caretakers will be glad that you experienced hollow joy at least once in the years you've been there

>> No.56127235

desu i love how you cling to this notion of the importance of Build rewards to Link stakers when really it's just the cherry on top of the huge cake. I'll be too busy living the dream life to even bother looking at them much, and that's the truth. Not only that, there's loads of us here that applies to.

>> No.56127249

the amount of fud is staggering. it was the fudders not the shillers who convinced me to buy & stake. I do it to hurt them.

>> No.56127574

They definitely made me buy more when I would likely just have sat where i was, stack-wise. Oh, the irony.

>> No.56127753

bad fud and cheap antagonizing always makes the fellow holders buy more. it's the oldest trick in the book, but it works. sorry guys, but i really need to sell some soon

>> No.56127766

No one gives a fuck you nostaker faggot

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when you buy a meal for $10 does it actually cost you $10,000 because of the lost opportunity of not spending that $10 on a 1000x crypto?

>> No.56127845

Let's have some fun. Which token out there do you think is going to 1000x from here? I'll go to the toilet before you answer so i don't piss myself.

>> No.56127855

nothing is going to 1000x anymore except maybe chainlink on a long enough timeline. crypto is dead

>> No.56127861

Woops that wasn't meant for you

>> No.56128153

holy cope

seethe more subhuman brownoid, your impotent rage sustains me :)

>> No.56128196

>e e everyone not in le cult is brown

Ever think of coming up with new material fatboy? Youve been running this joke for years. It aint hittin like it used to. Also, youre obese

>> No.56128375

you bought the 2021 top, you seethe all the way down, you did not get to stake since you bought in a CEX and now you try to convince anons that BUILD rewards are nothing

lmaoing @ ur lyfe

how does it feel to know that the collective dollar value of BUILD rewards that I will get will be 100x your bags? no feedback

>> No.56128425

How can you sell something you dont own

>> No.56128436

>incel revenge fantasy

>> No.56128448

How much are you down? Let me know the amount of coins and Ill calculate the loss for you

Youre poor tho so you cant buy

>> No.56128456

>I can't wait to see what Sergey has for us.
yet another disappointment, surely

>> No.56128642

ever think of using filters?
down? a few thousand $ paper value, though I did get a few linkies for cheap. nbd though, my income and other profits are steady.
>inb4 just time the market bro
btw I'm still not selling

>> No.56128659

>Hello ser this is the Chainlink technical support ser
>Our systems have detected that you need to update the oracle. Please send the smart contrsct code located on the back of your card

>> No.56128671

what dollar value do you think the airdrops will have? I'd imagine most of them will be in the 50-100 range, which is still a decent chunk when you consider there are 50+ of them

>> No.56128729

someone could do the math, the tweets talk about 1% of the supply etc.
have to factor in liquidity for the tokens though. probably best bet is to put them up as collateral and get link/eth out of it (effectively shorting them without immediately dumping price).
t. studied uniswap way too much

>> No.56128737

you really riled up the chainnigger trashcans with that post

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You know, back in the day me and the boys used to run a chainlink

>> No.56129350

no, since the meal is not an investment. but i see your point, if you are in it for the tech and don't want to make a profit, then it's the same, yes

>> No.56129825

>. I doubt most crypto tax software
Its registered as dividends. SEC and IRS have both said that. So call it that on your capital gains worksheet.

>> No.56129838

>Remember the oracle start ups?
Checked and keked. That was my first painful lesson for trusting sergey.
>Like with most startups in any industry,
Except they didnt even reach start up phase. they never existed. no one can even find the names of these start ups. they were vaporwave.

>> No.56129879

Pretty much this. Its pure cope from linkies that their shitcoins are somehow better than the thousand of them out there to choose from. Theyre locked into bag holding though because they staked their link. Going to be years of bagholding before they finally get something. Meanwhile every nunormie that buys some random dog coin will out perform them.

>> No.56129912

>no, since the meal is not an investment.
why does that matter? opportunity cost is opportunity cost. i could have went without that meal

>> No.56129930

>Except they didnt even reach start up phase. they never existed. no one can even find the names of these start ups. they were vaporwave.
Literally 90% of startups are like this. They crash and burn extremely hard, extremely fast. Out of the 20 Oracle startups, 2 were quite successful. Seems very average.
>"b-but muh gravel!"
Yeah, that was funny. What about QNT though?

>About 90% of startups fail. 10% of startups fail within the first year. Across all industries, startup failure rates seem to be close to the same.

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“The Jews, I find, are very, very selfish. They care not how many Estonians, Latvians, Finns, Poles, Yugoslavs or Greeks get murdered or mistreated as Displaced Persons as long as the Jews get special treatment. Yet when they have power, physical, financial or political neither Hitler nor Stalin has anything on them for cruelty or mistreatment to the under dog. Put an underdog on top and it makes no difference whether his name is Russian, Jewish, Negro, Management, Labor, Mormon, Baptist he goes haywire. I’ve found very, very few who remember their past condition when prosperity comes.” ~ Harry S. Truman

>> No.56130422

imagine being so poor you immediately dump a few thousand in fresh airdrops in a panic

>> No.56131050

>being so poor
typical incel chainnigger

>> No.56131163

Ironic how he did the worst genocide in recorded history because the jews ordered him to.

>> No.56131959

>i could have went without that meal
that's why you are fat