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>invest in picrel 12+ years ago
>current year: it's STILL triggering jews and trannies
Best fucking investment ever.

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it's /biz/s last thotposters seething at the engagement these frogs get

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>posting the cia reddit normie frog
>thinks he isn’t a normalnigger being controlled like a cattle

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redditor frogpostniggers are the chainlink baggies of 4trans board culture

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>writes "normie"
With that you exposed yourself. You have to go back.

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always the same shit with you glowniggers trying to shape the consensus, then enraging and calling others newfags when you’re called out

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Every thread on /biz/ is:
1- a larp
2- weak bait
3- a scam
4- rage farming
created by different spambots for other bots to take a large dump in.
/biz/ officially fucking dead - lowest post counts per day ever, highest bots counts per day ever!

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Just look at him. His blood is absolutely boiling. Glorious!

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>Every thread on /biz/ is:
1- a larp
2- weak bait
3- a scam
4- rage farming
ironically frog posters are rarely any of these