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I turned 29 a few minutes ago

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HB anon, I wish you the best on your birthday my fren.

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I turned 30 about two weeks ago.

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Happy Birthday bro
May over this new year you’re protected from all níggers kikes poos and troons

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My favourite part about my birthday is that is one day away from 9/11 on the tenth of september (hobbit time zone)

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Happy birthday fren

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1 more year and your life will only go downward from there ! and that means you are looking at roughly 50 years of increasingly numbling misery, the last 10 of which your brain couldnt stop your asshole from shitting itself

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Ok doomer

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How’s your financials looking anon? Have your retirement planned?

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Im a trust fund babby. My parents are worth 5 mill and my grandad is worth 100 million at least. I live rent free in an apartment only the middle class in my country could afford

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Also I have 10k link.

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Happy birthday anon!

I just turned 13 and my dad bought me a boat but its so tiny and I hate it. Life sucks

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I am 29 years old and I never even kissed a girl

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I'm so sorry for you!

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Congratulations fren

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happy birthday, anon
I wish you a great day and all the best

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Happy Birthday anon!

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well well well.. the turntables

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ummmmm that's a happy birthday from me sweatie

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enjoy your last year. don t forget to spend time with your kids

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Happy birthday my human sibling

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happy birthday anon, have a good one

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fuck off cunt who cares? go out instead of spamming biz

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Happy birthday OP.
Enjoy the prime of your life and make the most of it.
At that age, those were my best days my best years, say between 25 - 35

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birthdays are illegal after you turn 18

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No one gives a shit

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Happy Birthday :)

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Happy bday anon. I am also 29 but I think 28 was the peak. 28 has a nice ring to it. Youthful but established.

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happy birthday anon

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I'm 33

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Happy birthday lad

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are you really? how does it feel to never need to worry about money? and why the fuck would you waste time with Chainlink/cryptocurrency... the fact that you even mentioned that makes me think you're actually a poorfag.

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The peak was 23 but you'll understand that later, it's all downhill from where you are now.

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>why the fuck would you waste time with Chainlink
welcome to a link shill thread

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My entire family LARPS as lower middle class. My grandfather shits gold like tywin lannister but drives a shitbox car and whines about the price of a box of nails and how much its gone up since 1960's.,

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habby birfday fren
i turned 40 seven days ago

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i hope that you ave a good day but you have to go back to work in few days.
Your boss needs a new car

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I have never had a fulltime job and am currently on NEETBUX

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Yikes Imagine being 30 years old and still frenposting

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it'll happen to (you) too

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I hope you continue to grow with energy and zest for life
no sarcasm here, being with DIET for a while at least left my mind calmer, I hope you have a nice day and have had a good birthday anon