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We've been programmed for wagecage since childhood

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Run two more laps jamal!

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>blacks excel at sports
>blacks fail at employment
really makes you think.

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I'd like to think this is shooped but sadly we are that fucked

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Nothing like
to being tough on
Only beaten by Catholics...

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Cope from a shit coach desu senpai.

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being boss and being tough on others is the most natural thing ever
I wanted to rule since i was a kid, nobody dreams about being a wagie

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>I wanted to rule since i was a kid,
And that's why you will never. People don't inherently look to you. "Leaders" like you are always resented.

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>he fell for the meritocracy meme

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It's not merit. You have it or you don't. If you aren't in a leadership position now, or have never been, you never will be. Megalomania. Delusions of grandeur.

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Yeah I wish someone had taught me to be a lazy complaining entitled piece of shit, that way I could easily start and run my own successful business - a true patrician occupation where teamwork and service are unnecessary

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This is how it is. Leaders lead.

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opinion discarded

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Because Blacks are not made to do menial tasks like whites are, they were made to be competitive alpha warriors and sports satisfy this natural genetic need

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I like how they added the nike logo to try to make it more believable

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grown men getting emotionally invested in kid's sports are freaks

astute observation

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lol they literally had to breed and brainwash blacks from birth to make the slave system function. they didn't just grab random blacks and get them to actually work on plantations

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>blacks fail at employment
No different than the NEETs on here.

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germanics appropraited western culture after the fall of rome, coopted and stripped of its soul and beauty.
Sovereignty, exploration, self-actualization and community is held as collateral.

The dark age never ended. Deal with it

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Shut the fuck up, you cock gargling faggot.

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This. Good thing I'm autistic and realized this from a young age and broke away from this system as soon as I graduated high school.

>they didn't just grab random blacks and get them to actually work on plantations
They literally did. Look up the atlantic slave trade and who ran it.

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>they didn't just grab random blacks and get them to actually work on plantatio
They literally did that. They went from eating bugs in Ghana to picking cotton in Georgia in the span of a month or two. The older/bilingual slaves give them the lay of the land: Pick cotton, don't stop, or no food and whips. Your name is Josh now. Lunch is at noon, cornbread and beans. Keep your trap shut and thank the Christian God you won't get eaten by a Lion here.

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Germanic invasion was the literal start of Kali Yuga, post ww2 was the eye of the storm, a false sense of security before the full extent of the cosmic ether returning to devour in fullness

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First generation slaves were notoriously violent, lazy and hard to manage. Do you even history bruh?

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Jamals and Tyrones are physically stronger cuz they had to pick up tons of cotton monthly, so that's probably why they usually have better results, still I'm smarter than the smartest of them all, I got into KAVA and they didn't

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We know niggers are dumb as fuck, but not as much as that kek

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You're a retard lmao

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Ok, so we whipped them harder, maybe execute a few to get the rest in line. What are they gonna do, swim home? lmao

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Because they don't study

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>What is the Haitian Revolution
This nigger is retarded I'm done responding.

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The real issue here is that teaching kids sportsball doesn't make them employable either it just makes them good at sportsball. How many sportsball players does society really need?

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blacks were enslaved exactly because they were much better workers than indians and whites

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frankly, until about 2nd world war negroe was synonim for docile, stupid, hardworking
read some faulkner

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jesus christ, how could I ignore that

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>I'm smarter than the smartest of them all
>Ignores Neil deGrasse Tyson
>Ignores Ben Carson
You're definitely going to have to COPE

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>Neil deGrasse Tyson
The midwits midwit

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