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Was this just a memecoin? Will it ever come back? I feel so stupid for buying this crap.

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I don't even know what that ponzi is.
Like every crapto token it has 0 production costs, no use case and no demand. So its worthless. If you paid dollar for it you got scammed, that's all

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Thanks for the honesty, fren.

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yeah but it's the reddit coin so it has a better chance of pumping again than most

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No dude, they're just taking the slow and steady route. It's going to kill Ethereum very soon.

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Meth is no different from the 600000 other ponzi chains
0 production cost, 0 demand, 0 use cases

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Damn right bro.

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Buy donut if you are reddit tiery at least its pumpable. Even on a bear.

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If you want to play the game of bigger fools in the current economic environment, nobody can stop you from paying for the meals of scammers but chances that you are the last in the chain of scammed is very high
Better just burn the dollars, that helps to bring down monetary base

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Imagine investing in pic related

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Great. I feel even more stupid now.

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czeched and remorsepilled, hopefully you're unvaxxed at least

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Don't worry, fren, I also bought 2000 of these before it dumped. I really thought this could do something, but apart from some deal with a school in Africa, there's been nothing.

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Yes, I am a toxic White male that is also a pureblood, so I am happy about that.

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I thought this one had promise as well, but all it did was make a bearded slob wealthy.

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Based, you'll have your day when the vaxxies start keeling over from ultracancer in droves then

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I bought 2500 of these at 25 cent. Hope I didn't fuck up.