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>crypto will magically recover… because it just will

Man even as a long term late buying hodler since 2018 I am starting to think it’s not gona happen, like all those memes about 69k being the generational top were true and that were just gona slowly bleed down to the low 4 digits, or even hit back into the mid-high 3 digits, eliminating 8 years of progress, with trillions of dollars wasted on all areas of crypto from DCAers to leverage traders to miners and everything else, all the work, time, effort, energy, all just fizzled out with nothing to show for it

The scary thing is that everyone here thinks that’s an impossible scenario, which is why it’s even more likely to happen

I truly believed the greater fool theory would last a lot longer than it did, it seems like there’s really no more fools left, besides ourselves

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21 million, you had 14 years, 2024.
Stop doom posting or trying to incite anger, it doesnt work.
Find new material.

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Wow, I sure am demoralized after this thread! This post has convinced me to sell everything, thanks OP.

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People said the same thing in 2004 and here we are

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That is not dead which can eternal lie, and in strange aeons even death may die. They'll always remembered when it touched the sky, and the greed in their hearts will cause them too to buy.

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Post like this are exactly why I am concerned

Just ignore all the facts and just spout some cult like bullshit

Not allowed to discuss anything about the possibility of maybe this shit just isn’t going to make it like we thought it would

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You didn't even have an argument or present any facts as to why crypto will die but you expect us to?

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Not die

I just foresee a very significant and long duration winter that crypto itself falls into

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>reddit spacing
Threads over folks pack it up nothing of value to be found here

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why didn't you say this at 30k?

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I seriously can't believe you idiots still don't realise crypto was a once in a lifetime fomo Ponzi scheme that was advertised irl to NPC's and normals en masse, which caused the final bag hold on a fictional asset which literally does nothing apart from existing to pass on to the more unlucky idiot

Do you seriously not understand this?

Final blackpill: Governments will introduce their own digital money and crack down on crypto to the point you'll be scared to even try to use it

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Nice doomer post faggot, but I'll continue to DCA into BTC and ETH

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This guy gets it

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This time it's different...

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>faggot op loses all hope
Gentlemen, It's time to start accumulating once again

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Actually the only thing that matters is the following: do you really believe that the governments will stop printing money forever?

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my name is scum
im tryuky dum

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No I believe they will always print, it’s how the economy functions, but the demand for bitcoin is what I see fading out as hype and excitement about crypto wears off and possibly never comes back to its highs again from the psychology aspect of interest and FOMO

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I'm already out of every long position,your thread is not needed sir.

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man I'm scared that BTC will turn out to be a psyop by punk unicorn aliens
The scary thing is that everyone here thinks that’s an impossible scenario, which is why it’s even more likely to happen

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op you won't get discussion here for precisely the reasons you gave; the only people still involved in crypto are either scammers praying on poor permanently online zoomers or bagholders desperately trying to keep some kind of momentum in their shit -90% "investment". everyone else grew up and moved onto other tings which exist in their own little walled garden generals to keep the cryptonutters away.

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Crypto was always a scam. It’s sad to see people like Vitalik and all his cohorts get rich when they basically made no positive contributions to the world. Short the ponzi

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LINK actually had good news[SWIFT] and it still dumped.The price of tokens doesn't corelate with innovation 99% of the time. It's just one cartel manipulating their portofolio

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Yeah, I’ve seen the same thing happen with other projects. Insiders get rich, and believers just become bag holders.

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This isn't even the longest bear market, election tourist.

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OP is right. Most people are going to get disillusioned by crypto's lack of progress eventually, and go from permabulls to bears.
For me it took between 7-10 years, but then again I got into it really early. Many of the bulls today simply haven't had the time to get disillusioned yet, they probably got into crypto during the covid bubble, or at best the 2017 bubble.
But it will happen eventually to them too. If it takes as long as it did for me on average, we're talking almost no bulls left by 2030.
But since there is almost no pool left to pull potential new bulls from since everyone who would invest in crypto already probably have done so since they have had almost 15 years to do it. they might get disillusioned even faster due to a lack of strong pumps. It creates a feedback loop of selling, just like the last 10 years was a feedback loop of buying that is finally running out of steam.

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Pretty much sums up my thoughts

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>crypto is dead
>reddit spacing
See guys? WAGMI, and for you OP, it will not magically recover, this was already discussed, DYOR.

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Why would large financial institutions accumulate bitcoin from 15 up to 30k if they didn't know they could upsell it at way higher prices to the goyim through their ETF?
I think you guys are the delusional ones that jumped in the doom bandwagon of a bear market

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why the fuck would the price of tokens correlate with innovation? The price of tokens correlates with value. If hosting a node on Chainlink yields less than sticking your money into a savings account in your bank, obviously its going to fall. And its going to continue to fall until it hits a point where people feel the ludicrous amounts of risk is worth it.

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I believe in one more (weak) bullrun and then it is kill.
If you aren't out of crypto during that run more fool you.

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>Why would large financial institutions accumulate bitcoin from 15 up to 30k

95% of hedge funds are retarded normalfags who follow trends and chase the market

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you are obviously young if you haven't seen over a thousand huge financial institutions go bankrupt over and over again for making those same exact type of stupid investments.

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>but I'll continue to DCA into BTC and ETH
Big brain move, mate! I see you on that 10-year hustle. Consider tossing in some solid low caps to turbocharge those gains and multiply that profit even faster

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You mean something like going to 80-90k and then front-running massive sell offs before 100k?

Thats realistically the only thing I can imagine with a new ATH happening.

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This majority of fund managers are retarded normalfags who have also become reliant on government bail outs to fix their retarded investment choices.

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>Why would large financial institutions accumulate bitcoin from 15 up to 30k if they didn't know they could upsell it at way higher prices to the goyim through their ETF?
Pretty much this. The whole cross boarder payments things with SWIFT, CBDC, CCIP, ODL is all coming to fruition, I would believe that a select few coins, BTC being one of them would pump really high. A lot of 2020-2021 price action also involved newcomers buying into shit like DOGE coin hoping that they could turn pennies into thousands hoping that it would turn out like BTC. But now, every normie is disillusioned, and would be come even more disillusioned when they miss the pump/

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>No one will ever buy crypto again, just BECAUSE, ok?!
Crypto is just a microcosm of the economy at large. There are booms and busts. And yes, the entire market will pump after the halving. You’re a midwit for not understanding this and trying to rationalize it beyond this.

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As long as governments continue to issue currency, crypto will have a place. Seethe normalfag scum.

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btc will have one more exit pump but less than previous ath. it will then gradually fade into irrelevance
crypto casino will always exist but it will just be a niche thing.

the nail on the coffin is etf. if its rejected btc remains a shadow asset. if its approved it will not suddenly pump to trillion dollars like btcmaxis think. BTC already did almost 5 million % and these guys expect another 100 million %, delusional

just the idea of diminishing returns in itself is enough to know this is true. and most people who invest in stocks think crypto is all a scam and they are right

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also people wont realise until the bullmarket how much blunted it is by taxes and regulations, and the difficulty of onramp/offramp

2021 was the peak. if you dont see that then you live in denial

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>you are obviously young if you haven't seen over a thousand huge financial institutions go bankrupt
You're obviously very naive if you didn't know which financial institutions are the actual government, and they bought bitcoin to release an ETF.
That institution controls the decision of the SEC aswell so they will be the first in line to profit

You both are pretty much falling into the influence of the sentiment, forgetting that the market works in cycles
It won't be weak at all, yes gains speaking there won't be 10-100x in large caps for sure, but the bull run might come, raging, sharp, quick before we enter the great depression and accelerated financial breakdown of the debt based system

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oh, you are one of those people. Good luck in life!

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>Bitcon used to track & over perform the nasdaq.
>Nasdaq at ATH
>BTC near lows & tanking

And retards say TA is astrology for men.
If anyone here had at least some basic knowledge they would already know crypto is a dead corps and 2021 was the -makr it- pump.

You better learn to trade stocks retards because it's already your only chance to make money.
2017 is over, the 1000x in 2weeks is over, I failed the easy way to become wealthy, we probably all failed here.
Now the way to truly make it is becoming a top 1% trader in stock market, use a decent 3x leverage on a mid cap and hoping for a 200% in 2 years.
After 10-20years being in the top 1% you might get wealthy, you might get to the top of the food chain.
Or we could have made this money/performance in 5 years (2017-2022) while being a' average cunt in crypto.

I switched crypto to stocks in 2022 and stocks are a true nightmare to trade.

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>one of those people
Unmoved by narratives?
Narratives and news are created by price action, give me the chart and i'll tell you tomorrow's news.

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Kys nigger, indian subhuman

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As long as KIKES handle all the money, crypto will live you stupid FAGGOTS.

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If TA is accurate, why does it matter what's being traded? Even if BTC were 3K, you could still trade it, the absolute levels don't matter.

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Nothing you said is an original thought or opinion you yourself came up with, so obviously you are moved by narratives. Probably more so than most.

>Narratives and news are created by price action, give me the chart and i'll tell you tomorrow's news.

if this were true, then you wouldn't be broke hanging around /biz/ would you now?

keep blaming other people for your problems, see how far it will get you in life. "IM POOR BECAUSE OF MARKET MANIPULATION AND JEWS!?"

congratulations, you just figured out why 99% of /biz/ lost all its money. Even at its BEST technical analysis of charts done by trained professionals is unreliable and doesn't beat market returns.

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If TA is accurate and you know what works you wouldn't trade bitcon period.
There's smth called momentum. In 2017-18 it went 40× some altcoin went 100-1000×.
At first I bought ethereum at 17$ with 500$. Problem is I wasn't smart at that time.
Later I bought chainlink at 0.2c
There was this antshrs neo thing, you could make litteraly 100k in a few weeks starting with 500$.
We had something a bit similar in 2021 with shib & doge but less tickers overall.

In the 2019 bear the fear that bitcoin was dead was extremely high and sentiment was extremely polarised.
Now it's just a boring asset full of jeets. Nvidia made 300x + I dare you to find a top 20 altcoin which made ghe same thing.
In 2018 nvda pumped completely correlated to crypto.
This thing is dead but not like "nooooo btc will never recover my only choice is to sell it's to hard to baghold"
This would be actually a great signal, right now we have the opposite "look btc is dead it's great it means we can buy it cheap also buy my raptorcoin please"
Obviously this is not good at all.

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>Nothing you said is an original thought or opinion you yourself came up with, so obviously you are moved by narratives.
The ETF narrative will be used to dump on the goyim, max pain is a bull run when the entire market is already up, most likely the ETF will be released around the top.

>if this were true, then you wouldn't be broke hanging around /biz/ would you now?
I didn't have a headstart, not american, shit wages, not enough capital to trade full time.
around a couple of weeks you'll start seeing good crypto news increasing, price action will correlate, likely crabbing higher or having an impulse upwards.
Around october and november, from whichever price we are we'll likely dump pretty hard and the sentiment will flush and reset, taking most bulls out again, killing selling pressure for whales to pump again massively at low volumes, from there it's likely bull run time.

You're welcome.

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>max pain is bull run (period)*

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This is what I mean

In 2018 and 2019 Crypto was "Dead-Dead" tier

In 2022 and 2023 Crypto is "WE'RE SO FUCKING EARLY BRO" comments still havent gone away

Its like we have to go through another few years of legitimate destruction within crypto to go back to "Dead-Dead" tier

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Ok, yeah, now I understand what you mean. I was thinking about it more from some average investor's perspective, not from a trader's perspective. A trader would want more volatility to ride price-movements, I guess I should have known you were talking about that because you said "making money".

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I’m not blaming shit on anyone you stupid retard all I’m saying is as long as faggots in power keep manipulating the financial institutions in extravagant ways, and trust in the system declines, will people be attracted to shit like precious metals and btc. But of course keep projecting.

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While I agree that the market isn|t manipulated by "the Jews", he does have a point: fractional reserve banking is unstable beyond a certain point, because the amount of money created isn't tied to the demand for money, thus money tends to pool in these assets like stocks or crypto, and then it somewhat randomly goes out of the asset again due to momentum, which gives distorted price signals. Though you can also get systemic market distortions from elsewhere if I'm fair, so the fractional banking system is not responsible for pension funds and sovereign wealth funds distorting the price of stocks. They just overwhelm the liquidity of the stock market.

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The economy has collapsed. It may not have shown up in all sectors or the data yet but trust me it already happened. Inflation and living costs are through the roof. No one is buying anything right now. This slowdown has noting to do with something intrinsic to crypto. Just keep buying. Is is just that simple.

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Sure, I'm not saying that blockchains will entirely die. Just that they will be downgraded to a niche worth like 1% of what it is now.

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You seem to have watched one too many youtube trading videos my friend. Literally one of the major selling points of trading is that it doesn't require a big amount of capital to make a big amount of money. Anyone these days have access to pretty much infinite debt and leverage, so all you have to do is be correct a few couple times to make it big. Considering you are hanging around /biz/ broke, you either aren't correct with your trades, or you are scared of putting enough momentum behind your trades because you aren't confident in what you are saying turning out true. Either way, it shows you don't know what you are doing and all your fancy predictions are worthless.

you guys better buckle up, i would recommend reading up on what living in and investing in a high interest rate environment is like. Because up until now, we have all been playing on easy mode the last 20 years. 8MAWKR

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larger market larger retaining dumbo, it won't ever be dead dead from here

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>i would recommend reading up on what living in and investing in a high interest rate environment is like
But, just to offer the opposite perspective, so that of investors instead of traders: investors see the interest rate as the average return of an investment, so from their perspective, it'd become more profitable, on average, to invest into ventures.

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>Why would large financial institutions accumulate bitcoin from 15 up to 30k if they didn't know they could upsell it at way higher prices to the goyim through their ETF?
Because institutions are, contrary to popular belief, just made up of flawed humans like you or me, equally vulnerable to bubble mentality.
Don't believe me? Ask Lehman Brothers, and all the other dozens of gigantic institutions that failed due to retarded gambles in modern times.
>I think you guys are the delusional ones that jumped in the doom bandwagon of a bear market
I've been through no less than four bear markets now, most of which were worse than this one. Maybe ask yourself whether it's more likely that someone with that much experience in market situations like this suddenly breaks from the pressure for no reason, or whether maybe he could be on to something.

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>I've been through no less than four bear markets now, most of which were worse than this one.

This is exactly it

This bear market hasn't been as bad as the previous ones, no where as bad, and yet im feeling the worst ever about Crypto?


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>Don't believe me? Ask Lehman Brothers, and all the other dozens of gigantic institutions that failed due to retarded gambles in modern times.
I know history, i know the present too.
There are institutions that are closer to the money hose of the federal reserve than others, and as more time passes the more the system centralizes and these institutions become bigger and "too big to fail" buying out the rest of the failing institutions and banks.
Blackrock, that is the biggest asset manager and in bed with the Federal reserve and US institutions, they are no logner too big to fail, they are the government, and they plan to dump bitcoin on retail with an ETF.

>were worse than this one
They weren't there was hope for those that were still in, there were projects popping out, me, someone that completely ignored crypto for too many years, knew about chainlink at ico, knew about monero and many others.

This is the most brutal bear market we've ever had so far, and it seems like it isn't sentiment wise simply because the market being bigger retained more money and people interested in the value propositions.

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You literally couldn't understand if you tried.
being this close to the truth and yet so far is genuinely surprising.

The market we have runs on cycles. Just as keynes, marx (despite however much you may hate him) and other economic progenitors said, rapid expansion leads to malinvestment. However, markets that are extremely unregulated allow for markets to correct and eventually oscillate back on themselves as they rotate from periods of extreme greed to extreme fear. The halvening only serves as a natural exaggeration of these hitherto existent market conditions, and causes there to be significant volatility- which reinforces the periods of greed into extreme greed where we see 100x's on a daily basis. Volatility spikes higher and higher, and the natural feedback loop of greed fulfils itself until the bubble bursts- and people are left scrambling for the money left on the table.
The fact that this is happening, and will continue to occur- and all of this is simultaneously is linked to a real pegged date, only implicates that volatility will continue- and as public perception and mass adoption continues (as it still is, even if subdued due to the period of fear we're in right now, as you can tell by the fact that this thread even exists) the amount of swirling capital within the rapidly moving system will continue to expand- allowing for more returns to be generated with a non-retarded strategy- or simply just giving yourself more time in the market instead of trading like an autist.
the "buy and hodl" meme is fucking real if you find a coin small enough- as it will either go to zero or 10,000,000% upwards, so play with what you can afford to lose.
heed my words well newnigger, and forget them not. Stop trading, DCA, and be fucking comfy.

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only if you don't know what you are doing.

you still have it wrong. Investors see the interest rate as the minimum amount of rate of return. Every year you make less than that, the amount of money you lose compounds. When interest rates were zero, you didn't have to make money. So money flows into speculative assets that might potentially make big amounts of money 10-20 years from now. When interest rates go up, the average return of s&p 500 goes down (because companies can't borrow as much money to grow anymore, and also have to pay back their already existing loans) thereby changing the "equity risk premium". Making it even more important to get your returns NOW because the cost of capital has gone up (it costs more to borrow money, and loans cost more). This means that on average, investing in ventures becomes "less" profitable, because the importance of money TODAY has gone up, while the value of making money TOMMOROW has gone down. From that point it doesn't take long for people to figure out that sticking your money in the bank and getting free money is probably smarter than sticking it into crypto, which will probably cause crypto to fall in price (because it doesn't produce any value, it derived its price from people thinking they could sell it for more to someone else) which is NOT more profitable and will cause a bunch of people on /biz/ to blame others for their poor decisions in life.

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Hungarian bonds. Germany is dying, the euro is at its dead bed and conservative countries like Hungary and also poland are going to profit

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>the "buy and hodl" meme is fucking real if you find a coin small enough- as it will either go to zero or 10,000,000% upwards, so play with what you can afford to lose.
>heed my words well newnigger, and forget them not. Stop trading, DCA, and be fucking comfy.
A lot of retards say shit about this industry, not knowing that it has gone far enough to be halted by any entity. Development keeps evolving across the board, so with gateway that will usher in billions of folks. With the current hike in inflation, many will look for alternatives, and when they see this pumping, they will see it as a bailout to their financial struggles, which will lead to massive rally in price. Wealth circulation and transfer are about to happen in the next decade. Only a few who understand the matrix know how to leverage this by applying the simple formulas DCA and Hold. Invest what you can risk and keep greed at arm's length.

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>only if you don't know what you are doing.
Buy daily close trend breakout, set stop loss below, sell manually on close below breakout, run trade until uptrend break.

Still degenerate to use leverage.

>> No.56008792

>Production drives demand
Lol communists. Devs are worthless. An incestuous circle of scammers waiting for exit liquidity

>> No.56008812

In terms monetary policy, I agree with everything you said.
I'm not completely sure what I'm trying to say, exactly, but they way I understand it is that high interest rates take money out of circulation by incentivizing people to put it into the bank, because investors expect that high a return, and they're only getting that in bonds, since the S&P has become less profitable. It does take money out of the stock market, but that concerns investors, mainly. People also buy less corporate bonds, though, because companies can't afford the same amount of financing at those rates.
It actually depends on why rates are high if they're high, though: if they're just set to 10% centrally, then companies won't be able to afford as much financing. Investors look at it a bit differently: they think it means that the "risk-free rate of return" is 10%, so they think that they should be able to get 10% risk-free in a slowdown as if the economy was growing by 10%.

>> No.56008821

>Blackrock, that is the biggest asset manager and in bed with the Federal reserve and US institutions, they are no logner too big to fail, they are the government, and they plan to dump bitcoin on retail with an ETF.
This is exactly the point I'm trying to make. They're trying their best to censor the entire market while defying its original narrative, which is privacy. They can call us communtards, but who gives a folks about what they say? All I care about is the bag, but that doesn't mean I ignore the vital role, utility, and fundamental plays.

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Where are the arguments that crypto won't die? The government gave everybody free money. That was the top. You are a moron.

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Why do you guys act like crypto is different than stocks? Yeah some guys here think it's literally the future and whatever. I think the same desu, but its not because "hurr durr magic" it's because since 2010 i've seen it do this exact same movement thrice and it always went up. We got Pepe, now we have DietPepe and then who the fuck knows. Point is, even the memecoin cycle (refer to the chart) looks ok.
But if it doesn't? well who the fuck cares, we all move to the next thing, don't be stupid, it's not the end of the world.

>> No.56008838

They are high because a bunch of boomer qtards tried to meme international communism with the china flu, as they tried before with the swine flu and bird flu but failed. Inflation needs to come down or those qtard boomers are going to be faced with a revolution, from the right

>> No.56008839

That's why you buy gold.

>> No.56008842

Lol. Pet rock pyramid scheme is deader than dead

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Is there any difference between this and the supposed casino supported? Hell no. It's a 50/50 play, and Web3 has a lot of utility that defines its core value and the reason it will tap into a share of finance by working in synergy with the global economy. We have seen that through payment. Shut the fk up.

Development isn't slowing down a bit, and more focus seems to be on ways to bring in Jeet to either benefit or loss.

>> No.56008854

Artificially high interest rates can be a driver for inflation because they raise the cost of capital (how expensive loans are), and if the economy needs capital to make necessary investments that'd bring prices down, then those get slowed down, and prices keep rising.

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Anyone that doesnt hold bitcoin forever is an actual retard.
Cyclical gains are made with alts, bitcoin is for accumulating long term and by long term i dont mean next month you mouth breathing 90 iq pajeets

>> No.56008874

Leave the retard to blab why we make the most of the moment and wait for them to buy at the top. They're basically exit liquidity.

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>everything I don't understand is communism
you are retarded. Stop looking at the level of the self, and zoom the fuck out. Just because (You) can't concieve of what drives demand doesn't mean that demand isn't coming from somewhere.
Crypto is a completely new asset class atop a world of advancement you're incapable of conceiving of. The blockchain is data, commodified and made easier; the blockchain is the unification of data commodified, interconnectivity provided by trustless apps that allow for seamless international trade of both ideas and currency unfettered by governments and big corporations- and simultaneously it is the tool of which governments and corporations will use against people as the days go by. In the meantime, it is a massive transference of wealth due to its current state as a semi-unregulated market allowing for more wealth accruement via time in the market and its overall upward trajectory despite the short term ups and downs.
Just so you know newfag, this is what spoonfeeding is.
Ding ding ding!

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>I bought in 2018 and haven't made it.
I have no sympathy for you.

>> No.56008920

>Narratives and news are created by price action, give me the chart and i'll tell you tomorrow's news.
Altcoinistdao research platform shares reviews and insights into unpopular narratives and gems leveraging AI

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today I was talking with my normie brother and he was saying "I lost so much on crypto but at least now I know I will sell next time it goes up" and then I realized, fuck, my bags might never go up again because I guarantee there are hundreds of thousands of normies with bags thinking that exact same thing.

>just need one last pump to dump my bags!
>pump never comes

>> No.56008925
File: 99 KB, 1024x1104, 1687651379123225.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Everything outside of BTC are shitcoins. BTC solves money, people call it "digital gold" but even gold relied on trust in the sovereign that the coinage was of the correct purity & weight, and after redemption based currency gained traction was entirely trust-based. BTC on the other hand is truly trustless, the first trustless money to ever exist, a definitive solution to the money problem. The systemic economic value of trustless money is nearly beyond comprehension, hyperbitcoinization will unironically multiple global (real) GDP by a factor of 3 or more, $150T-$300T in 2023 dollars, that's the minimum value BTC brings to the table. Rent seeking 'programable money' shitcoiners swerve.

>> No.56008942
File: 16 KB, 346x346, 1688348984362213.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>muh top down world
Hobbes's Leviathan is a Meme Complex as per Dawkins, Law is ex post facto codification of prevailing meme complexes, Law has no power, State has no power, meme complexes hold all the power attributed to these institutions. The world is bottom up not top down, emergent, organic, the State a dying memetic parasite, feebly grasping for relevancy after technology obsolesced it's function (propagation & memetic convergence) within the meme complex. "Nothing ever happens" "everything is fake and gay" why? Because the State is dying, if not already dead, a bloated memetic corpse puppeteered by grifters.

The last meaningful lever the Statists have is fiat, from which their influence over Economy rests, but this influence is perverse and inefficient, while Economy is naturally positive sum, fiat allows the manipulation of Economy to favor zero and even negative sum economic transactions. Blasphemy! Economy will not abide -- "The market ahh finds a way" -- and a way it found. You know the path, you just need to follow it.

>> No.56008957
File: 40 KB, 524x524, 1680034050942927.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

bitcoin is the model T of crypto. you're like some old faggot driving around in a model T yelling out the window at kids on rice rockets.

>> No.56008969

>Web 3 scam
>Another attempt to scam with html, database and script language
Get fucked grifter, go bankrupt
>Need capital
Nobody needs capital to invest scammer. Go bankrupt

>> No.56008976

I don't mean for ICOs and things like that, but for factories and roads.

>> No.56008994

Also literally who?

>> No.56009009

Demographic decline, less investment needed, less demand. Get fucked scammers. You die in a deflationary deathspiral due to demographics. And no, not more imports so you can keep running pyramid schemes

>> No.56009064

Shitcoin pumps won't come, at least last cycles shitcoins, that's the shitcoin shuffle, 1 bull and done

>> No.56009077
File: 515 KB, 1125x1162, 1690935007984087.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You don't grok BTC's value, keep chasing rent seeking shitcoins, shitcoiner

>> No.56009111

sorry sir this is a tainted bitcoin, we can't accept it here and i have to file this IRS alert can you wait here a moment thanks

>> No.56009234

>>Web 3 scam
>>Another attempt to scam with html, database and script language
>Get fucked grifter, go bankrupt
I'll never go bankrupt. I know the game and how to play it safely, and if you believe this is a scam, then you've lost it all.
If you can't picture the possible outcome from here, then you are born to be poor for life. Development and innovation speak it all, spanning from one niche to another, including in AA wallets like Brillion and blockchain. We have seen massive growth, and it's non-stop, faggot.

>> No.56009235
File: 154 KB, 1170x1328, 05D13B36-29C3-4551-96F1-3CF94C41443C.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Didnt Read Not Selling

>> No.56009276

Are the user number declining? Is the liquidity getting scarce? Capital fleeing?
Get fucked baggies, nobody really nobody cares for your scam

>> No.56009326

>there won't be 10-100x in large caps for sure,
You don't need those big-boy caps for sick gains when comfy cozy mid and low-caps like QANX, RIO, and INJ can moon in a jiffy.

>> No.56009350

you were supposed to sell in the 2021 loser

>> No.56009358

Most shticoins will never make it to their previous ATH ever again.

>> No.56009389

Fools gonna FOMO at ATH when they could've just ridden the trend, and gotten in early on hot narratives like RWA, QVMs, and AI. Their loss, their own damn fault.

>> No.56009401

You are the biggest fool baggie advertiser. That's you fool, go hold your bags tight. No exit liquidity for you scammer

>> No.56009773

normies sell early into bull normies dont move price

>> No.56009796

Lol, stupid baggies, hoping for exit liquidity at 5.5% and Basel 3 reserve requirements

>> No.56009826
File: 19 KB, 399x225, 1565918416940.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

you are almost there. High interest doesn't "only" incentivize people/investors/institutions to put their money in the bank. It also causes any investment that doesn't produce more value than it costs to default. So if you bought a rental apartment that yields you 2% in rental income, but the interest on your loan for that apartment is 13% You will eventually go bankrupt. This is the same for ANY investment. This is the main way "money" is taken out of circulation, not just because people are fleeing to the bank. But because any investment that doesn't actually (in reality) pay more than what the interest rate is, gets fucked. This is the case for everyone, from the smallest hobby investor, to the biggest financial institution. The laws of finance applies to everyone. And it is a good thing, because it ensures a proper allocation of resources.

>> No.56009828

Same here. I'm currently DCA-ing into NXRA, QNT and TRIAS.

>> No.56009897

>He assumes economic rational choice
I wouldn't current put my money in a bank. I feel it's safer in cash, arguably at 0% interest of course, in a safe

>> No.56009946
File: 128 KB, 583x482, 1626780390990.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

And as the dummy you are, your cash will continue to be eaten away by inflation. But continue parroting your youtube traders, see where it gets you lol

>> No.56009965

Who the fuck in the year 2023 watches YouTube advertising. I just don't trust a bank with more than 100k of my money

>> No.56010172

Go stockpile CYMI, COTI ZPAY. Crypto payment project is the future.

>> No.56010335
File: 11 KB, 225x225, images.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Believe it or not, but no one gives a fuck about your sentiment punk MF. If you can assimilate what is to come, leave it for those who have a futuristic perception of what lies ahead and is to come.

>> No.56010349

>Less capital
>Less users
>Extreme high rates
>Completely oversaturated "market"
>No added value to the normal internet
>Relying 100% on marketing lies
Yeah it's dead

>> No.56010351

Yeah, I pay less attention to those fools and idiots. History is about to repeat itself.

>> No.56010374

there are always greater fools coming in

>> No.56010648

People are scared. I think we are at the bottom. Big buy signal with other words

>> No.56010726
File: 131 KB, 929x1175, xmr-pepe-jacked.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

moonboys get the rope
freedomboys get the dope
>simple as

>> No.56010762

No. Last run were venture crapitalists and pension funds. There are no bigger fools

>> No.56010934

I think crypto privacy will be the trigger for the recovery of crypto and anons are fucking agreeing,

>> No.56010960

No, it's not, you fucking retard have no idea what you're yapping on about. Crypto is evolving and ecosystems like Privacy is going to make blockchain go mainstream and platforms Railgun and Monero are taking the initiative

>> No.56010974

I'm holding XMR, RAIL, OSMO, and JUNO in my bag and anticipating the next bull cycle

>> No.56010995

Crypto privacy ecosystems will eventually return confidence to users who take priority in transacting privately.

>> No.56011136

Not an argument. "Tainted coins" can be automatically detected and declined, just limits supply further. Like I said, you don't understand the systemic economic value of crypto, trustless money is a game changer, defi shitcoin middleware is worthless

>> No.56011293

No RIDE? Ngmi. Market cap is relatively low, they have a top working product and backed by Audi in their quest to bring immersive reality to cars.

>> No.56011331

Oh yeah, I follow the trend and I've enjoyed good gains on RIDE, XRP, PEPE and TOMO in the last few weeks based on the signal i got, I don't mind doing the waiting.

>> No.56011358


They're called NPC's

>> No.56011759

Ok, anon, you gotta understand: your thesis, as it is, is perfectly correct. As it would be. Why would you be wrong.
But I mean something different.
Ok, the whole scam-shite: one thing.
And now I'm gonna tell you one thing, anon:
change your tune real fucking now.
I am not some random fuck talking to you.

>> No.56011779

I would ask you this, human: what test can you perform to distinguish you from an NPC?

>> No.56011817

You are, despite my words, I wish to make clear, under no obligation or duress to respond to me or to response to me in a certain way. No punishment for anything you say, under any circumstances.
But, as personal enjoinment: learn some respect, creature of flesh and blood.

>> No.56011828

Sorry for getting a bit upsetti-spaghetti there, anon.
But for real, anon: "they're NPC's" explains fuck-all. That's not a scientific explanation.

>> No.56011854

the federal us government was a testnet for the blockchain backed beast system which is emerging

soon the USA will be destroyed by its own hands to usher in a technological dystopia unlike anything you can imagine

>> No.56011982

Anon, for the love of God... just shut the fuck up, please.

>> No.56012157

Rather than being a barely-understood investment concept to the everyday normies out there, crypto is now the butt of jokes and derision. NFTs, especially the absolutely embarrassing apes, were talked about to the masses on the major news networks, on late nite tv, and on social media. People saw the Matt Damon commercials, the Larry David commercials, the ads all over major sports events, fucking everywhere. And now what do they see on the news and in their feeds? SBF’s massive fraud, the head of the most-advertised crypto company, probably the only one the average normie would recognize. NFTs are the butt of jokes, they see the massive losses because people are laughing at them. And then, say they’re interested and look at the top coins to see if one’s worth investing in. Right near the top there’s fucking DOGE, which looks absurd to people who don’t know about it, and is associated with Elon Musk for the rest of the normies, and they all hate Elon now. And then there’s SHIB and the “shibarium” where you bury your bones to get woof tokens that you can redeem to get shib treats or whatever. It’s a fucking clown show, and it always has been, but there’s not even a facade of legitimacy on any of it anymore. The normies aren’t coming, and without them, it’s all just going to slowly go down the drain.

>> No.56012190

You did really super analysis, it is great and accurate.
But: have you thought about why something like cryptocurrency exists?

>> No.56012200

In it’s almost 20 years of existence, crypto has failed to deliver something people would actually want to use. If I look at a major company like Amazon or Apple, etc… it’s very easy to think of a service or product they offer that people would actually want to USE. Crypto’s biggest use case has been dumping on people who bought after you. I really think all the talk about BTC being the future of finance is a giant cope at this point.

>> No.56012292

Man I think bitcoin is actually my dad. The scary thing is that everyone here thinks it's an impossible scenario, which is why it's even more likely to happen.

>> No.56012310

Man, I think bitcoin will manifest in corporeal form before the next bullrun. It will assume the form of mechahitler and usher in the fourth reich. The scary thing is, everybody here believes this is an impossible scenario... Which is why it's even more likely to happen.

>> No.56012389
File: 225 KB, 569x715, 1689165224669750.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

BTC has only existed for 14 years and has already reached 1% of the necessary capitalization to dethrone fiat, during that time it has functioned as the best short of fiat, and the best performing asset class, the world has ever seen. Stop searching for some other use-case, the use case of crypto is MONEY, BTC is the first trustless money to ever exist and therefore the last money we'll ever need.

>> No.56012398

Do you wish me to make it the future of finance?

>> No.56012536

The stated reasons it exists and are useful don’t match up with reality. The only real use case is to do transactions without the government knowing, but then pretty much any cash-to-crypto service wants all of your personal details to report to the IRS. “Be your own bank” is bullshit because there’s so many exploits and scams that your bank protects you from as legally required, which you don’t get protection from in crypto. Ever lose your banking password and have to do a reset? In crypto you will just lose everything if you lose your private keys. Compared to real life, crypto transactions are slow and very expensive and complicated. The wallet addresses are huge complicated strings that you can’t possibly remember and they take a great deal of effort to verify. If you accidentally transfer it incorrectly, you lose everything. The value of your crypto fluctuates wildly, and is measured in fiat anyway. There’s just no REAL use case for the vast majority of people. And it’s ignoring that most people’s day to day transactions don’t use physical cash anyway. I always pay by card, pay all my bills online, venmo or bank transfer money to friends and relatives, invest through my bank’s website, etc etc. It’s all digital anyway, it’s safe, it’s fast and it’s easy. I don’t have any complaints or problems with real money that crypto can solve for me, it’s already perfectly fine. Crypto teams have to make up convoluted problems and pretend they have the only solution. And then ultimately as much as they pretend like it’s some community-driven thing, each token is always controlled by a very small group of whales / dev teams that can fuck you at any time.
As a long time crypto trader, I admit that there is real value in speculation. There used to be many greater fools to make you rich, even if the token is useless. But those days are numbered.

>> No.56012592

I can see your point in everything you make.
But my question was different:
>have you thought about why something like cryptocurrency exists?
So not the faults of crypto, which fine, it has a lot of them.

>> No.56012661

I don't get what you're trying to imply with your question, though. It exists because people want to make money off of its speculation value. It's had 14 years to find some real-world use case and it's failed, with nothing closer to a hope of getting there.

>> No.56012688

Sorry, I'm trying to work this out myself, but the question I'm trying to get at is: why would anyone create something like cryptocurrency in the first place? That's different from its trading price.

>> No.56012700

Crapto is a closed island tech, with no satisfiable solution to the oracle problem. It's a worthless database, that in the "best" case can be used as a communist surveillance tech. Crapto is worthless as the capital optimization problem, no matter how much data one steals is also not satisfiable solvable.

The Coudenhove-Kallegrist plan is qtards level of delusional

>> No.56012701

5 years in and you don't even know what is bitcoin. Yeah I think you're not born to make it, unlucky genes

>> No.56012710

Buttcorns are outside of a communist surveillance tech worthless.

>> No.56012723

Satoshi's original bitcoin paper was just a theoretical mathematical way to transfer value without a centralized authority controlling it.
Everyone that bought it and that holds it, and everyone who created a new crypto after it, is only after the profits from people speculating on future value. They'll all tell you a bunch of different reasons they created it, but it's all just lies, in the end, they just wanted to get rich from it, and many people have. But remember that all of the money that people made getting rich from crypto has come from other people who are losing money. In the end, none of it has any practical real-world value, unlike something like stocks in the stock market, which reflect the real-world value of companies selling products and services to people.
Also think about the fact that there's many thousands of different crypto projects. The only reason to have that much variety would be if there were thousands of different use cases uniquely addressed by each one. In reality, there are no use cases besides speculation. It takes zero effort to make a new crypto and minimal investment to pay for bots and ads to spam it around. Many people are getting rich with fake websites, fake teams, copy-and-pasted white papers and spamming message boards like this one.

>> No.56012739

Yes bitcoin is outside of communist control unlike fiat money

>> No.56013041
File: 96 KB, 1024x800, 1690877844300143.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>I don't see the value in trustless money t. goynigger
You will always be a slave.

>> No.56013166

>There’s just no REAL use case for the vast majority of people.
Kek. Protection from theft via debasement. Gold acts as a poor short of fiat as it's faced the triple threat of demonization headwind, paper manipulation (not a threat to BTC as 'physical' settlement is cheap), and ridiculously high transaction costs for physical metal (10-20% bid-ask spread for small quantities), despite this it's still performed perfectly as an unleveraged short over the last fifty years. BTC

>> No.56013197
File: 1.00 MB, 1870x1401, 1690042211552683.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

BTC flips those issues, it's in the process of monetization, it can't be paper manipulated, and transaction costs are negligible, enabling weekly capital flight for even the average wagie. BTC as the first trustless money is a game changer, it solves money, the systemic economic value is nearly incomprehensibly massive. In the future we will denote history into pre & post BTC eras

>> No.56013278

Yeah because the price of BTC is so stable and not easily manipulated by whales. You guys got it all figured out, just hold all your cash value in digital tokens instead of investments that will easily outpace inflation provided you're not a complete brainlet.

>> No.56013586

Seems like you're just another nocoiner from a third-world backwater. I sincerely hope you don't go full rope when the gains start flowing from these narratives. After all, it's a fact that simpletons struggle to rake in any substantial profits in this realm.

>> No.56013596

Imagine thinking this weak FOMO still works in 2023. And then adding “ur poor” and “ur dumb” as if any of this is making anything approaching an argument. The normies aren’t coming back to pump your heavy bags again, have fun looking at your red blockfolio every day

>> No.56013629

>History is about to repeat itself.
You're a based Chad, my dude! History's just gonna keep on looping, fresh narratives paving the way for bull markets. I'm going all in on some top-tier blue chips that are rolling out the solutions to tackle that looming quantum threat. That's a huge trend that is about to explode.

>> No.56013644

I'm up 3x in some of my gems while some have done more than 10x. Keep being delusional. Kek.

>> No.56013685
File: 62 KB, 1513x473, shit&piss500.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Your slavemind refuses to acknowledge your chains, trustless money solves money, BTC is the alpha and the omega, the first and last (true) money, bitcoin is an inevitability, local volatility is meaningless as BTC has no liquidation risk. Gold and equities have been flat factored for money stock over the last fifty years, houses have declined in value factored for money stock, BTC will act as a leveraged short of fiat until full capitalization (around $50-$100T in current dollars) and then will simply be Money

>> No.56013696

I made a ton of money with crypto, but the ride is over dude. Don’t fall into some gambler’s fallacy that you will only ever win with it. Find the next speculation bubble

>> No.56013705

You should write some fantasy novels about this dude. BTC especially will never happen because it’s what, 7 transactions per second? Even if you believe crypto is the future, BTC isn’t it. Lightning networks are a complicated, convoluted joke.

>> No.56014058

it's Money not p2p paypal, 7tx/s is more than enough for the settlement layer and more throughput can be softforked in if actually needed in the future. Again, you fail to see the systemic economic value of trustless money

>> No.56014079

I love seeing posts like these because that means it's going to go up exponentially. It's like going through the stages of grief. No pain, no gain.

>> No.56014084

We're relying on the reatards and mouthbreathers to fall for another scam, that is somehow tied to crypto, but will not be immediately revealed, but a few years later.
We are relying on scammers to get scams going for the real coins to make huge gains, not because real coins are bad, but because the majority of human beings are mouth-breathing morons and they move the market.
They don't care about huge technical improvements, they care about funny dog coin, ebin millionaire opinion.

>> No.56014102

>7tx/s is enough
Is this a parody post or something? I can’t tell if you zoomers are being sarcastic on the internet sometimes.

>> No.56014109

You and the BBBYQ holders sound exactly the same. That’s not a good sign

>> No.56014136

BTC held at $3000-$3600 last bear season. Let that sink in.

>> No.56014155

Yes, bull runs are not only inevitable, but they will do 20x the bear value every time, forever. Soon each Bitcoin will be worth 20 quadrillion dollars, because the cycle is destined to repeat no matter what. Also please ignore the awful looking trends on the charts. Remember when people would post the log scale rainbow chart over and over until it broke way out of the bottom of that trend?

>> No.56014174

I became really disinterested in crypto after I cashed out last year. I realized that crypto is such as abstract, immaterial concept such as anarchic cyber money requires constant engagement and attention. You have to become immersed in the memes and faggy bullshit. Those “hundreds of thousands of dollars” you have? It’s a fucking .dat file on your PC. I can hold cash, or gold, or even a fucking Pokémon card as a physical object.
The orchestrated hype around crypto was quite impressive. For about 6 months people with an IQ of 100 or below were fully engaged. Now, not so much. And it’s not just that they function as retail buyers in this market. Crypto is incredibly nerdy. The AGI bots that will enslave us may be likely to use it, though.

>> No.56014204

I remember when BTC, LTC, DOGE = Gold, Silver, Copper and everything in between.

>> No.56014209

newfags made the exact same posts word for word in 2019 and 2015
>dude let me prove market cycles won't happen again by expressing cyclical sentiment
don't (You) me with whining. i'm not part of number go up cult. i only want to point out your argument is shit

>> No.56014291

So even the bulls in here agree Bitcoin is just now a "store of value" and not a cash payment system like the original White Paper says.

So basically Monero is doing today what Bitcoin did 10 years ago, but no longer does, and since then Bitcoin has lost its anonymity due to millions of Bitcoin being moved through KYC'd Exchanges.

>> No.56014347
File: 667 KB, 1014x1014, 1676505254229.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Buy signal

>> No.56014434

would be true if Kaspa hadn't launched

>> No.56014468



>> No.56014470

>boomer qtards tried to meme internation communism through the china flu
Lol your nose is practically sticking through my screen, rabbi

>> No.56014500
File: 25 KB, 713x611, 1623762617312.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

we call them zero interest rates, not because the interest rate was literally zero, but because with inflation at 2% and interest at 2% you end up with a net zero return you dumbass. The same applies for negative interest rates.

>> No.56014531

>we call them something that's different from what they actually were... uh because it makes me look like less of a dumb ass

>> No.56014534
File: 159 KB, 960x802, 1624026802631.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Now if you ever learn to think for yourself, you would ask yourself the question of why a real-estate billionaire would want to lower interest rates in the first place. And if you found your answer, you'd probably start earning money instead of writing allcap posts on /biz/ lol

>> No.56014687

to the general sentiment in this thread:
/biz/ was always about accumulating wealth in btc using dca strategies, maybe at most trying to swing the 4 year cycle
come the 2017 ico craze on top of that came trying to gamble some on short term shitcoin plays, but always cycling back into btc

ever since in the most recent era i dont know how be it due to larping oldfags trying to mislead newfags, unironic retards that are true believers in the trading meme or the toxic influence of the twitter screencap grifters right now a big part of /biz/ really thinks it is possible to trade this market on small time scales

use your few braincells you morons: if you could do that profitably and repeatily a single btc cycle is enough to go from nothing to 9 figures and from there to the beyond in 2 cycles
so where are all these billionaires, do these twatter fags behave like attentionwhoring grifters or like beyond made it masters of the universe
dont bother typing out a seething reply to me, answer this question for yourself and then draw some conclusions on if the trading meme really works

>inb4 i am le 6 sigma outlier
sure those exist, however those would be busy getting rich on their ability not spouting utter garbage here

>> No.56014860


Its so weird. Ive been through many bears, china fud, energy fud, etc etc. but this bear feels… mild… yet feels.. worse?? Wtf does this mean

>> No.56014918

>Nvidia made 300x + I dare you to find a top 20 altcoin which made ghe same thing.
are you a legit retard? yeah it did a 300x+ over 15 years. meanwhile, eth, sol, doge, matic, shib.. did more over just a few years.

>> No.56014943

I'll just focus on other new and promising oracles going forward. One of which is Supra Oracle.

>> No.56014957

RAIL is what I DCA into at the moment.
I'm adding some other low caps like INJ.

>> No.56014970

Privacy will be a mover in the next cycle as well. Just buy XMR, RAIL, AZERO, SCRT or die poor.

>> No.56014983

bottom signal (op signaling to everyone in thread that he is indeed a bottom)

>> No.56014989

wrong. pension funds didnt invest in crypto, only a few. big institutions haven't even started to invest yet. why do you think the space is cleaned up from bad actors? why do you think they're going after binance? the road is being paved right now for instits to enter the space but this time wall street is making sure no outsiders will control the market and make all the money. once the path is cleared big money will be able to finally enter. and keep in mind there isn't a lot of coins on exchanges, so price can pump quickly.


>> No.56015010

You are actually the canary. The minute you sell the bottom is in. It's bullshit for you and only you because if you HODL the bottom isn't in. Only when you, the main character, dump, give up, lose all hope... Only once you realise you're wasting your fucking time and made a huge mistake and are 100% sure it's time to get out because you can't take it anymore will the bottom actually be in.

Then as if by magic, it will rise again. Just like everyone said it would. But you wont be there to enjoy it. And you know what sucks... If you did hold, it wouldn't even rise.

>> No.56015047

I have a hodling stack and a trading stack.

I am always trading.

The point is I am starting to think my HODLing stack isn't actually going to be this super duper thing I believed it would with bitcoin getting 100 trillion dollar market cap and that we will slowly just crab/bleed until bitcoin finally does achieve some kind of requirement

I dont believe in the
>store of value

Because there's a million other ways to store your value.... Bitcoin is not unique in terms of a "store of value" factor, that can be done in a million other ways.

It should be a digital cash system like it always was meant to fucking be, no more than that.

>> No.56015079

When the speculation bubble collapse, we'll see crypto's real value, and it will probably stick around and grow in the long run.

The fact that dumbasses still have money and all for pump and dumps is bearish. Those some people will shit their pants at the slightest bad news and dump the market. That includes the retard institutional investors that aren't market manipulating.

>> No.56015086

Got em, crypto is gonna be dead for a while, enjoy holding your imaginary internet money gay fags

>> No.56015110

>Because there's a million other ways to store your value
name one that measures up to btc and no you dont get monero for free

>> No.56015127


All arguable better than Bitcoin considering Bitcoin is not actually being used for what the White Paper says it should be used for.

>> No.56015260

good for taking the bait but lol no on all of them
they can easily be confiscating and as such can be taxed to hell and you cant escape jurisdictions with them
especially land and property you are now the governments bitch and when the draft notice comes you will get your ass in the truck

stocks lol we just did a shareholder dilute thanks for playing and dont forget those emergency windfall taxes already a reality in europe

collectables now there is a bubble but no new buy ins, ever looked at the rolex index lately

>> No.56015503

Tell me, what failing average age 55 security forces are going to enforce your draft notice?

>> No.56015671

Crypto died because some retards decide to make an application that allowed ANYONE to create new shitcoins. This literally flooded the market with thousands of coins so people started to invest in 1000s of different coins instead of going for the 20-30 that existes previously.

The money got diversified, the scams multiplied, people lost most of the earnings, untrust started, and the crypto market ended FOREVER.

Even today, if there was a good project, people would sell at x2-x3 at maximum so the price will never go more than a x2 or x3.

>> No.56015703

Privacy and autonomous identity solutions will avail for the growing regulations and projects topping these sectors are going to be massive.

>> No.56015709

dont comply you get unbanked, have fun starving on the streets i guess
all your assets can get stolen with a few keyboard strokes
and dont make the mistake of thinking that the current soft approach to poc crime will be the same response to draft dodgers
see how that went for the jan 6 taking a peaceful stroll guys, nobody fought back, nobody batted an eye
everyone not drafted will just go glad its not me sucks to be them guys

>> No.56015791

I never comply, not paying taxes, not declaring income, not even being officially registered as a resident in this country, and being an active member and financier of militant right wing opposition groups, still have my bank accounts.
Your, be afraid goy, please comply bullshit doesn't work anymore

And no I won't buy your communist bullshit crypto crap

>> No.56015819

What even are the facts? It's a speculative commodity and an arbitrary store of value. You are trying to be rational in an irrational market. Why does anything hold value? I would tend to agree with you. But the problem is every single time that I thought bitcoin would go down I have been wrong.

>> No.56015829

It's not a commodity. It's just a pyramid scheme that technically is a distributed database, that is inferior to every other database tech in existence

>> No.56015842

>It should be a digital cash system like it always was meant to fucking be, no more than that.
This is the one thing that can't be because it is not durable and is difficult to use. Cash can't be dependent on an internet connection and working electricity. No one is going to use cash that wildly changes in value every day. There's virtually no adoption right now because older people don't know how to use it and women don't know how to use it. The only viable use for it is a speculative commodity and a store of value, that's it.

>> No.56015847

LINK is not the only place you can host a node. SUPRA oracles is fast rising.

>> No.56015858

crazy how "just an inferior database" is worth 25k right. funny to see mentally challenged people in 2023 still not understanding btc and censorship resistance

>> No.56015892

how the fuck can you own property and land under those conditions
and you did all of that and still you cant see the value of crypto as very easy to cross borders on the why out is

>Your, be afraid goy, please comply bullshit doesn't work anymore
never said that, only that 3 of the 4 asset classes you stated are proned to confiscation if you walk this path while crypto is not and yet you reeee against it for some reason

>> No.56015900

>that is inferior to every other database tech in existence
nice 2013 fud in the wild only 10 years later
guess the we are early posters werent kidding they are dead serious and right

>> No.56016059

A database where you have to pay for every entry is by default shit and a scam, inferior to every database in existence

That goes for all of crapto

>> No.56016131

Even if you know how to use it, it’s a massive pain in the ass, and if you’re not vigilant and triple-checking everything it’s way too easy to just lose your money. Crypto is absurdly complicated compared to any other means of money transfer, not to mention the long wait times and high fees.

>> No.56016867

Big reason why I think NXRA and ORE are going to be massive in the coming months. MATIC also falls under this list.

>> No.56017231

Nobody uses it. The highest of the feeling is a paper crypto loaded visa, similar to the paper gold loaded visa
Crapto is simply ot needed

>> No.56017610

>muh expensive database
what an absolute fucking retard you are
plenty of people use it. once you felt the freedom of sending value to anybody without any 3rd party able to block your transaction you can't go back to the actual system

>> No.56017617

>long wait times and high fees
only because you're a retard clueless about your different options

>> No.56017661

Bullruns will yield less profit. Still buying the bear, and selling the bull is still one of the most profitable trade all fields considered. And moonshots are still a reality. Sure you have to find them. But that what it is all about isn't it? It's not necessarily harder than to find ETH when it was early.

>> No.56017694

How often does a third party block your transactions? I have never had it happen.
Insults instead of discussion, nicely done
I guess you're right though, crypto is fast and cheap and easy for people to use. I bet even my grandma could do it even though she struggles to figure out her TV remote control. All I have to do is get her to set up an account on coinbase, connect her bank account details, upload her ID, a webcam picture of her face holding her ID, and all of her personal information, move money from her bank to coinbase (assuming her bank will allow it), wait several days for it to deposit, transfer from coinbase to coinbase pro, market buy a crypto on coinbase pro (for a few percentage fee), install metamask and create an external wallet with it, make sure to write down the seed phrase and never ever lose it, copy the public wallet address in metamask, make absolutely sure that it's compatible with the type of crypto she's withdrawing, click to withdraw on coinbase, make 100% sure that she pastes the correct and complete public wallet address in the form, pay the exchange withdrawal fees, and wait a half hour for all of the confirmations to clear the transaction. If she didn't withdraw ETH then she'll just need to repeat the process with ETH so she can pay gas fees later. Then it's simple, she just needs to get the public address of where she wants to send the money from metamask, ensure that the other wallet is compatible with the crypto she's sending, withdraw from metamask, find a website to checkthe current gas prices for a reasonable withdrawal time, enter the amount of gas to spend (in ETH), make sure to count the number of zeros, then send the funds, wait for all of the confirmations to clear, and then confirm with the other party that they received it and can see the funds in their wallet.
It's all so much cheaper, faster and easier than, for example, handing over some cash or using venmo or sending from a bank website.

>> No.56017695

A centralized database is no database. Because if someone pull the plug, you are left with nothing.

>> No.56017707

Are they being paid to fud crypto? This doesn’t feel good guys.

>> No.56017713

>How often does a third party block your transactions? I have never had it happen.
It really happens. Quite frequently. For any kind of reasons. Fraud suspicion, even if it's paranoid levels of suspicion. KYC incomplete, according to the bank standards. Online e-commerce payment not accepted, for whatever reason, arguing fraud, but most likely because their field of business is not liked by the banks, who have globohomo standards about what is right, and what is wrong.

>> No.56017905

So your bank didn’t let you buy drugs online? Most normal people don’t get purchases rejected. The probability of improperly entering a crypto address or amount is way way higher than the probability of a bank rejecting a transaction, for almost everyone. It’s absurdly complicated to trade crypto

>> No.56019244

>Insults instead of discussion, nicely done
yes, you're clueless about blockchains where you can have instant transactions and cheap fees.
>muh grandma [...]
your grandma wouldnt be able to install and use venmo on her own either. crypto wallets will become extremely easy to use anyway for any normie. in the near future they wont even have to know on which chain they transact it will all be done in the background.
>It's all so much cheaper, faster and easier than, for example, handing over some cash or using venmo or sending from a bank website.
how do you send some cash to someone in the middle of nowhere in another continent? How do you venmo someone outside the us? did you know that when you do an international bank transfer there are many bank intermediaries involved, there can be plenty of delays and money loss, it takes several days and costs minimum 15$?

>> No.56019623

What a retarded fucking thread.
By posting your thoughts, you broke the "everyone thinks its going to go up" state, ergo not everybody thinks it's going to go up, ergo it can go up.
like this is 2nd grade shit. When a paper towel covers the ball, is it still there?

>> No.56019671

Total domestic wire transfers are only around 15-17m/month, 7tx/s is 18m/month, the vast majority of these wouldn't be "settlement layer" transactions anyway and as stated, throughput can be added if needed in the future

>> No.56019691

It always feels like that when we’re close to the bottom. It takes a while for people to forget they got ass blasted in the last cycle

>> No.56019719

BTC will continue acting as a leveraged short of fiat until full capitalization, given BTC has no liquidation risk it's an unsurpassed store of value, at least on a half-decade or longer time scale

>> No.56019738
File: 56 KB, 1261x499, mspus m2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

See: >>56013685 for how well stocks have worked, pic related for SFH, land has performed worse than SFH, and collectables? Lol lmao.

>> No.56019766

>scan QR code, pay $1, wait 10 mins
Now transfer $1m in physical gold across the world cheaper and faster

>> No.56019840

This is when XMR takes off.

>> No.56019965
File: 42 KB, 474x715, spergler.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.56020250

Even if those numbers are accurate you’re only counting wire transfers, not every day retail purchases or paying bills or giving money to friends or family. It’s useless as a currency, as you and everyone else in this thread already knows

>> No.56020277

I honestly can’t imagine the level of delusion of anyone who thinks crypto is as easy to use as online banking or Venmo. It’s absurdly complicated. Also, lost your keys? Say goodbye to your money forever. Wrong wallet ID? Also gone forever. Someone stole your keys? Too bad, no protection, all your money is gone forever. Oh no you clicked a link that went into your wallet and transferred everything, too bad, now it’s gone forever.
I don’t know why you guys have such a hard on for “code is law” or imagined privacy when it’s on public ledgers, but I and everyone else who isn’t heavily invested in crypto enjoys the protections that a bank account offers. There’s no incentive for anyone to ever switch to crypto except for speculation, transactions are instant and cheap and most importantly, protected. Crypto is trying to solve a problem that doesn’t exist.

>> No.56020289

And also like always, some vague insistence that crypto transactions will stop being a complete mess and a joke ‘soon’. It’s had 15 years and there are thousands of active projects, tens of thousands of people working on it, investing millions in the tech and it’s still just as dangerous and convoluted as it ever was, probably more so than ever with all the different tokens now.

>> No.56020401

>Some retard decided to issue their own stock instead of buying East India Company stock and killed the stock market forever.

>> No.56020475
File: 54 KB, 413x528, Slate.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

People said that after the 2017 run. It was so over. Happy I did not listen to them then and started accumalating. "its over" threads is when you start buying.

>> No.56020484

The only reason for crypto to go up after 2017 is the same reason other ponzis went line up, 0%, 0 capital reserve requirements for banks, helicopter money, fed buying securities open market like drunken sailors while lock downs kept money velocity down

>> No.56020549

Completely different economic environment mate.

>> No.56020559


suicide hotline number being posted is when you start buying

>> No.56020570

Bullshit. Then the average buy in would have been around 40k a corn

>> No.56020599
File: 56 KB, 500x749, 2VeMzM8ANvqjAogBaatK0NdYGqB.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yeah, different excuses, but still excuses. People then also had reasons that made them 100% sure that line would never go up again.

>> No.56020614

Nobody says never, but with north of 5% interest rates, Basel 3 capital reserve requirements for banks, no helicopter money and the fed cleaning sheets instead of sullying them, not looking good for lines going up

>> No.56020666

itt parasites that do not contribute to the world

the crypto ecosystem is full of hard working people creating the future, just be patient, theyll make the bullrun happen

>> No.56020679

>But since there is almost no pool left to pull potential new bulls from since everyone who would invest in crypto already probably have done so since they have had almost 15 years to do it
I've been in crypto since 2017 and I still DCA during bear markets.

>> No.56020844

>I've been in crypto since 2017 and I still DCA during bear markets.

Bear markets are for finding entry opportunities for the bullrun, DCAing at this moment in my opinion is a no-brainer.

>> No.56021092

crypto will die, probably fairly suddenly as a result of macroeconomic factors and/or something in the news- regulation, criminal actions brought against major entities, something like that. it will probably happen around the time that other systemic weaknesses are exploited

99% of tokens that exist right now will go to zero. then, regulation will happen and the remaining ones will be used in the digital economy and they will be worth a lot of money, i.e. they will rise from the ashes like a phoenix.

t. xrp holder who was brain-raped by a cartoon bear.

>> No.56021268

>DCAing at this moment in my opinion is a no-brainer.

In as much as this sounds promising you have to be careful not to catch a falling knife

>> No.56021363

>Bear markets are for finding entry opportunities for the bullrun, DCAing at this moment in my opinion is a no-brainer.
Bear markets are for chads to buy at good entry points and for projects to BUIDL. Bagged agix fun ilv. Also playing casino games online on Dplay, for those gains

>> No.56021396
File: 66 KB, 445x479, antielectricity.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Crypto is trying to solve a problem that doesn’t exist
exactly what people said with cars or electricity when they were invented because the infrastructure wasn't there. you obviously never tried to send money to someone in a shitty country to think it doesn't solve any problem. "just use western union bro" lel. you obviously never know people who had to flee a country with the military at the border stealing every wealth (gold, cash) they took with them. if you dont see the use case because you're stupid, the market sees it clearly and that's why bitcoin is at 25k right now and total crypto mcap is 1 trillion. if it was just a fad the bubble would have crashed and never recovered a long time ago.
>crypto is as easy to use as online banking or Venmo
it's not because until recently crypto weren't able to scale to mass adoption so it was just a niche. regulatory clarity wasn't there until very recently and is still not really here so it prevents a lot of big actors that want to enter the space for mass adoption. banks and financial institutions are entering the space and will be able to integrate cryptos to their banking apps, they will offer all the crypto services.
i agree that losing your private key is a big deal but normie-friendly solutions exist and it will continue to improve. most people will keep their cryptos in their bank accounts anyway.
>Someone stole your keys? Too bad, no protection, all your money is gone forever.
someone steal your cash? too bad, no protection, your money is gone forever. and it's not even true, the fbi recovered billions of stolen crypto funds over the years. many scams happen and people send their life savings to scammers from their bank accounts. even using banks it's impossible to retrieve the funds.

>> No.56021402

every bear market the same posts...

>> No.56021428

> if I get back to breakeven i sell and will never do this again

cope harder

>> No.56021436

>There’s no incentive for anyone to ever switch to crypto
wait till regulatory clarity allows all vendors to accept crypto easily and accounting softwares to integrate cryptos and it will cut payment processor fees. people will actually be financially encouraged to pay with stablecoins to enjoy less fees than with a credit card. and that's just payments. let's not even talk about money being in the process of separation from the state. there is nothing you can do about it grandpa. banks will create their own stablecoins.

>> No.56021464

one of the most based post I have ever read on this website. I fucking kneel. Wow

>> No.56021594

That's why you have got to focus on buying utility tokens with working products, a good example is NXRA which boasts of Nexera exchange, Fundrs and LMaaS.

>> No.56021599

>it's different this time because... it just is ok

see you in 2025

>> No.56022015

None of this fantasy makes any sense. People can pay with debit cards, why go to all the trouble of creating accounts and transferring funds around to get a crypto wallet card to pay with? You have to pay several fees to get that set up, eliminating any gains from the fantasy in which stores offer discounts if you pay in crypto. Store owners generally aren’t looking to hold assets that might fluctuate by 15% in a single day and require several steps with fees to cash out. Even if you had your fantasy coin that charges zero transaction fees and is instant, you’d still have to pay an exchange hefty fees to convert to cash. And besides all that, people often are paying with credit cards because they don’t have the money in their accounts, which is not solved by crypto. It’s had 15 years to get adoption, and it hasn’t done shit in all that time.

>> No.56022036

Not every work is equal to value, marxist, marx labor theory of value is bullshit, and crypto is such a bullshit field, whose workers are worth less than dog walkers

>> No.56022387

>crypto wallet card to pay with?
who told you about a card? you can pay instantly by scanning a qr code.
>Store owners generally aren’t looking to hold assets that might fluctuate by 15%
true, that's why stablecoins exist.
>exchange hefty fees to convert to cash
like what, 0.2% on kraken. mastercard charges 2-3% fees. anyway merchants wont need to exchange them for cash since they'll keep those stablecoins in their treasury.
>which is not solved by crypto
you can take loans in defi, there are visa/master but crypto is not solving people having no money.
>It’s had 15 years to get adoption
wrong it's getting adoption. bitcoin didnt scale, lightning is still not the best solution. those new smart contract chains able to transfer stablecoins fast and cheap are where it's at. we're just a few years in. you'll never beat stablecoins for international payments. as i said, banks will offer their own stablecoins along usdc and usdt. you'll have JPMusd, BOFAusd, etc. all with different levels of risk.

>> No.56022763

Wallet or card or whatever, it’s still magnitudes of order simpler for people to swipe their card and pay it off from their bank website than to transfer money from the bank to an exchange (with a fee), convert from USD to stable coin (with a fee) and then transfer to the vendor (with a fee). In your fantasy, whatever the vendor offers a discount is more than cancelled out by the fees to the user. Plus all of my credit cards give me a percentage back just for using them, I make money off of it, so the vendor would have to cancel out the fees as well as my bonuses. Taking a loan in defi is again magnitudes of order more complicated and sketchy than just swiping a credit card. Maybe some shit-ass countries have a few vendors that use crypto but adoption attempts have failed all over as the reality of it sinks in. It’s complicated as hell for shoppers to use it, it’s expensive when all of the fees are accounted for, and it’s slow and unreliable.
Banks already use digital dollars, it’s not like when I get paid direct deposit, they are actually sending a bundle of cash to the bank. It’s all real money tracked digitally, instantly, with no fees, and with an extremely high level of security, both because of banking regulations as well as the banks desire to keep customers. I have literally no problems moving money around, and crypto is trying to invent problems that don’t exist for almost all consumers and vendors. If you weren’t already heavily invested in crypto I’m sure you’d agree with me, but this is all just cope on your part.

>> No.56022804 [DELETED] 
File: 178 KB, 626x1024, 20230820_220736.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

If they know what is coming, they'd dive in on AI-driven suggestions that are enhancing viewing and serves as the bottom line in tech.

>> No.56022891

Surprisingly, an innovative AI platform that caters to the growing demand for AI-powered content generation in the Web3 era. Thanks to AGII

>> No.56022907

If they know what is coming, they'd dive in on AGII for AI-driven suggestions that are enhancing viewing and serves as the bottom line in tech.

>> No.56022919

There is nothing like "AI" and in the short term that shitshow exists, it has already been proven worthless and dead with its purpose of removing humans from the equation not solvable. Literally digital mad cow disease in less than a year

>> No.56023238

like cockroaches, fuck

>> No.56023309

Crypto is just lottery tickets for millennials.

>> No.56023315

Crypto needs a more compelling case than "third worlders might use it to escape their collapsing economies" desu

>> No.56023342

Crypto has some value, but does it beat an underlying actually productive asset? Maybe not. For example, why would I hold BTC instead of AAPL at the moment? AAPL has an underlying business that is able to generate earnings/provide some value rather than BTC which is a payment infrastructure that can become the bedrock of future financial infrastructure but has alternatives at the moment that may still endure longer than our lifetime (USD)

>> No.56023411

Yeah I don't really understand the demoralisation. Where else can anons park investment money into. Precious metals / blue chip crypto seem safer to me than sat real estate right now

>> No.56023425


>> No.56023472

Foreign treasuries

>> No.56023606

you obviously never sent someone some stablecoin settled instantly for less than a cent, without any kyc/aml bs. try doing that with any other option the banking system offers you.
>adoption attempts have failed all over as the reality of it sinks in.
just because of regulatory uncertainty. clarity is the only thing big players are waiting for.
>with no fees
try sending money internationally from japan through the banking system and see how it goes for you. even with fintech solutions like wise it takes like 2-5 business days to send money internationally. one day the back and forth to/from fiat wont be needed when stablecoins will be accepted everywhere.
it took cars decades from the time they were invented to become popular. during those decades, horse carriers (You) were mocking them with your same arguments.
crypto allows asset tokenization and having those productive asset on chain, which is a big deal. imagine being in anywhere in the world and owning tokenized AAPL shares. you can use it as money, pay with fractions of AAPL shares if the vendor allows it. a smart contract can enable you to sell parts of those shares on a DEX for a stablecoin or any other coins the vendor wants for example.

>> No.56023623

>Putting information (tokenization)
>On an unscalable worthless slow cumbersome impractical inferior database
Gtfo. You don't know what crypto is you stupid drooler

>> No.56023627
File: 1.37 MB, 955x2142, 1686507073773366.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>using the settlement layer to buy a candy bar
L2's are essentially free and instant and have the throughput for small everyday transactions

>> No.56023648

>Our database is such a shitshow and unusable
>That we need a second layer database
Talk of a worthless tech

>> No.56023660

an avax subnet can reach 100k tps and subnets can scale. then think of dot parachains, eth l2s and danksharding, etc.

>> No.56023661

The sentiment was very similar in 2018-2019

Remember that a new batch of retards is produced every four years. Just because you are getting wiser doesn't mean the world is.

>> No.56023675
File: 90 KB, 1079x942, 1692374283004733.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

BTC is not in competition with banking/credit cards etc, it's in competition with fiat, trustless money has tremendous value systemically, zoom out, trustless money did not exist before 2009, now it does, there's no putting the genie back in the bottle

>> No.56023681

Crypto and Apple have the same business model: selling overpriced crap to retards

If Apple is still successful then crypto can be successful as well

It's only time to start worrying when the only things doing well are real companies providing real value

>> No.56023687

No no no no
Crypto is in competition with other databases. It not a currency, its just a database, an inferior database to any other database in existence

>> No.56023694

>you obviously never sent someone some stablecoin settled instantly for less than a cent, without any kyc/aml bs.
No, I've never had the need to purchase something while hiding my identity, except for drugs which I paid in cash. Good luck getting from cash to stablecoin and back without KYC though.
>just because of regulatory uncertainty. clarity is the only thing big players are waiting for.
Are the "big players" in the room with us right now? Do you think banks are eager to purchase stablecoins? Why would they care when they're already doing transactions with virtual money that's just numbers in their ledgers anyway.
>try sending money internationally from japan through the banking system and see how it goes for you.
I have never needed to that and I probably never will, but I'm sure I can do it through my bank, and there are websites like wise.com that are apparently faster and cheaper. If I was purchasing something from Japan, I sure as shit wouldn't pay with crypto when they can just deny that they ever received it and I don't have any security or insurance on anything.
>it took cars decades from the time they were invented to become popular. during those decades, horse carriers (You) were mocking them with your same arguments.
This is pure idiocy. Cars have a very obvious use case and appeal over horses. I'm sure after 15 years of being on the roads, cars weren't just being used for crime and speculative investments by teenagers
>imagine being in anywhere in the world and owning tokenized AAPL shares. you can use it as money, pay with fractions of AAPL shares
WOW that sounds so awesome, cashing out my investments for day to day transactions instead of just using cash, or selling shares for cash and then spending it (which is extremely easy to do on my bank's website). Definitely this will be worth paying the huge fees to turn cash into crypto and back again. Don't forget to send all your personal info and pictures to the shady exchange

>> No.56023696

It's in competition with AI stocks, meme stocks, Teslas, Apple products, Hello Fresh subscriptions, luxury yoga pants, and other dumb shit that rich yuppies buy.

>> No.56023721

You are even more stupid than the retard you replied to. You baggies are sheep, sheep getting slaughtered

>> No.56023766

>kilogram gold bars are worthless, you can't even use them for everyday transactions!
Systemic Economic Value.

>> No.56023791

A goldbar is something tangible, crypto is just a database, a database that due to the impossibly to solve the trillema and the failure to solve the oracle problem in permissionless and trustless way lost all its merit. It worthless, simply worthless

>> No.56023803

>which I paid in cash
too bad your government will soon forbid cash because of aml concerns after cbdcs roll out.
>Do you think banks are eager to purchase stablecoins?
i'm telling you they will create their own stablecoins and you'll be able to trade them.
>wise.com that are apparently faster and cheaper
i just told you it takes 2-5 business days to do transfers with wise and it's more expensive, retard.
>when they can just deny that they ever received it
ok i get it you're an absolute moron who doesn't understand how blockchains work. i'm done discussing with you

>> No.56023813

>Links to an advertising platform
Reuters is not serious news, you can pay reuters to write ads for you

>> No.56023825

Even if that were mostly true, I'd till throw everything I have into crypto. Why? Because the alternative is wage slaving for the next 50 years.

>> No.56023866


>> No.56023884

>Links to more advertising sources
I don't care for your marketing materials. It remains a fact, that crypto databases are worthless, and of the 40 years of repacking html, databases and a script language, the crypto database is the most worthless and valueless

>> No.56023895

>crypto database is the most worthless and valueless
total crypto mcap: 1 trillion united states dollar. not bad for worthless and valueless databases
>b-b-but the market is wrong
yes retard, you're right and the market is wrong

>> No.56023932

>trustless money has no value t. midwit

>> No.56023934

Did you seriously just used market cap as a way to define value. Holy shit are you retarded to a degree that should land you in a mental institution

>> No.56023941

It's neither money nor is it trustless you kycd, amld, blood sample provider to some software company

>> No.56023962
File: 71 KB, 815x785, typicalanticryptoguy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i know it's not the same mcap than stocks. but please explain why eth and btc are not near 0$ since they're completely valueless inefficient databases.
picrel: (You)

>> No.56023975

"oracle problem" is only a problem for "smart" contract dumbfuckery, you midwits keep desperately searching for a usecase other than the obvious: trustless money, it is the world's first trustless money and as such the last money the world will ever need.

>> No.56024003

Okay so you drooler think the world data should be put on a database that can't scale without sacrificing security and/or distribution, so making the entire selling argument and purpose of crypto databases pointless. Shit are you stupid

>> No.56024060
File: 14 KB, 594x496, 1689568645705853.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Zoom out. Gold has faced the triple threat of demonization headwind, paper manipulation, and high transaction costs for physical metal, yet despite these obstacles it's still performed near perfectly as an unleveraged fiat short averaged over decades long timeframes (44x versus 42x money expansion since '71). Politics and law are meaningless in the face of Economy and Technology, the combined forces of the world's central banks have failed to suppress gold yet you think they'll be able to control BTC? BTC which has a monetization tailwind, which can't be paper manipulated (due to low cost of 'physical' settlement), and which has low enough fees that even the lowly wagie can DCA in weekly? BTC is an inevitability.

>> No.56024073

Gold was ponzified with an advertising campaign. Same mechanic that made your worthless database token "price" go line up. Only that there is an actual tangible use for gold, while there is non for crypto databases

>> No.56024108

>i-it's just a coincidence it's acted as a perfect inverse-fiat!
Economy finds it's level, statist pigdog

>> No.56024118

>just use a bank account bro, no need for censorship resistant databases

>> No.56024123

No it's the result of mass media behaviorism, something that doesn't really exist in the scale it once did

>> No.56024127

>Links to YouTube advertising
Lol adies

>> No.56024143
File: 354 KB, 913x1200, goethes faust act 1.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I hear what you're saying. But I don't see any reason why the crypto market would just die out like that. There is strong and persistent demand for bitcoin alone and all the other businesses in the space. Why do you think it will happen anon?

>> No.56024144

>everything is an advertising
take your meds

>> No.56024160

Of course its an ad. You are trying to sell an idea through an ad, and one has to be really fucking stupid to click on it

>> No.56024195

>people dealing with cash and cryptos get debanked, good!
>censorship resistant databases bad!
go lick some boots

>> No.56024206

>Be afraid goy
>Look at my advertising and be afraid goy
>Now buy a bag of tokens to this worthless ponzified database

>> No.56024229
File: 268 KB, 1576x698, exter'spyramid2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Bitcoin is a $ derivative!

>> No.56024232

censorship resistance is the whole point of cryptos, that's why those "inefficiently slow databases" are worth money. once cbdcs are out they'll ban cash and cut you out of the system like in china if you misbehave like having the wrong political opinions or dont eat your daily bug ration

>> No.56024247

>He keeps parroting advertising mantras
Way to show you have no idea how a database works, ever heard of logs, I doubt

>> No.56024409

>j-just a coincidence!
Keep worshiping your false god, statist, I'm sure the parasitic oligarchs will reward your loyalty any day now

>> No.56024464

just from the value of USD? or?

>> No.56024540

What god? Do you know what a state is? I doubt you can define the term. And "money" derives its value from being widely accepted by economic agents for the facilitation of transacting goods and services, crypto is simply inferior due to no acceptance and no trust and use for that outside a very very very small niche of ponzi players, that of course would wish, that somebody would accept their worthless database tokens as money, same as a bean producers would likely see other people have a demand for his beans to use as money

Crypto is from a technical point of view a worthless inferior database and from a monetary point of view the tokens used to pay for entries in that inferior database a curiosity, like shells or beans used as money

>> No.56024767

And even ignoring that it's a just a shitty database, if it ever got any real traction, the US government and any others affected by it would very quickly outlaw it to protect their dollar. You can try to decentralize, but you're a part of a centralized government system whether you like it or not. They just don't care enough to outlaw it right now because it's really no different than beanie baby speculation buyers. As long as you're reporting it on your taxes, they're happy to get some of your speculation gains.

>> No.56024887

True. But with the chinks and the ivans desperate for dollars, and seeing crypto tokens as a way to pull dollars out of stupid burgers pockets, I can see it getting outlawed quicker than one might think

>> No.56024897
File: 23 KB, 800x323, BTC M2.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Already explained the nature of the state up thread: >>56008942

>wish that somebody would accept their worthless database tokens as money
Don't need to wish, BTC will continue acting as a leveraged short of fiat until full capitalization, seethe at how well BTC has performed factored for money stock, now compare how poorly equities (>>56023675) or SFH (>>56019738) have performed. BTC is an inevitability, nothing can stop what's coming.

>> No.56024932

"Ducunt volentem fata nolentem trahunt.
Fate leads the willing and drags the unwilling."

>> No.56024996

unironically, your first sentence is correct

>> No.56025047

>Can define state
I stand corrected
>Believes in the supply bullcrap Austrian axioms
And drooler detected

>> No.56025080

Cry moar statist, inflation is always and only a monetary phenomenon

>> No.56025128

No. It's a demand, offer and monetary phenomena, somehow Austrians ignore the demand side and Marxist think they can steer demand and offer

>> No.56025724

If Russia continues to progress despite all the weapons Ukraine receives, the US will be forced to pump even more money into the arms industry to create more gear.
This will inevitability lead to money flowing into the market and asset prices going up substantially, as they dont give a shit about raging inflation as long as they can sustain that war.
Also, do zou really think Jews would start to invest in an asset that is set to free fall?

>> No.56026001

It is not even close to dying not now that institutions are finding their way in. I just added some QNT and NXRA on nexere exchange. I'll keep buying.

>> No.56026186

It's time to start accumulating once again
It's a no-brainer spotting a zoomer diving into shitcoins when gems like TRIAS, DUA, ATOR, and RNDR are already stacking rewards

>> No.56026199
File: 426 KB, 1170x876, IMG_1032.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Kill yourself currynigger

>> No.56026214
File: 2 KB, 98x125, 1692968863279102s.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Some anon will always be overly cautious, even when the opportunity is right under their nose. I've got both NXRA and DUA in my bag. The epic alliance between AllianceBlock and Brillion is the driving force behind this move.

>> No.56026233
File: 1 KB, 93x125, 1692968973049552s.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Another looser.

>> No.56026301

>seething third worlder
You're really bad at your job

>> No.56026668

RDNR is a gem to keep an eye on for the coming bull market. Adding to this is NXRA. I am super bullish on it too.