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Is crypto gonna get better than this or are we experiencing slow rug kinda thing?
Will anyone or project come to the rescue?

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slow rug to 22-23k this year, maybe 12k next year

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No hope crypto is dead

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I hope we'll begin to moon in a month approx.

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>Post quantum cryptography

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P2E gaming

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Why are you gay??

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We all need to be calm, the private blockchain launch is closer now, much more than two huge boobs.

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Hyperpolyglot crypto projects are the next big thing jeet.

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I'm bagging GLW on MEXC and it's already getting bags filled, no need to wait for the bull anymore.

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Does this mean that crypto is a scam??

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we are unironically shifting to bullmarket at the moment. its the typical low volume crabbing which feels like an eternity, because we already have 2 years of endless bear pain behind us. but the crab is slowly turning into uptrend from here

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what is this bullshit cope based on ? i'm not closing my 29.4k Shorts

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Quantum computers will change our lives more than everything else. Even blockchain encryption will be broken unless it is quantum resistant

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Delusional, we’re only two thirds in on the bear, the last drawdown is coming and will get to at least 20k btc

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How much did you short bro? What’s your profit if you close now? Thanks

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why do you think there will be a drawdown?
in 2020 it was due to apocalyptic macro happening (Covid), otherwise it woulda been a smooth sail up, coupled with some crab.

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Dumbfag, if you had done that with QANx, you would be in more profit

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around 1700$ profit,do the meth

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imagine holding a short after 2years of giga bear. bro, you are supposed to short when the market is high..... just as you are supposed to buy low when no1 else wants to..... ngmi

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Take a look at its cool Alpine esport partner, with tech enabling 1000x more devs to get in the blockchain game.

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Not when I can immerse myself with the power of VR technology seamlessly integrated into Galactic War

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are you retarded? i will close this year at 20-21k ,or 23k depends what looks bullish

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lmao. nice risk/reward ratio there bro

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You have nothing to be afraid of faggot, if you QANX in your bag for the bullrun, We'd be amongst the top winners at the end of the day

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says you on the sidelines..

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The real bear is yet to start once btc gets below $10k

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IMM is now available for trading on QuickswapDEX. Don't miss out on the action and also stake them away for a juicy 350% APY.

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For some projects it will get better and for others there will be no recovery. Bear markets like these are what separates those who deserve to make it and the lucky from those who are simply ngmi and are not worthy of the citadel.

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NIST already recommended algorithms against this event. Invest in them anon or yNGMI

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Your stupid post makes me not feel bad about stealing your Checkems

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1000 Checkems scheduled for deposit

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Kek, checkems could unironically be the answer. The creation process is so retarded that it could actually work in defiance of all new tech. Doesn't matter if its a quantum PC or not when only trips generates them.

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Sell your crypto and stop complaining.
Honest the fucking God.
>Wah is crypto going to zero.
Those type of threads should be a ban for like a week.
Stop posting.

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>least 20k btc
It was less than that in January.

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Likely to be the best development I am looking forward to, the upcoming public release of its private blockchain, and I'm eager to see AlpineEsports' use case of QANX

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I strongly feel that gaming will provide the most upside next bull run. Have a close watch on Galactic war's E-sports FPS Game

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It is not even quantum resistant. Checkems sounds like chicken. Kek

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Feels good to know that Developers using any programming language on web3 makes bitches horny.

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I'm better off investing in index investment platforms like AstraDAO, it's really making the bag heavy.

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I'm better off investing in index investment platforms like AstraDAO, it's really making the bag heavy.

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>he doesn't like chicken
Fuck off vegan

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>It is not even quantum resistant
I'm keeping an eye on this, the partnership with Alpine racing team F1 will get dicks hard.

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Asian pussies aren't even as sweet as the flexibility of using different coding languages on web3

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We're on the same page, mate. I've invested some of the gains in legit projects like Sylo and XRP. OP can keep hodling for all I care. No fucks given.

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Nothing beats Crystal Dilithium here anon as it is the primary recommendation that was recommended

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Is that the reason why Devs enjoy getting paid when their code is reused?

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Homophobe gtfo

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Validators are also looking forward to using a mobile phone validate nodes

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being gay is a mental illness

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And it has yet another huge partnership looming Jeet

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Ain't seeing any shit bigger than FPS NFTs game with AAA-Standard based on Unreal Engine 5. Thanks to GLW.

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Forget about the bear, KOL activity ain't a child's play benzofag, It's only a matter of time before we start buying QANX at $1.

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VR technology is top notch

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Sell now and go home.

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An EVM-compatible quantum resistant Blockchains is what normies are dying for rn and surprisingly, QANX ticks all the boxes.

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Yngmi until you dump that shit and buy RAIL

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Nobody is coming to rescue your sorry ass if you don't take action and research emerging trends and join good projects that support the narrative.

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Not dropping any quantum-resistant tokens? You just got a big ol' F in this class.

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Only one
Tg mugshoteth

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>An EVM-compatible quantum resistant Blockchains is what normies are dying for rn
No, normies don't give a fuck
> QANX ticks all the boxes
only in your head faggot
imagine posting these thinking you look organic faggots.

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Bear? KOL activity is some serious biz, bruh. $1 for QANX sounds like a comfy moon stop, don't it?

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how much are you tards paid by QANplatform company? how much are these polaks paying you tards

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You are just a depressed homeless nocoiner. Sorry, there is nothing for you here.

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imagine thinking anyone cares about Quantum resistance when it's a simple algorithm to deploy, kek. Monero is Quantum resistant, so is Algorand.
Yet, who cares?

You have your answer

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Is this live or just another scam game that will be dead on arrival?

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You got it, anon. Earning royalties for code reuse is sweet AF, like making money in your sleep.

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Who cares now? Maybe not everyone, but when the quantum era hits, you'll be glad some of us did.

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You can't be saying this anon. They've got no decentralised blockchain explorer making it easier for wallets to be traced. Besides, Algorand is not going to do much again.

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Monero and Algorand being quantum resistant is lit, but the point is staying ahead of the game. Quantum threats are lurking, and we gotta be ready.

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VR tech is on another level. The immersive experiences it brings are mind-blowing

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The prospect of validators being able to use a mobile phone to validate nodes is pretty exciting. It could bring more accessibility and convenience to the process.

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Dude, forget about the sugar levels – we're all about that coding buffet with web3! Why settle for one flavor when you can savor a variety of languages?

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If it's the prime recommendation, then I'm all ears. Tell me more about this futuristic wonder

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The anticipation for the public release of the private blockchain and seeing how AlpineEsports will utilize the blockchain is creating some serious buzz.

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It’s just as stupid as fiat we need to go to a gold/ silver based currency

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>research emerging trends and join good projects that support the narrative.

Investing in trending narratives at the moment is your best bet.

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Are you guys retards, I made good profit on QANX last week, why are you all complaining

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Crypto is whatever you make it out to be anon. There are a lot of proyects out there pumping, you can go from dawae to link in the span of a week and make money if you're smart. I don't think the problem lies in the actual market conditions, consider we're in a recession, a black swan is happening since last year and BTC is sub 30k and there are still proyects pumping and keeping up with deadlines, so that means those are still profitable. If everyone else is still making money you can't blame the system so much as you should blame yourself

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Privacy dropping on DeFi is gonna bring in a whole new wave of whales to the crypto game, and we're talking some serious moon vibes for tomorrow

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This will be a game changer in the crypto space compared to the EVM

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>Investing in trending narratives at the moment is your best bet.

>Telegram Bots
>Real yield
>Perp Dexes

These are some of the narratives i have been keeping an eye on.

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Monero isn't quantum resistant, I only know about QAN And ALGO

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Bull run next year, PEPE is ready

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Royalty fees is now possible on chain

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Haven't you heard? You can totally dodge those motherfuckers tracing your moves by rolling with private wallets like Railway and Samourai

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These narratives have been huge on biz over the recent weeks and a few projects like SPOOL, UNIBOT and VELA have been benefiting from the hype.

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>Investing in trending narratives at the moment is your best bet.
Narratives like Privacy in DeFi
>Real yield
Currently doing that anonymously on Beefy Finance

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That's not happening, any moment from now
Why is it trending

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Anon, is beefy pulling a switcheroo and going all privacy mode now?

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I made 3x on this so far, I'm in luck I guess

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Its private blockchain launch is near

>> No.55961981

They straight up joined forces with the Railgun privacy protocol, giving them that leverage

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No it wasted the lockdown bullring with animal coins and bored apes and then rugpull normies its dead failed to come up with anything useful ethereum and other layer 1s are fucking useless. btc will stay around sort of like gold for when the inevitable fiat collapse happens but trying to time that I will continue to throw money into btc and gold every month that's it

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bro theres literally no hope. at one point I was getting $10k a month in dividends and now its $200.

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Absolutely I trust the process and I expect the bullrun to happen soon, I am getting ready with my QRDO, METIS, ATOM and QANX bag in particular.

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https://twitter.com/sbf_eth is coming tot he rescue, their big reveal is a sentient ChatGPT to bring all of crypto to zero, cereal entrepreneurs, motivational speakers, tik tok influencers. TLDR This crypto is bringing the apocalypse with it.

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Just around the corner, happy that a ruling member of the Qatari family have their eye on this gem. Soon gonna print money.

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This is nothing when compared to the threats posed by the fucking quantum computers FYI. Trust me only with post quantum cryptography we will be able to survive in all the sectors.

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Just hope for the good and do what we do. When projects like QANplatform are existing we don't need to worry about anything, I'm sure both technologically and economically things will be much better secure and reliable.

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Retail is bled out. How is money going to get in at this point?

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AI will be the one to help us evolve and destroy us by its own evolution.

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Not forgetting AI and VR/XR
These are narratives that will make huge impact in the next bull run and bobos might just be sleeping on it

Rndr and Ride are my top two from each

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A member from the rulling family of Qatar is interested in a quantum resistant blockchain which is yet to go live. If he invests imagine the money flow that will be in. I am hyped as fuck desu this would be a great money flow to the overall market imo.

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Those two indeed has good potential, love their development, only jeets will ignore these gems.

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Anon not only that even a Board member of the Ethereum Foundation might be in this game. I really have high hopes with this L1.

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I used to fall for this kind of delusion but turned bear last week and happily sold 25k. Tell me I "sold the bottom" all you want but we're going lower (~12k)

They wont trap me

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It's not luck you fool, the development has been really lovely, the past three months is the team's hard work and the partnership with Alpine Esports has indeed had a great impact.

>> No.55963199 [DELETED] 

Have they started to use the blockchain already? I don't think so fool

>> No.55963255

I've got high hopes for holoride, price action doesn't look great right now but they've been cooking, rental program and there's the IAAmobility event coming up

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That's good for you. I am so eager for the private blockchain launch and Librescan launch. Both would definitely bring in serious adoption.

>> No.55963444

Go ahead then, pussy out all you want, you'll be crying at the end

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People still hold crapto? LMAO that shit died bro

>> No.55963472

Not banking on any of that, until we get back into the bull market and altcoins starts bouncing again

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You live with your parents with $5 in your savings account
Don't chat with me

>> No.55963706

A privacy focused L1 might be a game changer

>> No.55963730

Getting a month access to the VR for just €29 sounds cool but I'd rather buy the entire thing if I like it that much

>> No.55964298

You would rather buy after the market has moved?

>> No.55964675

Basic market psychology, everyone would rather buy the top than buy when the market is at a discount.

>> No.55964904

Definitely not me, every market dip is an opportunity to dca on assets already on my watchlist like CYMI.

>> No.55964960

Don't even bother telling the truth. You just get attacked by demoralization bots.

>> No.55964965

>fag detected
neck yourself

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Its obvious you're yet to hear about DePINs newfag. Get positioned and slurp alts like Iotex, Peaq and Fil before it takes over the space.

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DePIN will change the narrative, The goal is to transform the Web2-based Internet of Things into the Web3-based Economy of Things. This will enable people to extract maximum value and opportunity from machines with minimal risk and waste.

>> No.55966687

That's not all anon, Peaq is powering the Web3 Economy of Things on Polkadot.

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What your doing with these thumbnails should be illegal

>> No.55968652

Funtoken is already making steps to rescue GameFi

>> No.55969104

Crypto trading is obviously dead at the moment, that's why I prefer astradao's index investment.

>> No.55969123

I didn't have fun with that token the last time I checked. I'm rather having fun with index investment.

>> No.55969179

bhahahah go get a hobby anon you degenerate monkey w a smoothe brain
or start a short position at 20x eth

>> No.55969185

nice gambling bro
try drawing with red crayons on the wall as well might give you more luck

>> No.55969388

You're a retarded Fag. I see this as an opportunity for DCA in RNDR, NXRA, and KREST. You can f***kng sell, jeet.

>> No.55969393

Crapto is dead
Scamstreet thinks this is the tv era and they can create demand with advertising
In two years nobody is going to remember what a blackrock, vanguard or ark was

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These boobs are slack, Anon. DePIN is the next big narrative. I can see good contributions from PeaqNetwork and Iotex the same way I look at these nice boobs.

>> No.55969429 [DELETED] 

Are you retarded? I own a fraction of Tesla on Eloop via Polkadot and profit from their daily revenue stream. Get this into your head.

>> No.55969447

scam tokens beware he posts this shit in more threads

>> No.55969448

He's right. Usually August and September are terrible and then out of nowhere in early November or late October we might hit 50k BTC, then 70k by around March of next year, etc. The basis for this is just past records though. That is what has always happened.

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You are more retarded than the advertising bots

>> No.55969883 [DELETED] 

>nice gambling bro
Funtoken taking web3 gambling to a whole new level desu