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Millennials.. how do you respond without sounding mad?

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im a millenial and I bought my place in 2014

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Just don't participate until the rugpull comes.

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The price is justified because the house increased in space from 81 to 700 sqft.

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saw this thread just as never meant by american football started playing (which i just checked was released in 1999)

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Same but 2018
My dad gave me a down payment though he’s the fucking best. I love you dad.

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Now do inflation adjusted wages

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This. Buy low sell high behbeh. Its just business after all.

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this but without the fascism

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I own a house already.

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for millennials during that period?
>fuck all because child
>come of age
>employment but stagnant wage well below relative purchasing power of before 2008
>zirp and asset bubble to bail boomers out, do not pass go, do not collet $200, be first to beta test the gig economy, a shitty exploitative mode of working but it's on an app on a smart phone so its futuristic but you have no stability of income, and the income is shit
>make a bit of progress, maybe it'll be ok, maybe we can start our lives in our 30s and finally settle down and have normal stuff like relationships and kids and a normal salaried job and shit
>global pandemic to bail out boomers again, do not pass go, collect $200 but it's worth fuck all
>oh and this weird social experiment we tried has completely fucked society so now you're all lonely bitter and childless forever but at least you can go back to work now oh and we're replacing you with this mechanical turk have fun collecting unemployment as you head toward your 50s and your useful for nothing but still 30 years off retirement

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*dabs in onions*

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Lol you're literally butthurt.

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Blame the boomers and their NIMBY zoning laws that prevent new home construction. That and ever expanding population + immigrants flooding in creating a perfect storm supply & demand crisis.

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this but especially the fascism

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You retarded nigger it went from $81 a sqft to $700 a sqft. The house is 2000 sqft. See anons this is what common core math has done to people. It's turned them into retarded niggers.

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This is prob why millennials arent having kids btw

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>+ immigrants flooding in

this is the most downplayed aspect of high housing costs. We've had something like 20-30 million immigrants over the past 10 years, with practically no new housing construction. And people wonder why prices exploded lol. We got like 2-3 New York City's worth of people without building any new cities

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And like 10 million the 10 years before that.

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lmao what a dumbass. That 'S' shaped symbol you see there? Yeah, that's called a 'dollar sign'. 'Dollars' are what we use to pay for things. That is a currency ($), not a representation of three dimensions. You learn something new every day, huh little guy?

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This desu. Boomers have rigged the system to pump their own bags. I remember my dad told me how when he was dating my mom he would talk investing with my grandpa (my mom's dad) and even back then the housing always goes up meme was there. There's been an implicit assumption of exponential population growth and everyone invested accordingly to the point where they'd rather pump the everything bubble and legalize open borders and mass immigration to keep their investments (shitty houses) from going down in price. The silver lining is that hyperinflation will fuck these retards up anyway, but not before most millennials and zoomers suffer a life of wretched mediocrity.

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Nice bait, you caught some ass ravaged anons

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>be me
>2006 grad
>friends all go to expensive 4 year schools
>taking out massive debt
>go to CC for free for 2 years
>live at home, work part-time
>transfer to state school
>graduate debt free

>housing crash happens
>rock bottom prices early 2010s
>time to buy a place
>everyone saying the same shit they're saying now
>"why would you do that prices aren't going up"
>"there's so much maintenance in owning a house"
>"why would you waste your 20s in the suburbs"
>"what if you want to move? its 5% to sell"
>realize they're all coping
>they're in massive student debt and can't qualify
>buy home for 125k in 2012

>flash forward to 2021
>house is now worth 350k
>paid it off years ago
>i want something nicer
>get sub-3% interest rate
>buy new house
>rent out old house
>rent from old house covers mortgage on new house

>friends trying to buy now
>they make more than me
>7% interest rates
>"housing is so expensive"
>"it has to come down, right?"
>"where is the inventory?"

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Easy. Housing has been a horrible investment, lead-poisoned boomer retards are just too stupid to think beyond nominal values

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What a redpilling line!

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its not fair

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>keysian economics
>stock market
>housing as an investment asset
>artificial scarcity

Literally incompatible with reality. Kikes drive this crap via fiat and break it every time leading to a crash. The stock market is a concept that is virtually impossible without fiat and central banking. mercantilism has been the law of the land and will be forever. And as for the question OP.

You have an asset that is valued with an instrument that gives value to the asset, the instrument is a heavily manipulated lie when it’s not tied to tangible metals.

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Article is about Australia but you can apply it to any Anglo country

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If it were more common to write forward contracts on your house when you were young speculators would consume volatility in the housing market rather than generate it.
People are barely able to handle the idea of interest though.

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Dullard. There is no housing shortage, prices have melted up because of debasement.

1970: $0.5T
1980: $1.5T
2000: $4.5T
2020: $15T
2023 $20.8T

-MSPUS (Median Sales Price of Houses Sold for the United States)-
1970: $24k
1980: $64k
2000: $165k
2020: $329k
2023: $436k

r2: 0.98

You can look at any city and find 1940s 700 sqft cucksheds that show this exact price progression, clearly proving that house inflation is not a product of increases in house size, or population increases (as prices have risen parabolically even in dying rustbelt shitholes), "muh inventory" is also cope, as only For Sale inventory is low, total units/population is not low, inflation has once again been shown to be wholly monetary in nature, a parasitic transfer of resources from income earners to oligarchs.

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Yeah I know it's fucked but I hoped somebody had the numbers at hand

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Here's some fun ones:

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I live in a home that's been paid off for three generations

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It isn't.

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You do realize you don’t have to have a million in your Bank account to get this house right. I’m a millennial, have a STEM masters degree (mech e), and put 10% down on a 1.3MM dollar home.

You literally just had to pay attention in hs, go into a science field, go to college, pay attention in classes, take a few tests, and don’t fall for the drugs meme. Its not my fault you got filtered out because you’re lazy and/or stupid. Unironically, the real red pill is learning that boomers were right all this time. Nose to the grindstone, determination, and yes eye contact and firm handshake during the interview.

Seethe replies. Don’t even bother.

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100% agree

society does a great job of filtering out the morons

>go major in what you love, don't worry the money will come
>don't know what you want to do? well get a "business" degree, that will qualify you to... um...
>of course you can afford it, you can take out student loans up to the cost of attendance
>having trouble paying for things for your first apartment? here's some credit cards to help you out
>you CAN have a nice new car like others, here's a car loan
>only losers cook, better order delivery for your meals
>you better live in the big city, that's where all the jobs are

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I'm nearly a zoomer, became an adult in 2010 and went to university for a useful degree.
Graduated 2014, found a big boy job, moved to a new city, rented an apartment, paid off my loans, bought my first car, started investing.
By 2019 I was debt free and had 80k in investments and I was ready to buy my first home.
I wanted to get a duplex so I could get someone to pay my mortgage but prices were already out of control in my area, detached homes were going for 600k, my mortgage would have been 60% of my pay check even with low interest rates, about 2x my rent. Duplexes or anything big enough to be converted are rare and would go for 800k. Work started laying people off and I didn't want to be house poor for the next 25 years so I held off.

4 years later, houses are now 850k, and while I have 400k invested from doing well in crypto, with mortgage rates gone up so much, even if I used 100% of my investments on a down payment, the mortgage rate would still take 60% of my pay check, and it would still be 2x my rent.
At this point I'm thinking there's no point bothering, I can just retire early in another 5 or so years in SEA and enjoy myself instead of waging just to prop up this retarded immigrant/nimby-fueled market.

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>le hyperinflation!!
let me guess, two more weeks?

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No, you didn't lmao

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here's your (you) for making a great post anon

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>"muh inventory" is also cope, as only For Sale inventory is low, total units/population is not low

So inventory IS low. If no one is selling we have a shortage of available inventory to purchase.

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And there's no refuge in moving to a LCOL area as WFH folks took their big city salaries and destabilized those small markets. Just take a look at the southeastern states. Somebody from DC will see a $450k house in South Carolina as a steal compared to where they came from.

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There definitely is a housing shortage.

Looking at housing units vs total population is incredibly deceptive if you don’t consider household sizes.

There are boomers out there living by themselves in 5 bedroom houses where 4 children used to live.

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Dude people own 10, 20, 30, hundreds of homes, thats the issue.
The vacancy rate in this country is disgusting, those upscale apartment buildings sit half empty

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Another factor is the massive amount of refinances that happened in 2020-21. Those people are sitting on 2.3%-4% interest rates and will never give those houses up.

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Why lie an anonymous anime image board?

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Leave the country.

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By living somewhere else. When that house sold for 200k it was probably not done premium area. It was probably decently nice but not the nicest. Millennials need to learn to do the same. We all want to live in the same fancy area we grew up in without having the job to afford the new entry price.
Go make the next big city.

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No one is selling because they can’t afford to move even if they wanted/needed to. That’s why you see people with >1hr commutes each way. And they can’t sell anyway because nobody is buying.

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I’m a millennial and I was 18 and graduated HS in 2014.

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When will you niggers realize that zoning laws are the only thing preventing complete societal collapse?
How would you like having a 12 unit apartment complex full of niggers built next to your nice single family home because the greedy developer who bought the land adjacent to yours realized he can make way more money that way?

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>loses in vietnam
>loses in korea
>loses in afghanistan (twice)
>loses in ukraine
You are here
>loses in Taiwan
>loses right at home

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Maybe they'll stop voting for more diversity after playing the knockout game with their new neighbors.
jk they won't.
This meme of just keep moving to more expensive areas and giving more money to banks to try to priceout undesirables so they don't destroy the neighborhood isn't sustainable. It just ends up with more normal people being priced out who end up having to live among undesirables. Not to mention "diversity grants" that just straight up let non-whites buy houses with no down payment or insurance or closing costs. Like it or not they're coming to a neighborhood near you no matter how many zoning laws are created.

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>buy home for 125k in 2012
It's not 2012 though, the average home cost is 500k. You aren't just a larper, you're literally retarded.

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>Seethe replies. Don’t even bother.
I will though
Your post is a larp, no one gets a fucking masters in mech e because that's retarded and even if that was the case society will collapse and the 5% of larpers will get eaten by 95%. There's no such thing as darwinism in a world not decided by farming, only the government bailing out STEM-focused companies with everyone else's money, making it theft.

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>I'm nearly a zoomer, became an adult in 2010 and went to university for a useful degree.
"The thirty year old zoomer"

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There are no jobs "somewhere else" you stupid kike.

It's always larps and useless boomer info on this useless retarded board.

Here's the one and only truth for the past 10 years- bitcoin will set you free. Anything else is cringe.

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>It's not 2012 though, the average home cost is 500k. You aren't just a larper, you're literally retarded.
Got mine for £47k a year ago, bought outright; no more rent or morgie payments 5 me.

Cheers, bye.

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>Millennials.. how do you respond without sounding mad?
You can't. It's not possible.

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Cope. Hyperinflation is inevitable when the petrodollar system dies and it's already happening.

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When you import more people then your system can maintain the soviet style of government really goes down hill.

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Oh fuck off. You know damn well there are no jobs somewhere else because your generation off shored everything to Asia. And using that crappy logic all we'd ever do is crowd the already overcrowded coasts with even more people competing for the very few remaining decent jobs left here.

tldr fuck you you greedy kike living boomer cocksucker

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This looks like something I don't know, but I can sense it's important. Can you tell me what it is, or point me to resources where I can teach myself? You can throw tomatoes and spit on me and call me a braindead zoomie crayon muncher, so long as I get to learn something new.

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shit hand for being born at the wrong time

I am never working and will play video games all day and collect welfare benefits as a streamer. Make it legal to fuck teens again and maybe I will do more for society. If young Chad can pump and dump them then why can't I at least fap to them? Otherwise, The West is going to have a difficult time getting people to fight and die against Russia or China. The "society" I know of died in 2008 when I was to enter the job market and I am never working again.

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i see someone's been spending too much time watching tucker carlson, but yes Nyan Cat Money is most certainly a fantastic investment opportunity. the whitepaper speaks for itself, I know you will be sold once you read it

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>soviet style of government
you really have no idea what you're talking about

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oy vey

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now remake that chart and account for rental yield too please

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based and squarefootagepilled
this is what millenials don't get. boomers work hard to enhance the value of their property

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This is the perfect opportunity to do a quick pitch on Scorch Coin. It's a revolutionary ERC20 token that combines everything you would want in a cryptocurrency, from the speed and efficiency of the Ethereum network to the security and interoperability of smart contracts. It's a true game changing project that will revolutionize the way we view crypto. Scorch Coin is the future of Crypto

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absolutely based and got the actual retards on this board seething

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I have a better question, why WOULDN'T you want to buy Scorch Coin? It's got everything! Efficiency, security, smart contracts, a passionate team with real skin in the game, and the potential to change your life forever. This is the future, and Scorch is where the future is happening. So, why are you waiting? What more do you need to hear? Start DCAing today and you too could retire in a few months

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Mortgage is not owning a house
True chads build their own houses

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Real median household income in '99: ~$40,800
House: $162,000
Yearly income expressed as percentage of house value: ~25%

RMI '23: ~$82,901
Total real change: +$12,101
'23 in '99 $s: $45,180
House: $1.4mm
Income expressed as percentage of house value: 5.9%

>> No.56046465

>Total real change: +$12,101
Typo. +$42,101, obv.

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No response necessary.
Instead of engaging with this bullshit, I will continue quietly preparing.

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Everyone works remote these days if you have a job worth anything.

>> No.56047524

Work remote you dumb cunt. And if you can't work remote it's because you have a job that isn't worth shit so maybe stop worrying about the cost of homes in expensive areas and instead advance your career.

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No. There is no shortage, people are holding inventory off market because of because "line go up" and airbnb fantasies, but what happens when those bags start getting dumped?
Boomers be dead in 10 years, all those bags are entering the market
>t-they be rented out
Not enough rental demand, and why rent in the suburbs when you rent a high-rise a 5 min walk from work? The advantages of the burds has been always 1) can own 2) better schools, zoom zooms aren't having kids so if priced out there's no demand for the suburban boomerbox as-a-rental

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Scorch Coin is the place to make millions during the next bull market. Its like BTC in the early days, but with actual utility and the biggest dev team in the world building on top of it. I'm super bullish on Scorch and I've already made back my entire initial investment so its all moon from here. If you're not loading up on Scorch, you're going to regret it for the rest of your life. Also, if you can't find the link there is something very wrong with your browser, the link is literally scorchcoin (dot) com

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millenials weren't the ones buying and aren't the ones selling

>> No.56049861

oh, you're one of those people who think BRICS is an actual threat, lmao

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thats alot more floor space

>> No.56049880

Price "appreciation" dwarfs net income on SFH, it wouldn't change the calculus

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Yeah, but $81 in 1999 is like $148 in today's money. Heh.

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>Unironically, the real red pill is learning that boomers were right all this time.
3/10 for making me reply
Most boomers fell upward financially. Back in their day, a man who works in a factory full-time and his wife who takes random part-time jobs could afford a nice house, car, and vacation trips. And not to mention multiple kids.
Meanwhile a single man working full-time in a factory today has to split rent with roommates.

Most boomers are not financially savvy - they were just lucky. And they believe that if you plug away at some wage cage like they did, you'll reap the rewards. But that's not how it works anymore.

>> No.56049976

>Cheers, bye.
Always reddit tier posts, but unfortunately no one cares about Larp: UK.

>> No.56049987

Which you don't have because you are a larping faggot.

You are a larping neet. Every remote tech job is flooded with indian applicants now, there are no 'easy remote tech jobs'. Shut up, stop shitting up the board with your obvious lack of ever having had a job anywhere you disgusting autistic moron.

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MSPUS is the median (a type of average, half of values are more, half are less) sale price of houses in the US. M2SL is M2, a measurement of the USD money supply. Basically what that line says if you divide the median sale price of homes in the us by the volume of dollars, you can see it decreases.

tldr houses are actually losing value because there are more dollars floating around.

>> No.56050032

more like the end of western civilization in one picture.

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Millennial here

I'm not mad because I'm not trying to FOMO into an area with a housing market that exploded over the past two years. Yeah, if you want to live in California then you are going to pay for it. Everyone wants to live in California. If you want to be another trendy moving to Colorado or Idaho or North Carolina, you aren't the only one and you will pay for it.

Housing prices are still in line with inflation in areas that haven't seen an explosion in growth. There are countless affordable and nice places to live in America if you don't care about being a trendy faggot.

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File: 296 KB, 1500x1101, stock-photo-young-upset-african-american-female-sitting-at-kitchen-table-with-laptop-dealing-with-financial-621332912.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

A house is not an investment. Even if it significantly goes up in value over many years you will still pay out the ass to maintain it. Not to mention property taxes and insurance. Nobody who owns a house is getting rich just because it doubled in value.

>> No.56050140

>Millennials.. how do you respond without sounding mad?
That image invokes profound sadness, not anger.

>> No.56050180

>without sounding mad?
I have no intention of quelling my rage.

>> No.56050210

same, housing has been good to me
rentoids seething

>> No.56050240

bullshit, me and all my friends got Computer Science degrees in Canada and now none of us can find jobs since Graduating this year. There is no fucking jobs now. Zoomers are getting fucked over even more than Millennials.

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File: 212 KB, 349x507, 1679333911489401.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

And Millennials at least got literally fucked, ha ha.
>JK I'm sorry you kids have to go through this shit too what a nightmare.

>> No.56050262

America is so fucking pathetic. The only reason Germany lost in WW2 is because the entire world was against them. It was a 5v1.

>> No.56050311

>You are a larping neet. Every remote tech job is flooded with Indian applicants now, there are no 'easy remote tech jobs'. Shut up, stop shitting up the board with your obvious lack of ever having had a job anywhere you disgusting autistic moron.
Every Canadian comp sci job has 1000 applicants now. Pajeets are a virus.

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Haven't you seen Azov in Ukraine? The Nazi's are the good guys now, It's like a redemption arc in a heckin Marvel movie!

>> No.56050558

Stop strawmanning him and actually provide a decent counter argument like, " hyperinflation only happens when money in the system exceeds gdp growth and that's why we raise interest rates"
Or " the US relies on it's tech sector and finance sector and no country is even close to matching the US, with China having its mass censorship impeding it's growth even with its copyright infringement"

>> No.56050878

except it's not. that's exactly what they're arguing. cope and sneed.

>> No.56050892

If this was anywhere but /biz/ I would call this bait

>> No.56050928

It's funny watching homeowners vehemently screech and seethe whenever anyone says this. Best part is because of the depression were about to go into they will have to sell at a -90% loss to feed themselves. Ugh it's going to be nice buying 3 homes at a huge discount while everyone else is starving.

>> No.56050940

so where is the money going? speculative tech like tesla?

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Cope and seethe. Which is it? Am I retarded boomer that ruined it for everyone, a larping pajeet that took all the jobs, or a rich coastal elite?
Maybe work on getting a real job instead of working retail for the past decade and wondering why you can't find an affordable house.

>> No.56051272

>all those bags are entering the market
>He doesn't know
Oh no no no sorry anon. Boomers fell for the heloc meme hard. They're beyond upside down on their mortgage and their assets will be liquidated by the bank upon their death. You're fooling yourself if you think a significant portion of that is getting passed down. The one thing I can agree on is that the boomers are the worst generation ever.

>> No.56052693

>raising interest rates will make the soon to be quadrillions of dollars circulating in the economy just go away
>the US finance and tech sectors will somehow ameliorate this inflation
While I agree with you somewhat, it's fact that normalniggers, both the "middle class" goycattle and the Wall Street gigakikes see housing/property as investments. Fact is that it's mostly speculative but sanctioned by society with the mortgage system scam.

>> No.56052762

lol no the price increased from $81 a sqft to $700 a sqft

>> No.56053083

Won’t happen. I own my home and am also waiting for your “crash” to buy more property. Guess what happens when a bunch of men are sitting waiting with cash for prices to fall? You think you’re special but everyone else has the same plan son.

>> No.56053544

give me some book to read, I want to get smart on this.

>> No.56053609
File: 44 KB, 641x389, the-virgin-homeowner-vs-the-chad-squatter-v0-po1np2zg6caa1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Squatters have no need for anger about the modern situation. Rise up zoomer bros, follow our lead and squat in boomers' 2nd, 3rd and 4th homes with me

>> No.56053614
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>> No.56053626

The most important economist of our age. The next Krugman, or dare I say Cramer. Bravo sir

>> No.56054017

What do you think happens when a bank liquidates a house? Remember, they've bundled all the loans and sold them off to the Fed and pension funds, the banks don't give a fuck it they tank the market

>> No.56054036

Tesla & Tranny tech, but more generally the entire fake and gay financial sector

>> No.56054040

Those houses go back on the market with a new mortgage. That's not "transferring bags". That's the bank quadruple dipping on the same house. There's enough millennials that will want homes that they'll sell quickly too.

>> No.56054348


>> No.56054625
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>house increased in space from 81 to 700 sqft

>put me in screencap

>> No.56054721

can you please post a link to this site / article?

>> No.56054852

It is kind of crazy. I came of age during the 08 recession. Finally in my 30s, wages have moved... yeah inflation is insane, but financially I've figured out how to be grounded. But what for? All the women my age are fat tatted up single mothers and younger women have pink hair and fuck niggers. Eventually I gave up and just moved back in with my mom. Why take out a mortgage to live by myself? Explained it to my mom and she concured. So at least I still have my crypto and no real financial obligations. I suppose I'll spend my life playing videogames, but I'm not contributing anymore to this shithole economy.

>> No.56055558 [DELETED] 

I get it, the current economic situation is pretty messed up. But there's still opportunity out there. And the beauty of Scorch Coin is that you can leverage your buying power today to accumulate coins now with the hopes of selling them at massive gains in the future. It may seem like a long shot but all you gotta do is read the whitepaper to understand the vision and the potential. And there's no point in being a doomer. You've got one life to live, so make it count! Don't waste it in your mom's basement playing vidya

>> No.56056056
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>> No.56056223

"Two more weeks" he mutters through labored breathing as the hospital staff surround his bariatric hospital bed. No family in sight from a life of being a worthless NEET. "Just two...*weez*...more...weeks...and...I...*weez*..can...purchase...my...first....hou..." beeeeeeeeeeeep

>> No.56056267


>> No.56058459
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lmao you professionally rustled jimmies well done

>> No.56058524

they hated him for speaking the truth

>> No.56058532

FRED data graphed with tradingview, MSPUS (houses sold price) over M2 (money stock)
We've been experiencing a low volume scam pump since the GFC bottom, without wages rising in real terms (lel) there's simply not enough buyers to absorb the boomers bags
>w-well then they'll be le priced out!
A rental dominated labor market causes increased wage pressure as increases in housing costs are felt by the entire labor market instead of only those of have yet to buy, look at the MSPUS/M2 graph, it's the same as real wages, it's not the same as liquid assets (which have been flat since the 60s), sales price/incomes have increased as a result of chapter credit, housing cost as percentage of income has been quite steady

>> No.56058550

its a ponzi scheme. end pandemic era mortgage assistance for boomers who haven’t paid their mortgage since 2020.

>> No.56058551
File: 3.80 MB, 281x405, IMG_5891.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Apex kek. GG, quality bait.

>> No.56058581

centrally planned economy with government regulator selected winners and losers. not soviet but 100% socialist.

>> No.56058628

exactly just cut off all government checks with a default and suddenly amazingly speculative investments will go to approximately zero. too bad the faggot tranny republicans will pass a budget as they always do but you gotta have dreams.