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Pump it up
You got to pump it up
Don't you know, pump it up
You got to pump it up
Don't you know, pump it up
You got to pump it up
Don't you know, pump it up
You got to pump it up
Don't you know, pump it up
You got to pump it up
Don't you know, pump it up
You got to pump it up
Don't you know, pump it up
You got to pump it up

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Wtf is the point of raising rates with one hand and throwing money at banks with the other?

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Just withdraw your money from your bank and don't invest into US companies or treasuries. Only way to send a message they understand

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killing companies, families and individuals, making jews own 99.99% of the wealth instead of the usual 99%. The goal is to genocide you and your loved ones

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This, unfortunately....

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>t. jews

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are you fucking retarded?

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Are you? Or are you doing the jew work for free? It's a known strategy by jews to keep themselves in the victim grift role to blame jews online to then scream antisemitism and grift

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Remember last quarters Bank earnings (June 30, 2023)? Time flies





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they are talking about the evil plans of them? victim grift role? what?? they are talking about the kike plan to enslave goyim, please tell me how they are jews, are you misreading what they said completely?

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>It's all the evil all powerful jew
>Oy vey look the antisemitism (((we))) need 6000000 dollar to fight antisemitism on the internet
I suppose you are terminally brainwashed

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Why? Yes because they need capital and thought they could attract it by raising divis paid for with the increased fed rates. Didn't work out as it looks like

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Shhhh the goyim won't notice

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you must be fucking retarded
no one said anything demoralizing about them succeeding, if you're denying their involvement in the cabal then you're plain fucking stupid

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Terminally brainwashed.
>It's da jew
Meme must be one of the most successful scams of the last 20 years. It obfuscates the bigger picture and opens the road for a grift. You idiot. Of course its also jews, but it would be more helpful to name the sectors involved, investment banksters, hedge funds, tech bruh subsidies scammers, diverse ngos, and most of them are not exclusively jewish

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>Actually, It's "X" now

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anon you're not saying anything new, of course it goes deeper than that. the cabal happens to be majorly jewish and the jews is basically a buzzword for the elites now, but yeah it probably does act as an obfuscation for those who think it's just muh antisemitism

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although, the cabal going further than just da juice should be already understood context, especially here

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Stop it, he is a glow or just brainded, useless to fight.

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>It's just a buzzword goy
>Lets keep just say it's da jew
>And don't forget to scream printer go brrr
>And its LA Bart
Terminally brainwashed doing the work for the epistemic community you pretending to criticize for them

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nice dubs anon, but you can't deny the large percentage of jews within the cabal, there is no issues with calling it that on /biz/, we all know there are non jews within the cabal and that they are also demon worshippers

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You don't even understand what is happening. But keep deflecting, don't you want to defensively scream something about weeks, medication or shizophrenia you already threw the glowing meme defense

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Nigger the banks are not well. They wouldn't need that credit line if they were. It's not about muah stealing all powerful jew banks, they are om the verge of collapsing again

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You don't understand. Allowing a systemic bank collapse to occur would have stopped inflation, but they don't want inflation to be stopped. At least not via that mechanism. So, they bail out the banks. Their QE-lite causes inflation to continue. Their stated mechanism mechanism for getting rid of inflation remains the same: something (else) will break, causing YOU to lose your job. Once enough people are homeless, jobless, and can't afford the price gouging on rents, home prices, or goods - only then will inflation subside. When corporations realize it will be better to make something rather than nothing off us.

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Because it’s heads they win, tails you lose.

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everything is going according to plan

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>Price gouging
You stupid idiot, disgusting socialist retard. Rents are going down everywhere

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>This nigga don't know about shell games

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>it's not jews
>it's investment banksters, hedge funds, tech bruh subsidies scammers, diverse ngos

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There is no plan you deflecting mouth breather. It's pure chaos nobody has a plan or anything under control.

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Won't happen. They have a lifeline. Inflation will continue, for now, because of them and their bad decisions. If you really want to send them a message, stop parking your funds in them. I have at most $1000 across all my accounts in banks at any given time. Whereas my 6fig NW is kept in cold hard fixed income securities.

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I've only ever paid an increase in rent lol. There are not enough people homeless for prices to go down. Yet.

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Me too. 10k is all they got from me. The rest in foreign bonds and in a safe

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this is where you reveal yourself to be retarded and incorrect

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Maybe look around. Rents are on average becoming cheaper. Maybe instead of screaming typical left wing retardation about eating le ebin land lord speak to your land lord and tell him if he wants to keep a tenant that pays he might want to reduce rent or you move and he is going to have risk of getting a tenant that wont pay regularly

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Its not jews they are just accudently jews...

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Fed already said they want people to stop working to control inflation

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>The biggest badasd jew is all knowing and all powerful
>They planned on being on the verge of collapse
>Trust the plan
Are you a qtard

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What the fuck is their endgame in doing this? New Jerusalem? Indentured servitude? Reality breakdown? All of the above?
Every day it feels like the magazine will ignite, yet America is just too big to fail. This is quite litterally the only thing the tribe has been consistently doing that I don't understand their end goal with, unless shit will hit the fan before 2030 and were just living in an extended wealth transfer/attempt to see how far the dollar scam will go.

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lmfao fucking dumbass retard doesn't know about his aforementioned NGOs and the great reset where he will own nothing and be happy

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Avoiding the pyramid scheme of the past 40 years crashing and burying the USA under it

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Terminally brainwashed. But interesting to see that their behaviorism scheme worked even here, I overestimated anon

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you must be disconnected from reality anon. look around you

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>uhh sweaty it's not the jews there's 1% asians/whites involved

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I see headless chickens panicking and trying to spin narratives and story lines to make them look like they are in control when they are not

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You make banks more rich at the expense of others.

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what is the FRED code for this?
I honestly have not been able to find the data set for this new FED thing they set up during SVB where the banks can park their bond holdings at face value for 12 months.

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>Nigger the banks are not well. They wouldn't need that credit line if they were. It's not about muah stealing all powerful jew banks, they are om the verge of collapsing again
>those pooooooor banks goyim
>dont blame us

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Same as cuckservative republicucks showcasing niggers
look you antisemite, there is one Irish banker, no conspiracy at all. It is also illegal to point it out anyway, so definitely none here

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Greentext deflection?
Poor terminally brainwashed fool. I would personally love nothing more than to see the entire banking system crash and burn, jpm, g&s, db and the rest go up in flames. But its a fact, if they were in good shape, they would not need that life line

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I found that one but it's update frequency is "quarterly."
However, I see headlines of "new highs" etc. way more often than every three months.
There gotta be other, more frequently updated datasets. However, maybe not on FRED.

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>they would not need that life line
Who says they need it?
They might be just getting it for nothing

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1. Go back
2. You’re the most obvious Jew in this thread
3. This is literally what you’re doing but backwards >>55994625 kys you’re not convincing anyone here

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Yeah. There is no other. Don't ask me where those propagandists on shitter get their information from, I don't know
Those loans are not for free. A rational business would rather not have to take them. Sorry you got terminally brainwashed. Deprogram yourself

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Are they not free?
Are kys with your stupid psycho shit

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Thats the most jew word in this context ever btw
Jews see antisemitism as sickness
Fuck off

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>There is no other.
ZH "article" of today https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/banks-usage-feds-emergency-facility-hits-new-record-high-money-market-fund-inflows-resume quoting FRED code "H41RESPPALDKNWW" (Assets: Liquidity and Credit Facilities: Loans: Bank Term Funding Program, Net: Wednesday Level) as the
>put your bonds here for 12 months FED funding facility


but honestly, what's a $100b nowadays even?

seems like a nothingburger.

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I wanna feel it day and night
You are the power of my life
I wanna pump it better

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Thanks. It's really not much. That lets the entire op look awfully manipulative

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Fpbp (and underrated)

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I'm a retard what does this mean

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Yeah. It's all so fucking tiresome.

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Wealth transfer

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We exist in a world where we are human cattle that only exist to be milked of our value so pedophile jews get all the money, don’t have to work and flood our lands with niggers and promote gay anal sex and trannies to us and poison or food and water while gaslighting us that anybody that opposes them are hateful terrorists that our a threat to democracy

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Banks have a liquidity problem, something banks shouldn't have and something that spells doom over their business model

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are you cold or something?

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things are about to go south
very fast

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Let's look at the chart in the log version goyim.

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It's possible. Lets hope for the classic 60% correction bankrupting boomers and bankers

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Bidenomics at work folx. Line up only. Zestimate up online. How could they not with infinite money being introduced into the supply?

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I don't understand.. someone dumb this down for me

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You will own nothing and be happy.

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The discount window is supposed to be the last resort a bank uses when all other options fail and collapse would be imminent, and yet it seems like it's just being used as a credit card. Just another example of something that normally means the end of the world and yet it's happening at record levels and everything seems to be fine.

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Okay, so what are we supposed to do?

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have a sit down?

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>muh bank collapse
You should already know by now that we will be forced to bail them out.
You are probably too young to remember the phrase "too big to fail" uttered by politicians and mainstream news for many years.
You are probably a zoomer.

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the thing is now they don't even have to publicly acknowledge that they're just handing them billions and billions of dollars with the talmudic shit the fed pulls. discount window, all that bullshit

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Right. The government and banks and fed have a cheat code- just print money. They will avoid hyperinflation but can pump stocks and houses to the moon. You will have to work harder as your cash is worth less. Such is life for the goyim.

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>Rents are on average becoming cheaper.
>on average
>becoming cheaper
>t. Bidenomics Professor
If you inflate the price of something by 500% then offer a "discount" at 300%, that's still a problem.

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if only we were so lucky. i've long said that, basically, this country is run by people who will sacrifice literally everything at the altar of boomers. boomer 401ks and boomer home equity is the sacrificial altar upon which the entire country's future will be laid.

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Prepare to remove them from power
Their own actions ensure their two armies -- the police and actual military will disintegrate probably this decade.
No bodyguard force for globohomo control = Anarchy.
Except that anarchy for those with a purpose is freedom.

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There is no too big to fail. Especially when all fails at the same time because they are tied to the hip all with each other and the pyramid scheme as soon as the deflation picks up speed can't be reversed, no amount of capital reserve requirements reduction, no amount of treasury buy backs no amount of helicopter money can stop a deflationary deathspiral in full speed

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Yep. The army has now failed for 3 quarters in a row to fill it's recruitment quotas. It doesn't look better with the police force

>> No.55996394

>There is no too big to fail.
You think they're willing to sacrifice the money machine, their primary mechanism of power?
No, they will obviously sacrifice us to keep the machine going, as has happened numerous times throughout history.
How did you get to be so profoundly ignorant and optimistic about the future?

>> No.55996409

They're sacrificing this money machine for the shinier, newer digital one.

>> No.55996412

why do you think they keep importing 80-90 iq yes men
it won't work, just pointing it out

>> No.55996428

They cannot sacrifice us. They don't have the capabilities to do so. The boomerqtard plan failed. Their models failed. By now if the Coudenhove-Kallegrist would have been right the world would be cheering on for international communism. But that's not the case. The models predicted in their worse case scenario an opposition of less than 10%, after they bought up the media, which they considered the thing that might stand in their way after the failed bird flu and swine flu test runs. The china flu was supposed to be the final nail. It failed they are looking at on average an opposition of between 20% and up to 60% depending on the territory, and that while their trust ratings are tanking and their armies getting smaller and less loyal

>> No.55996451

Two fold. At one hand Kallegries idiocy about the perfect human that was supposed to be some mutt and on the other hand voting cattle to secure their power. The niggers didn't react as they hoped and stay among themselves and they rather vote conservative

>> No.55996472

They don't need an army when they control the food supply.

>> No.55996475

They don't. Farmers do

>> No.55996476

buy bitcoin + silver
what a shame.

>> No.55996492

Stay the hell away from bitchcoin, wasn't the first $32 top enough to make you know who was behind that fail safe? And about silver, that's something they also control

Either you are stupid or im your free time you run around with a silly hat

>> No.55996512

>don't buy bitcoin or silver
yeah I'm going to do the opposite of /biz/ here.

>> No.55996526

Then you made your decision and can consider yourself part of them. Good job, you should visit your local mason temple and do the introduction ritual, fuck a child enemy of humanity

>> No.55996556

no, no, no
I'll just buy BTC and silver, and keep both in my possession (not in a centralized exchange).
you are schizophrenic.
By the way, I also hold chainlink.

>> No.55996565

How about you say the line shill how many weeks?

>> No.55996574

Farmers don't exist anymore, boomer. It's all agribusiness now.
Next, go read about the Haber-Bosch process and tell me who really has the control of the situation.

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kikes are raping us as usual and 90% of the population dont know they are being raped

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I have looked into precious metals as a hedge, but it makes no sense at the current prices.
Same deal with BTC it will always be tied to the value of the USD.

The only hedge is income producing stocks and bond, I am all cash and property at the moment. I am getting 4.8% on my savings from my bank.

>> No.55996600

Cities are fucked, no question about that, but on a local level, the agribusiness might hold the paper rights on the farms, but it's still a human being often enough from the local community that manages the fields. At least it's the case here on the old continent. And without a working loyal army, there options on keeping order as they want it, are very limited

>> No.55996626

hm? I didn't propose a timeline for anything. I simply replied to >>55996071 who asked for actionable advice in the face of enormous wealth transfer, to which I said "buy bitcoin and silver"
and then you freaked out about it.
there's an argument that silver is massively undervalued compared to its historical use as daily wages.
4.8% is not nothing but with inflation you're still getting fucked. owning land is primo though, congrats, ygmi from that alone. you can take out loans against your property in the future to make more investments.
you are all doom talk and your only advice is "withdraw money from your banks to send a message but don't buy btc or silver". really gets the noggin joggin >>55995089

>> No.55996643

Bitcoin was the test for the cbdc shit and from the get go the fail safe. Come on, a public ledger that is for 99% of all addresses linked to kyc/aml totally doxed cex, bank account. Perfect surveillance tool, and you pay for tx, like a slave. Silver is more of a ritualistic thing, judas, they know they are traitors to humanity im their Levantine mutt larp on the fallen ones they worship

So consider yourself caught silly hat man

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>it's still a human being often enough from the local community that manages the fields
You can't do shit in the fields without ammonia (produced from natural gas), phosphate rock (mined), and potash (mined).
The soil is dead. It's just a substrate for now.
Guess who has most of the phosphate?

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And here's a map showing proven potash reserves. Are you concerned yet?

>> No.55996722

The cities are fucked, yes. But you are grossly dramatizing the infertility of the soil. Without the fertilizer it might not be enough for city folks, but local communities are going to make it, while they starve in their ivory tower
No. The be afraid goy line doesn't work on me

>> No.55996772

>The be afraid goy line doesn't work on me
I didn't say "be afraid" I asked if you were concerned by any of this. If you're not, then I hope you have a truly off-grid aka zero-eternalities way of survival. I hope you have chickens, at minimum. I hope you're composting everything. I hope your community is nowhere near a city or a freeway, and is small enough to not be noticed by state or federal government.
So... do you think you're safe?

>> No.55996797

If we told you what to do we would be called Feds by Feds.

>> No.55996814

>Be afraid goy
Leave, gtfo, go back to whatever namefag spaces you came from. you are disgusting me and you are not really different from the silver ends the Fed buttcoin shill above. It's not going to be mad max, it's not going to be "them" being in control, it's a slow loss of control, a hard crash maybe and a political and economic system breaking, but not the idea you try to plant

Are really just leeches, shills and silly hats left here. A shame

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>a hard crash maybe
What do you think this implies, brainlet?

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Yeah this hasn't war gamed endlessly. Like there aren't secret islands etc around the wold you can't visit where they live- or underground.

>> No.55996888

Yes. With everyone working like slaves at menial jobs, having zero wealth and owning nothing.

>> No.55996893

Not a total break up and disappearance of every single supply line. You seem to be under the arrogant impression, that those cattle outside your ivory tower are unable to organize without the lead and the guidance of an all so enlightened fart huffing bunch of faggots. That's not the case, jump out of your tower, and live stream it

>> No.55996904

Oh, a line. You said the line. Do you think you can meme enlightened fart huffer?

>> No.55996934

>Not a total break up and disappearance of every single supply line.
Supply lines don't need to break up or disappear. They just need to become gated off, and then you are SOL.

>> No.55996956

Oh yeah right, "they" drive the trucks, "they" work the field, "they" hold the guns, "they" are nothing..of all humans, "they" are the most useless and nobody would even take notice, if "they" would disappear today because "they" are unimportant

>> No.55996999

good luck shooting your way into being part of an exclusive retricted supply chain lmao
i suspected you were a dumb meathead, but now you've confirmed it.

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silver is real money, bro, and $cocks is a way better investment than $shib...i've been in this crypto game for years my guy

>> No.55997701


nah, i got a whole bunch of $cocks and $ass and will ride a rocketship to the moon when this token takes off damn right! you'll be thanking us later but... are your bags so big they'll stop your rockets, just like your heavy moms bags kept her from getting pregnant with a real man? wow thats kinda hurtful bro... thats the joke you retard lol

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bro the soil is completely dead without commercial fertilizer, what are you talking about? are you a farmer???

>> No.55997747


wtf? are you talking about hollow earth or some gay crap?

>> No.55997769

I know right! and even worse the majority are still ignorant of crypto, and we need to do our part and help educate the masses to invest in $cocks and other promising assets that will improve their quality of life, rather than wage-slaving.

>> No.55997783 [DELETED] 


You seem to be angry and maybe slightly jealous of the success of $cocks. Why all the homophobia? Is getting your balls squeezed in a cockfight really what you want? Come on, buy some $cocks and help take the market cap to $1M!

>> No.55997800

bro what did you just call me?...you better just watch your mouth or else $cocks is gonna be your worst nightmare...

>> No.55997818


wow ok...so...who's the group of "theys" you are referring to here...?

>> No.55997834 [DELETED] 

i'll be laughing at you when my $cock$ are worth $1000 a coin, get out of here nerd, you're on our turf now

>> No.55997843

how do I benefit from this if I’m Jewish? so far I’ve only been fucked by it. Im starting to think Catholics are behind this.

>> No.55997864

Be friends with the cabal and you get a shot to rise up their ranks

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haha, yes thats right buddy, now buy $cocks already!

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fat and full of cock

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Have you ever heard of a speedball?

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Novus ordo are satanists like the kikes.

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Politicians, bureaucrats, "experts", journalists, banksters, accountance, members of ngos....... the so called white collar criminals and "opinion leaders"

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