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How the fuck do I buy shitcoins?

Just swapped 40$ worth of ETH, paid 4$ gas fee and still got only eth

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10% fee? And you accepted it? Sad.

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KEK you probably only approved the use of your ETH newfag, swapping is a lot more than 4 dollars

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Nevermind the fee the question is why it took fee and didn't swap the shitcoin

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But use for what
I wanted swap eth for elfbar

Isn't clicking the swap button and selecting a pair the way to do this?

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holy fuck google it, what are you using to swap? uniswap or just the metamask garbage you posted in OP

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>unable to load balance
might be a display error.

A lot of those new tokens have sales taxes.
Also, use uniswap instead of metamask swap function, it's cheaper

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Load your address in etherscan, you will see all transactions and token holdings.

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For small swaps you're better off transferring ETH to one of the 30+ Ethereum Layer 2s via one of the 50+ bridges. Make sure it's a Layer 2 with an escape hatch and a trusted bridge though otherwise you risk losing all your funds and remember to budget for the Layer 1 gas fees for bridging to the Layer 2 and back again.

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Base, optimism and arbitrum are supported directly by most exchanges now

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Metamask. I don't care if it's shit, even then it should do what it says to do

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This is my wallet adress
What the fuck happened?

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Yes, if you register and KYC for a good trusted CEX that supports Base, Optimism and Arbitrum you can use that instead of a bridge and you're all set for DeFi.

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Got this message
Fail with error 'UniswapV2Router: INSUFFICIENT_OUTPUT_AMOUNT'

Warning! Error encountered during contract execution [execution reverted]

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Price changed too much and the swap failed.


this is an issue on l1, because blocks happen every 14s and others can try to buy too, but their buys change the price.

There's a more complicated way to use an alternative rpc that won't process a failing transactions https://docs.flashbots.net/flashbots-protect/rpc/quick-start/
but will require slightly larger priority fee (like 1 gwei, it's in the advanced tab) and the failing transaction will just stay in the 'pending' state forever, so it's inherently confusing for new users.

Anyway, what you can do is try to buy it again on https://app.uniswap.org/#/swap

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You gotta increase the slippage bro, low liquidity means you need bigger slippage I would recommend not bothering op

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>How the fuck do I buy shitcoins

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imagine believing ITT
daily reminder 4chan is nothing but GPT AI bot generated content
Literally no one is "buying" shitcoins 2023. Its just VCs dumping their premines on you anon wake up.
Leave the internet and thank me later

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elfbar fucking kek
good work op very original thread

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That shit is garbage, bro. They take an extra "metamask fee".

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There is no such coin as elfbar on uniswap or on arbitrum network

Gonna do this

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you should paste the token address into uniswap
Metamask just goes through uniswap anyway

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The gas price is still high and the protip for using Arbitrum seems to be not working because it says that it is personal adress

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the future of finance

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Laugh at elfbar but imagine how much you could make if you got early

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Why Arbitrum One says that all contracts are personal adress?

Can't add a single coin

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The token is probably not on arbitrum

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Tokens on rollups are technically separate, it's a different network.
You can't copy the address from ethereum to them.
(it's technically possible for the address to be the same in rare cases)

Some tokens only exist on ethereum, some only exist on arbitrum/etc