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Why are LINK holders so fucking dumb? This jpg is 16 months old btw

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fudcuck sounds a little upset
that's a shame
no (you)s
all fields

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Kek links meme magic got rekt and backfired on all baggies.
From most smug and cocky chest puffing niggers to lowly feeble findom cuckolds who are THE laughing stock of crypto.
Just 2 more weeks until your real life begins god candle incoming! SIKE hahhahahahha Kek baggies

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Here is ur answer

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u mad

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high estrogen, they bonded to their bags like women and held through the top because people on the internet (who were selling) told them to hold

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Everyone holds linkes because they stinkies

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Seriously the more I think about how it was $50 and I didn’t sell, I think about killing myself

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There was no way to know $50 was the local peak. It could've just as easily kept going to $500 and beyond, in which case you would have felt even worse for selling.

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$50 wasn't the top, it was a year before when link went to the fifth largest alt in the market by marketcap

at that point you knew factually link relative to bitcoin could only at best 3-4x from there
that top was clear as day for anyone that wasn't an emotional investor

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Adem Kayser -Voorburg, Zuid-Holland - third world import leeching off of Netherlands taxpayer dollars when he isn't working for actual MLM scam companies doing paid stock bashing along with a small collection of other parasites with similar backgrounds also living in the Netherlands.

He immediately shut down his twitter @chainlinkthomas when a pic from his facebook was posted along with his name. His twitter used to be @geoxadem (literally had his first name in it) when his porn addiction posts were initially discovered and he shut his account down and scrubbed it the first time to change it over to @chainlinkthomas. Now it's back up and he's trying to pretend nothing happened even though he still stupidly referenced deleting his account when he said he was "back" and going to war with an equally retarded faggot, CLG. Also has a linkedin with a netherlands location in the same city that he lives in, listed as a "crypto investor" at a very shady looking netherlands company (The Success Factory) that apparently tried to run a failed DAG ponzi / MLM pyramid scheme style grift and was busted.

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Link is more valuable than all of crypto combined though... so idk where you're pulling your facts from.

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this samefag is big mad kek

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fuddie accusing anyone of samefagging is rich

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switch IDs again and stay mad kek

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>emotional investor

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I don't switch ids, Adem. Unlike you faggots.

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whew link nigger

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They're all betting on the future nightmare dystopia that will make them rich.

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>betting AGAINST the future nightmare dystopia


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Are you ok Adem?

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I thought I was supposed to be Adem. No wait I was Thomas. No wait I am Michael.


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>a single European is powerful enough to fud link into 18 months of crabbing and getting raped by BTC
Nice coin there, very powerful lmao

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I went to laugh at Thomas but became a fan. Link needs Thomas honestly. Bag holder here. Pump our bags Sergay you cunt

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why did they buy someone else's premined pet project then instead of bitcoin? because they knew they were already too late?

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>Bag holder here. Pump our bags Sergay you cunt
Or what? you'll pen the longest incel manifesto in history? fuck outta here kiddo

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>adem's colleagues are trying to cope on adem's behalf by pretending that anyone thinks he has any power besides getting himself doxxed and spamming a dead board
>they cover for him because he respresents the quintissential fudcuck - a retarded, porn addicted ESL parasite infesting his host country and working for MLM scams like "the success factory"
>now that this is known on biz, they get absolutely no real engagement (not that they ever got much beforr) outside of being relentlessly mocked as cumbrain retards that samefag to bump their own threads

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Who are you replying to? I think the GME general may be more your style.

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I sold all my shit already and bought RAIL. I'm not more a linktard.