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I never paid taxes

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I never declared my income, lol

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They're saying I'm not allowed to eat clean food due to my credit card application?

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I'm really proud of you, son

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realistically, what happens if you don't pay? how long does it take to get a knock on your door? is it a long series of notices and final warnings before they knock?

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I believe if you make it to year 8 without them talking to you, you are in the clear

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So for 2016 and 2017 crypto chuds who made a lot of money and lost it all, they need to make it to 2024 and 2025 or they'll have to pay taxes on their gains + penalties up to 8%

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You know IRS agents log data here, right?

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i think its a 10yr statute of limitations. just curious if anyone has actually done this. i really, really dont want to pay taxes but i also cant go to jail because i have kids. would rather spend the tax money ya know.. feeding the kids.

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Imagine paying taxes to play super mario.

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there will be a war with a draft, don't worry
nothing's free

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It's 2 years actually

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thats because you've never had a job

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And you never will. Based.

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so what? only mutts need to worry then. i owe other shithole governments money