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Why did USA decline from 1st world to NGMI in just a few decades?

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Reagan started it all

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Yeah exactly Ronal Reagan took the USA off the gold standard in 1971 and allowed the federal government to become a massive ever expanding organism which produces nothing and taxed the productive members of society until the wealthy became godlike in their untouchability and everyone else who forgot that gold is money got absolutely fucking wrecked for 50+ years.

Wait. That was Nixon.

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democracy, unironically

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all great empires decline
civilization is a cycle

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everytime a thread like this is made the """inevitable""" US collapse will be delayed by 50 years

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The negro population explosion, and their subsequent push into politics

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Go back to 1963 when the sitting VP killed his running mate to expand the Vietnam War, pass civil rights laws and invent welfare.

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Pass the 1965 immigration act too*

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>companies and boomers think the post ww2 boom would last forever since most of the world was blown to shit
>said rest of the world gradually repairs itself, propping up its industrial base
>countries like japan go through some growing pains and figure out how to make decent quality shit without breaking the bank
>american companies are too fat for their own good and keep running themselves into the ground
>the fed was being the fed

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Go back to 1913, Woodrow Wilson and the Federal Reserve Act.

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america swallows third world resources and labor for the oligarchs and offers fake jobs corporate jobs for peasants that pledge debt loyalty. America doesnt produce or manufacture, its a welfare state that can print money at the expense of the global south. The world can exist without america, america cant exist without the world. White people are typically lazy and dont like to work, scapegoats are needed so they are flooding the first worlds with the same migrants that hele their ponzi scheme up so they can become their scapegoats and receive the blame.

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held their ponzi scheme*

the successive onslaught. of reagan, bush, bush 2, and trump was the end.

Obama was the "return the normalcy" bull trap, every dying market capitalizes on, biden doesnt count since hes old and senile, its over

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Holy fucking shit what a retarded take. Not even going to debate what you wrote. Everything you said is fucking nigger brain retarded.

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the game is obvious but your need to be a victim channels cognitive dissonance, you want to be the hero like in the hollywood slop you watch but youre no different than the parasitical elite that you decry, just less brains and resources. As above so below

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Coping boomer detected. Everything he said is 100% true

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America is one of the few countries in the world that could be 100% self sufficient if it needed to

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there's no avenue for growth. we were the manufacturing king from ww2 to the 60s/70s. then we were the wall street/finance king in the 80s. then we were the tech king in the 90s. now what do we have? niggerlicious "big tech" aka domestic spying and data harvesting, which is being clamped down in civilized countries (EU). the "AI" meme which is a short lived hardware boom until everyone realizes the software is dogshit and worthless.

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It was all built on debt and fake money. Now the bill is coming due. Don't wanna pay? Volatility will find a way.

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Currency debasement

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the US is still far and away the most powerful nation on the face of this planet. Coping eurofag or chink made this thread

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Parasitic infection in the 1950s. Should have never let them out of those camps.

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>gets defeated on foreign battlefields by 65 IQ goatfuckers with soviet surplus weaponry
>gets defeated domestically by jews/illegal spics/negroes and multinational business interests
(as a fellow mutt.)

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The answer is specifically that boomers outsourced all the jobs to fuck over their kids, while pursuing inflationary economics to bolster their own stock portfolios, then PIKACHUFACE.JPG'd when this horribly backfired since the oldest boomers are 77 and can't just reinvent themselves like a middle aged man going through a career change. Its fucking over for them, they lived their lives with the mantra "I don't care I'll be dead" and it turns out they're about 10-20 years shy of the "be dead" step, so they're going to suffer immensely before they croak instead of riding off into the sunset like they envisioned.

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Short-sighted retard. You’ve got to go back 1776 when this whole shothole started.

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WTC was a turning point:
>Patriot Act made glowies run rampant and unchecked, internet was popularized
>jews subverted society with dating apps, troons and social media
>2008 bailout invalidated public trust in government forever
>all major media companies made themselves look unreliable after Trump took over
>COVID-19 was a final nail in the head where everybody realized we live in a clown world and made Mao's cultural revolution look reasonable in comparison.
The consequences are:
>nobody thinks the economy and money is real
>nobody wants to work hard
>being a patriot is a meme
>having kids is a nuisance
>people lack the drive to do great things
I can only say that USA looks now more like Great Britain did in 1700s. Starting a new country is easier than cleaning up this mess. Living there is still great but there are endless efforts to make it worse (by you know who).

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>Not going back to the Age of Enlightenment for these bullshit social ideals

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more brown people. brazilification. we would be like denmark if we were as white as they are.

demographics are destiny

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That's the only thing I'm gonna say, besides the fact you idiots can't buy pond cuz, well, no Chinance access KEK

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Nobody wants to talk about it

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You two are right and I want to stop pretending like you aren't

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Fucking awful amirite?

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You're both wrong, we should go back and save the Alexandria's library from burning

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Disgustingly right, niggers are a pest

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Without Americans (ie whites), we would be in the Stone Age or at best being oppressed by some chink dynasty.

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america wasnt made for you, you are a disposable economic unit.

whites are perpetual slaves and exist to serve the aristocrat class, the peasants that existed in europe were given a reprieve during the age of exploration because their wranglers sights became focused on the free world. Now that the free world is no longer free, the domestic side things have returned to the mean, seemingly unaware that your house nigger status was only temporary and your uppity disposition is an inside joke.

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Based Freemason anon telling it how it is.

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The only thing that change were the demographics. People can cope but it's true. The less White the more shit it has become gradually. If you dont believe me, look at what happens to a white neighborhood that slowly becomes diverse. You've all seen it. You know what happens. That is happening on a nation wide scale.