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Undeniable Global Dominance Edition

>Educational sites:

>Financial TV Streams:




>Pre-Market and Live data:


>Boomer Investing 101:


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first for deflation is good

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Hi I’m a new poster to /smg/ it’s nice to meet you all

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>OP image/text
Yeah, until your credit crisis begins and the entire US is rent asunder and food stops coming to grocery stores. Maybe youll lose weight.

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i took this pump
7 points on ES

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That's the best part, you're coming down with us.

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Are you ready to lose money?

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>7 % interest rates by december

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1) Post butthole pics
2) Buy TLT shares and calls
3) Post boobies (M/F)
Welcome to /smg/

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Verification not required.

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Assume the same debt level, but a shrinking economy.
Thats how deflation screws everything up.
Thats why the other anon said, they are pricing in a souvereign debt crisis.

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You did invest in the tech sector, right, Mr. Anon?

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OP did you get pic from /CFB/?

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"Deflation is bad" isnt universal. Government, corporations, and individuals do not all share the same economic risks

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it's a group you know quite well

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Here at /biz/ we buy high and sell low

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>grocery prices go down
>worthless cubicle cuck jobs get liquidated
>jobs that are actually practical and produce something stay employed
Yeah i'm sure i'll lose a lot of sleep because stacy who is a product manager at meta lost her job

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Yes, anon. I can't wait for our tech future

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Rather than pay better wages than cube cucking illegal immigration is the only way forward. I suggest we annex haiti to save those kings

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yes, and all the other sectors as well

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Shill us your short term stocks pepes
>Spirit Aerosystems
>Potential upside 80%
They make part for Boeing, and have have similar dips in previous years, they always pull through. Easy gains
Mid-term play, ADNOC offer on the table, stock is gonna pump 20% with the next offer. Just built couple of new product lines in EU and Asian
>potential upside 50-80%

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what part of buy tech get wrecked do you not understand

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Big tech is too big to fail

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Outsource the entire tech sector to India, and put all beaners in amazon warehouse positions and factory jobs. You solve almost all of your wage problems that way and it would drive down costs

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Don't tell me this is another Hitler like that fake Hitler with blue eyes, but this time younger without mustache looking more "chadish", please no.

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just wave a magic wand and declare the debt absolved
the national debt is a national security crisis and can legally be entirely wiped out if need be

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How many quarters until sofi gets extra revenue from the student loan thing?

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is the bottom in for the day ???

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>Outsource the entire tech sector to India
Then everything would be totally shabby, full of holes, and all ads. It would become ABSOLUTELY IRREDEEMABLE.

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Print money and give to unemployed melanin enriched individuals. Elimimate capital gains beneficial taxes until you control 1 billion in assets and tax grills to encourage more coal burning

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Debt is guaranteed by the US constitution

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No that was just a little micro recovery during (((lunch break))), it will soon return to DROOPIN'.

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Not if you load them full of amphetamines like every american coder.

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The 14th amendment doesn't "guarantee" debt, it just says the debt "shall not be questioned".
So stop asking questions, chud

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But our American coders are far more intelligent and competent by comparison no matter what you do.
you do.

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First for complete and utter NVDA destruction

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If we are going to tackle debt ive got some other issues we can address too

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Would still be dogcrap. There's a reason "india super pooper power 2030" is a running joke. On the other hand, my tech shorts might finally become worth something.

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The cauldron goo is murky. I need to throw dice and measure the position of the stars.
Future Nobel Laureate out for an afternoon jog, I see.

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Even though the guy shot at them, cops are no means of retaliation. They fuckin crashed into him and then drove over him? lmao, US cops.

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I can sell a call
I can plot a pee poo line
And a country boy can survive
Country folks can surrvviiiiiiiivvveee

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>10yr yield +7bps
>DXY +0.6%

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*BASED US cops.

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it's john bogle

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If someone shot at me and I was in a car I would run them down in the car too, lethal weapon vs. lethal weapon let's see which one wins kind of thing.

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cmon mr market give me a higher low and back to pumping

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Good. Put a pullet in his head as well and save us the costs of dealing with his worthless ass.

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I'm fine with american tech going to dogshit. We need to return to monke. The important tech (vidya) should be handled exclusively by nips anyway.

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This, saved the taxpayers some money I reckon

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>First for complete and utter NVDA destruction
What is happening?

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Your duty as a cop is different. You have to disarm him and only kill him if necessary for life. Not the case as the other guy crashed into him which made him fall to the ground and lose his gun. You were to stop and instantly draw your guns. If he then still tries to shoot at you (with another gun), fine. But just drive over him to incapacitate him is so stupid and contradictary to your purpose as a cop.

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but not enough to trigger me to buy. I already sold off a lot on a minirip a couple of days ago, but would like to have a little more before next week so will be watching it for maybe a *little* slurp today.

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Once somebody points a gun at a cop that's a fucking greenlight in my mind. Dump a mag in him.

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Your purpose as a cop is to PROTECT the innocent. The THREAT to everyone needed to be neutralized by any means necessary.

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Still not how it works. In that moment nobody shot back and afterwards the situation was again different. That's what I mean with retaliation. That is not your business as a cop. The court judges you afterwards for your shooting attempt.
You full well know the cops drove over him because they thought they wouldn't be filmed. Probably got sued.

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>needed to be neutralized by any means necessary.
No, it's not like that. Shooting and killing is "ultima ratio". Last solution, which was not the case here. He drove over him just for the lols, to make things easier. Or maybe because he was racist, who knows.

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FYI: We're closing green today

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>Buy my bags
Lol baggies

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qrd on this webbum

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Depends if you hold oil

>> No.56002045

It will keep going up, so why would I sell?

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Carvana really heeming shorters. That's why you don't short a company that's at the ground. Some bullshit might happen and you lose all your savings, lmao.

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God it feels good to only buy reputable companies with a long history of growing their dividends.

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I'm really green today but it's mostly because of my SENS position, which at this point just gets swing traded like a shitcoin on the regular

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Difference of opinion I suppose. I'm tired of criminals getting a free pass in this country. You want to run from the cops? Fine, but once you point a gun at one, they're just supposed to wait and make sure you don't kill them? Nope, ran that little faggot over with the car and if he lives, he'll think twice about pulling that shit again. Giving criminals 3 hots and a cot isn't teaching them shit except to do it again. We need criminals to be afraid again.

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Very funny. Am I in a crapto thread or the /smg/ ponzi thread
>I'm not selling
>Line always go up
>Please buy bag

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Russian just being a Russian

>> No.56002064

Not again..

>> No.56002066 [DELETED] 

Market stagnation. Ai optimism wont get us through sept.
>You have to disarm him and only kill him if necessary for life
That isnt a thing, you shoot to kill until the threat is neutralized.

>> No.56002067 [DELETED] 

There was a real simple method of none of that ever having happened to begin with...see if you can guess what it was?

>> No.56002074

They sold the stank to ally but fundamentally they should still be rocky. Just bought themselves time

>> No.56002077

you had all of last year to buy, but you were too much of a pussy. sad

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>But once you point a gun at one, they're just supposed to wait and make sure you don't kill them? Nope, ran that little faggot over with the car and if he lives, he'll think twice about pulling that shit again.

He ran him over and disarmed him. The first bump was questionable, but ultimately ok, because the situation was dangerous. Then driving over him, which is +50% chance to kill somebody is not your job as a cop. You are not Judge Dredd.

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Where to find pajeet nurse gfs in USA.

>> No.56002085 [DELETED] 

Not having the second amendment?

>> No.56002090

Machine learning and indexing is a scam. The indexes are by now so fucked up the responses are completely senseless and the scam companies require 10000s of pajeet to remap the indexes completely defeating the purpose of that digital mechanical turk that caught digital mad cow disease

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Why exactly is CVNA remaining so bullish, despite already up over 11x

>> No.56002093

>Two pink ids telling me to buy bags

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thats what im hoping too. atleast we got a higher low

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Idk my long dated puts have -50%

>> No.56002102

Because its technical buys not fundamental buys

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>you are not judge dredd
You know what, that's actually what we need.

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The JOGGER was already a threat to EVERYONE ELSE in his car without the gun as a factor.

>> No.56002107

Bog confirmed for Hitler.

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In a market selloff, oil will also go down.

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Hmm. Well now the 1 hour candles are inching bearish, the 4 hour is neutral. I don't know.
>You have to disarm him and only kill him if necessary for life
Oh dear, you're a 'b-b-but why don't they just shoot him in the leg?' guy aren't you?

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Lowe’s yearly dividend per share LOW

2012: $0.60
2022: $3.70

This is what dividend growth looks like

>> No.56002135

>le 1.9% dividend yield shill

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THIS IS PAST, THIS IS RETALIATION, THIS IS NOT THE JOB OF THE POLICE. When he was running he wasn't anymore in the car. What do you not understand? I understand he is in general a threat. But a general threat is not to be executed.


Ok I just found this, it's from the 50's but goddamn, your police laws are shit.

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The weekly says clearly, dead cat bounced on liquidating shorts and hopium

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You’re the guy who didn’t understand yield aren’t you. God it was funny watching you post the current yield of Visa in a discussion about visa purchased in 2012

>> No.56002153

>Market stagnation. Ai optimism wont get us through sept.
Fuck i invested in AMD today, am i fucked?

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thoughts on MVST?

>> No.56002158 [DELETED] 

Shouldn't you be shitting up /pol/ instead of here?

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You only have two kinds of people anymore when it comes to talk about law enforcement. You have people who empower the criminals because they have the "how does this effect YOU personally" and you have those that want to be able to walk to the store without getting mugged or stepping in a feces covered needle. There is no inbetween. Obviously the guy we're debating with loves criminals. Most of these judges are bought and paid for anyway so bringing them in front of them is pointless. You can see this when the BLM rioters got away with every crime they committed because the judge would just throw out the case.

>> No.56002163 [DELETED] 

>either retard or trolling
You do realize that the JOGGER could easily just get into another car later, right? The JOGGER is just going to keep on JOGGING no matter what his situational contexts are. Rest assured, this was not even the JOGGER's first time JOGGING. He was a CAREER JOGGER at this point and needed to be stopped once and FOR ALL.

>> No.56002165 [DELETED] 

Are you the Swedecuck? Just guessing. In any case shut the fuck up about our cops and worry about your own shithole.

>> No.56002171

Scam, that after the esg scam got dismantled because cheap monies is over, is going to go bankrupt

>> No.56002175

i dunno, now that the boomer drinking monster meme has died down i would expect their growth to slow, i'd sell MNST here if i was a holder.

>> No.56002180

Im understanding just fine that Visas yield is a measily 1.8% at these levels.

>> No.56002188

kek it is you.

>> No.56002189

correction, its even only 0.7%

>> No.56002190 [DELETED] 

>In one leading case the police officer was seeking a felon and had been
informed that the fugitive was riding a gray horse. The officer stationed
himself along a road which he had reason to believe the felon would
travel, and after a while saw a buggy approaching to which was tethered
a gray mare. The officer shouted for the occupants to halt, but his command was ignored. He fired, and killed one of the passengers. It turned
out that the people riding in the buggy were not the fugitives whom the
officer was seeking. When the administrator of the deceased's estate sued
the police officer the court held that he could recover, saying: "The law
which gives an officer the right to kill an escaping felon certainly requires him to know that it is the felon, not an innocent party, whose life
he is attempting to take."20
In another case the officer had seen the deceased scuffling with another
person. As the officer approached the deceased fled, ignoring the command to halt. After firing a warning shot the officer killed him. It
turned out that the person killed had not committed any crime and the
officer was held liable even though he claimed that he had reason to
believe that a crime had been committed. 21

US Cops.

You don't understand that I said the bump was justified, but not driving over him?
I wouldn't want to live in the US. Only if I was rich (if at all, could then also live whereever I want)

>> No.56002193 [DELETED] 

That's a good assumption but the swedecuck would have blamed trump for this somehow, so I don't think it's him.

>> No.56002196 [DELETED] 


holy fucking faggot nigger toe sucking low iq retard

please kill yourself KILL YOURSELF

>> No.56002197 [DELETED] 

>video where civilian runs over nignog with minivan
>/smg/ thread
are you guys missing a cog?

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It's a friday and I hold no positions right now. Whenever that happens i'm usually in the hunt to cause a spergout of some kind. I've enjoyed the police talk this thread.

>> No.56002223 [DELETED] 

I'm pleased to entertain you. It's equally entertaining for me. Didn't know I could cause this much distress in /biz, outside of /pol. If I had known, I would have started earlier.

>> No.56002224 [DELETED] 

nigger, tongue my anus. We're already 11/10 assburgers in here hahaha

>> No.56002237 [DELETED] 

too obvious, low effort. pay docked

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Went to KR yesterday and got some pumpkin cookies
They're not bad
I ate all of them already

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I’m putting together a portfolio

>> No.56002248

my 2 biomeme plays are at the exact same price. interdasting.

>> No.56002250

Why can’t publix IPO? I would hold them for life

>> No.56002255

Walmart and friends would probably short the fuck out of them

>> No.56002258 [DELETED] 

Let's discuss the motivations for the civilian attacking the assailant.
>Boomer sense of pride
>Pointed at with gun
>Population control
Which one is it?

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>Hold a stock ponzi forever
I'm really unsure if this is a crapto ponzi thread or /smg/ ponzi thread

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How do profit from canada collapsing?
the osfi told the big 6 banks back in June to have an extra 40% cash on hand by November 1st 2023 for a rainy day.

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nah i'm good

>> No.56002271

Short the USA now. Because they follow

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*Barely* hangin' in there, mumu shits.

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>> No.56002278

I went to the store and bought center cut pork chops for $2.99 /lb. I think inflation is actually over folks. I'm going to cut a pocket in the sides of them and stuff them with panko breadcrumbs seasoned with garlic powder, itallian seasoning and mozzarella cheese.

>> No.56002285

bet on falling currency

>> No.56002289

What kind of gay fuckin' yankee shit is this? Just put BBQ sauce on them.

>> No.56002294

Lol baggies

>> No.56002304

>Pyramid scheme of Canada collapses
>Short their cash
Lol. Now I'm sure this is a crapto ponzi thread

>> No.56002319

one more rev strat before we sweep it all down after every single broker in existence closes all of your 0dtes.

>> No.56002320

Another day another dollar.

>> No.56002327

won't that cause the diabetes?

>> No.56002334


Wondering if WBA is worth a buy right now, or maybe wait a bit. They’ve been nothing but a shitter in recent years, but maybe they put a more competent CEO in charge this time. I didn’t realize you could fuck up something as simple as selling pills. If anything the dividend (.64 per share) can at least make holding it through some speed bumps a little tolerable.

>> No.56002338

Dividend Investing Pro-Tip:

You get a $100 dividend from Stock A

Instead of reinvesting it back into the same stock

You realize that Stock B is down 20%

You decide to reinvest the $100 into Stock B and buy income at a 20% discount

Sometimes DRIP isn't the best option

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Pumpkin flavored baked goods are underrated.
>How do profit from canada collapsing?
My primary soft hedge is keeping most of my liquid funds in USD instead of CAD. If I could get my employer to pay me in USD I would but they can't (legally). Eventually I may have to move to the US. Fortunately I do have dual citizenship so it's not as difficult as it is for other leafs. Leaves.

>> No.56002355

>make 1/5 of your GDP real estate
>heavily tax energy
>Omg how did our economy collapse

>> No.56002367

historically, XBI performs well in a recession. You did grab some LABU when I told you to yesterday didnt you anon?

>> No.56002373

SOFI has a perfect cup and handle and is about to explode.

>> No.56002375

>dividend plotwist: stock b is stock a

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>averaging down on losers

>> No.56002379


>> No.56002395

at least what he does can be called cooking

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OnlyFans generated $5.6bn in gross payments, $1.1bn in revenue and a $525m profit in 2022.

The number of “creators” increased +47% to 3.2 million, and the number of “fans” +27% to 239 million (!).

>> No.56002402

>just put southern nigger sauce on it

>> No.56002417

My SPX puts are trading at 1.75, while the same strike on SPY is trading at .24

Is there any reason that arbitraging this wouldn’t work?

>> No.56002426

Doesn't the average onlyfans thot make barely minimum wage, if even that

>> No.56002438
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>Boeing has entered the chat

>> No.56002448

Not even that, but they are "verified" and so there digital identity can be monetized

>> No.56002453

losers average losers, you should just be buying winners

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fuckin hell why did we cuck ourselves so hard? One of the most abundant resources on this planet, one which used to cost barely a dime... Once again, we are the laughing stock of our betters that dictate the prices. Big corpos and the gubbermint must be making mad money off of this.
With oil this high, the producer prices are once again increasing, thus fueling the inflation. Is no-one concerned about this? A massive part of inflation is outside of control of the FED...
I always thought people of the US wouldn't accept high gas prices but here we are... as cucked as europoors

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>> No.56002471

I kept telling beartards it's a crab market and yet here they are missing free money (again)

>> No.56002478

so if I'm reading this correctly, the number of whores is increasing at a faster rate than the number of simps. doesn't this mean that the whores are going to have to compete for simps, meaning the simps should be able to leverage their position for a better deal?

>> No.56002483

Is KO going out of business?

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File: 344 KB, 434x250, 92F965C1-BBDE-4A76-A8D4-97F7E1844EB2.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>make platform
>offload the most difficult most expensive part, content creation, to retards
>create news story about the 0.0000000001% who reach millions to entice gambling addicts to further create content in hopes of making it
>pay out pennies/24 hrs content for that microdopamine kick
>tell everyone it can take decades to build up a brand, #init2winnit

>> No.56002487

Yeah. Short whores

>> No.56002493


>> No.56002503

I've been sipping KO but that might turn to slurping if it keeps this pace.

>> No.56002507

>I always thought people of the US wouldn't accept high gas prices but here we are... as cucked as europoors
Just like us, 99% of the population is cattle that will accept everything. People tolerated the small guy getting shat on while the crimelords who caused the crisis get bailouts in 2008-2009, people tolerated the same thing in 2020-2021, people will tolerate collapsing living standards and skyrocketing inflation because the official propaganda tells them it's not real and the hecking free market and central bankers will fix it.

>> No.56002511

Market is definitely saturated. When I started my onlyfans in 2021 I was averaging about 6-700 a month. Now that more creators joined I average $300

>> No.56002519
File: 199 KB, 1390x1246, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>iS kO gOiNg OuT oF bUsInEsS?

>> No.56002530

Doubtful larper

>> No.56002535

I mean I wouldn't short whores. It's the oldest profession and still here for a reason, but it probably experiences the same cyclical boom/busts (lol busts) of all markets. So, I mean maybe you're right and this is the start of a bear whore market. You'll know it's hit bottom when you can get a mother daughter double blow job for a can of spam.

>> No.56002546

Are you unaware there's an anon here that sells videos of him and his wife burping and farting to mentally ill men on OF?

>> No.56002551
File: 105 KB, 828x642, 3B53D0FD-5284-4E17-81DF-22B78A23366E.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.56002559

Inflation (positive or negative) needs to match the growth in the native workforce. Otherwise you get pain.

>> No.56002570

Lol post the real kroger marketing.

>> No.56002572

What do we think of Hawaiian Electric? 10% dividend right now, trading at 1/2 book price, pending lawsuits could find other agencies responsible for fires, overall a financially healthy company in a stable industry with a legal monopoly on electric service.

>> No.56002573

kids are listening to ronaldo and drinking water not sugary soft drinks, and adults prefer adult beverages like bud light. personally i think nbev is a buy here, now that people have forgotten why they were boycotting in the first place, the sales are going to bounce back and they've cornered the market on adult people of transgender.

>> No.56002574

Told y'all nukkas:

It's starting to break out. Get in, it'll be going up from here, probably end the day big green

>> No.56002579

Stop obsessing over dividends they don't help with long term growth of the stock.

>> No.56002583

I dunno, didn't all their customers lose their homes, so now they don't have any customers.

>> No.56002591

>I've never heard of DRIP and I only understand line go up
How's that working out for you?

>> No.56002595

Coca Cola has non sugary drink products. I’m sorry you didn’t know that

>> No.56002606

This anon is retarded but so is buying stock in a Hawaiian utility company. No real room for growth unlike utility companies in rapidly expanding markets

>> No.56002612

Great actually I'm up 2% in the past month (4.3% in the past week alone)

>> No.56002614

Maui was the only island affected. Its the second largest population in the state. The fires impacted a few 10,000's of homes at most. The island has a population in the 100,000's.

>> No.56002617

Öl? ÖL.

>> No.56002618
File: 381 KB, 828x1537, 82DCC113-D31C-4988-888B-770C6452D57C.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.56002625

Market's oversaturated for sure. Seems like every other woman now has an OnlyFans account or wants you to PayPal her for feet pics or something. We're due for a good pullback. 2021 really did a number on people. Tons of newbie investor retards got the idea they were going to be millionaires trading meme stonks and a bunch of average looking women decided they could get rich by acting like whores.

>> No.56002627

The dividend growth of the stock was extremely consistent. Also the company is trading at half the book value. I bought at the start of the week and I'm already up.

>> No.56002639
File: 161 KB, 600x572, 1657921007249.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.56002642

My penis has long term growth

>> No.56002649


everyone that LARPs as some nordic viking fag is 100% a giant fat retard

>> No.56002651

I applaud you for searching for value and dividend growth. I have never looked into them and perhaps judged them too harshly. I’m a bit of a NEE snob

>> No.56002652

>PayPal her for feet pics or something.
why would i do that? my gookfu gives the best foot jobs

>> No.56002659

I just know a little Swedish on account of being married to one

>> No.56002663

>didn't deny being a fatass


>> No.56002670

what a fun 0% day right before a 3 day weekend

>> No.56002674
File: 144 KB, 800x800, 1643327015018.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Little Bobo Little Bobo
He's a broke Little bobo
He's lost hope Little bobo
He's bought rope Little bobo

>> No.56002677
File: 81 KB, 1024x768, 0BCEFA54-894B-43F2-8319-CFD39B892D85.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Newbie here
What are the best programs/apps for stock trading, particularly setting up a DRIP portfolio?
Right now all I have is Acorns and M1 Finance.
Also tips on stock researching?
Plz do my work for me

>> No.56002687
File: 118 KB, 1080x739, IMG_20230831_153654.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Next week is going to get ugly. The desperation of baggies paying propaganda outlets to advertise their bags and try to meme a pause/pivot is letting bad thing expect
Reuters cranked out 15 rate hike pause articles in 5 days

>> No.56002698

I use E*trade for my Roth IRA and robinhood for my taxable brokerage. I like robinhood because it has a good UI and allows for fractional purchases so you can make your own ETFs

>> No.56002702

use robinhood on your phone and just buy MULN under 50 cents and sell after it short squeezes to $500. easiest way to turn $1000 into $1,000,000 ever

>> No.56002705

ThinkorSwim for me

>> No.56002717


>> No.56002723
File: 56 KB, 640x631, CC0CFD65-D9E9-42DA-A96D-F38FF69E577A.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I don’t really trust Robinhood since the whole GameStop shoah. Is Webull a good alternative or should I not trust the chinamen either?

>> No.56002755
File: 1.19 MB, 1724x1360, 1693357064274309.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Unemployment rising up again

ah fuck, are we really heading toward a silent depression?

>> No.56002769

It will go with a bang because fed has been postponing this 2019 recession for a very long time. Yes you read that right, we were due a recession since 2019.

>> No.56002771

qqq's fair value is 0

>> No.56002774

Why is there so much Sonic porn compared to Mario porn? Is it Sonic fans or something else?

>> No.56002777

It needs to get ugly NOW. Literally a 0% day. Not one single person wants to sell huh. What a fucking joke.

>> No.56002790
File: 139 KB, 900x588, 1654233386945.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Is this going to be a full crab month?

>> No.56002791
File: 97 KB, 1079x526, IMG_20230829_201350.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

B-but reuters says line go up because pivooooooot

>> No.56002795

The sonic universe attracts furries

>> No.56002798

QQQ is down.

>> No.56002802

we already had a recession under trump, but now that the adults are back in charge, we won't have another one until some other right wing lunatic comes along and convinces everybody to vote against their best interests.

>> No.56002807

I’m a shit and piss 500 elitist personally anon

>> No.56002810

Check the volume. Every small sell ends in red waterfalls. There is no bid outside of the stop losses and take profits of leverage gamblers

>> No.56002812

No, the great depression is an outlier on this graph because the Fed cut money supply after the bubble burst making a recovery impossible. This bubble will burst but when it does the Fed in cut rates and inject liquidity causing a recovery and not a depression.

>> No.56002825
File: 38 KB, 608x560, Apu Comfy Bed.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

When do I sell my AMD

>> No.56002826
File: 121 KB, 1080x674, IMG_20230831_180737.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Pce came in hot
>Inflation picking up again
>B-but my line must go up NOW!

>> No.56002837

Now is probably a good time. I wouldn't want to be long any technology stock going into the winter.

>> No.56002842

Did I not just fucking say the bubble will pop? Read the fucking post dude

>> No.56002846
File: 130 KB, 1080x1080, 618138a78deb86e57b49ab70145afc65.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

watcha drinkin tonight anons?

>> No.56002851
File: 178 KB, 1200x1200, FA0v6FMUYAMZKlp[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Robinhood is very simple and easy to use and has a friendly UI, it also lets you reinvest dividends on all of the stocks in your port or you can check off specific ones only to do it with.

TDAmeritrade/ThinkOrSwim also has a DRIP feature as well.

I don't really research individual stocks anymore, mainly only sector ETFs to follow and see which sectors are currently turning or are hot, but even then, you are playing a guessing game that could go wrong if you don't have proper risk management to cut losers fast.

If you're seriously considering DRIPping, I'm assuming you want to play investments for some long term gains, like I do, so I stick to pre-diversified sector ETFs and somewhat specialized themeatic ETFs (like semiconductor etf currently), which are a little more risk but easy to get in and out of. ETFs also pay dividends once a year, as well, and you can set them up to DRIP. Many people just buy SPY with a little of every week's paycheck and drip the divvys to buy more spy every year, hands off, buy regularly and forget it.

>> No.56002859

And btw because of whoever paid reuters to write those pivooooooot articles, tradingview lost a customer, a paying one because those faggots are extra annoyingly promoting these paid ads

>> No.56002863

drinking led me to some questionable decisions last night so water

>> No.56002868

TD , Charles Schwab , Webull , Interactive Brokers, RH. They all halted or placed restrictions during GME. So, if you are just basing your choice on that have fun not trading.

>> No.56002871

>The fed will cut rate and accepts hyper inflation and likely sovereign debt crisis just
LOL baggies

>> No.56002873

get your facts strait jack, inflation is under control and was able to purchase center cut pork chops for less than 3 dollars per pound. you can spread your fud somewhere else chud, this is the economy on bidenomics, and it's working for everybody, not just the wealthy elites, but even the hard working women and transgender women on only whores are getting in on the economic boom we are experiencing.

>> No.56002876
File: 93 KB, 1048x858, Screenshot_20230901-113303_Robinhood.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

SOXL and SOXS green oh fuck

>> No.56002879

Lol baggies

>> No.56002882

tqqq more like pee poo poo poo

>> No.56002886

Tuesday at open. There will be a nice pump across the board at open, and then it’s all downhill from there all the way until 2024. The correction WILL be brutal, but the market will recover relatively quickly by late spring, they’ll pull every trick in the book to force it to recover for election season. 2025 is going to be an absolute nightmare for investors
t. Clairvoyant

>> No.56002890

>Inflation down to 3%
>in the event of a liquidity crisis, Inflation will go up, BECUASE IT JUST WILL OKAY

>> No.56002895

Under 4500 gamma flips to bearish

>> No.56002899

>everything is 30%-50% more expensive
>b-but inflation is only at 3%!

>> No.56002903

>it also lets you reinvest dividen
Every brokerage has this.
Just get an Etrade account if you're going to be picky. The only thing it lacks is fractional investment and between options, ETFs, margin, and not being completely broke you can work around that.

>> No.56002905

How do short ETF'S work.
Am I buying actual shorts?
I want to be against America

>> No.56002906

Powell is an autistic politcal scientist that is well aware he did a mistake in 2019. He is now punished Powell and he doesn't give two shits about an election. He has a mandate, price stability and as much as possible full employment. Not securing the dncs kick back policies

>> No.56002908

>month over month inflation has slowed down to .20
>people are STILL freaking out over inflation
Everything is fine unless you're a retard that unironically wants deflation.

>> No.56002921

I think they issue shares to cover their shorts at the end of the day. It's a great way to lose money very very fast.

>> No.56002925

Why not

>> No.56002927


>> No.56002929

Can't even beat SP500

>> No.56002930
File: 117 KB, 1246x674, file.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

most funds buy swaps, they dont short the actual shares

>> No.56002933

Go troll some other board. We are full on bullshit shills.

>> No.56002939

>doesn't know how even basic highschool level statistics work
Sometime I forget how dumb many of the posters on this general are

>> No.56002941

baggie is the original bullshit shill, newfaggot. nobody likes him though.

>> No.56002943

When rates get cut just because scamstreets grift takes a shit then price stability and full employment are out the door, that is not going to happen. Powells mandate isn't securing the dncs kick back policy to scamstreet

>> No.56002946

This is why I exclusively short the market, gotta keep myself in business know I’m saying

>> No.56002947

His term ends in 2026. If the economy goes to shit during election season but biden wins anyway, will jpow get told to fuck off as revenge?

>> No.56002949

If companies are going under there will be a lot of very cheap hardware for sale.

>> No.56002950
File: 45 KB, 606x596, 64ca20530baeb353e1b6d684555cb977.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>I want to bet against America
you know how this will end, right?

>> No.56002952

Probably makes more sense to buy puts then

>> No.56002960

just look at your chart retard. it says here we are almost at all time highs. if the economy was so bad, why are we approaching all time highs? why is SPY going to be trading above $500 a share next year? I'll tell you why, Bidenomics works for EVERYBODY!

>> No.56002965

During the hearings, the dnc reps like the nigger water bitch is always shitting the hardest on Powell for not securing their kick back policy, so they might try. But if the scamstreet grift takes a shit its unlikely that Bidet wins

>> No.56002968

that's not true, there is one guy in here that likes me and 2 who actually tolerate me

>> No.56002971

the multi generational dip is in, buy or get left behind

>> No.56002973

Being at all time highs is a good thing. The market will always go up so yeah your going to encounter all time highs constantly

>> No.56002984

Puts/synthetic puts are definitely the way to take a bearish position IMO. Naked shorts and inverse ETFs just fuck you hard.

>> No.56002986

>Red id
>Buy my bags
Lol baggies

>> No.56002991

It's ridiculous we let apes into Congress at all.

>> No.56002995
File: 8 KB, 200x175, 1691594964321079.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Bobotas unite

>> No.56002999
File: 114 KB, 1000x1000, 1672823714997498.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Are you guys ready for sour hour?

>> No.56003002

Checked and yes. All the 0DTE’s should be closed, let it rip bobo

>> No.56003009
File: 44 KB, 657x657, IMG_1304.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.56003012
File: 31 KB, 220x253, kakao-con.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

its been really fucking boring today.

>> No.56003015

True, I need to use the auto translate to understand their ebonics - always was under the impression being able to speak English was a pre requirement to become a member of congress

>> No.56003030
File: 41 KB, 640x480, sddefault[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Actually, yeah, this is the one big benefit that Robinhood has over the other brokers that have also moved to commission free structures: Fractional share investing.

You can buy any share with any amount of dollars, portions of a share, so you can buy odd amounts of a specific company no matter how many dollars you have on-hand, as opposed to having to have the exact share price amount every time to buy 1 additional share.

>> No.56003038
File: 1.77 MB, 498x284, 5745334353.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Weimar on a global level

>> No.56003044

Why does SQQQ have such high volatility? Besides the fact it is a 3x etf?

>> No.56003050
File: 304 KB, 563x704, 1687270844754608.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I want it to be as sour as can be
I want the market to burn down so bad

>> No.56003066

Dont like a decent chunk of them not even give nudes of any sort and still get paid? Wew how desperate can one get for this. Still doesnt add up how these same losers likely have gfs.

What stock to short for the downfall of onlyfans. Visa and mastercard for the fee they dont get if they ban payment on there?

>> No.56003067

Holy shit my short NOK calls are actually in the money.

>> No.56003068

Hey baggie can i get a link to you bitcoin analysis vid?

>> No.56003069

Not Weimar. China is in deflationary deathspiral and tries it with lose monetary policy, and fails
20 of the 25 dwarfs are in a hard stagflation that is just a deflationary deathspiral with real estate driving inflation due to artificial production depressing through different laws.
South America is as always a shit hole same as Africa,
Canadas pyramid scheme is in full collapse likely starting their deflationary deathspiral soon and the US isn't far behind
Russia is fudging the numbers so it's hard to say where they stand, their military industrial complex is currently obfuscating the worst

>> No.56003085

i didn't make that video, that was someone else pretending to be me.

>> No.56003090
File: 88 KB, 1024x876, South_Korea_Population_Pyramid.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

"Weimar" is just a symbol of collapse. Inflation, stagflation, deflation. Whatever it is. It will all soon stop and never return.

>> No.56003092

If you give them enough cash they might say your name out loud (shout out) during a live event in which you can record and listen to any time you want.

>> No.56003103
File: 1.56 MB, 2860x4290, 1653717628632.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Power hour lfg

>> No.56003109

these are terms that we use online and would not use in person

>> No.56003116

You WILL buy my bags (at a premium) and you WILL be happy

>> No.56003119

...oh i didnt know. Been trying to find the vid and cant find it anymore

>> No.56003131

No. Pretty happy with short term riskless income from exotic bonds. No need to buy ponzi bags. No matter if it's scamstreet or craptostreet. Hold your bags tight, baggies, you are going to hold them for a long time

>> No.56003157

yeah i can't find it either, the account owner must have nuked it or something

>> No.56003176
File: 179 KB, 1024x757, IMG_6177.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Not le heckin weimar again

>> No.56003183
File: 5 KB, 225x225, 1683512074673271.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

the market is going to be closed for the next 3 days

>> No.56003189

The @nasdaq is just cooling off before it's next leg up.
#BuyTheDip #PutsRnotDaWae #Bidenomics #Investing

>> No.56003199
File: 255 KB, 256x256, 1676546034455130.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

snibben snabben

>> No.56003201

why wouldnt you short CVNA given the pump and cars being overpriced to all hell

>> No.56003228

So as far as I can tell, the main risk to arbitraging SPY vs. SPX is that SPX is European style and SPY American, as well as that SPY pays dividends. So it seems that theoretically if you only arbitrage weeklies or 0DTE’s with no divvy dates and immediately sell if your sells get exercised you should be able to just pick up free money

>> No.56003237

It's bullshit we have to have a holiday to appreciate communism. Communism should never be celebrated in America.

>> No.56003263

I’m breaking 90k today
Push for 100k coming up
Might take a while or dip down before that tho
Permabulls forever

>> No.56003264

Yeah. We really should have a “tip your boss day” holiday every year instead. Instead of a paid day off, you just work for free for a day.

>> No.56003276


>> No.56003291

We already have a shit load of these of these.
>According to The Tax Foundation, the national tax freedom day is April 18th meaning the average American will work 108 of 365 days a year just to pay their varied taxes.

>> No.56003299
File: 66 KB, 1223x970, payday.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Payday today, what do I yolo into?

>> No.56003312

Actually pretty demoralizing

>> No.56003316

nvda puts are green

>> No.56003323
File: 114 KB, 930x936, 1692845904349299.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.56003324

what deflation?

>> No.56003331

>support order
>support order
>support order
>support order
What the fuck. This dude couldn’t even pull out of a driveway.

>> No.56003338

Dude we have two holidays celebrating niggers.

>> No.56003348

They are already trying to use the 14th amendment to disqualify trump from the 2024 election. If they succeed they may as well just let Biden win again without an election. That fat fuck Christie and desantis won't win. Biggest political grift in American history.

>> No.56003353


>> No.56003359

Hungarian 6 month treasuries

>> No.56003364

well, at least we get father's day

>> No.56003374

And tax day!

>> No.56003375


>> No.56003411

The reduction of production capacity due to a reduction in demand

>> No.56003466

Is starslop any good, has anyone played it yet in /smg/

>> No.56003506

Looks like the consensus is 7/10 would not bang

>> No.56003531

Boring as fuck honestly, solid 6 so far. Game feels woefully outdated in a lot of ways.

>> No.56003532
File: 495 KB, 3840x2160, 20230901_174025.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.56003534
File: 307 KB, 625x595, 1615520239838s.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

It's another crab day
Hopefully the 3 day weekend will inject some schizo into the markets

>> No.56003536

At this point why have any insurance?

>> No.56003541

>Frog post is retarded
Somethings never change

>> No.56003546

Everything I've seen is pretty bad, not interested.

>> No.56003553

Lately I've been getting into reverse dividend stocks. Get this, you buy shares and get an APY yield of -3.83%, where you make quarterly payments to the company you're holding. The company then uses that money to grow the enterprise ensuring a continous growth over time that never ends for as long as they can continue to harvest a yield from shareholders

>> No.56003564

Etfs are a scam. Reversed etfs are an even bigger scam

>> No.56003580
File: 57 KB, 1280x720, mfw.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I don't know what I'm doing

>> No.56003581
File: 532 KB, 1440x1244, 1677951426766316.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You thought you'd get away with it

>> No.56003587
File: 940 KB, 2606x4096, __original_drawn_by_tetto_onnoveltet__c7f834e4a27bd3d6fe544e68804b8606.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Ding ding ding! How did it go today anon?

>> No.56003598

+ .80%
Bears with yet another L

>> No.56003599
File: 886 KB, 1329x1946, 1680542971532394.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.56003605

I love solid companies that have a low dividend payout ratio because it allows the company to invest into expanding and increases free cash flow. With that increased cash flow they then raise their dividend and repeat the cycle year after year. It’s just too damn comfy.

>> No.56003606

I played for about an hour and dont have a strong urge to pick it back up. during that hour i was surprised how i was not imersed at all.

>> No.56003609
File: 13 KB, 435x270, Untitled.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This is only 1/3 of my net worth, I'm financially solvent, and I'm having a great time.
I've only been trading for 3 years, but I've learned so very much.
>can trade level 4 options, as well as forex and cfds on 500:1 margin if I really wanted to
Just gotta not be retarded with the small trades here and eventually I'll have a (slowly) profitable system

>> No.56003616

+1.07% (650 euros). I permahold oil

>> No.56003628

Any examples?

>> No.56003630
File: 990 KB, 1848x1386, 1678383121604755.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i hate women slightly more than i did yesterday

>> No.56003631

Taxable brokerage +.14%
Roth IRA +.28%
Slow and steady. Just the way I like it

>> No.56003635
File: 276 KB, 1280x1808, 74853306_p0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Pretty good. Mostly recovered my losses from the past couple of months. God bless OIL

>> No.56003636

Time to just put it into index funds.
Welp. My main account that I was kind of hoping would take a capital loss for taxes is up ~$20 and my Roth IRA is down ~$20.

>> No.56003641
File: 159 KB, 852x554, Jeb NASDAQ.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.56003642


>> No.56003646

>Index fund
Scam and ponzi

>> No.56003653

Dividend investing could have prevented this

>> No.56003660

ypu have a very nice haircut, did you do it yourself?

>> No.56003664

You'd think so but I'm happy with where I'm at right now. Some of those losses were managing transactions for my sister and dad during the covid boom. That'd maybe only account for $2500 in losses. About $4-6k in options bleed off as I learned them (IV crush here and there, etc).
I have two bonds that I'm rolling monthly, a GIC, a stack of silver, and lots of WMT.

I have 92 shares of WMT and will be writing CCs against them at 1.5-2 SD's while I continue to hold them indefinitely

>> No.56003665

-0.67 gme

>> No.56003668

Dividends are a scam and a bigger ponzi

>> No.56003681
File: 179 KB, 600x600, 1665077946560556.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.56003693

>The time was right for innovation. In the 1920s, improved bottling technology, reliable caps, and modern refrigeration made soda a viable packaged good for the first time.

>> No.56003705

But if everyone buys into the ponzi, it gives it some credibility / exit liquidity. Look at pension, retirement, and Ontario teacher funds for example. They're all REQUIRED to buy high quality investments, which are slow boring dividend yielding bluechip companies, typically.
Being in Ontario myself, I pay about 17.7% on my WMT divvies, and realized that if it was in a company that did share buybacks in lieu of dividends, I wouldn't have to deal with non resident withholding taxes

>> No.56003715

haha you aren’t very good at investing

>> No.56003720

No innovation until the pyramid ponzi schemes real estate rehypotecization scam the financial sector and 90s boomers played over 50 years. Just the lose of hegemony for the west

>> No.56003741

Those are pyramid schemes and less productivity, less tax income, less ways to collaterize the pyramid scheme and it collapses, which is a year or two away with the last batch of young boomer Born between 65 and 70 retiring and expecting to cash out of the pyramid scheme

>> No.56003752

Are you sure the total collapse isn’t just 2 weeks away. Seems more likely

>> No.56003759

We will not be safe until every single equality believer is ash in the bottom of a mass grave

>> No.56003764

Hear me out: Build “climate controlled” storage facility so it doesn’t have to be human habitable, but install air conditioning, heating, electricity, and water. Charge ludicrous prices, but still half as expensive as regular rent, and then just turn a blind eye to people living there.

>> No.56003766

No you line saying retard. It's a mechanical occurrence. A ponzi build on a pyramid scheme requires infinite amount of growth to not collapse. With boomers completely out of the market and expecting pay outs of the pyramid scheme with 3 generations in total smaller doing pay ins, the scam collapses

>> No.56003768


>> No.56003896

I need 4k fast, whats the option play next week

>> No.56003956

vix calls