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>238 days until halvening
>ETF around the corner

The giant is about to wake up. Targer for this bull run: $280,000 BTC, $76,000 ETH, $623 LINK.

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You are getting desperate trying to make anybody care for your story lines. Fire the fucking writers

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Everything you wrote about is already priced in.

Also imagine unironically believing Bitcoin will outperform the 2017 and 2021 bullrun when each halving pump gets weaker

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>each run is always weaker.. because it just iz, okay?!

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This is what pure delusion looks like everyone

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probably wont break 100k btc/10k eth

if you dont understand that these cycles have diminished returns i dont know what to tell you. delusional

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does anyone seriously believe this?

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no but seriously, does anyone believe it? and you can cut the amounts in half even. does ANYONE believe even THAT?

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>$280,000 BTC

Feel free to screencap this.

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For ETH to go that high BTC would need to go to like 1 million, not 280k.

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Real bull market prices for 2024

Btc: 45k
Eth: 3k
Link: 25 dorraru

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We ran out of retards. Last ones bought in 2021 and roped in 2022. No fools left, only whales trying to outsmart each other with fake news. Each green dildo that appears once in a while is systematically sold as exit pump

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$50 WAIT
$35 PRQ
$1000 Unibot

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Bots did well this year and I think they have more moves to make. Well, $1 SPOOL, $2.5k ETH, 350 BNB.