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15 years and not a single problem solved. Fuck crypto, seriously. Hope this scam goes to zero.

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bitcoin was the final solution, and that was in 2008.

everything else was there to let people like me become billionaires along the way.

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>bomb pussy
>is a man

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Give me an alternative where I can transfer millions so quickly for cheap. Give me an alternative where I can own my money without the need to trust a someone else.

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>Give me an alternative where I can transfer millions so quickly for cheap
So crypto is just for poorfags that can’t afford wire fees? I don’t think that’s the bull case you think it is
>I can own my money without the need to trust a someone else
You need an off ramp, obviously

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I don't think so. Something we all fail to understand is that the more projects evolve, the more there is a need for intuitive solutions for seamless transition and usability. We are still at an infant stage of development in the crypto ecosystem, and we need a regulatory framework and clarity to protect users interests to a large extent. Adoption of crypto is far-fetched.

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Hello chain link

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You get the entire conception wrong here. It's obvious he has a clear point; that's why Swift wants to leverage link tech as a settlement layer, and many CBDCs are doing just that with XRP.

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uh smart contracts?
>not a single problem solved
you can create a binding smart contract to refund your money back to your wallet if that girl turns out to have a dick and not a bomb pussy

>you can literally govern an entire corrupted nation with a stablecoin and see all the transactions happening live
>you can literally get hundred of millions of loan in an instant using flashloans and rekt 300million$ worth of dApp
>or you can keep it in storage as gold

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Exactly one of the few points I mentioned He was bent on off / on fiat ramp. We have many that do that, and soon brillions will join the league using their smart wallets. Web3 is ready to create a synergy for equal economic revenue share, but we are still at an early stage of development to see that through.

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>broad shoulders
>prominent eyebrows
>long face
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bros she's perfect

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Well it has solved at least one thing. The very first thing crypto was used for remains its most concrete use case: Paying for drugs online

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I hope you go to 0, cunt

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The problem solved is how to make jews and leftists seethe constantly while simultaneously getting rich. Has been working perfectly since 2009.

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I totally agree, I would pound her boypussy 5x a day every day

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PoolTogether is about to provide an autonomous, permissionless, lossless lottery in v5 that will run in perpetuity. Can you imagine how many people that would save from destitution in the US? I’ve seen people drop entire months paychecks on powerball tickets, while wearing shit stained clothes.

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Absolutely based

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if bitcoins organic demand is so high then why is it's price action flat on weekends?
because retail volume is negligible. BTC depends on institutional manipulation to draw in suckers.

nobody is buying this shit for 30k other than jewish hedge funds who then "distribute" it onto suckers at the top/

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what's with the cringy buttcoin posts recently?

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as the years roll on most people are starting to realize they've truly missed their chance and another one won't appear in their lifetime.

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Thats a man

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does it / did it ever have a penis?
Looks like no adams apple, so maybe not?

Verification not required

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nigger IQ?

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any porn with similar looking girl? I wanna fap

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Anyone got sauce on chick?

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>Fishing tackle scrap metal hooked everywhere in face
into the trash it goes

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whoever wrote the post above definitely had it. lots of words to say nothing at all.

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I want to obliterate this mans asshole

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Need sauce on the op pic plserino

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Crypto is for people that are sick of banks doing a shitty job and having liquidity crisis and locking your funds for political or incompetent reasons.

I've lost so much money trusting banks with my cash these last 2 years. I can't afford their incompetence with 20% inflation right now.

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>You get the entire conception wrong here. It's obvious he has a clear point; that's why Swift wants to leverage link tech as a settlement layer

Why would they want to do this? What does it bring to the table that they couldn’t build into their own system? And considering something is different than stating you intent to do it

Not sure about XRP but from what I understand it’s nowhere close to being profitable

>Crypto is for people that are sick of banks doing a shitty job and having liquidity crisis and locking your funds for political or incompetent reasons

that’s a use case for stablecoins, not pure crypto. You can’t pay your rent with something that could be worth 40% less next week

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Used up and wet... it gets left in the bathroom stall, crying out for another victim to make its presence.

You can hear the whimpers in the back of the cabin. Do you approach the sounds of misery and pleasure?

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I'm not against the idea or concept of smart contracts but it seems no one actually uses them for automated agreement vehicles and just use them to whip up the quickest shitcoin they can
Are there any actual crypto companies developing smart contracts as a service for real world applications like property sales? Or is it all DEX flashloan DAO bullshit (which actually is worth nothing once you start trying to take it out of the crypto circlejerk economy)

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Why do you guys keep posting pictures of this little boy with makeup on? Are you ancient Greeks?

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Bitcoin only happened once and literally every single crypto except perhaps ETH has just been an attempt to capture that lightning in a bottle one more time
What's the one phrase you see repeated the most in crypto advertising? "Don't miss out" - the value of every single shitcoin including so-called "utility tokens" is driven by FOMO on the next BTC

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Based closet maxi

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The problem with stablecoins is that their issuers can lock funds any time.

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Relax poorfrog. If you observe the market cycle for crypto, you'll understand the flow. There could be another price drop, so I'll consider purchasing Krest to be eligible for Peaq's airdrop. Invest in legit projects.

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How can I get in on peaq?

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holy shit lmao look at that chest he could probably bench 150

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>Opinion Disregarded

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Peaq is not listed yet, and the only way to get it for now is by holding Krest in Polkadot wallets like Talisman wallet. The IAA Mobility event is approaching, where the team will present DePIN use-cases

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don't worry about him anon, he's the sort of guy that unsuspectingly pays for AI onlyfans

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nice rotpocket faggot rope yourself tranny ass nigga

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this. civilization is fucked! nice knowing you guys, some of you are okay

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>not fapping to delicious pokies

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I guess I'm gay now

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I remember this fag, what is he called?

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Jewish porn name.
But he is not mutilated.

those are old AF pics, must look really different today.

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Those Onlyfans leaks sites are all ancient content. They’re utter shit

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>Hello chain link
They aren't releasing shit for 5 more years you fucking idiot! Sergey said it himself.

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it serves the making you richer problem

Posted from Chana (only on Play Store)

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Tiny eye shows it’s actually a dude with a penis. Reverse image search it yourself.

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It probably wont go to zero unless the US government finally has a enough of it and bans it, which contrary to what butter believe, they CAN actually do.

But if not, it will just stay in it's pump and dump loop. allowing neets that time it right to make little gains here and there. and allowing whales to unload their bags on normie cattle.

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>They’re utter shit
Like 99.9% of onlyfans paid for content.

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It's useful for absorbing excess currency to prevent inflation getting quite as retarded as it could, and institutions like it because they control the CEX's so they can easily pump their collateral or dump someone elses. It's gonna stay.

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There is no eco system you twat. There is CBDC’s and then there is bitcoin. Nothing else is needed.

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Some of these, if you're a giant faggot and want such, can be reversed for higher res versions.

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This is how deluded many feel that the space is. Those MFs want to keep you within the matrix, and you FL succumb to that easily. If you look into what DePIN base project is doing, you'd agree with me that there is. A good one to look into is helium, peaq, iotex, and NATIX. Your comment clearly depicts that you're living under a rock.

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i can fix her

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You've got a valid point, anon. Crypto's leading the charge, and one thing that seems likely is that DePIN solutions could really take off as the acceptance of bitcoin ramps up.

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Different strokes for different folks. It's all about perspective. Imagine a democratic network economy, owned by the people and machines that use it. This is possible only with DePIN.

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That's a bloke named Arielle Maxine.

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See, I told you that's a man. Years of 4chan have given me the incredible ability to identify women who are actually men.

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i wish he was a she and had a cute pussy instead of a cringe pathetic little dick

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you are right,if its never going to be adopted at this rate we are just left holding the bags

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I said it, Crypto is fucking dead

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Crypto is still early. Fags need to start paying attention to things that matter such as self custody and index investment. AstraDAO is one platform that has both covered, Makes things easier for users.

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that's a tranny but I know it because it's 4chan. I hate how I wouldn't have thought it was a tranny if I saw it in real life

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>all of crypto is engineered to siphon your wealth away, they are engineered to transfer your money to a few insiders, preminers, scammers and venture capitals - they will cashout and dump on you
>FIATs like USD/EUR/GBP are backing your crypto coins, printed out of thin air, unlimited supply, permanently bleeding SHIT-CURRENCIES
>BTC is engineered to attract dumb money and manipulated by CFDs, CDOs, Futures and big banks
>BTC is engineered to collect your payment data, aggregate it and to be sold to the highest bidder
>BTC is not valuable, in fact it is net negative because you need electricity to maintain it, paid for with FIAT
>DERIVATIVES like futures and options manipulate the crypto price, they are just USD-only trading on fake paper-BTC, they dilute the supply canceling the scarcity effect, kill the price discovery, and help market manipulators to keep the price down with naked short selling
>when you keep your money inside an EXCHANGE you are getting SCAMMED and you are exposed to risk of CONFISCATION
>HARDWARE WALLETS have manufacturer backdoors, your crypto is NOT SAFE on those
>NEVER TRUST ANY PARTIES (exchanges, banks, custodial services, lending platforms, centralized shitcoin wraps like WBTC, scammers, pushers and shills)
>CBDC (central bank digital currencies) will be the only LEGAL option, they will lose value even faster, kill your privacy, restrict your ability to freely spend your money, BITCOIN is THE TRANSITION TO THIS, will normalize it, so you get accustomed to pay with a globally trackable device (your smartphone/PC)
>BTC is not a get-rich-quick scheme, it's a ponzi scheme

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anytime anyone talks about how crypto is useless or that the key to mainstream adoption is retail, you just know that they're a retard. this isn't breadcrumbs pieced together by autists anymore, it's literally swift and major financial institutions saying "yeah we're working with chainlink to solve this problem and that problem" and people still don't see it.

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You're a dumbfag who doesn't comprehend how DePIN solves real-world problems. Peaqnetwork, iotex, and storj are a few examples of the biggest names. Always DYOR before before talking sh*t on the biz

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Based, Anon. Centralized system will not allow poor anon like me to own and monetize their health data on wearables via Brainstem Health.

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What makes crypto more interesting is how Pajeet owns a fraction of Tesla on Eloop via Polka. I'm generating income from their daily revenue, Anon.

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Isn't it much juicer to have fun with VR technology seamlessly integrated into Galactic War?

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Not when GLW on MEXC is making massive gain per second.

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Is smart contract & cross boarder payment isn't enough deal, pajeet?

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You can also create privacy solutions just like Railgun privacy, to ensure privacy is possible in DeFi using smart contract

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Are “crypto currencies” worth anything by themselves? Meaning is a crypto currency worth anything without the ability to exchange it into physical money?

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It doesn't need to solve problems to pump.
BTW, stocks give you some meme about ownership but really it's meaningless for 99.99 percent of investors, same deal. Useless but it can pump.

All investments are memes.

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Crypto payment is fucked because of doxxing

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What age did this lad start transitioning

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What's that about, anon?

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>let people like me become billionaires along the way
and you didn't become one. Kek

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fuck off, jeets

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Wake up, pajeet, privacy protocols like Railgun are your shield against doxxing. Don't tell me you're still in the dark about this epic defense move.

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Well, it could change in due time especially with the current innovations in the space. Reminds me of the bank integration with Brillion which would take away the KYC and CEX procedures while on-ramping.

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Crypto wasn't designed to make you rich. It wasn't designed to moon. It will never do these things.
Crypto has already succeeded at its original goals. Everything you see on /biz/ is a distraction.

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It literally solved the problem of anonymous digital money.

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Having this dude blow you would immediately lose it's appeal once you felt his 5 o'clock shadow. Yuck

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Cross border payment and easy conversion from fiat to crypto is based chad. A few fintech companies like Paxful and Tap are making this easier for businesses, corporations and users alike.

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Good. Billionaires are unethical