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And that's a good thing

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Two more weeks glowiebros

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No it's dead. Finally utterly dead. It got Japaned, but worse. Next stage province unrests and civil war

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This is why I never listen to biz. This board is made up of gullible 90 IQ people who literally believe glowie clickbait titles about catastrophic collapses when they live in pic related

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chinese commie bullshit is behind all that. And china is paying dearly for their little commie revolution.

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It's dead. You should go back Chang. Oh wait, not even you are stupid enough to go back to a communist shithole that by now prevents its slaves from fleeing. Well keep doing the ineffective ccp PR from abroad, until we remove your visa and send you back to the slave camp

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Is 'and that's a good thing' a meme,yes?
Am I correct in saying it's some kind of reference to globohomos giving us subheadings to headlines that tell us immediately which way to feel about them? Or maybe it's the 'and you will be happy wef thing? Either way it's funny to me kek. It's such a simple and obvious tactic but probably does help the first sway of the masses into thinking about something in one way or another.

Report: Mens cocks are shrinking. And that's actually a good thing.

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Chang, go back
It's international socialism, not whatever term globohomo is supposed to be

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Two more weeks
Also japan is fine

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Strange way to spell jews

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I just did a quick Google and can see it's a thing. Scary in a sense. I'm going to start adding this every time I tell someone something (and that's a good thing)

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it's OVER!

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>america is shit so china isnt shit
not an argument. there has been the concern of whether china would get rich before it got old since the 90s when people realized the one child policy would absolutely fuck their demography.

There is no longer a debate. China got stuck in the middle income trap. It's unironically over. The west has similar demographic struggles but it also has a lot of wealth. About a billion Chinese are still turd world tier.

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Not really. Japan never recovered from the late 80's, and the japs have a culture that builds on real conservative community, where the Hans are animals that slaughter each other regularly over some rat cadaver

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Yes, I'm sure it will happen in 2 more weeks

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They are still number 3 at gdp
They never had problems
Deflation is good

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How tf do they have zero data on Sudan in 20 years kek

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>Strange way to spell jews
jews want to destroy white people, but keep America to themselves. Chinese want to destroy all of America and be the only world superpower. There is a difference.

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No it happens since December 2021and finally confirmed by the ccps own shined turd numbers 2 months ago. Deflationary deathspiral Han animal, you are fucked - and of all the subhuman that fled to the west, the Hans are the first to be send back. We know how you cry and scream human right violation and how bad china is when we remove your visa

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>Deflation is good
Go back and starve with your fellow Han, fighting over who can eat the rat cadaver from the sewer

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>2 more weeks
That's all you can say!
That's all you can sayyyyyy! That's all you can sayyyyyy!

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Think about the ccp wastes money paying such losers, and they don't take yuan

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>Cut off in 2019 right before the Covid lockdowns and companies saying they'd relocate their manufacturing elsewhere
Hmmmmm, curious!

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Yeah the famous japanese deflation starvation
Japanese are so poor they cant afford food

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>noooooo you're faking your data it's not up to date!
lol lmao even

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All you can say is muh thing will happen SOON (postponed)
Two more weeks

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China is held up as a model - even by leftists - as a model of a working interventionist system. But much a society will fall as all interventionist economies are destined to do.

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>Still cutting off three years ago
>When 2021 is when businesses finally said they wanted to get the fuck out of dodge
>Anon just happened to have a 1 year updated image
Hmmmmmmm, curious!

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You can't compare japanese culture with Han "culture". Japanese take care of each other, Han slaughter each other

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American golem is angery!

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Not even American, just observing how the two jew golems China and USA are dying at the same time and doing everything they can do to kill each other faster

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You dumb retard chinas dominance only got bigger.
It was about hoe Deflation is bad

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Japs have been savages for centuries until US occupied them and whipped them into shape. And even now they're godless heathens, believe in nothing, ready to commit some unspeakable horror again because they have no moral guidelines other than the ones beaten into them by the occupying military force

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Also then the muh curious to make people schizo

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Deflation, economic deflation means production capabilities get dismantled, leading to less changs having a job, leading to less changs buying, leading to more production capabilities getting dismantled. It's just a matter of time until Hans fight again over rat cadavers from sewers
They might have been savage warriors against other ethnicities but among themselves, not so much

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>among themselves, not so much
What are you smoking, they've been fighting each other for centuries. Seat of power has been rolling all over the country one decade to the next as they kill each other. You know how many "old capitals" they have?

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>No data to back it up
Hmmmmmmmmm, curious! Seem to recall reading something about Mexico recently becoming America's #1 trading partner ahead of China, I'm sure it's nothing though.
>Broken English
Hmmmmmmmm, curious!

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And the Hans keep watching how there own die in the streets, today, while the Japanese are very much civilized

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Fuck off glowietard
And yes im european not anglo

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Maybe somebody needs to drop a few nukes on china to civilize them

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>I'm sure it's nothing
Again this language
Fuck off to telegram to your schizo channels

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>Thinks "Curious" is some glowie thing
>Seething so hard he can't even keep his responses to one reply
>"I'm totally Euro y-yeah!"
Hmmmmmmmmmmm, curious!

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There is neither fear, uncertainty or despair, aside from ccp shills, it's facts, pure economic facts. No narratives, no story telling, just cold hard data

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>Metal processing
>Energy carrier processing
>Agricultural processing
>Coal mining
China is deader than dead

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>State owned losing 20%+ profits 2 quarters in a row
But it's not real communism amirite

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The left wing was never able to think further than it's own pockets. That was the case in the monarchies as in democracies and the most in their own shitshows that all deterministically failed, mostly in famines and dead tolls that made every regular war look like a peaceful duel

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countries have a lifespan too, google says the average lifespan is about 150 years, while San Marino holding the record of 400 years: San Marino (415+ years) Perhaps the oldest government still in operation today, more or less unchanged, is the Italian micro-state of San Marino. With a land area of less than 30 square miles, the nation has been able to maintain its boundaries and integrity of government for more than 400 years.

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>Google says
Stopped reading

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while the soviet union lasted "only" 70 years.
Chinas current order is 73 years old.

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Soviet union had energy independence and food independence. Something china hasn't, and looking at the desperation of the ccp trying to push its home food production while food processing profits fell by a staggering 32% says everything. China is kill

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China is literally going to starve. I expect up to a 100 Million dead chinks

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They got water to drink or water for crops.

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You might be right, i just wanted to clarify to the "nothing ever happens"-anons", that governments/regimes/ countries did and DO fall apart eventually, modern germany is also just about 70 years old,

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I agree with everything you said. Of course nothing goes up forever. We are witnessing something in the history books

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Not really, they currently try to bribe Tajikistan to sell them water. I can see Tajikistan getting a better offer
Modern Germany got artificially fucked by US billionaires financing a communist green cult that has dismantled Germanys industry and the country is at best 5 years from civil war. There are already militias in the underground forming around and in Germany sponsored by Moscow and Ankara

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Gtfo of this thread

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>chinese commie bullshit is behind all that
chinese are work drones who work right now.
make their country better. make their race better. closing century wide gaps.
you are a weak CIA mind controlled drone, but all you do is post, not work. you post about jews, about chinese, about everyone else making your country into mutt diahhrea but you never take responsibility and never blame your lazy and decadent self.
fuck america. long live the zhao dynasty.
china strong. US weak. cope.

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They are literally starving chang. You should go back and starve with them

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china is in BRICS, it has access to the crops, livestock, natural resources of russia and brazil.
but, unlike the soviets, china has a tech edge over the west. china has surpassed nvidia in high end chip production in just a year from the announcement of biden's chip embargo. it's literally unprecedented. it is MORE advanced than the entire collective west in AI endeavors.

and if the economy does collapse, why do you think it's a good thing, retard?
it literally means world war. in which you will be decimated, btw.
heil china. death to muttland.

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the only ones starving are your transgender sons for nigger cock, muttcel.

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Read the picture in op. Either you are stupid and fell for cheapest propaganda or you are trying to spread cheap propaganda. Brazil doesn't have the food production capacities to feed china and its own, neither does Russia and India already has a moratorium on food exports

Go back chang, and starve

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Agree mostly except china is behind on chips. It'll take years for them to catch up

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the question of what or who caused the downfall is not so interesting to me, it just happens eventually, see pic, since industrialization, things change quickly.

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forgot pic

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It's the only thing that matters and the US has shoot itself in the food down the road, same as other international organizations bribed by Washington.

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And I'm not giving two shits about kikepedia "sources"

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just do yourself a favor and look up BR100

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Sers why do they fud china? What do they want to achieve?
Also this thread is basically chinks vs CIA

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Only that I'm not CIA, but glow niggers would wish they had resources and assets like me, though I want them to see dangling from ropes the same as I want to see Chinkoid starve. I probably get both

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Move investment money out of china to ease sanctioooooooooon acceptance

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If you still have any form of capital in china since 2021 you are an idiot. The only thing to do with china for now is shorting their indexes and overall metals

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>It's the only thing that matters
no its not, you can point your finger on this and that but it doesnt matter, if A wouldnt have cause the collapse then B would have done it. Everything is changing all the time, right at this moment, generations come, generations go, you cannot stop it, everything that is born/created, whether its a human being or a state/country/order must and will fail no matter how much precautions you take.

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Gtfo with your retarded kikepedia shit
Your theory is bullcrap and I wont waste a single thought on it. Germany failed because of external influence by Washington. China failed because of Geography and DC fails because of hubris

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>What are you smoking, they've been fighting each other for centuries
Where has this never been the case?

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You're just talking about the 'morgenthau plan'.

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No. I talk about Washington that shit its pants at the closer relationship between Germany and Russia under Schröder and the consecutive financing of the Green party and parts of the CDU and SPD by American billionaires to ensure that Germany wont suddenly go the road of Paris and dump Washington for Moscow

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>Germany failed because of external influence by Washington

so what? Whitout external influence from wahsington it would have failed by some other influence, internally or externally, its a cental european country, surrounded by too many competitive interests,

Even if carthage would have won against rome, it would have been collapsed by other reasons, like internal civil war, drought or any other thousands of possible reasons.

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Look at a map of US military bases outside its borders. Then look at one for China. Then we can talk about who wants to be a global superpower.

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Dude the thread is about china being fucked because they relied for 50 years on exporting cheap slave labor goods, failed to build an internal market, had the ccp "invest" the profits into real estate pyramid schemes that are crashing, while at the same time the global demand is depressed and shifting.
So go make your own thread derailing faggot

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>gross export/import trades calculated

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Three months ago it was 2 weeks. It happened

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Ok serpentza

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Had to look up what that was supposed to be, thought it would mean snake in a language I couldn't identify, but its just a grifter that apparently is also able to read basic economic data and selling himself like a whore to mouth breather

Good to know that the entire advertising niche is crashing since the chink flue fuck ups by advertisers whoring themselves out to gubermints

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Bankruns, financial institutions collapsing, mortgage rates at 7% considered dangerous and these guys keep saying 2 more weeks lmfao debit cards could stop working and these guys would say people are overreacting.
"It's a special financial operation".

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So two more weeks?

>> No.55956552

They are paid to say it. In about 12 hours the entire 4chan moderation team Hiro left in charge including their Beijing financier are getting doxed on a slow chan

Gave them a week to end the operation, they refused

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Oh he's a famous YouTuber that lived in China and made money talking about how cool China was while he was there with the occasional problem or complaint or whatever while alluding to more problems. Then he moved back to California and shat all over China for as much money as he could get because he no longer feared for his life. I don't want to confirm or deny any truth, lie or bias, but that's sort the feel of his channel. He also teamed up with another YouTuber from South Africa who is much more interesting to listen to but he barely ever talks about how shitty and crazy south Africa is so ultimately serpentza is more interesting to listen to, but serpentza is much more of a dishonest grifter at the same time. Thanks for coming to my TED.

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I don't care chang
In about 12 hours you lose your income

>> No.55956606

And if extremely unlucky you end for an indefinite time in a deportation center, together with your compatriots

>> No.55956610

Oh you catch me two time but you see you see. Your time over bread boy. Have fun fucking pig wife. Fatty boy idiot.

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This. These chinks can't even afford cardboard boxes to ship shit. I just received a bunch of busted meth pipes shipped in a fucking bag wrapped together with a rubber band ffs

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You are going to cry, like every chang getting deported

>> No.55956631

Fuck alphabet dipshits. You traded loyalty for immigration

>> No.55956633

And you traded your freedom, for pennies being a traitor for the ccp.

>> No.55956651

What's funny is people like zeihan say the "data from china and russia can't be trusted" but then use that same data to say both countries are collapsing.

>> No.55956657

What is funny is that Hiro left 4chan(nel) in the hand of furfags, transsexual and drug users that sold out to the ccp and managed to fuck up the operation

>> No.55957004

And yes changs go to the deportation center
Traitors to the detention center

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>10 jews in the usa dont like you
>entire 1.5 billion civ is in trouble because of economic warfare
Can someone explain why states across the world even bother with the US? They should just lock their borders to prevent the flight of competent people and totally disengage from globalism.

West cant sustain itself without an inflow of talented migrants.

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Had nothing to do with jews, just socialism, geography and realist international politics.
Fuck china about time 100 millions of those bugs die

>> No.55957124

Delusional westerns don't even see how stagnant the west is
Busy talking about social issue circus bullshit

>> No.55957125

Bullshit. Its because China wants to remain a distinct civilization instead of going the western route of being a favela. They used to serve the sweatshop cheap worker role but now even that isnt saving them from the onslaught.

>> No.55957172

China isn't a civilization, it's a Han ccp slave labor camp that went out of fashion and became too expensive and now the ccp tries it with ineffective PR

>> No.55957181

The wests internal industries aren't losing a third of their profits in a quarter

>> No.55957190

? Its a literal definition of a civilization. Somethimg you haven't been for around 80 years you ugly brown nappy haired mongrel weirdo.

>> No.55957245

No. China is no civilization. It has no cultural identity after Mao. And after Zemin and Jintao it was just a slave labor camp. Now with Winnie its literally just a bunch of bugs for the westernized internal ccp Apparatchiks to fill their pockets and get as much capital out if china as humanly possible

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>china has a tech edge over the west. china has surpassed nvidia in high end chip production in just a year from the announcement of biden's chip embargo. it's literally unprecedented. it is MORE advanced than the entire collective west in AI endeavors.

Much of Huawei’s software networking code is STILL Cisco’s copypasta, with the same English typos. Unless they’ve got a spy in NIVDIA stealing their technology there’s no way the Chinese have the creative mindset to make it. They’re a millennia old rice growing collectivist mindset that bred out and frowned upon the innovative individual.

>> No.55957772

You will not deport the chinks

Your countries will not be white

The yellow hordes will work together in ethnic concert while you charge your mulatto children rent

China will be a peer to the US and there's nothing they can do about it

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Cheating and copying isn't seen as a crime or a detriment in China. The mentality I encountered is that of, "Why try to do something new when there is something that already works?" Hence the bonkers amount of cheating in their universities

>> No.55957835

my guess is xi will try to distract with a war in taiwan, then america will blow them the fuck out, then the ccp will collapse and china will become a liberal democracy

>> No.55957865

Good post. National socialism then?

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Socialism is always a scam. The redistribution of capital risk onto somebody else in the future according to unprecise models about future productivity and reproduction rate at the cost of somebody else that is neither the redistributor or the beneficiary

>> No.55959324

>Soviet union
>food independence
It didn't though.

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Stop it. That's like claiming that the scribble on a toilet door is a believable source

>> No.55959353

USSR zero problem, total never fail harvest and sell Navy for Pepsi. USSR food available all good Soviet citizens, no food mean you are bad citizen.

The Soviets were absolutely retarded at farming, very famously so.

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>Chinese stopped reporting unemployment cuz OOPSIE
> major cities literally underwater after a month of flooding, $billions in dmg
>industrial production fleeing to Vietnam
>gov going full nazi on reporting spies
>no chips for their high tech shit getting btfo by South Korea and US on the high tech front
>tofu dregs and rat tail buildings collapsing; middle class foots the bill
>global investments squandered by 3rd worlds taking and never repaying
>Chinese people historically have revolutions during catastrophe
Yeah it’s probably nothing.

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Two more reeks

>> No.55959607

That's not what was said. Under the original Leninism and during the war there were certainly the usual famines as they always happen under planned economic retardation, but latest with Krushchev, that was over. The Soviet Union had geographical advantages regarding fertile land and water reserves, china simply doesn't have

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>> No.55959720

>but latest with Krushchev, that was over.
Because they started imported tons of food, my point from when I linked the wikipedia article on the matter.

>> No.55959767

Again kikepedia just telling half the story or lies. One of the reasons for the imports were an expension on livestock because soviets wanted to increase meat consumption among their population, but the point remains, the Soviet Union and in particular Russia and Ukraine had and still have the geographic advantage to be food production independent, while china simply doesn't, maybe at 2/3 less population, but certainly not now. Too little water, too little fertile land too many hans

>> No.55959785

Yay! I unironically cannot wait. Can we colonize it properly this time? Lets get hong kong back at least t/bong.

>> No.55959792

>Le hecking Kikepdia
>It was just le hecking Meaterino

>> No.55959834

Global homogenisation you tard

>> No.55959857

Kikepediafication about as worse and responsible for the idiocracy among self declared 1337 as pisscordification is responsible for keeping consumers retarded. Maybe check real numbers and papers on the subject instead of relying in some idiots curating data for a public encyclopedia like other idiot rely on some slave workers curating data for machine "learning" and believing the shit

After 1960, the Soviet Union started a program to increase life stock production because the leadership wanted to increase the consumption of animal proteins, and export it, as it got nice prices on the world market, which of course requires grain to feed the pigs, not leaving enough grain to feed the other pigs, leading to the necessity to import grain, from which especially the United States profited.
So you don't have to day international socialism. Gtfo!

>> No.55959869

Trade is not as relevant as you think. Currently everything is financializing, and the US absolutly mogg everyone in pure market capitalization and volume

>> No.55959874

US corporate profits are ATH and absolutly mogg Chinese corporate profits.

>> No.55959882

>china is in BRICS
BRICS is literally nothing and has accomplished nothing in 15 years, they only do some random congress with no real purpose and fuck off to their own independent foreign policy

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File: 19 KB, 162x197, AC_Fac_Ldr_009.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This is a story of lies and jabbering slander against great China and his people. The head filled with the western propaganda is suffer the ailment of the dementia. Insistence that this submission be retracted in shame of the author. Remember the coin of infinite value is simply one the name of is NEO.

>> No.55959895

Literally a nothing burger as chink semiproduction capabilities are 5 generations behind the west due photolithography bans to China.

>> No.55959903

Trade is irrelevant. What is important is who owns the corporations which can reshore wherever they want. Which is literally what is happening right now with China losing manufacturing capabilities in favor of other shithole nations

>> No.55959910


>> No.55959911

True, but that comes also at a price. The draining especially of Europe is going to lead to price inflation picking up again and the final rate going to look more like 7% than 6% for a longer time. Gdp is going to fuck over the pause and pivot fags. Planned economies simply don't work, no matter if it's monopolists or political actors planning. Also it's just a matter of time until the last drooling boomer investor realizes they got scammed by tech bruhs on the machine learning bullshit advertising hype
Also true, rip Saudi Arabia, UAE and Iran, they are going to drown in shitcoins nobody wants, not even those that gave them those shitcoins for their oil

>> No.55960054

>not leaving enough grain to feed the other pigs
That's called not being food independent retard.

>> No.55960082

Oh this one is interesting.
>But Soviet statistics show that meat production declined 13 percent in the first four months of 1976 against a comparable period last year. In April alone meat production dropped 22 percent. Milk production has also dropped as dairy heards were culled.
Man this meat initiative seems to have really taken a toll on those Russians.

>> No.55960085

No, that's called planned economy. In theory the Soviet Union would never had to have to import grain, but as the polit bureau wanted to plan the economy to fill it's own pocket through exports of pork, shit didn't work out as planned.
And again, it's not about what the ussr was, but the situation of china, and china simply doesn't have the geographic possible to ever become food production independent

>> No.55960099

Ohh, interesting.
>The Food Program announced by the Communist Party Central Committee
in May 1982 is a major effort to increase fthi per capita consumption of
quality food, especially the supply of meat and poultry products. The
United States currently supplies about one-third of-t" Soviet grain
imports and there is good potential for this share to increase further,
if the US can regain credibility as a reliable grain supplier.
>>The Central Committee of the Communist party approved a "Food
Program" in May 1982 to greatly increase the per capita consumption of
quality food products by 1990. However, the supplies of meat, dairy
products, and fruit in 1990 will still fall short of the consumption
norms established by the Soviet Institute of Nutrition.
So this policy from 1982 is the cause of having to import American Grain in 1975? Fuck those commie cunts did invent a time machine!

>> No.55960107

>it's not about what the ussr was
No that's just because you're retarded and want to change the conversation. I never said anything about China, just pointed out that the USSR was never food independent.

>> No.55960113

>food independent
Which I should probably point out you look like a retard arguing against.

>> No.55960142

Your kind of idiot is the reason imageboards, social media and the internet in general is dead
Go play gotcha somewhere else drooling retard. My point still stands, ussr in theory food independence but kind a fell short, not really, because of planned economy, while China simply never is going to be able geographically speaking to be food independent

Now go gave gotcha conversation on shitter
You are on ignore now kikepedia faggot

>> No.55960157

>but kind a fell short
>Almost food independent in theory 1982!
>9 years of fully actualized theoretical food independence (while increasing agricultural imports and failing to hit nutritional goals).
Oh those Russians.

>> No.55960169

>while China simply never is going to be able geographically
Again I don't give a fuck about China, I just saw a retarded statement (that the USSR was food independent) and responded.

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>> No.55960236

Again go try to play gotcha by misunderstanding and derailing threads on shitter

>> No.55960250

How about you explain how the USSR was food independent.

>> No.55960460

I repeat myself. Geographically the USSR has the ability to be food independent, as Russia and Ukraine show as net exporter. The only thing that stood in the way were planned economic retardation. China simply doesn't have the geographic capacities, now go interview somebody on twitter shithead

>> No.55960817
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Mexicos balance of trade is negative again, I suppose Burgers really stopped consuming so much. Rip the third world

>> No.55960846

I think we really have just learned to be less consumptive these last few years and it will have permanent effects on our culture unless an age of decadence sets in. I saw a survey that the new American dream is just to be comfy and socially connected. I think we're also getting savvy as a population to how pathetic it looks online to wealth signal especially if everyone know personally knows you're financially average. These are just like opinions though.

>> No.55960859

two more days guys!!!!!!

>> No.55960872

Fuck off Chang. With that nametag your posts ate ignored

>> No.55960883

You have a funny way of ignoring where you give your attention and focus to something and then respond.

>> No.55962245

Namefag leave

>> No.55962477

Anyone have that list of all those times China was about to collapse for like the past 50 years?

>> No.55962519

>Demand is going to pick up any day now
>Just pray to Mao fellow Han
>Round eye is going to come back and buy glorious chinese slave goods

>> No.55962528
File: 129 KB, 800x709, IMG1_China_Collapse.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


This the closest I could find.

>> No.55962535


Go kys shill

>> No.55962546

fpbp the seething replies are hilarious

>> No.55962559

>muh freedom
also americans, when retards do the most retarded shit:
>it's the chicom!!

>> No.55962566
File: 139 KB, 1080x928, IMG_20230828_180448.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.55962575
File: 144 KB, 1080x892, IMG_20230828_180651.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.55962601

>muh gommies
0.13 shekels have been deposited in your Chase™ checking account

>> No.55962624
File: 133 KB, 1080x894, IMG_20230828_181332.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.55962649

I had no freedom, at least now I have pennies

>> No.55962661

Theres also the unaccountable human toll of forcing people into a position of gender preferences, forced abortions, people taking girl children into the forest to die, etc. China is a human spirit killing machine and thats something you cant legislate your way out of.

>> No.55962663

2 more weeks lmfao

>> No.55962679

who is their main customer?

>> No.55962680

No, in june it was confirmed, deflationary deathspiral

>> No.55962684

deathspiral e.t.a 336 hours from now lmao

>> No.55962688

That was the USA, now it's a bunch of different ones, non able to compensate for the loss of the US as main customer and Europe more and more cutting imports from china. Lot of African nations that get the production on credit that is never going to be paid

>> No.55962702
File: 136 KB, 1080x923, IMG_20230828_182459.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

No. June was the confirmation

>> No.55962726

WTF happened to ferrous metal? Down 90%?

>> No.55962729

two weeks

>> No.55962751

Someone post the Chinese guy literally eating another passenger like a chicken leg

>> No.55962881

Looks like they've experienced way bigger swings than what's happening today

>> No.55963031

Don't forget that a huge portion of their rice and other crops were completely destroyed by the floods. We are about to have a lot of hungry hungry chinks

>> No.55963323

They're always hungly

>> No.55963476

It's negative

>> No.55963547

at long last the masses will rise up against their evil overlords, as they suffer from..... lower prices

>> No.55963565

It's not lower prices, sue your alma mater for failing to teach you about what a deflationary deathspiral is Han. What does a Han with no job do even if prices come down? Yes he fights about a dead rat in the sewer with other hand with no job to get protein

>> No.55963628

by all means, explain what a deflationary death spiral is and why it is now likely in china

>> No.55963959

How do the americans of chinese descent feel about China? There’s a lot more of them in the US than here in yurop. What would happen to them if the US were to go to war with China?

>> No.55964189
File: 225 KB, 350x434, 1658789586878356.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Supplier of Goods
kek retard
that just shows how much more fucked everyone else is
The US is keeping it production to it self, China needs a global market and the global market needs China.

>> No.55964208

>muh morality
Found the Eastern European

>> No.55964262

Let me paraphrase a post I got banned on /k/ for:
>China in 2100 will still have around 700 MILLIONish people that will all be high-IQ and ethnically Chinese
>the USA in 2100 will have around 500 million-ish people but the country will have turned into a mystery-meat Brazil country rife with violence and corruption where the average IQ will be sub 90 by then

>> No.55964301

>But much a society will fall as all interventionist economies are destined to do.
So literally all of the West since the 1800s? You do know since day one since the USA was a country the government was directing economic policy? Ever heard of Alexander Hamilton?

>> No.55964317

Implessive, now post statistics from the West.

>> No.55964335

sound would be with us, some would be against us.
some would get saved by their racial kin from behind american lines, and some would get saved back across chinese lines

>> No.55964344

>Less demand for chinese slave labor goods because too expensive
>Less incentive for chang slave driver to produce
>Chang slave driver needs less Chang slaves fires chang slave
>Reduces production capacity because less demand
>May reduce prices
>Demand doesn't return from round eye
>Jobless Chang can't compensate the lost demand
>Slave driver chang reduces production capacity
>needs less slave changs
>Fires more slave changs
>Reduces prices
>Round eye demand still doesn't return
>Now two chang slaves can't buy goods
>Reduces production capacity again
>Needs less changs
>Fires changs
>Reduces prices
>Round eye demand still doesn't return
>Closes factory
>All changs without job
>Changs fight over sewer rats

>> No.55964349

They get the FDR treatment.

>> No.55964812

No. The Pol treatment, beaten too dead, bullets are too valuable

>> No.55964906

The Chinese Army routed the American land army in 1950 in the Korean War, everyone knows American fighters are bad, it's American armor, navy and airplanes you need to watch out for.
On the other hand, Chinese armor, Navy and Airforces are probably paper tigers similar to Putin's.
An American-Chinese war in Taiwan would be like a drunk bar fight. Early American victories will be thrown away by incompetent American political leadership, and the Chinese forces will not find their footing until 3 years into the war.
Moreover, the Han Chinese have never been good at fighting. It's the Central Asians you need to be scared of. Same story with Russia's best troops being Mongolians. Dagestanis and methed out Nazis don't even want to fight them.

As for me, I'd take an internment camp over conscription, Americans are the nicest captors on the planet, everyone knows that too.

t. Chinese American

>> No.55964931

so a free strip show, people expressing their freedoms and a friendly rat means what to you? That somehow this isn't the greatest country in the world where even rats can ride trains without fear. And bitches can give free strip shows and what is the problem here exactly??

>> No.55964933

Go back Chang if you feel so strong about your slave colony, but not even you are stupid enough to go back on your own, knowing there is a decent chance they don't let you out again. It's always the same with you changs abroad. Abroad you tell everyone how great the slave colony is and as soon as the visa is getting revoked and its deportation you cry how bad china is. Killing you is honestly the only rational way forward. No reason to send winnie the pooh human resources and one can't trust you bugs

>> No.55964947

this. its not china thats dead its /biz/

>> No.55965315

>china goes down
>chinesium becomes even cheaper
uh based

>> No.55965388

China can't exist without the US*
*to soak it's industrial output, which it doesn't need if it can get India** to do that for them
**which isn't capable yet, because they still need to fully industrialize and reach a level of consumption that the US is capable of (it will be able to do this)

>> No.55965468

You are wrong, India is long there since about 15 years. India got a few very nice contracts lately. China got dumped like a used tissue

>> No.55965491
File: 150 KB, 1101x1489, badding chilling.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

don't worry, brics will save them :^)

>> No.55965840

>hit due Amerifats degenerate so china #1
He doesn’t know about the upside down population curve…

>> No.55966247

Yes and thats if they cant reverse the trend.
Also funny how this is still up.

>> No.55967319

>Good at fighting
>Literally just zerg rushing as many disposable bodies as possible
>And STILL couldn't destroy an encircled US army with their wall of flesh

>> No.55967350

Being willing to do that, is an aspect of war and one of the most important

>> No.55967510

>The Chinese Army routed the American land army in 1950 in the Korean War, everyone knows American fighters are bad.
>Entire conflict was an Army corps holding off an entire Army.
>Stated objective was destruction, settles for majority withdrawal.
>still dick beats about it while losing 3-6x as many men.

>> No.55967580

Check out the glowfriend document The Strategic Consequences of Chinese Racism published by feds in 2013. American feds have actually been all-in on the anti-racism for a long time lol. Really funny seeing Angloid and Jewish academics and glowtards seething about China being "the last racist superpower". Also at the conservatards and lolberts attacking China itt, those paper authors are your guys! Let's check out a choice quote that demonstrates
>Aaron Friedberg wrote in his exceptional study of the future U.S. relationship with China, “the truth is that China is too important to
be left to the China hands.” Indeed, it is. Friedberg’s insight underscores the importance of research that questions what are too often shared assumptions about China, and that is, in fact, critical of China and calls attention to the reality that China does not live up to international norms on identifying and combating racism in its society.
gotta get some BLM action up in China real quick! this is the absolute state of the western leadership class

>> No.55967601

Will Mr Friedberg write the same article about Israels racism?

>> No.55968312

It is
>china's collapse forces the US to go back to mining and manufacturing everything themselves
>companies will come back to the US

We will be able to return to boomer-era prosperity if this happens

>> No.55968318


>> No.55968375

>sell cheap shit on net losses
>sell your population as slaves

no CHING CHONG, you just sell cheap shit that's why world is buying from you, as soon as you raise the prices they'll not buy from you. on the long term your strategy is unprofitable, while US buys your cheap shit, and turn it into expensive shit, and convince people that they need that expensive shit.

>> No.55968384

>it went from 73% to 78% to 74%
Oh god the horror

>> No.55968674

It's the trend. Chinkoid trend is clear, down, never recovered

>> No.55969158
File: 132 KB, 1080x932, IMG_20230829_130627.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

And despite export prices being at practically all time lows, no demand to be found. The china flu play was the most retarded knee shot of a cabal of idiots relying on their own falsified models
A prove that "science" is worthless and nobody can predict outcomes in the future

>> No.55969271

Maddening. Absolutely maddening to read this document.

"Seventh, as lamentable as it is, Chinese racism helps to make the Chinese a
formidable adversary. There are three critical consequences that result from
this. The first is the sense of unity the Chinese possess. Second, it allows the
Chinese to have a strong sense of identity, which in turn permits them to
weather adversity, and to be focused and secure confidence that the rest of the nation is with them. Third, China is not plagued by self-doubt or guilt
about its past."

The only "weakness" they see in China's ethnic nationalism is that it can lead to overconfidence.

>> No.55969286

>Hey fellow light wlingel
>Chyna does not like niggel
>You should suppolt chyna
>Lemebel light wingel west is all tlannies
>Suppolt Chyna
Lol. That was the most transparent retarded pr by a nation state in decline ever tried

>> No.55969597

good vid.
part 2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EgVXRtq5EIg
part 3: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nRUc4gTO-PE
part 4: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y87R3Lp0jd0

>> No.55969661

And the west will suffer because everything we own is made there.

>> No.55969672


>> No.55970626


>> No.55971119


>> No.55971221

The west doesn't have 25% youth unemployment lol

>> No.55971523

It's likely higher, ccp stopped again reporting those numbers

>> No.55971603

They fell for the small family/working women meme.
Creates a massive economic boom for a generation then becomes unsustainable due to low birth rates and will require mass immigration or fiscal oblivion will ensue

>> No.55971726

Boomer era prosperity was a result of a large population boom coupled with contraception and abortion. There is absolutely no way this level of prosperity could be maintained beyond a single generation with such an unnatural economic boom coupled with such unnaturally low birth rates. The solution has been to import hordes of 3rd world trash to replace the children they didn't want to have so they can consoom harder, but it wont work. It will lead to social chaos and eventual dissolution

>> No.55971789

The nigger flooding didn't help either. The niggers never recreated on the level the fake models predicted. Always just temporary collateral to increase public debt consumption

>> No.55972979

Too much sliding up it goes again

>> No.55973306

>it is MORE advanced than the entire collective west in AI endeavors.
thanks for the laugh chang

>> No.55973695

He is not wrong, one of the fields with the most demand in shits countries is curating machine learning indexes for $1/h. Little chinaman is the dwarf inside the mechanical turk that is "ai"

>> No.55974286


>> No.55975232


>> No.55975620


>> No.55975674


>> No.55975692

>china has surpassed nvidia
LOL LMAO even, thanks for the laughs ching chong, cu @ the rice fields

>> No.55975713

Go back home chang
Winnie needs rice farners, your PR was counter productive