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Are you fucking serious

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You're a faggot too, but that aside what the fuck is up with /biz/ and posting so much of the frog? It was funny over a decade ago when it was still feelsbadman and feelsgoodman but now I associate Pepe more with Reddit than 4chan.

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Apple phoneposter no less

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Yes this board is all bots. Mods are fags.

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my threads in there SIUUUU

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we a frog board nao

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Also noticed the double-frog combo glad OP made this thread

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>waaah frogposters!!!
cope. Pepe has been, always will be, and never won't be a representation of /biz/.

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How do I change to this view? My 4chan is ugly asf

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Contrarian cringe copium, Pepe is decades out of date now and reeks of newfaggot.

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>Pepe has been, always will be, and never won't be a representation of /biz/.
Wrong. Coomposting was always the /biz/ staple but then you trannies cried about it because it reminded you what a real woman looks like. Now we are stuck with a bunch of gay zoomer mutts trying to meme ded millenial ideas.

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I fear the 1pbtID demoralization thread bot farm that uses pepe has damaged the good name of frens beyond all possible salvation

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>only 1 caroline post

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There's literally no other board on 4chan where Pepe is posted this much, because he's twitter/reddit material. Not even /int/ posts him this much and that board's full of admitted reddit and twitter tourists. Now sneed about it.

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>cope. Pepe has been, always will be, and never won't be a representation of newfags and zoomers.

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I like peepee the frog, idk who this imposter is but this is what peepee actually looks like