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Alright let's have a discussion. I wanna get out of fiat. I've heard the bear and Bull case for both BTC and Gold. The only thing that has me leaning towards gold is the fact that a bunch of countries have been continuously buying gold over the past year, not BTC. Now I know a lot of you on the crypto side are smart but at the end of the day we're all a bunch of individual anons. We don't have nearly as much knowledge at our disposal like these countries do. So why would I buy BTC instead of following superpowers with infinitely more insider knowledge?

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advanced AI will soon be able to hack every wallet, brokerage account, bank account, and 401k in existence
if you don't hold it, you don't own it

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that's s fair concern. I'm just wondering what the finger argument is for BTC stackers not following what governments are doing.

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Buy both, or dont, I don't give a fucking flying fuck.

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>I'm just wondering what the finger argument is for BTC stackers not following what governments are doing.
What makes you think I'm not waiting for BTC/Gold to drop so I can buy both?
Why don't you fucking pussy fuckers buy both gold and BTC, DCA both.
Buy Gold one Friday and buy BTC the following Friday.
Jesus fuck anon.

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2 more weeks

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Gold is good, but there is more price suppression with it, a lot of paper gold out there. Also, you won't be able to leave the country with it.

If AI hacks Bitcoin it can also hack all security infrastructure in every country. Bitcoin will be a minor target in comparison, and you'll have much bigger problems than money in this scenario. also. quite a few countries are secretly mining BTC.

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BTC solves money, it is the first trustless money the world has ever known, and as such, the last money the world will ever need, the systemic economic value of trustless money is nearly incomprehensibly vast, in the future we will denote history into pre & post BTC eras. Bitcoin is an inevitability.

Gold has faced the triple threat of demonization headwind, paper manipulation (not a threat to BTC as 'physical' settlement is cheap), and ridiculously high transaction costs for physical metal, yet despite these obstacles it's still performed near perfectly as an unleveraged fiat short averaged over decades long timeframes (44x versus 42x money expansion since '71).

Economy always finds it's level.

BTC has none of those issues, it's in the process of monetization, it can't be paper manipulated, and transaction costs are negligible, BTC will therefore track much more closely as a fiat short, and as it has yet to reach full capitalization, it will act as a LEVERAGED fiat short, a leveraged short without liquidation risk. Capital flight into BTC until full capitalization is the trade, sell some for gold during the bull peak to hedge.

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>Also, you won't be able to leave the country with it.
You're supposed to buy a boat and ship it over or smuggle it by shoving it up people's asses.
Or you know, pay someone to let it slip past customs.

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because most of the board is divided into gold and crypto fractions that shit talk each other on s daily basis? if you are buying both then the post clearly doesn't apply to you...

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buy both 50/50. ez