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Wizard Edition

>Why Gold?

>Bullion dealers
https://libertycoin.com/ (US)
https://www.chards.co.uk/ (EU/UK)
https://www.silburycoins.co.uk/ (Ancient)
https://www.luciteria.com/ (Other rare metals)
more at: https://pastebin.com/gZfZHtNE

>Numismatic search

>News and graphs

https://findbullionprices.com/ (US)
https://eu.compare.pm/ (EU)
https://www.gold.de/aufgeldtabelle/ (DE/EU)



>Nitric acid, magnets, and ping test

Previous Thread: >>56006348

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damn i like that wizard gold coin

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where can I find this coin?

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Reposting for anon from last thread

>>56013507 #
>>56013537 #
fellas I think the bigger deal is the negative earnings remittances (here: >>56013479 #) but that's just my opinion
Basically, when the fed turns a profit on its assets, that money goes to the treasury (for them give to ukraine). Now the fed is realizing losses for the first time ever, so does the treasury write a check to give to the fed? Well, nobody really knows, but one thing that's for sure is that without the extra money coming in, the treasury is going to have to borrow even more, and faster, which is why the interest payments on the debt are exploding (here: >>56013485 #). Our currency is on the brink of collapse and I feel fine

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I got it from Apmex but I think JM Bullion has them in stock too. Its a Royal Mint product so if they stock britannias they should have it

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2008 part 2: Electric Boogaloo?

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>Our currency is on the brink of collapse and I feel fine
More than fine even.

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Sharing the link for the burgerbros, since it's now outside of my comfy zone.
If this 1795 booba dollar is legit, the coin alone is worth 4K+.


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>If this 1795 booba dollar is legit
It's not

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Someone was posting data from the FRED in the last thread. I'm surprised they even publish this. when do you think they'll just stop publishing the data or start lying about it, like every other institution?

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stop advertising

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lol, is it truly what you believe? That i'm shilling my own ebay account?

Good deeds getting high reward i see..

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[Seinfeld meme about being all in on precious metals / being extremely comfortable]

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They are lying about those for decades. It's just they don't need to lie about all charts.
The one you just posted for example, everyone can figure out it's logically tracking the price of oil. No need to lie about it. Inflation, savings and rates of loan delinquency on the other hand.. it's more sensitive topics.

It hurt my feefees you believe that about me. I thought we were frens 4 life..

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stacking gold and silver and not sharing it with roasties makes them seethe

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I bury my gold and silver in the ground and none of you know where it is.

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Eyyy... I got 3 of those Holo coins. I might sell 2 of them because I need some cash for motorcycle. Same price I bought them (like ≈40$ per piece). If anyone is interested let me know, I can put them on eBay or something after work.

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Hoard all the shinies and then say roastie toastie couple of times, their heads will explode.

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Nein, I want to stack more. I want to become a dragon before the collapse.

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Yeah I'm keen. I'll buy it now for $50 + shipping if you throw up a link

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You have indeed piqued my interest, let me know when you list it and I will buy for the same price as the other anon.

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I bury mine where even I don’t know where it is so glowies can’t torture the information out of me

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It's yours. I wouldn't want to steal it to begin with. Greed and theft are exactly how we got into this twisted system to begin with.

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good morning, sirs.
i hope everyone is enjoying their extended weekend.
i'm staying in a beautiful old miners lodge in montana right now. how about you?

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Gm losers haha and lol with a lmao for good measure. You retard morons are still here bragging that you paid 63% premiums on worthless millenial rocks.

Lmao every one of you retards who bought in the last ten years has lost bigly and you are down 400% compared to the Djia. Haha but sure someday it will cure your virginity.


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I like ships, but he looks like a dork.

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Good morning/pmg/
Happy Sunday !
Hope you all have a good breakfast. it's the most important meal of the day. Remember, we've got a lot to do, before lunch!

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Good morning anon. Your animu is looking cute today.

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what about people with metal detectors?

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I haven't been in /pmg/ for at least a month.

What's new?

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Merlin was not only a magician but a famous queer pointer-outer
>There's the queer, get em!

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nice. do it.

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friendly reminder silver is not a precious metal. thank you for listening.

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>Now the good deal ; pic rel. Sold as "tiny lot of silver", but thanks to my now initiated amateur eye when it comes to medieval coinage, i immediately noticed the 1 Silver Real Ferdinand & Isabella (circa 1500) on the bottom right.
>i only paid 15€ for the lot.

Fuck yeah frogbro that was a superb deal, I can't speak on the Napoleon 1/2 Franc but the Ferdinand & Isabella Real would sell for around $80 without much trouble, everything else is delicious argentiferous gravy. This is how you into numismatics my fren, enjoying fat gains is easy when you're not a normoid stuck paying retail or a milquetoast goldfag thinking they're smart for paying a smaller premium than their facile strawmen fork over. Keep it up man, you've been getting some great stuff lately.

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>Meme coins shipped (I didn't order any just news)
>Seems like less shills than usual, also college is back in session so that adds up
>A few new stackers posting in threads for the first time
>More larger stack posters than average recently

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In what weight ratio should one hold gold:silver? I don't plan on flipping between them, at least not until I'm comfortable. I didn't get a proper answer in the last thread. Explain why you believe some ratio is correct.

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Apparently the ratio of gold:silver in the earth's crust is 1:19. I'm a complete noob when it comes to metals but imo that still makes silver rare. Precious? Dunno. Rare? Yeah. You don't hold silver at all? What metals do you own?

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Some people have been asking WHEN this whole ponzi scheme is going to collapse, and while truthfully nobody actually knows, there are several developments that could get out of control and topple the system, such as the BRICS dedollarization, the popping of China's real estate bubble, unwinding the Yen carry trade, or a liquidity event caused by a US sovereign debt crisis. There's even more building up that I just can't remember off the top of my head, but let's focus on US debt today. The picture related was written up by a youtuber called Heresy Financial. If the trend in the reverse repo continues, we could see a serious liquidity event before the end of this year.

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>weight ratio
My lifes goal would be to get to natures ratio of 16:1. You need to scale it though. Are you a poorfag? Don't spend premiums on smaller fractional gold (0.25 oz minimum). Do you have hundreds to thousands of dollars to spend on PMs every month? Sure buy that 5 gram bar if you want to DCA. Poorfag tier would be 300:1-200:1 if you're dead set on diversifying your stack. If you're able to spend hundreds a month then 100:1-50:1 and if you're rich why not go <50:1? I'd have to win the lottery to get to 16:1, or just get lucky and get a better paying job.

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In thinking to add either a 1oz gold britannia or another silver 1kg bar

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Here's the full chart for reverse repo, just for a little more perspective.

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He did a video a couple of months back saying that the banks are going to be fine for the next three years with their reverse repo funds. However, things can change and he might be right with his observation that it has accelerated.

In other related news, I read this article about BRICS and other issues like the Euro Dollar share globally has plummeted over the past two years.

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Based 100g size bar owner. It's an underrated size.

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when are you boys gonna get in on the real precious metals? If you're not stacking Neodymium and lithium you're not ready for the future.

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I will speak frankly regarding this matter anon; the 100g size disappoints me, its small, tepid, and feels like a pebble in my hand. I think 500g will be my minimum unless its an eye catching piece

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Aren't ratios between 16:1 and 100:1 impractical? That means if you have 10oz of gold, you carry 160oz of silver. Where do you store so much silver? You eventually run out of space. And that's for the lowest ratio you mentioned. Imagine 100:1

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>Not stacking Animunium

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creen your monitor

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If you're a poorfag and you have 50oz silver and 5 grams of gold, what's that ratio? If you have a lot of cash and you buy 10 kilos of silver and 1 kilo of gold what's that ratio? That's why you need to scale it because you can't assume everyone ITT is a peer.

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roasties seethe when they see my stack cuz "omg thats like, so many vacations we could do instead" and they beg me to sell the stupid coins

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don't engage with obvious trolls

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it makes no sense to change your ratio based on how rich you are. either silver is a good investment (it is) or it isn't

you think 160oz of silver is hard to store? can you trolls just go away...

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Yeah - wish I had bought a few pounds of Li when it was $75 per.

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mostly just more meme coin bullshit. about it, some low tier shilling but the serious shills seem to have fucked off mostly

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I store it on my person in the form of a 10 pound ball stretcher

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They employ only bots and low quality shills because shills that have a little bit more brain matter will figure out how valuable silver is and they'll stack it themselves too.

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Weight ratio should change over the course of your life. The ratio seen in nature is unrelated to and independent of their uses in economy and industry. As a stacker though, you will find the practicality of sheer mass will drive you to prefer metals/commodities that concentrate your wealth. Personally, my GSR mass ratio is now 1:70, but I have a little Pt, Pd, and Rh as well, and they make the All PM to Ag ratio 1:56.
Also, gold has performed better for me over the past decade.

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your question is retarded; there is no good mix or proper ratio, just basic guidelines of what use to be. those are
>what is mineable
>what is made available
>what is released and recycled into market
>who and what is using it
>historical trade exchange rates

so there is no proper answer and no matter what is said to you here you will continue to shit up the thread with the stupid "but muh ratio". like, any point made you will simply say "but what about...." and its low rent socratic method

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based troll critic

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>As a stacker though, you will find the practicality of sheer mass will drive you to prefer metals/commodities that concentrate your wealth
that's never happened to me and I own almost 6 figs of PM wealth. pretty sure these concerns over weight and "wealth concentration" are purely manufactured.

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If you are poor, it's more easy for you to buy and store silver. Even 1/4 oz of gold can be out of reach. And poorfag stack of silver (few hundred oz) is easy to move.

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>poor poor poor
>silver = poor
>poverty = silver
>if you buy silver ur a poorfag
i hope they got the message, schlomo
keep shaming silver buyers

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your comment makes no sende. im not poor and i buy and store silver. platinum too

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Well jolly good for you.

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Found this beat up Virginia state quarter, how come none of you shipbros told me about this one? I was thinking the columbian expos were the only US coins with boats. How much do the silver proofs of the state quarters go for? Any other state quarters with ships?

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nah dude see ur poor. cuz u bought silver
if u weren't a disgusting, pathetic poorfag, you would only have bought gold
heh, owned

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Thank you pmg

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Christ is king

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Maine, and Florida has two (one sea and one space)

>> No.56016648

Also New Jersey, Missouri, Rhode Island, Minnesota have small boats, as do territories Northern Mariana Islands and Guam.

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Crusader apu

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the salt will be delicious

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What they don't know won't hurt them.

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I refuse to buy any bullion with a guys head on it. Sorry Charles but its bars only now.

>> No.56016925

Based. Reminder that all cliche gold depositories have stacks of bars, not stacks of rounds.

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Are gold and silver mining as much of a humanitarian travesty as lithium mining is?

>> No.56017206

i gots no charles coins and never will
it's actually great, stops me from buying a lot of numismatic pieces. gonna focus on weight from here on out

>> No.56017523

I bought a few Chuckle Heads, just for lulz.
I figure, he'll be the shortest lived King, and perhaps, at some point, the rounds may have some collectable aspect, beyond just the melt value. If not, it's no HUGE loss, I bought 10 of them.

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Sounds boring honestly.

Are the real oldfags still around? I haven't seen their pictures in a while.

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I arrived in 2020 and still occasionally visit
Not very old but old enough to remember a time before constant barrage of shills and troons

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from the last thread
Thank you. I had 900 coins vacuum sealed in the safe.
I decided to put them in a binder and write a note stating the approx silver weight and to multiply that by the price of silver and call 3 LCS for a quote and don't settle for less than spot.
>pic is the UK

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I got here summer of 2019.

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Ya. I miss the guy that posted that ruby in the UV light and those filaments in the little test-tubes.

I think the anime figurine poster is still around. There might be two actually.

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Me too.

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Oh, he's right here.

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>Markets have just opened.

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Any First Majestic holders?

>> No.56018065

i like their stock more than their bars. its just a scottsdale mint bar with a retarded premium even pre-covid

>> No.56018115

Hello all, I am sadly a new fag. But I have started my stack with 7 oz so far (2 coins and 5 oz bar). Any advice? Do mints matter that much?

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You're going to get 20 different answers fren.

>> No.56018166

My sister is a race mixing whore who spend all her money on kfc. Where can I buy coin without getting robbed by gypsy?

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My copypasta:
- For new generic bars, note the premiums (added charges) over spot: they go up for smaller pieces.
- Some beautiful generic items are priced comically high (Germanias, GSM special editions, e.g.). Regardless, dealers may categorize and price these as "generic" (below or at spot) when buying them from you. Or your gamble might pay off if they become highly regarded (Englehard, PAMP, antique miners/refiners, e.g.).
- The firsts of new artful or theme bullion series are often missed by later collectors, who may pay high premiums to fill in gaps. Caution: political or cringeworthy themes are less likely to appreciate.
- Low-mintage series are often priced very high, but may in time increase in value the most.
- Gov't-issued coins cost least during the mint run. Once ended and dealers run out of stock, their prices often jump, then rise only a bit faster than generic silver.
- Annual changes to overall designs become series (Somali elephants, Canadian Wildlife, Australian kookaburras or koalas, island nations' series, etc.), adding potential appreciation.
- Maples, Eagles, Wieners, Britannias, etc. are nice and boring, but recognition helps sell to customers more comfortable and confident buying them.
- If you buy pieces that appeal to your sense of art, taste, and interests, you will still appreciate them even if the price or value of the PM goes nowhere. Caveat: if you go to sell, it's harder to let go of them.
- Shipping is an added premium. Many online vendors offer free shipping for purchasing a minimum amount (commonly $200). Your local coin shop has no shipping to charge.
- Vendors may charge extra for using a credit card. That might balance (ebay!) if your card offers cash back.
- Keep all sales receipts and a spreadsheet of your purchases to track profit/loss: it's quite revealing and may help guide future decisions. Example ("PurchaseRecords" tab):

>> No.56018216

That’s good, a mix of opinions on people in tune with the market.

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Gold Britannia is the sweetest coin there is IMHO.

>> No.56018253

>$3 over spot
the sides of the First Majestic bar do not have lines on it while a scottsdale mint bar does. The FM is almost mirror like on its side.

>> No.56018295

Err... what do I do?

>> No.56018309

Saved the pasta anon thank you. My first purchases weren’t necessarily my stack. Pops birthday. Rather than buy him, a retired man, some bullshit he could have already had if he wanted, started the family stack. One of the coins was political/cringe (Gadsden flag). Bought from JM bullion and didn’t feel like they had bad prices. I met the shipping limit and didn’t pay too much over spot per oz, less than $3/oz all said I’m pretty sure. Plus the credit card gave me a good percentage back so it wasn’t too bad. I have a Bloomberg terminal where I track spots of everything and using technical astrology (analysis) I bought a nice dip in silver. Long run it won’t matter but hey lower entry is always good

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kek bro thats a fake

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>> No.56018480


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>> No.56018502

I am the only arayn left in romania.

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you are going to make it

>> No.56018585

Fraud thread. It is poisoned.

>> No.56018645

Don't be afraid to buy dips. Even if it keeps going lower after you buy some keep buying, it will always go back up. Dips are a good thing when they happen.

>> No.56018653


>> No.56018721

Are full sovereigns worth it right now? Found a deal, 500$ a piece.

>> No.56018735

They are from between 1940s to 1960s

>> No.56018743

How do you scumbags still make these threads when none of this shit even hedges against inflation

>> No.56018760

IQDELET is back in full swing bros, it's going to be a good month

>> No.56018763

The angerposters have arrived.

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Any canadian fags lurking?

>> No.56018858

Yeah. Just order my first kilo bar of silver a few minutes ago

>> No.56018866

When the purchasing power of bank credit comes into question you'll understand.

>> No.56018915

No ,don't impulsively buy just because,wait for a dip to occur mabye tommarow, besides there are cheaper option for a coin thats not even 1/4 gold (.25 agw) coins

>> No.56019002

Cheaper options like what? What should I look into to get into gold coins. Poorfag options preferred

>> No.56019034

I have serious questions. I started pulling my money out of all avenues, all except one retirement account which I put into an L2080 fund to sit for the foreseeable future.

My question is this: Why are normies too stupid to realize that silver and gold would literally end all central governments? Why does bitcoin and cbdc put gold as their symbol when it's the opposite? Will there be enough of us for the reset barter phase to trade pm's or should we just hold onto it?

I have been watching ITM Trading videos and I am 100% in the camp that the US government is too corrupt to save, and the population is too stupid to fight. That we will definitely get into a hyperinflationary situation followed by collapse. I will not accept cbdc shit.

So where doees that leave people like me? I have been stacking for a long time now. I'm hoping we can consolidate wealth from this. I don't think any of us can really get out of the way of this economic shit storm.

Wells Fargo and Bank of America are definitely going down this year if not the beginning of next year. Normies are going lose their fucking minds.

I know this is a lot but I need some clarification from you guys who are my peers. I can't move out of the valley city I'm in until ext year. But that is probably too late.

>> No.56019045

To add to this the FDIC is completely tapped out: one more bank and it all comes crashing down.

FDIC insured means jack shit now. So it literally is only a matter of time now. A mere month or two away.

>> No.56019048

It all depends on how seriously BRICS is taken and if they will audit their vaults publicly. That would basically force the US Treasury into an audit as well while the rest of the world wonders why they would bother using the Burger nothing dollar.

>> No.56019079
File: 401 KB, 1170x752, IMG_1901.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Are all the coins in these sets silver?

>> No.56019082
File: 14 KB, 94x92, Screenshot from 2023-03-08 12-55-59.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

most sane PM enjoyer

>> No.56019098

Also don't forget the US dollar is practically only propped up by th military. If countries stop using the dollar it will mean war and the US will most definitely go down in history as the bad guys in that war.

>> No.56019099

Canucky fucks abound

>> No.56019119


Oh what a coincidence you mention the military. I should never have joined, I was about to retire before joining. Just one more year. I am prepared as much as I possibly can be.

>> No.56019135

somehow I believe you

>> No.56019156

draped bust dollars are like the most faked coin of all time.

>> No.56019159

Foreigner here. Is it known just how much money FDIC actually had for payouts? I see they claim each account is insured up to $250k but how much do they actually have? and I don't fully understand what was done about SVB: did they get their loans paid by the FDIC or was that loan from another source?

Ultimately what I want to know is how much the FDIC actually has

>> No.56019164

>why are normies stupid?
Why is the sky green.
>Where does that leave people like me
Once pms stop being shorted by coomex we will see big profits. When that happens is a bit of a mystery but I'm betting before the end of the decade. Just be patient and don't sell until it's time.

>> No.56019167
File: 919 KB, 1536x2048, 1682402795089462.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>I don't think any of us can really get out of the way of this economic shit storm.
The only people that will get out safely are the ones that created this mess.
>Wells Fargo and Bank of America are definitely going down this year if not the beginning of next year.
The coming events will make more sense if you accept that the ones in control are not actually losing control, they are just reorganizing and consolidating their power. The return to gold based money is not going to be as groovy as some are hoping it to be.

>> No.56019179
File: 1.56 MB, 4518x2280, 47858411_262587528_2200.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

No state quarters, but there was a Lewis and Clark commemorative nickel with a boat on it. I don't think they made any silver proofs though.

>> No.56019183

normies don't think "central governments" are a bad thing.
they want to believe just investing in index funds forever is the way to go. this is predictable, safe. makes them feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

>> No.56019202

they don't have as much control as you think they do. if they did, they wouldn't be letting inflation be as bad as it currently is. you think they like dealing with this shit? lol.

>> No.56019208

As far as I know, 15 regional banks were bailed out by the FDIC. I am unaware of the exact number each bank was defaulted on from their clients but the FDIC has come out publicly saying they have been tapped out for their entirety but normies don't care to notice.

Lynette here mentions a lot of this.


This I agree with but still. I was hoping that on some level we (stackers) would have been able to maintain freedoms in the meantime too. But I don't see that outcome

>> No.56019324

I mean with just the commodities sector. How many trains have derailed with food and goods? How many failed crops around the world? Lowest rice and wheat yield in 70 years. Millions of pigs and cows burned somehow. Avian flu bullshit in chickens. Rabbit and weasel populations destroyed by hemorrhagic viruses. Bees at historically low levels and beekeepers keep scratching their heads as their bees all inexplicably die. Oil is now traded between Saudi Arabia and Russia and China. The US has their oil fields closing due to EV shit. XL pipeline gone and even less GDP. Now we are seeing 90 dollar barrels soon to be 110+

This is beyond ominous, this is tyranny and sedition. They are posturing the people to fight with each other for no resources so the fake government can swing in and "save the day" using the Federal Reserve (which isn't federal at all but a private bank). They want us fighting while they hide.

>> No.56019415

sounds like the kinda shit my dad spouts after reading Breitbart

>> No.56019417
File: 71 KB, 409x479, 1684516464192623.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I don't feel so good, bros.

>> No.56019422
File: 286 KB, 850x300, 1690166201990267.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

bros. I'm at 1oz gold and 121 oz silver. Should I get more gold or more silver?

>> No.56019439

Go on pmsforsale and look for cheaper options ,most sellers sell 1% or 2% lower than dealers so you could probably find a sov for 475 or 80.

>> No.56019450

So basically, min wage today "should be" $25/hr

>> No.56019456

But waste money on proof sets ,they hardly sell even at flea markets

>> No.56019479

More gold ,too much silver becomes heavy to carry around if you need to leave fast,environmental problems etc or blacks rioting
>verification not required

>> No.56019488

Buy an oz of gold for every 100 silver you get as a reward.

>> No.56019506
File: 2.18 MB, 2730x2047, 169317227452886315.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

at some truck stop in montana. they're bragging about having 50,000 silver dollars.
pending all of these are real, i'm inclined to believe them. and that's not all of them. coins lining the upper walls as well.
ironically the worst prices i've ever seen for silver: $75 generic bars, $90 common morgans.

where were you about to retire from and what possessed you to join the military if you were only a year away?

>> No.56019536

>$50,000 silver dollars
Ah, I've driven by those signs on the freeway while travelling east-west back and forth across Montana so many times over the years. I've never stopped there though.
It always made me wonder. exactly, does it mean they have 50,000 silver dollars?
Or does it mean they have $50,000 worth of silver silver dollars?
Either way, that's a lot of silver dollars.

>> No.56019572
File: 1.59 MB, 1080x1920, 1585913763377.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.56019580

Trump filled the strategic petroleum reserves that were drained under Obama at $20 a barrel. Now O'Biden drained all of the reserves to keep prices stable and he'll have to refill the reserves at $100 a barrel. Bidenomics folks. Kill the middle class and make the poor more reliant on the government while the rich fuck bankers start grifting in the name of 'climate change'.

>> No.56019584

well it's a nice place to see but all the prices here are sky high. just sat down to eat and whew lad, these prices.
but i think they have close to 50k silver dollars.
at current cull prices of ~$30 that would bring $50k worth of mogans to 1667.
i have about a third of that in silver and i promise you it doesn't take up much.

>> No.56019590

Nickelchads know what's coming.

>> No.56019592

What percent of my income should I put in boomer rocks to stay safe when the dollar goes belly up? I'm thinking maybe 10% to start with but I'm not sure.

>> No.56019605

And following that question what vendors in the US has the lowest premiums? I honestly know nothing of stacking but I don't want to be bankrupt in 15 years when the USD becomes wallpaper.

>> No.56019609

stupid reason

>> No.56019616

The half dollar, quarters, and dime are 90% silver. The nickel and penny are generally the same composition as their circulated counterparts, however I think there's some pennies that are copper in the proof sets whereas they're zincshit in the wild. Not 100% sure on them.

>> No.56019627

>I'm thinking maybe 10%
10% is generally what is advised.

>> No.56019628

lol just saw your Lynette Zang video; I love her little money shooting gun.

>> No.56019630

middle out bottom up fren

>> No.56019634

>hurr durr its all teh demonrats fault
take your blue pills elsewhere

>> No.56019637

i mean that was obviously pretty fucking retarded

>> No.56019651

it has nothing to do with blue pilled ideas like "bidenomics". whatever president was elected, the same outcome would occur.

>> No.56019652

Cracker Barrel has always been my favorite place to stop for sit down meals when traveling through MT.
The one in Billings has been good. And the one in Missoula. Been a couple years since I been through there now though.

>> No.56019656
File: 3.08 MB, 1216x3753, cyberpunksilvertier.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Buy in whatever quantity allows you to avoid paying tax or shipping. Buy from LCS if you can avoid tax that way. Buy whatever food and consumables are needed so that you have a good chance of surviving without having to sell you stack. Also stack some physical emergency cash. Stack anything that will allow you to hold your precious metals through rough times. 80-90% of your stack should be gold since that is what the bankers are stacking.

>> No.56019686

Bummer I was hoping the nickels were silver too.

>> No.56019725

Do you have a meme chart for platinum?

>> No.56019742
File: 129 KB, 1125x705, 1682279824068513.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Wish I did fren but I posted all I have.

>> No.56019849

you should post this in /cyb+sec/ >>>/g/95755383

>> No.56019895

You probably should listen to him, zogbot.

>> No.56019924

Do you bullion websites are like airline sites, in that the more traffic they get for an item the higher they put their premiums on it because they know it'll likely still sell anyways?

>> No.56019945

*think. Do you think...

>> No.56020012

i know one of the sites increased their reichmarks by a dollar or so last year and it pissed off a few people.

>> No.56020092

Yes they can jack up premiums differently so people think there are cheaper options when they're all high price ,you want cheap prices go on pmsforsale, though it's mostly people trying to sell their silver with very little gold so yeah ,that should say something

>> No.56020194
File: 2.66 MB, 3596x2880, 20230728_211741.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

How are you all

>> No.56020312
File: 719 KB, 1972x1569, 836353223.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.56020330

Ill take one off your hands for $60. Contact me on protonmail.

>> No.56020387

>buying into controlled opposition
Breitbart is just CNN for the other side
all in the same pockets

>> No.56020471

I want to buy a golden drinking cup. Any sites in the EU?

>> No.56020627

>one more bank and it all comes crashing down.
You obviously don't understand how this works. "It" can't crash if you have infinite amounts of money.

>> No.56020657
File: 2.96 MB, 4080x3072, 1675201281147549.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.56020669

boldpreciousmetals and Herobullion.

Tubes of rounds are usually better prices than bars

>> No.56020735

Thinking about occasionally buying a tube of copper every now and then instead of a coin. Do you think in an economic crisis/collapse situation, that copper rounds would be seen as valid for barter? Of course they wouldn’t be seen as valuable as silver or gold of course, but maybe a copper coin could get me a pound of food in trade?

>> No.56020784

I stack Cu from pre-1982 pennys by getting rolls from the bank.

>> No.56020964

I don't have any gold and I was thinking of getting this South African elephant coin:
Or should I go with something else despite us living in a world with more verification methods than ever?

>> No.56021109

lookin very wise and handsome

>> No.56021177

It is surprisingly superior to the others in the Big Five series, just by a bit.
Maybe I ought to just go with a 2023 Maple since I'm in Canada, though, there is that Klondike coin by the same mint.

>> No.56021194

When are we actually gonna see the dollar, or at least the stock market, fail? This shit can’t go on forever but it sure seems to be

>> No.56021218

I stack copper coins myself, though from what I figured out, in history the face value of a copper/bronze coin has always been much higher than its intrinsic value.
So unless a gov says they're worth a lot, you're going to get barely anything for them.

>> No.56021310

This video popped up about half an hour ago
Basically no one knows for sure, but it's unlikely to go down the drain in the next 12 months or last as long as another 100 years
Other nations forming alliances and organizations trying to make sure the US debt doesn't take them down with it, is a "slow" process

>> No.56021337

>that should say something
That say what?

>> No.56021351

Man I’d like to see the 2008 reboot happen sooner for that sweet sweet “I told you so” to everyone thinking this charade is sustainable

>> No.56021398

If that happens you might want to keep a very low profile and have as few people think of you as a prepared person as possible
You may have guns but so do other people

>> No.56021405

Most people don’t really know what I have, just that I want the system to burn and believe it can't go on forever. Those that do know at all aren’t going to cannibalise me. Besides as far as guns are concerned I’m canadian and while I do have my own, I’m not at all worried about people around me using them assuming they have any in this shithole city

>> No.56021463

That's good to hear. I can only hope my dad can convince his siblings to have something ready for the times ahead.

>> No.56021477
File: 1.32 MB, 197x200, 1662337013647267.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yes, the guns really made all the difference in 2008. How many people got shot? Hard to say really, it was a wild time, amirite bros.

>> No.56021579

Just did my monthly archive check for crusaders.
And the font is changing. JFC it looks like shit.

>> No.56021586

I tend to think the second time a similar event repeats it can be worse. Or rather, prepare as though it could. If you're wrong you're that much better off. If you're right, you're also that much better off.
There are behaviors now that are more widespread or have become worse since then. But on the on the other hand preparedness measures have also advanced.

>> No.56021587

10% is a solid number

>> No.56021635
File: 217 KB, 592x446, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Mintanon, it needs frosted irises and shiny reflections.

>> No.56021695
File: 101 KB, 858x843, crusader gay font.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

update with gay font. are all backers happy?
Can we finally ship this thing?

>> No.56021717
File: 105 KB, 858x843, crusader original font.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

original font

>> No.56021724

That everyone is trying to dump their bags of silver onto someone else for cheap ,c'mon your smart you can figure out what I meant

>> No.56021829

1941-1945 nickels are 35% silver. On the side with Monticello they’ll have the letter telling you where it was minted at the top center, unlike a normal nickel. Kinda rare and not really worth buying, but I’ve found one in my change drawer back when I was a cashier.

>> No.56021843

I have a nice condition peace dollar, anyone in the NYC area want to trade for a Morgan dollar?

>> No.56021850
File: 78 KB, 260x281, Jelly_Bryce.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

tfw can't cop

>> No.56022111
File: 2.28 MB, 3024x3506, 687363622.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Peace dollars are cooler in my opinion. The history is just stupidly optimistic and ominous considering what was coming.

>> No.56022125

I assure you it isn't, which is why he is selling it in a lot with other coins. That Morgan might be fake too.

>> No.56022134

>tfw copped 7 months ago but they're still sperging out about the font and pupils as if it was still in the design phase
At least holobunga anon is decisive about his weeb shit.

>> No.56022139

stop posting

>> No.56022159
File: 219 KB, 360x368, halfdollar.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

the amount of retards who think USA numba 1 and everything is hunky dory truly is something

>> No.56022167
File: 2.15 MB, 1080x1064, peace.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

yeah i like that about them too. very ominous coin

>> No.56022179

A repeat of 2008 has had me scrambling about how to prepare honestly. I only have $60k in a checking account and 200+ ounces of silver. I feel like I should be making more moves.

>> No.56022187

you're doing ok. could probably use more PMs tho

>> No.56022204
File: 239 KB, 760x1024, mm_peace_1917_hg_detail.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The first run of the Peace dollar had a broken sword on it that makes it even more spooky

>> No.56022223
File: 170 KB, 1440x810, 1609843143766.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

up and down. surfing between brief periods of confidence and euphoria then random moments of doubt, stress and anxiety
must keep the faith and not give in to fear and doubt

>> No.56022234

QRD on why it’s an ominous coin?

>> No.56022264

You’d think after 08 having happened once that people would catch on to the fact status quo is barely holding itself together.
“Hey man idk about the strength of the dollar. Not only has fiat been tried before and failed, but even today you can see things unravelling for our generation. Nothing is affordable anymore”
“Lol you sound crazy just get a better job”
Let them suffer
Probably. I honestly have even less in my bank but over 400oz of silver accumulated plus 3 oz of gold so I feel decent. The transition period is gonna suck still.
I’m just so fucking tired of canada pretending to not be a 3rd world nation that I don’t even care about feeling prepared anymore. I have what I need (probably). Let it burn

>> No.56022288
File: 1.86 MB, 3789x1875, 637465273~2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>WW1 happens
>US that isn't involved makes a happy Peace coin because we should all get along :)
>WW2 starts almost right after and is 10 times worse than WW1
>US invents atomic bombs during WW2 instead of making calls for peace

>> No.56022297

Fruits and vegetables you can grow in your yard? Quinoa if possible?
Chickens for eggs? Apparently you can setup a feed system that involves a place for flies to come and lay eggs and have it at an angle so the larvae fill into a bucket on their own.
Chicken one may be more work than is necessary for what's to come but I leave it to you to research what conditions in your area may become like.
Aside from growing, there's always having lots of shelf-stable food and items for water filtration/treatment. Distilling as well.

>> No.56022430
File: 2.51 MB, 4096x3072, george.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Richfags please help me out. Hypothetically speaking, how does one go about buying a large amount of gold? Say I have $500,000 worth of BTC that was legally and ethically obtained by working a minimum wage job and DCAing into crypto ever since 2015. Now if my bank account has never seen a balance higher than $10k, wouldn't it be sketchy to cash out the BTC and deposit that money into my bank account, even if I could prove my crypto history? I feel like once that money hits my account, they are just not going to want to let go of it. Would it be safer to buy gold directly from say JM Bullion and pay with the BTC, or would I run into the same problems of them halting my purchase until I can supply them with proof that the crypto is actually mine?

>> No.56022449

>how do I actually use my nonexistent money?

This will be every cryptonerd soon, pull it out while you can.

>> No.56022457

Im trying ya dingus. Read my post again.

>> No.56022469

I read it. None of the major sites are going to do a background check on your crypto. That's the whole point isn't it?

>> No.56022499

Theoretically they don't. But then again, it would make it too easy for crypto scammers and theives to cash out without KYC so there must be a catch, no? Have you ever bought more than 10k worth of metal using crypto as payment?

>> No.56022510

Chief, that’s not how the law works. They’d have to prove wrongdoing on your part, as opposed to you having to prove you did nothing wrong.

>> No.56022521

I should have clarified that I live in the jewish hellscape known as America.

>> No.56022526

Prefer the original. I ordered 3.

>> No.56022528

real brainlet understanding of the war.
please just stick to posting about silver.

>> No.56022551

Hm…if you buy physical gold and silver, you can pretty much directly convert the coin into gold and silver without leaving a huge paper trail.

>> No.56022585

No but if you have as much crypto as you say you do try buying a kilo of silver with it on Hero or Bold and I bet it will go just fine.

>> No.56022618
File: 57 KB, 730x360, Iscrizi2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

That's Latin script in Gothic font.
Abominable. The orginal looks like Times New "Roman". Use that. And capitalize the numericals.

>> No.56022621

I also like the original font. Have them clean the grass out from with in the mmxxiii so it looks cleaner

>> No.56022641 [DELETED] 

>thinking there's a chance in hell of peace after the way wwi ends
partially why i don't like peace dollars since that is seems so naive

>> No.56022647

>thinking there's a chance in hell of peace after the way wwi ends
partially why i don't like peace dollars since that makes them seem somewhat naive

>> No.56022686

The original looks good, and it’s the design that people based their orders on. Best to stick with it.

>> No.56022750

im currently holding a fake silver dollar. thanks, China! have you all checked if your metals are even pure and real? i bought a 14k golden charm off amazon some time ago and im beginning to think a lot of stuff in circulation isn't even real or pure. even if it is.. how sure are you that people will trade you for it later if our current systems were to collapse? there needs to be another systems to switch over to and maybe not everyone will play along with silver.

>> No.56022768

I have mostly constitutional silver, which is simply not worth counterfeiting. I have a gold 10 rubles which has been in the family forever, so it’s more likely than not authentic. Counterfeiting happens, but there are ways to catch it for sure.

>> No.56022816
File: 33 KB, 736x414, 1670033184285321.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.56022833

buy from reputable dealers
apmex, jmbullion, bold pm, etc. are not going to risk their reputation by passing along fakes

also silver and gold have been money longer than the USA has existed. all these fears of "nobody will accept PMs" are ridiculous.

>> No.56022837

Purchase from a vendor that takes BTC directly.

>> No.56022845
File: 209 KB, 1008x567, constitutional.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

90% silver best silver

>> No.56022855

Interesting. Thanks, fren.

>> No.56022872

This sounds like a you problem desu

>> No.56022914
File: 703 KB, 592x787, 4.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Your participation needed


Global Hyperinflation General #204

>> No.56023070

I have no idea what your thread is about.

>> No.56023093

/pol/ is literally 99% bots
no point in posting there dude
you're just gonna drive yourself crazy

>> No.56023094

if and when these become available, how would i buy one?

>> No.56023100

on ebay for 300% markup

>> No.56023112
File: 462 KB, 2500x1286, Fonts_Fraktur.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Can we finally ship this thing?
We need 20 more debate sessions according to the bylaws

>> No.56023144

Any labor day deals or are they are just me shit deals?

>> No.56023175

yeah whatever just ship this one

>> No.56023189

not gold. u buy fking .. krugerrands. you buy new sovereigns you are out of your mind
trade in antique gold coins. = sovereigns, guineas
there is a premium on them over and above your dull new gold coins. they are INTERETSTING. a degree of analysis and a stable price. also. if you put those coins on ebay there are suckers everywhere who don't know what they are doing. a 160 pound half sovereign on ebay 5 years ago .. well it went up to 260. at the time if you merely relisted that a chancer 'investor' would give you more than that. ..
you are losing money on boring new coins.

>> No.56023194

buy from the big dealers on ebay like 'dorset coin company' those valuations check out. ive been through it. having sold. the only coin he wanted .. this guy showed him like 7. "wut is that" the dorset "extra fine". .. and it had gone up from like 160 to 270. the gold market is stable the antique coin market in bouyant.
also, as i said, interesting. .. was getting mainly pre 1900 half sovereigns. still got one am living off it now by pawning it a lot

>> No.56023205

Out of curiosity shouldn't "scutum" be "scuto"? If I recall that's what its ablative is

>> No.56023216

antique gold coins are great but there's nothing wrong with buying 1oz modern day coins either
enough of this all or nothing autism
diversity is our greatest strength (in stacking)

>> No.56023220

remember Bayhorse, you fat retards

>> No.56023233

sorry i prefer to focus. autism is everything
have made enough by being autistic. focussed like entirely on "japanese imperial stamps" the world is too big to absorb, process, harvest, without specialism, autism. focus (and vertical markets). drill 1 lode not them all. 1 specialist lode with 1 specialist drill then you find you got no competition.

>> No.56023241
File: 2.67 MB, 1044x1210, 3919AA40-01A3-4EFA-A3D7-3315D8CEB306.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I buy whatever I want retard and I prefer mostly Britannias. No way I am giving money to your Negro Country.

>> No.56023249

honestly you write like you're on an intense drug trip kek

>> No.56023256

>not a single krug

>> No.56023261
File: 491 KB, 504x422, krug.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

yeah this is true ngl

>> No.56023269

I rely on whichever expert is in the thread at the time

>> No.56023296

Correct form would be "scrotum cuntra serpenis inpenis"

>> No.56023314
File: 2.41 MB, 1080x1931, Gold.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Jelly of that ngl.

>> No.56023324

original font

>> No.56023344

>Latin script in Gothic font.
Does he always do this? Take some random 1pbtid and throw a wrench into the works?

>> No.56023346

go to /cmmg/
we've always viewed mining stocks as gambling/scams

>> No.56023352

In 1813 it was necessary to strike 80,000 guineas to pay the Duke of Wellington's army in the Pyrenees, as the local people would accept only gold in payment. This issue has become known as the Military Guinea. At this time, gold was still scarce and the guinea was trading on the open market for 27 shillings in paper money, so the coining of this issue for the army's special needs was a poor deal for the government, and this was the last issue of guineas to be minted. The reverse of the military guinea is a unique design, showing a crowned shield within a Garter, with honi soit qui mal y pense on the Garter, and britanniarum rex fidei defensor ("King of the Britains, Defender of the Faith") around the edge, and "1813" between the edge inscription and the garter.

krugerrands are boring

>> No.56023356

1pbtids have the best ideas tho

>> No.56023368

After the guinea coin ceased to circulate, the guinea continued in use as a unit of account worth 21 shillings (£1.05 in decimalised currency). The guinea had an aristocratic overtone, so professional fees, and prices of land, horses, art, bespoke tailoring, furniture, white goods and other "luxury" items were often quoted in guineas until a couple of years after decimalisation in 1971.[12] The guinea was used in a similar way in Australia until that country converted to decimal currency in 1966, after which it became worth A$2.10.

Bids are still made in guineas for the sale of racehorses at auction, at which the purchaser will pay the guinea-equivalent amount but the seller will receive only that number of pounds. The difference (5p in each guinea) is traditionally the auctioneer's commission (which thus, effectively, amounts to 5% on top of the sales price free from commission). Many major horse races in Great Britain, Ireland, Canada, New Zealand and Australia bear names ending in "Guineas", even though the nominal values of their purses today are much higher than the £1,050 or £2,100 suggested by their names.[b]

>> No.56023375
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based Devilled Eggs enjoyer

>> No.56023380

the blade.
sometimes it sticks in the cold

>> No.56023382

>If I recall that's what its ablative is
Nobody cares. 99.99994% of people will type it into google and go, "oh cool,' without giving even one half of one percent of a fuck what the (((official real))) usage of the words are.

>> No.56023391

>(((official real))) usage of the words
yeah words having meaning is so jewish bro

>> No.56023409
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>the blade.
>sometimes it sticks in the cold
frosty post

>> No.56023428

bro? that's not a real word. Also Jewish should be capitalized. bro.

>> No.56023440

oh wait, you're IQDELET. nvm

>> No.56023460

It's always a good thing when IQDELET shows up. It means a dip is coming

>> No.56023522

Sounds about right yeah

I care mostly because right now I'm learning Latin and find it fun to see if I'm not understanding the stuff etc etc

>> No.56023539


>> No.56023556

retarded question: i have a bunch of cash ($10k+) from tips. should i buy coins/bullion to avoid loss to inflation? obviously dont want to bank it for tax reasons

>> No.56023559


>> No.56023573

Is it a good idea to buy second hand random Niue 'collections' if they are cheaper than bullion coins?

>> No.56023613

Nah, both sellers of marecoin ask 250$. I would be happy with 300%.

>> No.56023635

There's a "make offer" button on at least one listing.

>> No.56023664

Don’t spend the whole $10,000 on PMs. But yeah, if you just want to store that value, buy some gold or silver.

>> No.56023667

Its made by S.M and they charge s&h. Not paying keith $20 extra just for his stuff.
>20 bucks is 20 bucks

>> No.56023686

I was under the presumption that we were paying for what was advertised, not some kind of bad group collaboration that also put bad latin with the wrong typeface.

>> No.56023705

Memecoinfags bent over again

>> No.56023728

I thought the design stage was over like 4 months ago what the fuck mintanon

>> No.56023737

Let's hear your functioning definition for "Precious Metal."

>> No.56023839

spend some on shelf-stable food and water filter/treatment systems as well if you don't already have those

>> No.56023957

a prepper. why is it all gonna collapse. when. how soon.

>> No.56023964
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>20 more debate sessions
Gather the round table lads. we need to get this taken care of

>> No.56023965

group collaboration has always been part of these meme coins
if you don't like it don't fucking buy it

>> No.56024008
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i want my package

>> No.56024027

It doesn't have to collapse. It's just a safeguard for the potential of long-term power outages, supply chain disruptions and natural disasters.

>> No.56024043

yeah there's no reason not to prep at least a little bit
it can save you from waiting in a line of hundreds of people to get whatever the fuck there is currently a shortage of

>> No.56024071


>> No.56024692
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>> No.56025916

I'll take your preorder if you want, since he won't open them back up despite still being in design phase, just hates money I guess

>> No.56026114

Pmsforsales ,there's some guy selling 100 corona coins for spot if you use bitcoin and 1922 for Normal methods,

>> No.56027330

Kek... still not at bump limit.

>> No.56027368
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>> No.56027407

almost there

>> No.56027419


>> No.56027472
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