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Is this actually a big deal or is it just a big nothingburger propagated by LINK shills.

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Youre the one posting it. So...is it?

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I’m a shill but I don’t get it either Kek

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it'a a big deal nothingburger

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RWA are a big deal
>t. Unpaid link shill

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>Offchain USDC aka USD
really reinventing the old wheel there

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Offchain USDC support for CCIP is pretty cool yes

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I have an erection

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>September 4, 2020:
LINK: $12.50
BTC: $10,434
ETH: $388
BNB: $20.62
XRP: $0.23
ADA: $0.08
DOGE: $0.002
SOL: $2.71
TRX: $0.03
MATIC: $0.01

>September 4, 2023:
LINK: $5.96
BTC: $25,743
ETH: $1,623
BNB: $214.45
XRP: $0.50
ADA: $0.25
DOGE: $0.063
SOL: $19.36
TRX: $0.07
MATIC: $0.55

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>crying about some muslim jeet will surely pump my heavy bags

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for anyone curious


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explain this to me like i'm so retarded i should kms

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>wasting thousands of hours of my life posting the same low iq fud over and over again on a board that already knows i'm a brown porn / drug addict will surely make the linkies sell
classic "success factory" ideas

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USDC touted CCTP but now they are using CCIP just like everyone else. Really makes you think.

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Jeremy Allaire was fantasizing about how nice it would be if cross-chain gas could be abstracted into USDC...

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I don't know which Twitter e-celeb that is but seems like CCIP will be doing the abstracting and charging USDC a higher usage rate if they want to settle with nodes using USDC instead of LINK like a normal human being would.

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Double nothingburger with large nothingcola and fries, glad I sold this piece of shit for icp and then that piece of shit for kava, topkek

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doesn't make you better, retard

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One of the [insert insanely large amount] there is to hire as shills kek

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I'd love a burger kek

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So you did a double backflip for another piece of shit but in cosmos? kek

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join chainlink oldest community. discord invite: vWQQ7a7s

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It's a very big deal which is why none of the VC media talking heads will ever talk about it and why the price is dumping - 5% as we speak

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This news is extremely bullish for Circle and USDC but actually bearish for the LINK token, let me explain why. Word in the private discord group is that, following this latest partnership, Chainlink Labs is planning to pivot as a DAO, with LINK getting re-purposed as a "governance" token while the nodes will be staked with USDC, both to avoid volatility and friction for enterprise customers and to comply with upcoming SEC guidelines/avoid being labeled as a security after the XRP debacle. Insiders and early VCs like Framework Ventures who used to be big believers in the project are now exiting their positions and have been dumping their bags OTC. USDC is now de facto the official token of the Chainlink Network whereas the LINK token is essentially abandoned, existing only to be dumped on the few remaining bagholders who forgot to exit at $50.

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Allow me to summarise so others don't have to read:

>Token Not Needed

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thanks fren

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https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.circle.com/blog/native-usdc-is-going-xchain-wormhole-integrates-cctp%3fhs_amp=true unfortunately looks like all bridges are able to use CCTP, don't forget since January CLG has been bashing CCTP for being centralized trash. But now it's bullish?? Open for everyone but link is "special" common guys.

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>common guys

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Get your eyes on QANX, It's been on the trend since the private blockchain launch. The next bull season is going to be most interesting indeed. Not taking any chance at all.

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Token not needed, it's a double nothingburger with cheese and bacon.

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