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Looking back, its impossible not to be in AWE by /biz/ finding out Chainlink and being right about everything.
Congrats on this.

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We’re going to multi millionaires holy fuck

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imagine telling your 2018 self that SWIFT and DTCC would announce and price would struggle to go above five dollars and cant even make it to the top 20 while a copy of dogecoin did a x1000 in a week and is now in the top 10 lol

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We've predicted what we could based on the info we had.
Price predictions are whatever the fuck you want. They are based on nothing.

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>you will never have this
why live

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>right about everything
Are you retarded OP? You could've thrown a dart at any alt coin during 2018 and if you held through the bull you would've performed thousands of times better than LINK did. Biz actually fucked me over by shilling me LINK instead of DOGE or BNB or SNX or 100+ other coins

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>another cope thread by link BITCH that hodled too long

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You sound way too butthurt to have bought in 2018. You sound like you bought the top in 2021 lol

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>link was the best performing asset in both 2019 and 2020
way to out yourself top kek

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you can literally look at the charts of any top 100 alt coin and see how well it performed vs LINK since 2018. sure it was a good investment, but don't pretend like biz was right about anything when you could've bought literal doge shit and made millions

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>don't pretend like biz was right about anything
Clearly it was.

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linkies are still this delusional? jfc

>LINK 2018 price: 30 cents
>LINK top: $50
>Gain: 166x

>SNX 2018 price: 6 cents
>SNX top: $27
>Gain: 450x

>DOGE 2018 price: .002 cents
>DOGE top: 68 cents
>Gain: 340x

>QNT 2018 price: $1.10
>QNT top: $400
>Gain: 400x


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sure and a retard is a genius for saying that it's going to be 6:30 sometime today

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Are you baiting or actually braindead? In the year 2019 and 2020 LINK outperformed every other stock/coin/token. Why are you comparing 2018 with the "top" in USD?

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did you read my original post? I said if you held through the bull LINK was one of the worst performers. Idc about if you timed the 2019 top and then somehow figured out the covid crash was coming because anyone can make infinite money if they can see the future

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DTCC and SWIFT were talked about years ago and it's all coming true
>I don't care if you timed xyz top, I care if you timed this other top instead

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>sure /biz/ gave me the best performing asset for two years straight but /biz/ bad because I was too retarded to take profit
lol. lmao even.

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>uhhh actually it's a bad thing that link mooned before everything else because no one sold any link and rotated into other coins and if you say otherwise you're a fucking liar

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ok lets assume you didnt time the top then and just continued holding... that means you got a 20x from LINK. How about the others? SNX you would be at 35x. DOGE 31x. QNT 92x. Since 2018 LINK has been under-performing the market

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>he thinks 90% of shitcoin buyers actually make it out alive
No one with a brain believes this psyop

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>September 4, 2020:
LINK: $12.50
BTC: $10,434
ETH: $388
BNB: $20.62
XRP: $0.23
ADA: $0.08
DOGE: $0.002
SOL: $2.71
TRX: $0.03
MATIC: $0.01

>September 4, 2023:
LINK: $5.96
BTC: $25,743
ETH: $1,623
BNB: $214.45
XRP: $0.50
ADA: $0.25
DOGE: $0.063
SOL: $19.36
TRX: $0.07
MATIC: $0.55

Baggies in shambles

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is that a biological woman?

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So chainlink token not needed?

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delete this

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We can never have it, but you can definitely rent it.

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The longer we wait only makes it all the more worthwhile it will be when we make it.

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god i hate stinkies

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this desu