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With the recent focus on VR/AR technology, the Metaverse season is back.

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Sounds like a dead shit of scam... NFT isn't on the bullish trend so why should Metaverse

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I'm getting my Metaverse and NFTs secured with quantum resistant blockchain

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No, that's not until the free money is flowing again, which may be a long time.

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You'd be happier get points, and secure a slice of the rewards and secure a spot in EVR metaverse.

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Holoride is already on it.

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That's the real life anon, having fun and getting your bags filled is just the business of the day and EVR has ticked all the boxes.

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Anybody a Marvel fan? Check out this VirtuaMetaverse crib! And, of course, what crib would be complete without an islandhounds sighting? The amount of different looks you can create is infinite and I can't wait to see a metaverse filled with these! #NFTsCommunity Metaverse

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The highly anticipated IDO is set to take off on Meta Launch, can't wait to be part of this amazing experience.

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The highly anticipated EVR's IDO is set to take off on Meta Launch, can't wait to be part of this amazing experience. You could dive in as well.

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This company that has no value and sells garbage using marketing is holding up the market.

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One of the top leading VR/AR project presale Whitelist Campaign is now LIVE on Zealy! Winners will share a prize pool of $500 in EVR and to secure a special IDO spot.

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Imagine linking up with the innovation journey that merges blockchain, VR, and metaverse tech, forming an incredible fusion of possibilities.

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I'm gunning for this anon, it serves as a central hub where blockchain intersects with VR/AR, Metaverse design, and various other fields.

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No worries, I'll still make it in life with OGBX. I'm all out for the upcoming IDO – an opportunity you won't want to miss!

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This feels like a passive income also, metaverse users earn a real income by creating and selling virtual real estate. Thanks to EVR.

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Sighting the near future, Metaverse has not only become the new favourite of large technology companies, but also the new favourite of the investment industry.

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I don't think NFT and metaverse has a future.

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LOL look at that nigger

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Normies are bracing up to be among the top 30 participants to share the prize pool, bags really gonna get heavy.

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I'd say a couple more months to go, at least until they release Quest 3
the only sad thing about this will be watching the Apple Vision PRO fail horribly for not having games, maybe if I save a little with VINU I can buy both and sell one when I remember that VR sex is deplorable

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Why did apple use such an ugly mutt for this tech launch?

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heck yeah I love Facebook! Do I put my VR goggles on now?

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Indeed it is a nigger. Thank you Captain Obvious. Or should I call you by your real name which is Captain Shlomobergstein because the truth about history is that the vast majority of slave ships in the early days of America were ships that were owned by Jews. They bought the slaves. They shipped the slaves. They abused the slaves. They brainwashed the slaves into believing White People were the ones who did all these horrible things to them, to deflect from their own guilt.

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>creating and selling virtual real estate.
God damn that's a retarded idea. Anyone can draw more "virtual realestate" in blender.

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Metaverse hype is lit as VR/AR tech takes center stage. It's a wild ride for immersive stuff, and no surprise, Audi teamed up with holoride to bring VR to cruising rides

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Metaverse depends on the users, and just like with crypto, if we have 10% of the world population, we need to get it above 50 for it

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Surprisingly, Apple Event ended and no words on their VR, they just focused on reducing camera number, bigger cloud storage space, introducing USB-C

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What do you look in a VR when you buy them ?
games available
future of it ?

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Apple changing his charging cable to USB-C ?
Is the world safe ?

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What connection does that got to do with me?
Boy stick your eggs elsewhere and stop wailing here, NFTs are bound to make progress.
I still got my eyes on degening Injective NFTs, Solana and Eth own
But staking feels so good on xoxnoNFTs marketplace with Cloudbreakers which I slurped at current FP.

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Good or PoC from PRC ?

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I bet if TikTok would be upgraded to VR, it would be a boom !

Boom for the companies and a major let down for the kids and their stop into degeneration

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retarded idea, but ppl made millions on it already

what is the next stupid thing, besides making own song on spotify, and listen in on repeat 24/7 365 and earn haha

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God I hate this leftist pushing of niggers and browns in media. So happy I pirated the latest harry pootter game, that even has a fucking tranny in it now..

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You ask me, go ask Tim Cook, son.
Not a fan of Apple products asides MacBook

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Cringest thing I've seen on biz

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Imagine syncing all these into any car in motion as it enhance in-car entertainment in a much exhilarating manner.

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not a fan but uses their bs products


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it would be better to have some shooting action, while wearing glasses and walking/running the streets haha

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How do you intend to do that?

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>Future and games available on it.
These ones are important feats, as I keep tabs on the recent features update on BigscreenVR, Quest, and HTCVive.
I can relate the latter more as I've used it on holoride's retrofit device with over 15games in it

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i went to target with my gf on sunday. the in-store advertising displays were like 80%+ niggers. i wonder if niggers are self aware, and realize what a joke they are to whites?

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lol literally all of these flopped
stop listening to the news, they just want to scam you

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>turbonormie celebrities get scammed with digital nigger NFTs
it's almost poetic.

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I'm hooked with those VR games esp Einstein brain trainer as it's helps in stress relief and overall brain functionalities.

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Thanks frens
thou there are a very few that's legit, you can't go wrong with ape.

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Retarded comment

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BAYC is more concerned on their NFTs that's what brought it to fame.

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But the news made me know that there's this sync between metaverse and automobiles via the IAAMobility event in Munich which was well known in the whole of Germany

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>What do you look in a VR when you buy them ?
I most look out for portability :)
cos most time, i use it In-car for holoride games, that's why I go for a lightweight and compact model like the HTC Vive flow with a higher resolution that gives a sharper image

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It's more of graphics quality Anon

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We've got them dumbass all over the place.

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Based Chad, That and Jungle Chase are my favourite VR games in the holoride library

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Just like you fren

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Dumb fuck Roastie

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You get the point Chad. I saw the partnership between Meta and BMW to deliver the Motorverse to its users. Also, the Retrofit tech built to make it possible in all car brands and models.

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no doubt, high-end graphics are tight in gaming, they really help immerse the player in the game world, making it feel more real and believable, which is one reason why I rate Dynablaster, Beat Saber, and VR Chat so highly.

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You don't have to do this, I'm sure the nigga got here by chance, just ignore

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What the fuck is the use of the damn Ape NFTs shit?

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It's a fuckin Mobile Cinema now from the backseat of cars.

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The news is a fucken scam and manipulation.

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You are right Anon. I feel the likes of Pixel Ripped 1995: On the Road and Planet Ride deserve a high rating as well when it comes to graphics on HTC Vive.

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capitalizing on the normie obsession with niggers (and caricatures which they subconsciously associate with niggers, even if they outwardly claim such caricatures are racist and bad and not true.)

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Who the fuck still follows that when SEC is using it as a tool against retail investors.

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Not sure they really have much to offer there, but I've seen Skyjacks that can be used in Metaverse games as well as being staked to earn tokens. Use cases are the real deal when it comes to NFTs.

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>With the recent focus on VR/AR technology, the Metaverse season is back
The metaverse hype is legit, and VR/AR tech is one of the main drivers of this trend.
it can be used for virtual training, shopping for products or services without leaving your house, entertaining passengers, like watching movies or playing games, and I think Audi's partnership with holoride is a great example of how this tech can be used to create immersive experiences

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That's the fuck we get here in the space

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What the shit are you talking about?

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That'll sure be cool but if it reduces motion sickness then it's even better.

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target is a retail store.

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This reads like a Sirgay tweet. Word salad nonsense ment to stun and confuse normoids while you flece their pockets.

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Dumb Fag you've got to do your own research.

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You can use it to your advantage in knowing about new are trending projects doing well. I held the likes of RIO, YGG and RIDE with the potential to pump in the bull market from some fundamental news.

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Was all fun for me there with the Retrofit test drive in an all-electric car. So much to come in the automobile and the metaverse combination.

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People can hate jews and niggers equally you bigot.

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Say it ain't so.

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I read the latter got partnered with XOXNO and utilized its marketplace for its Skyjack NFTs.

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Update, lads: If you’re still skeptical about Bitmap, consider this—ALL 800,000 blocks have been inscribed. Yeah, you read that right. The market has spoken, and the demand is through the roof.

What’s Next?If you missed the initial rush, don’t fret. The secondary market is just heating up. Magic Eden on Bitcoin already supports Bitmap trading. Do your due diligence and hop in. Bitmap is more than just a fad; it’s a foundational layer for the Metaverse.

Final Thoughts Don’t underestimate the power of owning a piece of digital history. From Satoshi Blocks to the potential for community-driven development, Bitmap has set the stage for a new frontier in digital assets and the Metaverse. Mark this post, Bitmap will be in history books as the pioneer in digital real estate based on the Bitcoin blockchain.

You’ve been warned, /biz/. Either get on board or watch from the sidelines as others make history.

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>Jungle Chase
It's one of my favorite adventurous, relaxing and fun game play in a stunning and tranquil environment.

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Not sure anon. There's mostly some discrimination.

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Mine is the Cloudbreakers chad. I've always been big on action games and the graphics are on another level.

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This is scary.

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VR chat is based anon, it is now even possible to attend virtual meetings while in the backseat of your automobile or stream in 3d.

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Without proper research in the space you're leading yourself to deep losses

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So you tryna say I can't tell my boss that I was stuck in traffic and couldn't make it on time for the meeting anymore anon?

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By failing to research is researching to fail

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When will Apple launch the vision pro health?
That should be the next big thing after their iphone 15 launch

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Not when you could attend a roundtable executive meeting in VR from the backseat of a car all while being stuck in traffic kek

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You could do all the research there's and still not make it

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Apple is the biggest scam company ever
They keep releasing the same thing every year and selling to gullible bobos

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Virtual reality is obviously taking over. Getting positioned there for future gains is a no brainer.

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based use case but I'd take the in-car vr cinema experience over it, they nailed it with the multi functionality of the headset

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Based chad, it is a decent step forward as users can stake their NFTs for passive income.

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I blame the people that keep buying new iphones on release

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Not the best of times to be holding an NFT unless you're getting some sort of yield from it

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New tech syndrome
They're retarded

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America is really losing its touch

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Now it makes sense why Meta decided to partner BMW to work on something similar, it's an untapped niche that's going to bang in the near future

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This thread is 100% streetshitters from fiverr sockpuppeting

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Americans think the world revolves around them hahahahahahaha

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they have this thread two times a day yet jannies do nothing

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Why should I spend $3.5k to buy an Apple VR when there are better options at lesser price?

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Biz ain't what it used to be anymore
Now you get these jeets talking about some shitty VR topic in a finance board

>> No.56097375

Because it actually does?
You'd know this if you aren't retarded

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Meta has been known to be copy everything, ain't no way I'm surprised they're copying a new start up company

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another thread here with exactly the same structured replies >>56094270

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They're Indians

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The yet to be released quest 3, playstation VR, holoride retrofit pack, does all these count as better alternatives?

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build a fucking toilet in your house before imagining magical glasses that let you molest your niece from the back of an audi youve never seen irl you disgusting cunts

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No doubts anon, with the HTC vive headset and retrofit pack users can explore VR without even spending over $1k. The new cinema feature makes experiencing movies even better.

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you get banned for saying nigger on /smg/ but these 1pbtid filled threads talking about the most unheard of jeet shit are allowed to constantly exist alongside whatever stale meme you streetshitting subhumans have created a taken for this week and mods are fine with it.
the entire internet is thirdworld like some 00s parody of nigerian princes and no one sees the problem.

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Who hurt you bobo
You sound like you were molested by your uncle while growing up as a kid,
I'm sure he didn't use lubricant either

That must be traumatic

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Take a deep breath and go wank 10 times like you always do

Nobody cares about your opinion

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who are you their fucking supervisor?

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a season defined by a flop means what, an annual or bi-annual yawn?

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Keep at it jeet. Your ass would get picked.

>> No.56098642

I had a good time practicing my shotting skills on Pixel ripped anon. Now I'm deep in Dynablaster and Jungle chase for adventures and entertainment.

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The retrofit pack tops my list chad. Being able to turn a long road trip to a world of vr adventures is something I wouldn't sleep on.

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Anon has never felt love

>> No.56099893

I wish! I have like 70k invested in MV lands

>> No.56100204

Any upside anon? I've got like 20k locked in the multiversX with gems like Egld, Ride and Itheum for the long term.

>> No.56101707

why only 70K?


or injuns ? hahaha

>> No.56101941

I hope these are bait.

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Problem is these are not comfortable portable solutions.

No one wants to lug around ski googles that honestly still need a power source and your phone. It's a big reason gaming and porn still work/sell on these things since you enjoy those at home.

VR arcades are hardly worth investing as limited space is available in places, meaning limited sales and high prices.

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Buy some Nvidia bags

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Not so far. If i sold today it would be at a a loss. I have a many SHIB Metaverse lands, and a few in Sandbox, Decentraland, Otherside and a few others.

However I am more interested in becoming a metaverse landlord than sell them. Pic related.