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hey i am new to the whole crypto game. so i don't quiet get about chainlink is that stuff like paypal on and off ramp exists so where does chainlink and the so called oracle problem come in?


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By giving Sergey money so he can buy more burrito at chipotle, then the fat dumps he take will spur price action when he flushes your money down the toilet.

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the goal of chainlink is to act as a single source of truth for things like price data, weather, and other events

of course, one only needs to go outside to realize there are many sources of conflicting truth so the project is doomed

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There may be many conflicting sources but there's only one truth

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Buying link is like buying a can of coke and expecting Coca Cola's growth to make you rich because you hold the can of coke.

In the meantime, coca cola has millions of cans of coke (links=coca cola cans) they’re selling to the market to make money.

How does holding a can of coke (link) benefit you exactly? Answer me.

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Kek love this basta

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Because me and other anons hoarding millions of cans of coke and refusing to sell creates scarcity, therefore anyone thirsty enough will have to pay $10,000 if they want a coke.

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you donate to a private company on the cayman islands by buying their token in the hope that they convince enough suckers that the price should be higher so you can cash out. the oracle problem is just marketing, you can't ensure that data from outside sources is valid, you can just build an elaborate house of cards out of incentives to fool dumb investors into buying the token to achieve the original goal, selling the token

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>therefore anyone thirsty enough will have to pay $10,000


Heh, yeah man almost there

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>lying about the price

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I don't think people will ever want a coke that badly.

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Okay what if I hoard the cans of coke and then also throw them into an Olympic sized swimming pool. Coca Cola finds out I’m doing this and like the publicity so much they start sending me 4.5% new cans of coke as long as my old cans stay in the pool. I am not the only one doing this

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So they keep making more cans of coke and no one's even drinking them? If you were the only one doing this you might have a chance but some of those other guys with pools full of coke are going to defect and start selling their stockpile for cheap.

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>fud spammer sees this thread and rushes into it to post his low iq one liner in 1 minute and 13 seconds
ive seen this quite a few times during the last month, and it has probably been going on for years
they'll usually start switching ids after, so he's probably this guy >>56089164
how bad does your life have to be to become such a massive loser? did he lose everything gambling on bancor or something
do you think he actually believes that anyone sees this shit and sells?

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Cool an integration with Paypal let me load up a bitcoin short real quick.

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They will when 90% of them are locked up and there is a limited supply nigger

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Yeah he did lose it all or its the loser himself pic related

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Except theres no more cans being made in this analogy you disingenuous nigger

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he's literally me holy fuck this is uber basedo, kiddo

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He said he got 4.5% of NEW cans

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Coca Cola has an unlimited supply of cans of coke. Chainlink does not. Staking will cause scarcity. I keep buying for this reason. I am not the only one doing this

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Think of a smart contract like a vending machine.
You put the money in. It gives you something out.
Chainlink’s role is to make sure the money that’s being put in is authentic.
Without it, people are just going to infinitely scam your system.

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Coca cola sells cans of soda as the product. With Chainlink, link tokens are not the product. The product is data. There's no good analog with any aspect of a drink company regarding the tokens.

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Think of chainlink like a JSON parser. The token is not needed.

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Its a scam thats only shilled on /biz/ because of a cult of bagholders who are currently down -90%