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Any legit alts under 5mil mc worth buying on Uniswap? No jeets

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>current year
>still believing in marketcap
oh dear, a summer child detected

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We talking generational wealth options? The only one I have my eye on rn is Spurdo already on pg1 of google and just mentioned in yahoo finance spurdo.com

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probably tons of them - you'll only ape in after they've done a 50x tho

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ROKO 4.7mil marketcap

BIO TOOLS 78.54k marketcap

FUSION SWAP 291.20k marketcap

KEKADOODLEDOO 756k marketcap

0KN Zero Knowledge Network 4mil marketcap

Enjoy. Hope you make it with these, faggot
>captcha: YOV 0G

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Serving this to you on a silver platter. Do not fuck this up

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toad killer 3 weeks ago

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Nein du dämlicher Hurensohn

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Solidly V3

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This is too much alpha in one post for biz.

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modulus (ticker: cult)

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these check out
also MTE currently at 4 million, ATH 14million

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Since the best advice is always found in threads like this I bought a bit of these shitters. I however cannot convert either Fusion nor BIO back to with when I checked. Le scam? I saw they had trading cooldown, how long is that for?

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I'm stacking behodler EYE and SCX. Low mcap with 1000x potential. DONT SLEEP ON IT fag

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probably uniswap desu mate, you can buy and sell both but uni has been sketchy for me recently with everything. also check the taxes and slippage which I'm sure you know, fusion is 3% taxes i think, I don't have bio so I can't say.

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I recommend everyone uses the fusion swap bot though, it works in tg and is the first with a graphical interface. it uses cexes without kyc on the backend and reroutes for the best price so there's no worrying about liquidity etc. it's fast and your receiving wallet can be different from your sending, and it's multichain too. Once it gets volume the price will skyrocket because there's revenue share with holders. It should really be 3 milli just now.

No idea what bio does might buy some cos some big wallets are in lmao

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Hmm thanks, but I tried on uni as well. With slippage at 5%, might work later, whatever…

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>reee this virtual approximation that helps people roughly determine potential upside is le bad!

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Yeah fusion is dope and still very under the radar. Main dev doesn't seem to concerned with marketing the coin yet, but it'll break a mil once word gets out. BIO, on the otherhand, is 100% a gamble.

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Raise slippage
Not sure why you're already trying to fucking sell you stinky Indian pajeet. I didn't drop these here to hold for 1 hour and sell

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SHEPE, trending on dextools for the past few days and has some schizo arabs pushing it, currently at 11m though. Floki Inu co-founder is also involved (last time Floki devs were involved was with Optimus, which ran to 60m)

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Any redpills on FUSION?

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Working privacy swap, first ever telegram GUI swap bot, revenue sharing rolled out today. Dev isn't big on hype or marketing, just drops stuff out of the blue when it's ready. Still in it's infancy, so don't expect a well polished project, but it's like $250k mcap. Ath was around $600k. Might insta-moon, might take a while, but it's a legit project with a competent dev, so it'll go up at some point in the not too distant future.

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wtf why do you even have that ss saved? its completely wrong lmao. person Y buys btc for $10 means mcap is $10 not $20. and yes mcap is the most important indicator retard. if I buy a shitcoin at $1M mcap and its goes to a billion that means my assets just did a fucking 1000x and I'll fucking take that

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I might buy a bag of it and let it ride. I like how it's still on the down low with interesting utility.

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Basically the lido of the Chainlink Network.

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Dyor on RAIL and thank me later.

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PoolTogether (POOL)
V5 just launched in beta. Links unlimited number of yield generating vaults directly to POOL. Permissionless, autonomous. 1.7 million. Currently one of the most used Dapps in crypto. Top Dapp on Coinbase. It’s fascinatingly low right now considering it has a user base larger than AAVEs.

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>safe bet
Buy $inedible
Doxxed dev with history (and white)
$450K MC
a sui stack is $500

>memecoin with high potential
Roko (not meme but promising gamble)

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Beta password is ilovepooly

Good Luck!

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Always a tough decision with these man. I’d stick with dca in the likes of ocean, fun, inj and kas, and just wait it out

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Hold your funds anon, SUPRA is coming in hot.

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They are all shit. I'm waiting on SUPRA.

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Aviator - $AVI

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RAIL is under $16M mCap, worth looking into, great utility and potentials.

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What token is this, anon?
Never heard of this shit before

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Play at your own risk

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It's a fresh oracle, kinda like Chainlink, but it's already up and running on Sui & Arbitrum

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Not when I've gotten an AI-driven platform at the forefront evolution, amplifying the potential of AI within the crypto landscape.

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Not when I've gotten an AI-driven platform at the forefront evolution, amplifying the potential of AI within the crypto landscape. AGII is a top notch.

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AI is not bad but people are forgetting payment structures. Fucking bullish IMO. CYMI and XPRESS are my best bets

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AGII is a top notch.

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go back

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Stop buying shitcoins else you get rekted, go for QANX and ALGO

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What's the token thicker?

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WTH are you vomiting about?

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What chain you using?

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The token hasn't even dropped yet, but the product's already live on 8 mainnets

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>the Kava x Uniswap proposal didn't go through back in February
Fuck them. Who needs them anyway. Kinetix will be BETTER, STRONGER. FUCK

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Why roko?

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ALGO is a little bigger than what he needs. Maybe QANX will do and the likes of PEMDLE and SPOOL are also good options.

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I'm waiting on AGII, AI tokens are really going to get bags filled just like Ocean.

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the market just beat its ass but its got a lot going for it, im accumulating

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CYMI will be a good addition to your pf

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That's a dead project there

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I like the crypto card from this project. Its cashback is better than most others

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A lot of anons have been talking about it on biz. I make a lot of payments so I think I'll get massive cashback.

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I am pretty sure OP picrel is of an actor who starred in Sergio Leone's movie For a Few Dollars more. The pic is from some other movie. This is the scene with the actor and the quote I posted.
Where is your pic from OP?

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I guess you meant PENDLE cool gem. SPOOl is not so bad. Let's see what its V2 brings.

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AIKEK 83k marketcap - AI app that detects trends and patterns in crypto news

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Oh for sure, Scorch is all about recognizing patterns and trends in the blockchain, with the help of their state of the art AI model built by some of the best engineers in the business. By leveraging smart contracts, Scorch is able to provide predictive analysis that lets investors stay ahead of the curve and position themselves for massive gains. This is all laid out in Scorch's white paper, if more people took the time to read it we'd all be millionaires by now.

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You only have a white paper, we have 3 working and ready-to-use AI apps :D

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0XGAS currently $892k market cap
Smart wallet for gasless swaps set for release within the next month or so

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Any website or telegram for this?

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Room temperature IQ

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@alphakek in telegram
AlphaKEK (dot) ai

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Thanks fren

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then where do you buy/sell?

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I might just get a bag of this. What’s the make it stack?

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lmfao thread is full of shills shilling to other shills

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Make deepfakes in seconds lmao

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Altcoinist AI powered search engines would be a great start to find those gems

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Sounds fun but not after it’s already done a +230%

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rev share, doxxed dev, alpha bot buys play

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None. Just hold on for SUPRA to have it's public sale then slurp. You are welcome.

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KEKW memecoin about to hit gempad, shitcoin but will give access to a snipebot with a potential mev bot subscription service in the coming months

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oh hey anon you probably didn't know this but you can actually buy into the Scorch presale right now if you wanted. You'll have to go over to the official ScorchCoin website and click on the "Buy Scorch" link to get you setup

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Since the mkt cap is so low you can get a 1% bag for low 3 figs.

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Sorry, meant to say high 3 figs. Still, way cheap.

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What are you doing with memes when QANx is about to launch its private mainnet launch.

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Coinmarketcap makes a better search engine faggot

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I think this has potential. It won't be another useless jeetchain.

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This can't even be compared to Qan, a post quantum cryptography project

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fugggg :DDD

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Most projects have reduced their cashback plans, but with what I see here I think I'll move my assets there

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I bet you will also like its zero fees on all transactions

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Hail Klaus

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the absolute state of /biz/
market cap DIRECTLY and FUNDAMENTALLY affects the price of the thing
I share this board with a bunch of aardvarks

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CGT, Curio Governance Token from CurioInvest

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Utilities are everything Chad. Been accumulating Matic Reef and Ride lately. More bullish on Ride seeing their roadmap for this 3rd and 4th quarter with so much means to earn passively.

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cell qrl
for the quantum pumps

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What's up senpai, I know y'all feeling that FOMO and thinking about buying in on Scorch. The only smart money play rn is to get in early and take profits once the quantum pump kicks in. Don't wanna miss out on this one, it's going straight to the moon

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4m mcap 7m fdv
fixed supply
doesn't fuck you over like gmx or gns

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Bizfrens presale is still on

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everest ID if you're bullish on regulations and tokenized assets

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There are many options, anon. Adding low-cap alts like DUA to your portfolio is a wise move. Just DYOR before buying. The smart wallet's security, compliance solutions and privacy are top priorities.

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AGII is the real deal. Imagine using an AI driven custom templates, to add an unlimited number of custom prompts for customers.

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AI tokens are based anon, I've got Agix and Fet on my radar. I'm also in on Ride for its in-car VR experience and staking rewards.

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I'm surprised nobody said dogbat on eth yet.

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this IHC is pretty good stuff imo