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The FUD is not working like it used to, token holders seem to have built a resistance to our efforts. We know that LINK sucks (it's the most important project in crypto) and that prospecting investors are guaranteed to lose all their money (they will become very wealthy). How do we convince the public that Sergey is a mumbling idiot who doesn't know what he's talking about (he's actually a genius)? We have to save poor souls from falling for this scam (while we fill our bags).

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kek baggies
buck brokies

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Thank you for your contribution FUDsister, I shall copy this pasta to my FUD folder. You shall see it spread like wildfire in the coming days.

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Is the $1000 eoy in the room with us right now OP?

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the fudsisters are absolutely losing their minds and not even hiding the fact that they're stuck here 24/7 now
its easy to win when the people obsessed with shit-talking your investments are all losers, such as:
>porn addicts
>druggies that abandon their friends
>r9k nigger and tranny worshippers
>gamblers that lost their stacks

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Good choice of fud sister, I will be sure to pass it on to our team of round the clock fuddies

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wtfwt bros a Chainlink just flew over my house

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bro what the hell is wrong with you. why are you singling out eth holders like this?
who hurt you?

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sorry anon - i had an antisemitic moment

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fucking hell why are all these nufudders such pussies. he gets called out once and he runs to his twitter hugbox to circle jerk and farm validation with the other fuddies. its just sad.

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i can't even calculate how much future money sir gay is giving up right now. he's so generous

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>"Reality is fud"
Sorry you didnt sell bro.. Now its too lste and you will baghold a dead shitcoin for 20 years waiting for fake breadcrumbs like the xrpchuds

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what did you expect from third-worlders that sit on biz trying to fud all day? and if they didnt have this their only other job prospects are literal MLM pyramid scheme scams?

they're no different from refund scam pajeets chimping out at this point

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dont care as long as im getting paid to fud im good

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if you want to be pedantic you could say 2020 since link topped thanks mostly to defi summer. before that it did nothing as it waited for the bull market to begin. same story for alts like solana.

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I just wish the fuddies had better memes. Their memes are complete garbage compared to the memes from back in the day

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I was being somewhat pedantic, yes. LINK moved in 2019 & 2020 ahead of the market and stalled in 2021 when the rest of the market went ballistic. Saying LINK is a 2021 cycle alt is just plain wrong. Link is special, of course.

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>Link is special
said thousands of times for alts you probably haven't ever heard of.
link's a defi narrative coin, pumped for defi narrative reasons, died for defi narrative reasons. the "partnership" playbook didn't save any 2017 era alt, and for good reason.

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Do you think he shares his prescription uppers with Adem so they can go for 14 hour goon sessions to hardcore porn?

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Because they are not special, unironically. The fact that LINK didn't dump as hard as other alts in 2018, started solo-pumping in 2019 and kicked off the 2021 bull run by starting the De-Fi boom in 2020, is enough to call it special.

>Muh narrative
There is enough narrative to get Chainlink to a number 3 spot. Literally nothing of the past 3 years has been priced in yet. Doesn't mean it will happen, but the narrative is 100% there and then some.

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In 2020 I really thought 1000 EOY and that I would make it. Now it's 2023 and I'm realizing I will probably go broke before it recovers if I don't acquire more money. But the US is going into recession. The dream is dead, it's been 6 years.

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>number 3
reminder that chainlink went to number 5, going to number 3 means a mostly insignificant increase compared to what it did in 2020.

it already topped, thanks for playing.

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i want to try your delicious parfait chudnon

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Chainlink was #5 at the low of a 3 year bear market. If Chainlink goes to #3 at the top of a bull market, that is quite a significant difference.

See you there, thanks for not playing.

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The memes from back in the day were made by holders for laughs. Modern memes are just basedjack crap.

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LINK and SUPRA are based Oracles and transcend space and time.

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no, it isn't because all that matters is it's btc price. if you're not outperforming bitcoin in this market what are you doing holding alts?
the 2020 btc top can now only at best be doubled, maybe quadrupled. everyone knows this which is why these alts never recover to past btc highs and need bitcoin to go up massively to drag it up.

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We'll see.

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we will, by eoy 2025 we'l see if link fell into the 99.99% of alts or became one of the <10 that didn't fizzle out after one bull market.
i wouldn't want to take those odds for a mere 10-15x though when there's never a dearth of fresh alts with better prospects.