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sounds like a reliable source

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solana is probably the worst coin I can think of to purchase over the past 3 years. Even worse than LINK, it's like -40% this year alone. 90% from ATH.

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>tfw I got a 6 day ban for making a thread like this because its "advertising"
But maybe, alts always catch a bid during a bull market.

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Why would anyone use Solana when there are already more than 30 Ethereum Layer 2s to choose from and you can easily bridge from one to the other for less than fifty bucks?

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Centralized shitcoin that can't even stay online


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and yet ETH has finally met it's end and skyrocketed upwards in from the primordial goo of Crypto, now there's 20,000 more coins and projects and Solana is just a dengu stick trap for rich investors, anyone who does due diligence knows it's a shitty useless network.

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>Is Solana a good investment?
FTX is going to dump like half a billion solana tokens next week
so probably not a good investment at the moment tbhqwy

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ftx selling could crash it to 5$ unironically

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>is a shitcoin a good investment
Afraid not.

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