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See LINK, OCEAN protocol and AVAX as a few concrete examples. Both do amazing things, but their tokenomics always scream "scam".

To make matters worse, they're always heavily centralized and their respective foundations always dump on retail.

Almost makes you think, "muh fancy tech" = massive trojan horse aka a scam. So many other examples in this space. Hell, I'd consider a degen Mini micro infant dogecoin matic inu investor to be smarter than "investors" for these big cap fancy tech scams.

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I dont think its intentionally scammy - its rather that the entire market is a scam designed to create pump and dumps everyone gets in. Real projects, built for the long term, wont reward anyone in this market. Sad but thats what it is. If you buy these coins and hold ten years youll do well but no one wants that.,

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Should have a look at Volcare Ex Machina. It’s not old, but 10m supply, with a good spread. Their angle is AI generated influencer, calling and leading democracy on voting for other projects. It’s interesting but I reckon it would be hilarious if their bot was taught naughty speech, what a fucking kek

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wow, this is highly organic OCEAN shilling. I am now aping into OCEAN,

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it's another thread where retards try to put AVAX and other shitcoins in the same boat as link

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Scam, AVAX, yes - that sounds about right.

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They don't have awful tokenomics, you see this repeated on /biz/ because /biz/ hates money.
Lurk moar newfag bobo jr

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Link has shit tokenomics, and you can’t deny that

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because the technology behind tokens doesn't really matter and this entire market is just greater fool theory at play.

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AVAX has good tokenomics tho.

>AVAX is needed as the Gas token of the Primary Network
>AVAX is needed to run Validators and Subnets
>AVAX is needed for delegating
>AVAX is needed to create new Assets
>AVAX fees on the Primary network are burned
>AVAX is hardcapped and deflationary

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no it doesn't

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Yes it does
>dude stake your link so you can earn more links to stake your links!