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You'll never wake up from the nightmare.

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This shit costs like 20€uropoors

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>2x white bread
>cola syrop

kek americans

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Inflation sucks, but this is just being retarded for reddit points

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What a fucking lie. Lmao.
That costs like 30 bucks tops. I’m sure his next comment was his cashapp ID.

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even cheaper if you buy local brands.

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AUD or NZD? Even then, this is bullshit.

The cost of living crisis stems from the price of accommodation, not bills or groceries.

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>"I have to live on a budget!"
>no rice or pasta

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Is there anything more retarded than this shit? Some vague picture of different groceries that could be bought from any store, anywhere within a country where prices can vary dramatically depending on where you are and for multiple reasons.

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Yeah nah that's about 60 bucks no cap

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a report game out that said millennials spend more on discretionary shit, both as a total and percent of income and inflation adjusted etc., then any generation before

a big part is living in expensive shithole cities but its also them being dumb as fuck and wasting money on door dash, weed, and funko pops

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I can't identify all the items in that picture, but I guess it would cost about the same here in Brazil.
Europe really is the best place to live on Earth. You guys earn 5x to 10x more than we do, and everything costs the same or is even cheaper in some cases.

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>this is what $85 of groceries look like but I will call you a nazi chud if you mention the people who are to blame for this and therefor I won't do anything to stop the issue

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Was the jug of maple syrup really necessary?

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m8 u wot i guarantee you those olives are the price of 5LBS of rice

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>maple syrup
it's not real maple syrup. it's high fructose corn syrup with brown coloring. real maple syrup costs 5-6 times as much per unit volume. eating real food these days is extremely expensive.

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Was the red wine vinegar really necessary?

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>OMG did you buy SYRUP? That has LE SUGAR!
You luddites are worse than redditors

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>he didn't buy the dip
Yeah you're waiting for 10k btc huh? Keep waiting.

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>This shit costs like 20€uropoors
In Romania maybe.
In Norway the eggs and bacon alone would be 20€
I doubt any of those items individually would be less than 5 here except the tomatoes and possibly the bread. If the Syrup is real maple it's probably also 15-20 on it's own. To be fair I'm not familiar with all the brands/products, but 20€ for all of it is a pipe dream

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>was that one sugary item really necessary?!
>TWO loaves of bread!?
>Fucking liar
>Stupid retard Reddit scum
>18 eggs?!
Go back to cuba faggots

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>pancake mix instead of flour/baking powder
>bread instead of flour and milk
>pasta instead of flour

all he had to do was buy flour instead and would've saved like $50

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no beans no rice no chicken -> FUCK OFF

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That's what he gets for buying Raos

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remember when words had meanings? most of the items on there wouldn't be considered a "grocery"
moar like goyslopp

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maple syrup is for faggots and trannies aka canadians

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>If the Syrup is real maple
It looks like fake syrup, probably Aunt Jemima's brand

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TWITTER SCREESNSHOT THREAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Yes, unless he makes a fruit syrup or gets honey.

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bro just eat gorilla kibble to save money

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things have gotten so expensive i accidentally forget to scan a few items every now and then.

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that would 30€ more or less in france
he must shop in expensive areas or little shops
i refuse to believe these are regular prices for americans

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don't move to France, huebro. That doesn't apply to them. Although you can say that's not Europe but Africa.

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This would cost $85 AUD in Australia which is about $50 USD.

What the fuck happened to you guys? We used to be the most expensive country on the planet when it came to everything. Now the only thing we have the most expensive of is housing. Americans are you okay?

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On god?

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Go back

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I was thinking about 50-60 if you are at a name brand store and shopping semi frugal. Bacon on sale is like 8$ a lb at Safeway

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anything you don't get straight from a sugar shack in Canada is fake syrup

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I counted 14 items so average cost $6, I could believe it if he went to Whole Foods or something, and he’s also not buying any generic brand shit which makes everything at least 2x as expensive. If he went to Aldi or bought store brands it would be $40.

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Or instant oats. I just bought a fucking bucket of that for under five bucks.

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normies fucking love inflation

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it clearly says wheat bread

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>no wagyu burgers or organic grass fed butter

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American wheat bread is still pretty much white bread

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I mean he does have pasta (DeLecco brand)

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>Eating any kind of bread, let alone sliced, the most expensive kind
>oats, useless fibre
>bag of lettuce/rocket(?), as opposed to fresh fruits
>cherry tomatoes in summer
>tahini instead of butter
>premade ravioli (?)
>The only meat is expensive bacon
>expensive syrups

>No organs, whole poulty, or beef cuts that would satiate and nourish with very little cost.
Grain eating peasants should be killed.

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eating carbvs when you're hungry is like taking a shower when you smell. It will only make it better at that moment then youll soon feel or smell as bad as you did before. The best food in his case would be soups with homemade bone broth

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Hey oats are good tho

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Nigger you don't even know what a luddite is. Sugar is bad for you. Cope harder faggot

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bidenomics are working, chud

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>tahini le bad
>churned milk le good
>oats le bad
what shit opinion holy shit

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why are you such a nasty person

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Post the receipt.

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Why do you think oranges and apples are bad for you retard. i bet you eat raw carnivore or something gay like that

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this is over 60 bucks in the states now, fruit is more expensive than meat that's for sure. Idk what '''syrup''' is, but honey is like 30.00 for a full bottle.

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literally useless fibre and carbs
yes, you're comparing plant oil and seed sludge vs animal fat high in minerals

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I tried to accurately price every item. This would probably cost around $45 at my grocery store. A few years ago it would’ve been $35.

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>not high in minerals
go get your head examined retard

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this is 20-30 bucks max in most of the country do you guys only shop at whole foods in LA and NYC or something?

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>TFW slightly autismo
>Eat a few eggs for breakfast
>a can of tuna for lunch
>a cup of ground beef mixed with mayonnaise
>eat this basically everyday
>on non work days I treat myself to ramen mixed with butter and sirracha sauce
I’m really starting to think that the financial future belongs to the autistic who are like scissors to paper in a capitalist system.

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Git trippin!

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Even cheaper when you buy them from a farm btw, which you should do

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Most of those items probably do cost $5-8 each. That bread, the tubs of lunch meat, 18 eggs, a slab of fancy bacon, a fancy tub of cherries(?). All costs about $6 each at a Kroger's (who are usually expensive anyway)

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Put everything in this picture in my cart and it was $24 OP is a massive gigantic faggot.

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Yeah korger is a rip off. These people go to over priced places then cry about how they arent getting that much for their dollar.

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i can't believe i wasted my time on this retarded post but i did a quick search on walmart and used cheap brands unless it would mean a drop in quality. it's about $45. does your mom still do grocery shopping for you?

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>goymart brand whole wheat without any grains
not a comaprable product, dipshit. see >>56085988


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Walmart prices vary by state. I posted the cart, I left out the jar of something the spinach and that red box cause idk wtf that is but assuming 2-3 per piece thats still only 30-35.

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Forgot the pic

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These kind of posts have to be trolls 99% of the time.
>premade lasagna
>dececco pasta
>gigantic maple syrup
>sugar bread (2 packs???)
>some special, probably expensive as fuck mayo next to a pack of 40 eggs
just no way its real

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The walmart bread actually has way less added sugar this is the bread from their pic lmao


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i've had walmart brand wheat bread and "higher end" whole grain wheat bread like pepperidge farm. they aren't comparable. walmart brand tastes like absolute shit, basically white bread that's colored brown.

(i realize that in all likelihood i'm arguing with the archetypal rail thin autistic retard who eats the same food every day for the past 25 years and is suffering from multiple vitamin deficiencies.)

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This is what sugar addiction really does to a mf. Continue eating your pepperidge sugar bread.

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Wagies unite tg - wagiecoinportal we going to eat wagyu only after we moon.

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its still crazy that americans pay so much for foam bread. in southern europe its a euro and its real normal bread

>> No.56086098

Thats like 15 euros

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Niggas out here just completely ignoring the actual nutrition facts. Walmart wheat bread is legit healthier than most of the bigger brands, has the least added sugar. Even the most expensive and what most people call the best, daves killer bread, only has the same amount of sugar as the walmart wheat. Niggas are getting scammed and cannot accept it.

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A snack bag of chips costs THREE FUCKING DOLLARS now. It’s unbelievable I’m about to snap.

>> No.56086327

soon $185

>> No.56086333

Wheat bread is terrible for you, is full of lectins that fuck your shit up. Homemade sourdough or fuck off.

>> No.56086339

they are all locked in the fiber so you cant access them anyway and the phytic acid will also mess up your digestion you fucking retard

>> No.56086351

my pregnant baby momma and I consistently forget to scan items or drop them in her purse
we're both White and I work from home

>> No.56086367

you lied in your mf first post saying a snack bag of chips cost $3 why would I believe your 2nd?

>> No.56086372

Congrats on your bastard you degenerate

>> No.56086377

It’s not a lie I just bought one yesterday and it cost $2.59 + tip

>> No.56086386

im a bastard too so idgaf seether

>> No.56086392

are you over weight?

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Shit son I live in the dystopia of Canada and I spent $80 on groceries last friday and got way more than that.
>Pallet of eggs
>pound of butter
>2 sides of bacon since it was on sale
>1kg of sausages
>turkey lunchmeat
>kaiser rolls
>4L diet coke
>3 heads of broccoli
>2 Sweet peppers
>bag of Spinach
>block of fancy cheddar
>jar of pickles
>3 zucchinis
>2 tomatoes
>4L milk
>6 cans of soup

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just come to Europe, we always need more deliveroo drivers

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You guys are either fucking retards, don’t live in America or live in the poorest of poorest shitholes in the country. I live in an average Midwest town and this would easily be $50+ at every single grocery store regardless of the exact deal or store

>> No.56086670

a carton of 30 eggs was 15$ here in January, it's 4$ for the same shit now. I bought the top for eggs non stop

>> No.56086682

It's actually closer to cake than bread.

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In other words, normalfag redditors are just now finally discovering that inflation is real and that the economy is in the shitter despite MSNBC's countless propaganda about muh heckin Bidenomics.

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You legit can’t support a family of 4 on a $100k salary anymore. I would know. I am getting raped every day, financially speaking.

>> No.56086750

I mean yeah, I earn six figures working in the art department of a financial firm, which means lower middle class in the huge city where I live.

>> No.56086775

>Lunch meat
$7, this shit is fucking robbery
>fake syrup
>2x loaves of bread
>Rao's sauce
Like $7 this shit is insane
>Bagged... lettuce?
>red wine vinegar
>Cherry tomatoes
So even shopping at Kroger which is a ripoff now and with what he took I see like $50-60 at max. Has anyone on reddit ever told the truth though?

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This is at least $50 or $60. I don't know what some of those brands cost though, and he might live in an area where some of those basic items are twice the cost. I'd buy that he paid $85 for all of that.

That said, it's why I'm growing a garden as a serious undertaking next year. I'm not going to be a hostage to grocery store inflation. I'll sell some excess produce to pay for my fertilizer and water costs I suppose, but past that I'm going to try to eat as much only out of my garden as possible, and store produce to see me through the winter as well. Should cut a hundred dollars or so off of my weekly grocery bills.

>> No.56086828

>all branded stuff
Yeah no shit

>> No.56086843

It's Kroger which is part of the largest grocery store chain in America but Kroger itself is largely focused in the cheaper zones of America so the prices are very likely close to what I posted. Kroger is actually a bit of a ripoff though because I can get much better produce from a local place or even Whole Foods for the same prices now. Kroger used to be decent, it's a shame. They got extremely greedy during COVID and the prices will never go back down.

>> No.56086846

Kroger is reasonable everywhere I've lived provided you shop based around the weekly specials. Only things I don't get from there are lettuce/bananas since they're cheaper at costco and sometimes french bread is put on a steep clearance discount at wally world but that's about it. Once in a blue moon the "farmers market" will be cheaper like they used to be but they've caught on and jacked up the prices to match Kroger nowadays

>> No.56086848

Literally posted the fucking walmart shopping cart but ok

>> No.56086861

Kroger is a good 20-50% more expensive than Walmart on average.

>> No.56086878

This is about $62 in ho dunk USA

>> No.56086897

just to straighten things out for all you mathematicians:

it's indeed about 60 bucks but you're forgetting the tip and donation to Ukraine

>> No.56087413

More like around €40

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File: 96 KB, 452x800, bi can fucking suck it and fuck off.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


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File: 1.37 MB, 955x2142, Grug e nomics.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Fucking right.
I hope they keep the money printers printing.

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File: 238 KB, 900x900, Luffy the pirate boy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Or you know you guys could be pirates if this is nightmare mode to you fuckers.

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Lmao, imagine complaining about this being nightmare mode.
It can get so so so so much worse my dude.

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Where the fuck does this person even live? I could buy this right now for $30-35 WITH TAX at my local grocery store (jewel on southport/grace in chicago) -- and much cheaper in the burbs

>> No.56090330

>all on brand
>nothing store brand
fucking queer would've saved like $25 just by buying off brand shit

>> No.56090399

no one asked for ketonigger opinions

>> No.56090421

Bacon is probably $15-20 alone, pasta sauce $5-7, bread is probably $5 a loaf. The groceries can easily cost $60+ if they bought nothing on sale which most zoomers don't now a days.

>> No.56090429

any burger eating bread regularly should just make it from flour. flour still costs nothing. you are being charged a lazy nigger tax when you buy bread.

>> No.56090435

>>cola syrop
That's maple, you retarded Germoid

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File: 242 KB, 1681x734, 277d688405de83ff772fe22b75b706f0.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

My bad the bacon is $12, and the turkey slices looks like they're 16 oz's which goes for $10 a box. That picture can easily go for the $85 if they nothing on sale like I said earlier.

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>locked in fiber
do you think tahini consists of whole sesame pods or something?

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File: 170 KB, 930x870, neet cucks go to jail self checkout stealing.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

oh your time will come wagie!

>> No.56090472

kek >>56086002 faggot btfo

>> No.56090526

>Fancy bullshit bread
>name brand fancy bacon
>huge ass box of eggs

Bet that bag of produce is some organic grown bullshit lettuce that costs three times as much as the regular fucking lettuce

Just buy normal food you queers

>> No.56090605

>I'll just spend 250 hours of my labor, plus water, plus fertilizer, to grow all my own vegetables every year

>$100 in vegetables per week
Jesus Christ you better have a family of 4 to spend that much. There's a reason our food production system is only remotely sustainable with slave- err I mean immigrant labor.

>> No.56090753

wtf really? i would've expected at least 150 i feel like i just stepped into bizarro world

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File: 1.70 MB, 3880x1739, 150USD.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Not true, fake news, shut the fuck up, stop posting this trash you gargantuan faggot, this is $150.00 and keeps me fed an entire month

>> No.56090876

holy fuck that's a ton of food i think i've been getting ripped off

>> No.56090943

yalls grocery logic is dumb af. i literally only buy the great value chicken breast from walmart, the great value beef patty, the great value eggs (36), great value maple sausage patties (28oz), 12oz frozen great value spinach, 32oz great value frozen broccoli, 12 5oz cans of great value chunk salmon, 1 loaf of sliced 100% whole wheat bread, some kiwis, and whatever fruit is on sale. if its repackaged or otherwise looks like bullshit my brain avoids it like rotting meat

>> No.56091036

back to /fit/ you faggot

>> No.56091124

Imagine not living off Costco rotisserie chicken lmao

>> No.56091296

>250 hours of my labor
>250 hours
>for a garden
>I just have to till the soil one, plant once, and water it occasionally as a household chore that takes less effort than doing the dishes and the laundry
>then it's just picking the food as it comes in, which takes less time than a trip to the grocery store
>anon is convinced that this is is some herculean task

Holy fucking shit what world do you people live in that the idea of growing your own vegetables is excessive labor?

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File: 5 KB, 273x184, biden.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

we have a mysterious shadow-government running everything now. They'll probably put some DNC shill Vivek into office next. It's grim. They don't even want to pretend we have a democracy now. It will never be the same.

>> No.56091350

> It will get so so so so much worse very soon my dude.

>> No.56091794


Unsurprising that this is coming from one of the whiny retards over at leddit. This is a picture of someone who doesn't know how to take care of themselves; you can get double the food for that amount even in high COL areas if you shop at the asian or hispanic grocery stores.

>> No.56091820

Why don't Americans like buying anything that isn't in a prepackaged bag?

>> No.56091842

How else am i supposed to get my microplastics?

>> No.56093246

Are oats no longer /fit/-approved?

>> No.56093273

So what I'm getting at is that you don't shower?

>> No.56093286

double digits inflation owld probably cause a revolution
american wagies are less obedient than europeans

>> No.56093290


>> No.56093299

that's just a bottle

>> No.56093408


>> No.56093436

Just get ground beef or shanks if you can cook, they’re pretty cheap.

>> No.56093475

Americans are disgusting.

>> No.56093611

shut the fuck up and take a bath indian

the next time an indian even come near me at workplace with his ungodly horrendous smell imma paperclip a vishnu symbol onto his forehead

>> No.56093689

>weeds don't exist
Remember to wear kneepads when the time comes, otherwise you'll pay for it in hospital bills eventually.
>I-I-I'll just use herbicide!
Enjoy the costly poison.
>I'll just prep the beds to with xyz to minimize weed growth!
More money spent in exchange for less work over time. If you have a garden large enough to feed one person for a full year (15x15 ft), prepare for most of your garden-tending to actually be weeding.

>> No.56093707

nah, they never do anything at all.

>> No.56095107

>Go to the butcher
>Get 20kg of beef trimmings for fuck all
>Coat in salt and roast, best food of your life, 4x more energy dense than any other food. Essentially free.

>> No.56095283

Yes do you not see the pancake mix?

>> No.56095636

>/fit/ on a $100 bi-weekly budget
>lean ground beef
any other suggestions?

>> No.56095756

closer to 30-40 europoors in france. there's a lot of goysauces in there, that stuff gets expensive fast

>> No.56095800


>> No.56095839

What the anchovies doin

>> No.56095867

Just shop at aldi

>> No.56095930
File: 1.01 MB, 828x1421, IMG_0856.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Wrong on both accounts.

>> No.56095946

I think a large part of the issue is actually the grocers trying to account for theft.
Ordering food online has gotten cheaper than buying it in the store at least where I live.

>> No.56096010

This. It's absurd how inflation has caused all these companies to essentially create fake food that they can label the same names as real food that is filled with stuff that is in the same category as medical waste. Cheese isn't cheese anymore, peanut butter isn't peanut butter, it's all fucking insane.

>> No.56096777
File: 43 KB, 535x712, 35123231.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>firm didn't raise salary at all last year
>inflation means I'm making like 15% less

>> No.56096869

>>6 cans of soup
Was it luxury soup?

>> No.56096893

My shitty company is trying to pretend there is no inflation. I hate being powerless to billionaire board members siphoning funds to their cronies. HR told me position non-negotiable, get back to work wagie.

>> No.56096909

Yeah, that’s why you have a baby momma have to steal from Walmart.

>> No.56097045

If I wanted luxury soup I'd wait until whole chickens are one sale and make them from scratch, I bought 3 for $3 cans of vegetable soup so I could have a side to my turkey sandwiches.

>> No.56097061

>3 for $3 cans of vegetable soup
>a side to
>my turkey sandwiches.
Sounds like a sodium bomb. How is your blood pressure?

>> No.56097173

Fine? Most people who fuck themselves up dump loads of salt on everything they eat not one high sodium soup plus two twists of a grinder on the vegetables with dinner.

>> No.56097215

isnt that just all the fat and silverskin? fat is only good eats sometimes, and silverskin is never good eats.

>> No.56097231

aunt jemima's was this way since before your parents were born

>> No.56097258

its called GOYSLOP

>> No.56097291

all comes from the fiat issue.

>> No.56097294

What disguting Goyplants

>> No.56097333

Are you taking into account the sodium in the turkey lunchmeat?

>> No.56097397

I don't recognize much of what's in picrel, but would never buy fake syrup. I buy Canadian maple syrup, and yes it's ~$12 a pint, but it'll last me a whole year. Astounded by the price of bacon the last time I went shopping, so just went dietarily semetic this month. Scored a whole chicken for eight bucks. On the small side, but the bones will make me a few servings of soup. Double the fun being a bachelor I guess.

>> No.56097442

the problemo is those low quality foods tend to use other much more harmful ingredients and cooking processes than HFCS, including vegetable oils

>> No.56097453

so it's a compounding issue

>> No.56097964

>think the average burger is capable of cooking
next you are going to tell me that you can grow your own veggies with little to no work that are actually food unlike the goyslop you can buy in (((supermarkets))). And after that you are going to tell me that you can own some chickens. really anon you are going to be that way anon?

>> No.56098421

Peas, beanpods, okra, lentils. Where I live, cheese, milk, and leben are subsidized so I buy those as well.

>> No.56098429

they voted for this