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New all time low kek. Let's laugh at retarded dog holding a retarded bat

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Why is it dumping so hard? Can anyone explain seriously?

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Turned out Evergrande bankruptcy and Bitcoin ban was strong enough to break the floor. I blame the Eskimos for this.

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these dumbasses keep releasing NFTs so scamtovi can fill his pockets. The relaunch is literally one big slow rug so they can pocket the marketing funds and pretend to be active. I gurantee you most of the "OGs" already dumped their bags. Bunch of low IQ niggers with no motion

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D0b0niggers are the dumbest baggies i swear
>two chains, same coin, two failed projects


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The dude is rarely active in the community so I'm tempted to start believing this. These retards were also warned about doing a 2nd mint right after the first as it would dump the price, turns out it was worse than expected.

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This. Also those greedy pieces of shit brain dead morons scammed og bnb dog bat holders into selling their stacks to pump their eth pre sale bags. These faggots have no morals and they will burn in hell for their sins. Soon their money will dry up and they will have to leave their vacation in thailand. Stupid basterds won't apologize as they are evil. Imagine scamming your original community. I hope a schizo bnb bat holder finds them and brings justice to the bnb dog bat community. Literal demons.

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Lol. I can't even sell this shit anymore.

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why does a mint dump the price

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Still have my bnb quad make it stack. LOL SAD, doubt it'll ever be worth more than a couple grand TOPS. I'll be lucky if in 5 years it's worth more anything the burn wallet provides. Sad shit. Really could have been something big, and it was and obviously turned the ETH shillers into demons. Like >>56028016 said literal demonically possessed greedy faggots. I mean, I won't lie my old unrealized gains messed with me and I did some dumb shit but the downfall humbled me. I'm a humble idiot. Really sick shit though, bnb doggo could have been huge by now if the right people pushed it and the burns would be huge if the volume was good enough. It's a pipedream I gave up on but can't sell because I "lost" too much at this point. I am a real nigger. D0b0 or h0b0. Luckily I have a business and a job otherwise I'd be fucked kek. No more gambling for me. I learn the hard way.

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Im holdinh like 200 dollars but im pretty sure everyone plus presale fags aree dumping. One whale dumped yesterday hence the red dilddo. Its ogre d0b0sisters well i wont be missing my 200

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If complete faggots like justin and seto would have been literal kike jews and ddoing shit like donating to jeets and refusing listings "coz they can make it" bnb d0beux could have touched billy easy. Im in eth atm with few hundreed but it doesnt feel the fuckingg same. Nonstop jeet spam. Presalers and big wallets dumping. its unironically over. I wont buy more unless this drops to sub 1b and less or at least where presalefags bought

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Devs and presale fags are unironically selling and buying from each other kek

Based way to extract value and leech off normie holders

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At first i thought its whatever but compared to bnb old dobeaux the energy isnt there. No shilling no nothing just complete jeet fest spam with minting.
>inb4 eth fags come saying im fudding

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This. They are cannibalizing each other.

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I've been a regular poster in the telegram since day one and I still haven't bought

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HAHAHAHAHAGAHAGAGAFAHAGAHAGAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAGAFAFHDAGGAHSGAJAAAAA!!!!! Who could have possibly seen this coming???? Oh that’s right, literally everybody except for the retards who threw their life savings into this because “2 billion EOY, easily”

You want a serious answer? Because it’s a scam and everybody knew it but you holy shit lmaooooooooooooooooooooo

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CZ and BNB dogbat will come out victorious over this ... God is going to give us the victory in Jesus name amen.

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Lmao are you serious? It's a scam bro. It's the most blatant scam I've ever seen.

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Weak hands won't make it

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Indeed there is only on true dobeaux, The question is when? How long is cz and bnd gonna get fucked by sec. This might take months if not years. Saw dobeux at 600k before 200m pump now im seeing it again for second time. Is this a sign anon. I can get 2T atm

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I hodl
I'm just not selling my dogbat

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Dog bat is hodl

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Because they raised 150 ETH and ran off with half of it like typical Ranjeesh or Ming Lao Ting Saos.

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totally emptied my old mm wallets except for BNB for gas and deaubeau that I plan on selling above old ATH
literally never selling below ATH

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Anon,.....i im sorry to say but this is not going back to ath. Presale fags already raped the chart.No twitter pressence, no matketing, barely eveen any shilling apart from few twitter posts. Its literally ogre.

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>”scam devs aren’t doing anything”
>”why aren’t they babysitting me in chat reeeeee”

pick one retards and keep seething

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Presale fag here. Held till 2m mcap and sold since this has lost all steam. Team is disorganized/absent mostly and tg is filled with circle wanking/shitposting esoteric tg-niggers. This combined with shit-ton of presale ppl who are still up 3x or so guarantees that this will never reach ath again. I'd predict that by October nobody will remember this even existed.

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>getting rugged by the same token twice
you have only yourself to blame

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i got scammed by this. thanks losers.

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Doughbeaux sisters not like this....

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Get rekt d0b0fags (eth) you were shilling a scam and you know it.

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>1 pbtid

This is just another schizo samefag fudder thread. You are literally being psyopped by an Indian marketing firm right now. If you listen to jeet bots you’re literally ngmi

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>This is just another schizo samefag fudder thread. You are literally being psyopped by an Indian marketing firm right now

As opposed to being psyopped by indian marketing shills/bots to buy this jeet scam trash?

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fuck off you eth shills thats the same shit you say everytime you keep nosediving and coping
>muh fudders
>muh bear market
Already dumped my bags at 3 coz im not a retards will buy back in at 1. Twitter is dead, shilling is dead, tg is flooder with eternal shizoposting and no one gives a fuck.

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>He thinks Indian marketing firms are still on biz

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Seethe and dilate Ranjeshi I will deposit $1 US dollar in your account soon

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Wow big nothing burger. Do d0b0retards genuinely believe they invented the cheems getting bonked meme? Retards.

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cope more eth nigger i have 200 in it and i dont care when it goes to 0 you probably bought the top and shilling it on biz kumar

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You might as well dump your stack because you sound like a paperhanded pussy faggot. Come on, I’ll be waiting for that >$300 sell. Come on faggybaggy sell your entire stack so you can stop crying on 4chan.

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Jeets trying to get in a good entry while presale fags get shaken out

Watch how quickly these threads dissapear when the shakeout ends

>> No.56030799

Alternatively could also be whales trying to shake out other paper handed whales

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I mean I remember when d0bobaggies weren't circle jerking but instead b0nking all the other shitstains on this board in their very own marketing threads. Do you?

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nooooooooooooooo shiiiiiiittttttttttttttttt. fuck those guys for even calling themselves the original devs. if d0b0 was really d0b0 then why is the original d0b0 website not even mention these two shit projects?
d0b0 is d0b0. end of story.

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Yeah and I remember all the crybaby fudder threads that fudded dogbat every day before and after their big pump. Similar to what the people crying in this thread are doing.

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Another retarded ESL paid fudder kek, probably a spirdofag judging by his pedophillic, retarded typing

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oh no kumar bought the complete absolute top and now is seething on biz coz he will never cash it out kek. what a complete dobaggie almost worse than bnb dobaggies

>> No.56030893

kek what a complete dobaggie copelet. Okay kumar give me at least one reason why this can even get back to 5 mil. No shill shiz army like old bobeux, no energy, no twitter. just permament cope and cirlcejerking each other in tg hoping that by some chance someone or biz pumps their bags out of nowhere. verification not required

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So you’re waiting for someone to pump your bags but you’re also complaining instead of actually shilling and instead fudding on biz, kek. You’re literally part of the problem faggot, your opinion was invalidated the minute you decided to post in this thread instead of doing all those lovely useful things you listed off. It’s always the loudest complaining faggots that actually do the least to shill their own bags. Stop jacking off to the 1 minute charts and go outside for once, you’re getting fat and old.

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>wahhhhh no Twitter, no shill army
>has never even tweeted once

Like I said before, dump your bags already we don’t need low energy faggots like you

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jeets desperately trying to get people to buy their bags lmao

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hehe so funny to see you dobaggies completely seethe in your seething thread. How does it feel when presales fags and whales are constantly dumping you dobaggies to zero? Your dobaggie breeed is a lost cause you will never learn, you will never listen. And i thought you learned from dobaggies on bnb but it seems you masochist dobaggies like to suffer and get heavy big bags loaded on you big chad whales who permamently keep cashing out kek. So funny to see dobaggies seethe almost like a daily zoo session. Im also in tg love the useless circlejerk and coping too. My weekly cope threads on biz and tg will be so fun while you DOBAGGIES dump your DOBAGS TO ZERO where they belong.

>> No.56031028

as per dobaggie tradition somebody has to buy their dobags or else they wont be able to give a reason for their dobaggie cope

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Pic is you retarded fucks trying to cope at every possible angle to desperatepy pump your presale bags. Maybe relesse another scam during a bear or release shitty NFTs when nobody buys NFTs anymore. You jeets are relentless. Original devs are original scammers. Once a scammer always a scammer. Eat shit. Nobody is buying your oresale bags. The scam is over. DONE.

>> No.56031057

oh and dont forget dobaggies STILL keep buying dobag nfts for dev to cash in kek they truly never learn. Somebody has to make these dobaggies learn

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whats the CA?

How about Blackswan's CA to make up for me asking about d0b0

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Dobaggie desperation is just too funny.

>> No.56031281

first the dog token victims flooded the board with spam, annoying the jannies enough to implement a word filter. then their token lost all value, crabbing just below zero. now the re-release taked as well, but still these embarrassing threads get created. to what end? nobody on this board is buying your bags

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Ethh dobbagie threads is our weekly entertainment. At least bnb dobaggies pumped to hundreds of billions but eth dobbagies are completely pathetic, they could barely reach 5 miil and most of them except presalers are forever DOBAGhold their dobbags hell even by bagholding standarts eth dobaggies are even worse.

>> No.56031306

Well you see dobaggies think biz will pump their dobbags without any effort just circlejerk and cope in tg. Dobaggies truly are the worst evil in this world almost worse than kikes. I will keep doing permament jihad on eth dobaggie threads so newfags dont get sticked into dobaggie trap.

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>BTC -0.7%/24h
>D0B0 -21.75%/24h

Dumping nonstop for almost three weeks now, while clowns on TG keep talking about bananas and apples lmao

>> No.56031850

wait wtf you guys finally made the D0B0 ETH chain

what the fuck happens to all the BSC ones

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>Watch how quickly these threads dissapear when the shakeout ends

>Lunc baggies; Cz will pump our bags after the shakeout
>bsc d0baggies; cz will pump our bags
>eth dobaggies; vitalik will pump our presaler and retail bags?????

Smelly dumb eth d0baggie

This shit is dead
Keep coping with excuses tho

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>Normalfaggot plebbit tier chat
>cringe chats
>pro jeets/nigger-rian scammers
>telegram has actual pajeets as members
>baggies in denial coping about the slow rug and talking about lambos

It's Joever

>> No.56034413

Being a desperate baggie happens all over the world!

>> No.56034457

No ghostbro no buy

>> No.56034551

Where can i see coin stats and graphs?

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>hasnt had a real HPOSI-10 esque pump yet
>active team even when chart is raped by presalers
>most of presalers are almost out by now

The math. Do it.

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Unironically, same.

>> No.56035461

I will hold to zero.
I personally do not give a fuck.
50b EOY

>> No.56035560

No ghostbro no buy

>> No.56035586

This has to be sarcasm kek. Even bnb dobaggies werent THIS pathetic. Just pure straight red dildo to hell where eth dobaggies belong

>> No.56035593

Yes because zero is he only place where its gonna be dobaggie those DOBAGS must be getting heavier with each massive red dildo up your dobaggie ass everyday

>> No.56035820

He’s shilling it on Twitter already

>> No.56035842

that's just what an indian would say

>> No.56035872

Kek you fags bought a presale

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>Presale fags kill another bull run

Life as usual

>> No.56036019

We're almost at presale price. That's when the real dumping will start. Presale whales are gonna start selling at a loss.

>> No.56036020

Can we report the devs to the IRS? There is no way these scammers are paying taxes. Bring these clowns to justice.

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bnb dog bat sisters..

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and there are more wallets ready to keep dumping

It keeps dumping

>> No.56036050

The funny part is this could have had all the BITCOIN momentum if it wasn't for presale fags

BITCOIN was literally dumping when this was on the rise and presale fags killed every green candle

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File: 193 KB, 2404x865, Never Trust a Presale Faggot.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

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Yeah, nice job retarded jeets

>> No.56036261

It's unironically over. This eth ponzi clone is following the exact same pattern as the original token did on a shorter time scale. The "ogs" dumped on the initial pump mania, now the "team" is now going to do a useless promotion at some bs crypto event where no one gives shit about memecoins before patting themselves on the back saying they tried before calling it quits. The NFT mints are basically the equivalent of the "memetools money" which will magically disappear never put to its intended use.

>> No.56036284

It's called a rug pull.

A pajeet rug pull, welcome to /biz/ newfag.

>> No.56036329

I lost 5 BNB on this

>> No.56036376

Indians ruin everything

>> No.56036597

Kek eth cucks already at bnb dobeux price you know that only the original is primed for inevitable pump. I have 1T anon will i make it?

>> No.56036606

Anon eth cucks got fucked at least on bnb one it actually pumped. Eth cucks already at presale price same as bnb. And if cz gets uncucked only the ORIGINAL is going to rise i have 1T primed and ready. Presale fags killed another coin lmao

>> No.56036659

Bnb version of this token is dead, 200$ volume, eth one has life in it
Meh, Tg is fun, if it holds 1 mil mcap im happy

>> No.56036677

Doesnt matter what life if has if presale fags and whales keep dumping. Eternal circlejerking and no work. Already down on my 200 dollars kek. Well if this shit somewhat consolidates will buy more when most of presale fags will dump.

>> No.56036739

Most of the presale fags sold, jeety ones at least, believers will not sell, even if it reaches presale prices, people in tg have capitulated in the last couple of days,final capitulation ended 2 hours ago, leaving the presale fags with only x2, which is demoralizing as fuck after having x10 at some point. What you will see right now is the chart slowly creeping its way up. We should have an official CEX listing as well in the next few days (T1 exchange) which should make people happy and hopeful once again (top 10 exchange) 0 taxes on eth d0b0 are a blessing.
The change of sentiment is happening as we speak right now.
Also bnb version will keep bleeding, until all its liquidity is in the eth one, community migrated (those who counted at least)
I was a fudder up until this point, but from my point of view, only the believers are left.Screencap me, wagmi.

>> No.56037089

It's shit. I've dumped on the fucking retards and waiting for SUPRA to have it's public sale so I can buy some.

>> No.56037096

dork lord

>> No.56037114

shakeout complete. only up from here
do80ethsisters, wagmi

>> No.56038130

Bullshit, every candle has been bonked in the past

>> No.56038173

Bro doesn’t know people are about to be able to ape eth and btc into OG dog bat. You can’t kill it.

>> No.56038227

Now that the eth dogbat scam has rugged I think we can focus on the real bsc dogbat now

>> No.56038294

>only up from here
>6k sell wipes out all the morning buys
kek baggies

>> No.56038509

Bullish af

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File: 109 KB, 750x600, motivatordad85dfc5611d58fa9e96c01fa925cee6fa97f56.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Hey can you guys try to FUD harder? We want to kill whales thx.

>> No.56038756

Let the eth shizos get dumped on literally only reddildo to hell on the chart and the cope in tg is so funny literally only circleejerking nonstop
>muh pump
>muuh exchange
They dont realize that EVERY dobeux clone died the same way and this one shall too. The thor chain is insanely bullish. I alreeady have a trilly plus. Plus why do you thing retards in eth were talking how they will pump everything in bnb dobeux if they make any money on eth one. Keksimus maximus
Dobaggies never change huh

>> No.56038769

Have 1T plus. AND thorchain news also. IM SO FUCKING COMFY

>> No.56038832

Who’s gonna pump it? Justin? Kek delusional

>> No.56038833
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Literal rug with no bottom

Who would bother to buy this chart?

>> No.56038834
File: 36 KB, 742x421, shitca.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Launch was ruined by shit dev not having a max wallet or antibot

One guy sniped 30% of circulating supply first block with a 7.5 eth bribe


Still has millions of bonks in two wallets


Token was rekt from the start

>> No.56038855

yes, eth is this fucking gay

>> No.56038989

Eth dobaggies while giving dev free money with muh nfts kek. If retards are buying bottomed charts which this one isnt (its a complete rug) might as well get bnb dobeeux you retards, thor incoming plus if cz will stop getting rapped by sec dont seethee when this pumps back to good og days back from 1 mil you brainlets. Then again go ahead and throw in more money for eth whales to cash out (who are barely at break even kek)

>> No.56039038

That's not eth fault though. Smart contracts are the same as bsc. You can do the exact same shit as long as you pay gas for it. The fault is on devs, launching in a bear market while also not knowing about basic shitcoin mechanics.
They are complete retards and were solely carried by their reputation (which is now ruined).
I wouldn't be surprised if they are the ones who sniped and were too stupid to realize holding that much supply in a single cluster would have created immense fud.

Now that the chart is looking horrible, and the giga sniper is still in, absolutely no one is gonna be touching this trash aside from the biggest mongoloids. They had one chance, and they blew it.

Combine this with the insane liquidity. They split the presale into 80% liq / 20% mkt. It should have been the opposite and the coin would have went to 10-20M easily. Liquidity being too thick for its own good is the final nail in the coffin.


>> No.56039151

Yeah this explains their brainlet way of thinkingthey just didntn leearn from bnb version when they jeeted funs to literal pajeets, refuse cex listing complete and even worse shitfest but on eth. Agreed with every point. Tho eth baggies will refuse every little fact you stated.

>> No.56039174
File: 398 KB, 1155x1806, 63636.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

They're actually mocking the bagholders now

>> No.56039225

what's the correct amount of posts? if it's many and you are losing

>> No.56039278

This kind of logic explanation lands in deaf ears. This is "fud" for the average telegram retard.
I'm on the group but ffs these people looks like redditors without autism and le heckin bad words and the copium is massive.
Doomed shitcoin

>> No.56039372

I mean they are trying to be so hard and as close to old d0beux but its just so bad and pathetic it doesnt work. Most have already dumped at 2mil and gigawhale snipers will dump every pump tho its only red from here on. I was called a fudder at 5m, 4,3 and 2. Tho i guess eth baggies will keep holding and hoping that biz will pump their bags. Lackbuster nfts, Literally almost dead twitter except posts heree and there and even if they ddo its about their shitty ai generated like nfts. Basically its even more pathetic than their last fuck up. Hell at least bnb dobeux pumped so people actually made money but here? Literal nosedive to bottom. And as they say house always wins (house= whales and presalesfags but even presalers are barely break even kek)

>> No.56039384

price has dumped to 1m and theres still like 50 big whales still holding
keksimus maximus!

>> No.56039425

The whales are raping the chart so well it almost looks like eth dobaggies are literal masochists. AAAHH MY RED DILDO IM COOOMING. The cope of dobbagies holding their dobags in tg is so satisfying. Goodluck with that eexpo soon be sure to show them dat sexy chart. heh dobaggies. Im pretty sure all those "whales" are devs lmao

>> No.56039611

Holy fuck “sister project” what faggots honestly.

>> No.56039623

That's how meme coins trade. Anything early trades like this. That said, they usually die. Liquidity is pretty good for it though which is a saving grace. That and BTC has been shitting for 2 months in a row

>> No.56039730
File: 84 KB, 1080x576, WhaleSniper.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

HOLY SHIT its literally the number one whale with 17M.


Linked to the OG wallet that sniped 47 T in search wallets


These wallets also received tokens from the sniper wallet. The sniper still has 35 MILLION left to dump on baggies LMAO.

>> No.56039854

GG. Dogbat ETH never stood a chance.

>> No.56040036

I mean think about it. Despite this it pumped to 5M in a bear market. It's not as safe as the bnb one, but can still make good gains.

>> No.56040046

Jesus this is even more brutal. Its literally ogre for eth dobaggies.
>Gigachad whale mercilessly dumps on dobaggies wiping their hard earned 1% in a day
Truly the coin of many keks. This is best entertainment ever lmao. The doBAGS of doBAGies are truly the heaviest there is. And in spite of seeing this they call their whales "based" that are holding the chart. The copium is reaching levels never seen before. Its over dobeux eth sisters

>> No.56040111

Bruh supply dispersion is important, but end of the day shit can still pump before the whales sale everything. For instance look at doge. 50% of the supply is held by the top 20 wallets

>> No.56040184

One sniperfag is holding the same amount as the CEX listing wallet. Try to explain that to the people vetting the coin for CEX listing. It's GG

>> No.56040194

Dobaggies are getting blown up by straight facts and still SOMEHOW try to cope that its gonna work. How much more suffering will they take. i almost pity them, but just almost.

>> No.56040217
File: 62 KB, 569x801, dobaggies.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.56040260

You're very emotional
Doge has 50% of the supply held by the top 20 yet gets listed just fine

>> No.56040287


it doesnt have to be this way brother, you're always welcome to come hang out and chat with us

>> No.56040324

Nah im already there and interacting so all good anon

>> No.56040507

like i said: only up from here

>> No.56040549

Damn it will take a VERY long while for your heavy doBAGS to eveen break even dobaggie truly cope of the century. SNIPER 17m fag still has A LOT of coins left to dump on dobaggies

>> No.56040573

I REFUSE to believe people still hold this shit... like what the fuck?

>> No.56040578
File: 207 KB, 327x316, 1654456547972.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Coin is clearly dying
>People acting smug about "weak hands" who knew to GTFO
>Brag about "doubling down", something that will only make them bigger bagholders

Love to see it.

>> No.56040598

Pure copium. I will jihad every eth dobaggie thread so more poor newfags wont get lured in. This is truly a sight to behold. Feels so good to see dobaggies crash red dildo to the floor kek

>> No.56041349

Dumb niggers throwing money at this jeet shitcoin and then blaming everybody but themselves for getting rugged
You get what you fucking deserve
the devs are scammers, if you have ignored the multiple warnings from many anons, it's your fault

>> No.56041758

It's over

>> No.56041908

Holy shit! what was that d08r0s!!!

>> No.56042019
File: 3 KB, 181x142, Capture.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Someone who sold low, buys back on a dead cat bounce and gets MEV'd along the way

>> No.56042067

How long can this dumping last? A couple of months?

>> No.56042093

Yes, theres going to be so much resistance on the way back up from baggies+people who bought the bottom.

>> No.56042124

A couple of months is an eternity when it comes to shitcoins, is it really over? This thing was THE meme back in 2021...is it really going out with a whimper?

>> No.56042175

Its the sole reason why you never do presales, you just create a ton of whales at the top with no incentive to hold and every reason to sell.

All of the momentum has already been killed off and at this point it just looks like a rugged coin.

>> No.56042186

What the fuck was that d080sisters!!!
Holy macaroni!!!

>> No.56042190

Also "THE" meme coin was Shib, everything else was just a shib wannabe.

Look at Hoge, it was shilled here every week and is now a complete shell of itself thats already on eth.

>> No.56042240 [DELETED] 


>> No.56042309

The BNB version didn't have a presale, but the token distribution was even worse than the eth one as a result wasn't it? It still managed to moon.

>> No.56042330

Top Gainers, here we come!

>> No.56042809
File: 27 KB, 720x720, 1681354194317775.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

dont care just bought some more

>> No.56042877

I knew this projects was dead without ghostbro

>> No.56042897

Should have bought TOAD

>> No.56042937

While you whine and bitch, it just 2xed kek

>> No.56042955

cool 50% scam pump to lure in exit liquidity.

>> No.56042990 [DELETED] 


>> No.56043085

fake pump

>> No.56043392


>> No.56044630

>Dumps for two weeks
>Expecting it to magically start pumping now with zero hype

yea, nah

>> No.56044673
File: 24 KB, 528x528, 1689672609082407.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>dump 50%
>pumps 50%
>pumps another 10,000%
>Hey all, just bought 1000 dog bonks! wagmi right?!???

>> No.56045466

because it is
>What's a scam pump
>don't forget presalefags holding millions killing the pumps

same as DBI doing fake pumps every time the "Dev" post a shitty twitter video, just to dump again

>TL;DR pajeet scam

>> No.56046241 [DELETED] 
File: 431 KB, 638x638, 25738293452675880336.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

We've got something these other coins don't have. A dev who is in it for the community and who is as passionate about the product as the investors and that will drive this community to greatness. You'll be seeing news headlines about the rise of Scorch and our community in the next few weeks. The devs of other coins can't even put in 1/5 as much effort as our king dev and thats what will drive us to the top. Once you buy your first stash you'll understand

>> No.56046291 [DELETED] 


>> No.56046721

Top fucking kek

>> No.56047397

Kek the absolute state of eth baggies. They think no name shit volume exchange will pump their bags. Point at baggies and LAUGH. Hehe baagies

>> No.56047569

Now that ETH dogbat is behind us again let's look to CZ and the real bsc dogbat to 50b in Jesus name amen

>> No.56047960
File: 766 KB, 211x252, 1691458365988249.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>NOOOOOOOOOOO! it's supposed to be DEAD!!

>> No.56048204 [DELETED] 
File: 836 KB, 1280x720, 36441902393698906207.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Top fookin kek, you bet your ass I'm buying Scorch. This coin is gonna moon and change our lifes! All you gotta do is go to the Scorch website (here's the link btw) at scorchcoin.com and buy some, I've been DCAing and hodlin' for the last 4 months bro

>> No.56048255

Awesome, another presale dump.

>> No.56048304

Ssshhhh eth dobaggies will see this and start sperrging out. They have a fetish for getting dumped by sniper who sniped 17mil and whales kek

>> No.56048921

The goal post is moving again Ranjesh, be careful it’s a slippery slope

>> No.56049001
File: 95 KB, 1024x876, IMG_1824.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]



>in before you post the same cope as in the other now archived thread: «when crypto goes up then people take profits» it’s cute it seems you understand crypto basics drbunker

All that stupid fuds just throws me back to the good old days of October 2021.

We are gonna make it

>> No.56049709

this is going to 10B

>> No.56049897

dear whale, pls think about my village

>> No.56049965

Nope the gigachad sniper 17mil whale is going to make dobbagies completely suffocate. You know what comes after euphoria pump dobbagies?? THATS RIGHT the dumpity dumpo

>> No.56050033
File: 169 KB, 1053x1245, IMG_1836.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>after a pump there is a dump
Wow it looks like you understand crypto. Good for you!

At least it’s not dogbat bnb, there no pump or dump or anything

>> No.56050038

>obviously doesn’t remember floors Morrison

>> No.56050056

It is very simple to understand why this is going on.

> Blockchain is difficult to understand. To understand crypto you need very high IQ.
> Most people are not very intelligent.

I have now prove to you that this is great time to accumulate. The blow out is imminent.

Think of all the people IRL who are into crypto. They are all very highly intelligent, right? And you are here on 4chan, which is a known website abided by super-high-IQ individuals, and they are into crypto, cause they are smart.

I rest my case.

>> No.56050088

cool guys and master memers leaved the project long time ago, santovi ghost anthe others are glorified telegram chat jannies and justin is a scammer a retard and bad dude

>> No.56050110
File: 113 KB, 905x993, IMG_3855.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Listing on Poloniex, a game in development, no gay influencers owning half the supply. Yep it’s b0nk.

>> No.56050120

Wrong contract bro. Most of them except ghostfag are back

>> No.56050133

>sniperfag still has 17mil
Dobaggie i……..

>> No.56050151

How many fucking batdogg clones are there now and why are jeets suddenly spamming them when we are on the brink of global recession?

>> No.56050224

Many and all of them died slowly just like the current one is in progress. The original is the one of course (bnb). But jeets trying to lure in newfags sadly

>> No.56050385

>original is the one of course (bnb)
The OG devs of the bnb one are the ones behind the ETH revival. BSC is a dead chain that has no future, deaux beaux is completely wasted on bsc. If dogbat was launched on ETH to begin with, it most likely would have reached 10+ billion mcap during the 2021 easily. It's a cute meme and normalfags can easily get into.

>> No.56050450

what is this shit doing
rug or no?

>> No.56050521

Seriously what the fuck I sold the bottom kek tell me this is an exit pump

>> No.56050563

Anon I...

>> No.56050606

Literally just got listed on a CEX lmao, might be time to buy some rope anon

>> No.56050611

paper hands ngmi

>> No.56050742

Maybe if you faggots didn't doompost all the fucking time
Fuck off

>> No.56050856

YOU aren't going to make anything but a fast pass to HELL for scamming. I hope you and the eth db devs enjoy getting raped by demons for all eternity.

>> No.56050885

ok buddy tone it down

>> No.56051221
File: 1.16 MB, 320x180, 1615075926225.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>when we are on the brink of global recession?

>> No.56051491
File: 24 KB, 513x368, IMG_6564.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.56051494

You fumbled the bag ser

>> No.56051623

I'm fucking serious how tf am I supposed to know
I can't read every fucking detail in your gay ass fucking faggot fuck telegram
yall are absolute NIGGERS don't want a bizbro to make it eat my dick

>> No.56051641
File: 8 KB, 247x204, frog glasses.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Uhh, doughbeauxsisters, are we actually coming back?

>> No.56051666

hey like we said in the telegram when we noticed your retarded paperhanded fear sell, its a 50/50 risk right. unfortunately you currently lost. being zerosum, that means someone has to win.

>> No.56051995

How many presalers are left?

>> No.56052043

BTC breaking out. october bullrun shall conmence
May Abraham's tribe return to the promise land

>> No.56052483

Over 100 left, 70 remain which are die hard bagholders like me, its only going up

>> No.56052525

How high do you think this furry little thing can go during the post-halving bullrun?

>> No.56053099

It was just a deviation now its returning to the mean, you still have time to get back in

>> No.56053543

what about the OG binance one

>> No.56053558

ask justin.

>> No.56053658

How does flipping bnb sound?

>> No.56053753

Kek, this shit is about to rocket, retards. Will be a repeat of harry potter and the seethe here will be biblical.

>> No.56054034

this is b0nkye btw

>> No.56054125


This is just sad. I don't even know what to say at this point. Bruh the jeet memes are also dead, as if doughbough on all chains. You are a worm of a man but please spin that as "benchod basterd bloody bitch" somehow you evil retarded dopamine obsessed soulless faggot.

>> No.56054801
File: 263 KB, 1080x1348, Screenshot_20230908_103359_Brave.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Why is it dumping again?

>> No.56054808

the sell was a bot

>> No.56054818

Because it's pack of fren-insiders trading along each other

>> No.56054910

is this your first shitcoin?

>> No.56055094

What a recovery lmao

>> No.56055128 [DELETED] 
File: 417 KB, 638x638, 11923587609827298905.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The real insider trading is going to be when I'm trading your wife after this coin blows up. I'm going to be balls deep in some premium MILF. How's that sound for a trade?! You should have taken my advice man, should've just put your faith in me and bought the SCORCH. This whole conversation could have gone so differently

>> No.56055130 [DELETED] 
File: 111 KB, 638x638, 25659382084013936137.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

lol no i've made money in tons of shitcoins. I think Scorch will be even bigger than anything else seen this cycle if you look at the fundamentals and the team.

>> No.56055494

you don't deserve to make it you paperhanded spr0t o faggot. I bet you didn't even buy hp0s before it hit >20m because you didnt believe it was going to pump

>> No.56055541

lol, we have to remember when these bears are trying to drag our beloved Scorch down. we should always be looking for ways to relate everything back to Scorch because Scorch is the only coin worthy of our discussion. Scorch will make millionaires and bears will die in the streets because they bought low cap garbage. Only the strong survive, and it will be the scorch community that is left standing

>> No.56056247


>> No.56057030

The listing did fuck all. What d0b0bros. No one is buying.

>> No.56057315

It's a stepping stone for huobi you dumb nigger
And I don't give a fuck I'm cursing this shitcoin today. Right now

>> No.56058149

Volume already dead on Polonex kek.

>> No.56058162

Muh Tier 1 CEX listing kek.

>> No.56058266

day 1 listings dont pump tokens, they give exposure and accessibility when a pump does happen though
hpos took 3-4 months to gain momentum and this is like what 3 weeks old or some shit

>> No.56059748

Not even a tiny pump kek.

>> No.56059766
File: 138 KB, 1125x650, IMG_1855.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.56059829

Still faar away from ath eth dobbagie no need to be happy. 17mil snipefag still has a LOOOT to dump on ya ddobaggies kek

>> No.56059839

Dobbaggies though migrating to eth would help to 200m kek “muh team” “muh listings” heh dobaggies POINT AND LAUGH

>> No.56059852

>doesn’t remember floors morisson

Okay low energy fag

>> No.56059859
File: 1013 KB, 1125x1778, IMG_1857.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Okay ian

>> No.56059885

Well at least morrison was on the real dobeux and it pumped kek. Your eth dobaggies dobags are slowly dying off even wth listing truly pathetic even by shitcoin standarts.

>> No.56059894

Hi mcderp nigger i know its you just by your fagish way of writing. And no biz wont pump yoour heavy dobags dobaggie

>> No.56059964

You mean the guy who wasn’t even the largest whale, still bigger than the sniper on eth, but dumped the price to -90% and we recovered from? You mean that one ?


Gtfo with your weak ass fud

>> No.56059972

Knew it was you, there’s only one man that has broken as you.

Btw your voice in bc chat sounded exactly like we thought it would

>> No.56060004

Some of the gayest, low effort nfts I've ever seen. Would rather have crappy reddit avatars. If you bought, you deserve the rope. Also Santovi is fag.

>> No.56060018

>1 post by this id

Jeez I wonder how many of these are in this thread.

>> No.56060041

>thinks he’s not posting all alone on biz with other people as poor as him there

Get with the times Ian

>> No.56060055

nigger i just saw some reddit level twitter account who spent 22k on poorly drawn stick figures. 20 bucks for a dog pic so that santovi can buy applebees is completely fine for me.

>> No.56060076

Come on everyone SPIT ON these eth dobaggies. Sorry but newfags wont pump your slowly bleeding bags. If ya wanna get dumped at least buy the original on bnb you complete brainlets. Its gonna perform better without website than all of your tg kumar shill forces combined. Especially that fag derp who keeps cocksucking santovis dick but on eth kek. Truly dobaggies are a patheric race.

>> No.56060089

retard /biz/ is dead, all these are just shitposts, we arent actually trying to market here. youre a retard if you think bsc d0b0 is pumping this year, and it only has a small chance next year on if anyone makes it in this one to pump it back up artificially because that shit is dead.

>> No.56060120

The seethe is so tasty. Waste your life harder please


He really doesn’t get it does he?

>> No.56060195

no i think they get it so much they have to fabricate retarded bs about the bsc version to confuse the actual retarded shitskins who still browse /biz/

>> No.56060218
File: 99 KB, 1280x679, IMG_20230903_201640_741.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The only marketing for the bsc version is dobaggies seething on biz. At least on ethereum you have dobaggies shilling their dobags

>> No.56060252
File: 413 KB, 1125x2436, IMG_1859.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

What a wonderful life. Narc gonna narc

Told;dr for those new hoping in, check pic

>> No.56060293

>chase Eth chain shitcoin hype
>fuck over original bnb holders
HAHAHA DoBrains deserve whatever they get

>> No.56060497

>Checks do80 bnb volume

Sir, whatever you’re doing, you’re doing it wrong.

>> No.56061373

The sniper has 35 million actually >>56039730

>> No.56062358

Final bump before archive

>> No.56062418


>> No.56062427

eth dobaggie listen its not about volume. Your eth copy shitcoin is slowly bleedingg to death. Its about sending the meessage and you know which dobeux is the real one deep inside your heart you all dobaggies know but you will never learn you never listen. Thorchain incoming soon while you eth dobaggies slowly bleed to death. Instead of actually reviving old bnb dobeux community you chose to sell your assses to vitalik and get brutally dumped on by every whale and sniper serves you eth dobaggies right

t. 2t locked and loaded fur thorchain and inevitable pump

>> No.56062748
File: 274 KB, 680x785, 1677197518679291.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Eth d0b0 presale baggies are so scared and desperate they took down the bsc d0b0 website and they are using their mod on the bsc d0b0 reddit to scam members to buy their bags! LMFAO. Your presale bags are going to zero you desperate losers.

>the og community aint buying our presale bags
>i know lets take down the website
>lets use our mod to scam the reddit community too and censor anyone who complains
Whats next jeets?

>> No.56063137

Wasnt it that kike justin? But yeah eth dobaggies are so desperate to break even they are shilling their heavy dobbags on both bnb telegram and reddit. Damn you eth dobaggies are pathetic neither biz nor your shitty exchange will pump your heavy bags, Its ogre. Your whole community who migrated also doesnt seem to be working out too well kek so much about that 200m mc. EVERYONE DONT FORGET TO POINT AND LAUGH AT ETH DOBAGGIES HEH

>> No.56064096

Fuck off ghostberg

>> No.56064108

I am still up, lol

>> No.56064592

I still didn't buy. Will buy when it's below a million

>> No.56064831

The whale sniper recently spread out his 17T main wallet to multiple wallets ROFL

>> No.56064952

You greedy eth presale baggies are despicable but you may be able to save yourselt from the eternal hell fires..

>beg bnb dogbat community for forgiveness
>refund all.the bnb community members you scammed and who are in the red (all of them)
>sell your eth presale bags for dogbat bnb
>reactivate the website
>make a video recording begging for forgiveness
>kick each other in the tiny jeet balls too for good measure
>never scam again
Oh wait once a scammer always a scammer.

Your eth presale baggies are turning to dust

>> No.56064963
File: 55 KB, 1350x870, avengers-endgame-thanos-snap.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


Your presale bags value going to zero as you sell on each other.

>> No.56065450

im not ghostberg but you seem to be obsessed about sucking him off eth dobaggie heh you dobaggies are truly biz's next entertainment until your shit bleeds slowly

>> No.56065466
File: 40 KB, 800x450, pepelaughz.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.56065507

Instead of actually trying to revive old bnb dbeux (the real one and only the original) remake new tg and website from justing kike.They decided its agood idea to make a fake clone copy on eth hoping it pumps. Funny thing eth dobbagies themselves said that they will pump profit in bnb if they get something, truly top tier retards eth dobaggies. Shhould have went along with original dobeux you complete brainlet. Your new scam is slowly bleeding and dying as it should.