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No real life experience.
School taught me nothing.
How do I make money?
I got like $100 to my name, currently don't have a job.
How do I make a million dollars or euros as I am an "EU" citizen.
How do I make at least $101. I literally don't know shit.
So far I have lost $20 on binance on memecoins but my mom gave me another $20

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Money is a SCAM and Moneytoshi is a SCAMMER.

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Average /biz/ europoor.

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So it seems you are starting at the very bottom of society. The first is to get a job.

To get well paying jobs that are not miserable, you’ll first have to get experience on your resume. That means you need to work for several years for the lowest wage jobs that don’t require any experience. Many places that require manual labor don’t require too much experience. Try to learn everything you can during your time at work so you can gain experience, and then you can start looking for advancement or other jobs that pay better and have better working conditions.

Other than that, you can just search online for everything else. Just search “how to find a job” and start from there.

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i only had $1k and i lost it all on online casino

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I heard salary is not going to get me rich anytime soon. What do I do after a job that pays me say 10K euros a year? That is not bad for my country

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get a job and invest in bitcoin. Chasing meme pumps won't get you anywhere

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FTX is selling 600m BTC tomorrow anon your advice is horrible

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make up your mind.

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All you have to do is find a good meme coin and hold it firmly, but most of the market is scams and requires a good eye

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Buy the dip!

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have you considered jerking off punks? you can earn up to $15 each

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Keep saving as much money as you can while looking for advancement or other jobs that pay more. You should be looking for ways to make more every few years, even if you have to change jobs.

Given the current inflation, I would recommend living with your parents or roommates to make your cost of living as low as possible. The easiest, , most accessible way to build wealth for most people is to own property and build equity, so pay attention to the news and do your research to figure out the best time to buy a home.

My feeling is that, at least in the US, the housing shortage that started in 2008 won’t be remedied anytime soon. We’re still unbalanced between supply and demand by a half a million homes and that supply can’t just be built overnight. In the meantime though, you should focus on increasing your savings. I don’t know how credit scores work in Europe, but in the US you would start building up your credit score as soon as possible too.

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Close. They can only sell $200M per day. It does start tomorrow though.

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I've been working in a subway for 3 years, I have no idea how to make money
I've never gone to college because I've never had any money, my greatest accomplishment was getting an XOR card, it's so over for me