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What are they telling kids and highschoolers nowadays?

If you work for 10 years you might be able to afford an apartment? You will have to slave away for 40 years to retire? What is the message?

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"Go to college and get into massive debt little chuddy"

Financially illiterate zoomers are going to be fucked

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bro they are trying to get them to learn how to read. I have a lot of friends who were in education. two years of no school where they learned fucking nothing ruined most of them. the teachers, what few of them didn't suck, have fled the system because it is so completely broken.

seriously the message in public schools today is trying to keep them out of prison. that and a healthy dose of political indoctrination.

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theyre telling kids that whites are evil and should spend their life serving POC and the chosen ones

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Are they still doing the whole 'work hard and get into University and you'll be successful in life' spiel? 18 year-olds are pretty dumb so I guess they still fall for it.

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>sometimes men feel like women and that’s ok. You can change your body. Women also can change their bodies with hormones. Does anyone here want to change their bodies with the magic of science? Isn’t science so wonderful?
>raises their hand
>come into our magic circle. We can share anything and tell each other anything. Come, come. We won’t tell our parents, ok? It’s our secret. I’ll also give you an a for the class and give you a wonderful recommendation. I know some people in Ivy League.

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>At home for two years with your parents
>They can’t take five minutes away from being cattle to teach their kids to read
I hate everything.

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you need to make like $150k/year to just barely afford a $500k cuckbox house. that's like late career earnings in an upwardly mobile non-codenigger profession, IF YOU'RE LUCKY.

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Yes, and if you're not a white male then you can be a revolutionary that changes the world by doing exactly what you're told. If you're a white male then you can become a white female or a sodomite

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in fairness the public school system advertised itself for decades as an alternative to parenting. let the state do it! what could go wrong!

and yeah for a bit there it worked and high school became this phenomenon of american culture which uniquely prepared kids for the real world. that obviously has been degraded steadily over time by political forces and we are left today with this horrific husk.

but I still struggle to blame normie parents who had a good time in high school in the nineties and early aughts who think "oh yeah that's all fear mongering... public schools are FINE". its hard to shake off lived experience, especially when it coincides with the propaganda.

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>What are they teaching

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>focusing on culture war retardation rather than your standard of living which is rapidly declining year by year
nigger cattle in the truest sense

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thats literally the message in schools these days. they arent even bothering with preparing kids for work life

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whites are agents of the archons, their influence an agenda is exacerbated with their 5th column infecting every sphere of influence

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12 years of public school and all you’re qualified for is a minimum wage job (that you could get in high school anyway). That should be a huge red flag for anyone in support of public schools. Thousands of hours of “education” from “professionals” who went to university to learn to teach, and that is what you get.

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>Implying they’re not intrinsically linked

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and why would they? the vast majority of the parents who care about their kids, are paying attention to what's going on in public schools and recognize the value of education got their kids the fuck out during the coof.

so now who is the system accountable to? well, whatever the opposite of cares about their kids, pays attention and values education is. it has basically become a playground for ideologically driven teachers to bloviate and propagandize while the administrators graft and skim money from the top. they can't even do school buses anymore, they're literally cancelling class because nobody bothered to make routes.

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>Useful education replaced with cultural vomit
>"Why are you guys noticing the indoctrination? WHAT THEY DO IN THE BEDROOM IS FINE!"
Oh little goy. You don't see why quality of life is declining?

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hello NPC retard

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well I'll give them a slight pass on that because its hard to take a broad brush institution like public school and use it to prepare students for an economy that's as highly specialized as ours. you could do what the Germans do and categorize people from a young age, but that's culturally unpalatable to Americans (and I think for good reason). though now that's what you are getting, people are self selecting their kids for successful careers by removing them from public schools. it accomplishing basically the same thing.

the problem with high schools now is that they can't even prepare kids for college and specialized training. they can't even socialize them or acclimate them to the principles of dedication and discipline. kids get out of public school and a majority don't even know how to study.

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>in fairness the public school system advertised itself for decades as an alternative to parenting.
In fairness, any parent who fell for such retardation deserves to have their bloodline fucked. Good parents always understood that good children are made at home, not at school. Imagine not WANTING to be the one to take charge of your own kid's development. It's absolutely pathetic cattle behavior and I have no problem with blaming such people for it

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I agree to an extent, but the truth is man I grew up in a upper middle class suburb in the early aughts and I got a great high school education. my parents were really good and had me reading and pursuing hobbies/sports, but by the time I was a teenager they were a little out of their depth. also, they were in their forties and at the height of their careers. for them it was crunch time to make a lot of money and ensure a good retirement and my college was paid for. that public high school really picked up the slack, it worked.

that dynamic has imploded completely. and if you don't have the means for private high school or group tutoring your only option is to send them to the zoo.

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I feel like it doesn't help that teaching has become such a clown profession.

Why would people at the top of the class want to become teachers. You get paid like shit, you have no power to discipline bad behavior, parents blame their kids bad grades on you, etc...

Why would I want to be a teacher at 40k a year when I can work from home code for 100k+

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yeah the people i personally know who became teachers are some of the most midwit reddit fags (literally) i know. They deserve to get paid shit

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Probably go to college and try and get a high paying tech job or start a business
With a dash of white hate and gender fluidity of course

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Crazy that all the replies to this so far reflect the current social consensus; that it's us vs them gender/race/culture war
Funny how far we've come since 2012. The bankers won.

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>You're all complaining about kids being coerced into transgender surgery but the REAL problem with society is economic decline.
Do you hear yourself? I can only guess that you're trying to downplay and distract from the child abuse. If you want to talk about something else, that's fine, but don't act like this is a nothingburger. I can't think of a worse way to hurt people than having their dick cut up into a front hole, or grafting dead flesh from their limb onto their vagina. It's not a meme psyop that CNN made up. They don't want to talk about this. It became an issue because there are real people having their lives destroyed as children.

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This doesn't happen if you aren't a retard and get a lucrative degree

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>Let's just ignore the fact that the last two generations of humans were glorified indentured servants and the next ones for the foreseeable future will be literal slaves
When 90% of the world is living in abject poverty is difficult to care about retards chopping their cocks off.
If anything, it's a solution to its own problem. They can't reproduce.

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another dangerous component is you refocus someone's entire existence around the impossible. our human nature means that once we have a goal in mind, especially one as ambitious as "I am a man who will make himself a woman" we will stop at nothing and neglect everyhing else in our lives in pursuit of that goal.

its sad when that neglect occurs to serve such a vain and ultimately hopeless pursuit. people think they can overcome strict biological nature because they are shown via mass media that its possible. the fact that its not is doubly tragic, because they will destroy themselves in this endeavor and miss out on the most crucial years of development. then their brains finish developing in their mid-twenties, they realize how fucked they are, and they kill themselves.


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/lgbt/ tourist here came to check out /biz/ a bit and you talk as much about lgbt issues as we do, what the fuck

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It's not a culture war between Christians and adult trannies. It's a physical war between the government and small children.

I don't care about adults doing it to themselves. Why did you even mention that? Just about every post that brought up this issue was in reference to kids.

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Same as always, just be normal and do what everyone does. And if you don't society will not accept you

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Zoomers are fucked, at best they can hope for another decade before their lives end in a spectacular flash of light thanks to ZOG's constant war mongering.

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Its still to get a degree from I what I guess. You can get good amount of college credit from high school as well so the ponzi is further ingrained

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Nothing i said was in reference to religion, weird for you to bring that up.
I grew up with an innate distrust of the "system"
If its the government's modus operandi to remove weak souls from society through psychological warfare, that's not my problem. My children will not fall prey to that.
It's time for weak bloodlines to die out. The problem lies in the parental line. Its actually quite ingenious when you think about how tactfully they have done this to the populace.

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exactly. 4chan is just a different flavor of NPC retard nigger cattle, i suppose.

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Idk what they’re telling them but the brain rot is definitely there. My sister (19) is threatening to take a video of me when I say “nigger” to show it to my employer. Must be nice to have our parents give her everything she wants and send her off to college while I go to the local university and work and take on all the debt

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My boss at a company I worked for a fifteen years ago told me he would never be able to retire, he was in his 50s back then. I thought that was weird and that people normally retired in their mid 50s or maybe mid 60s. Now I understand.

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>lgbt issues
like what?
the "rights" that you claim to not have?
can you give us examples?
kys faggot

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I have a science encyclopedia right behind my desk which I purchased from a Scholastic book fair in the 3rd grade. It is ON PAR with college texts when it comes to density of information, just with less math and fewer big words. This was a book I purchased on my own accord, it wasn't given to me for a curriculum. I can't help but wonder how I would have turned out if I had just gotten encyclopedias for other subjects, bought a few classics and just became an autodidact as a child.

Pic related in case anyone was wondering.

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No shit, you really think the majority of these kids are going for lucrative degrees? Not to mention even with a lucrative degree you're getting yourself in 200k+ debt if you go to a 4 year school and live there

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What is it about /biz/ that attracts worthless doomer fags?

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We are literally in the midst of the biggest global recession in a century.

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>everything is fine
>everything will be fine
If that is true, then what are leftists protesting about? Clearly, even they see things as not fine.
Nobody sees anything as fine.

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The most intelligent people are usually the most depressed

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The things they are protesting about are a smokescreen for actual problems. Doomposting 101: Acknowledge all opposition (especially in the MSM) as a big phoney who doesn't know shit.

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They’re currently running a psychological operation on young men to con clinch them there’s a “shortage” in the trades and that the trades are extremely lucrative lmfao

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Yea, until they learn that there are a countless amount amount of illegal immigrants that will do it both faster and cheaper

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they should tell them not to listen to the negativity on 4chan

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and it'll be done wrong.

/biz/ has this idea that basically all work either fits into a one-size-fits-all bucket or blue collar wagie or white collar wagie. if you actually learn a TRADE, which is a skill that is certified with an experience, exam and licensing requirement, you'll do pretty well. illegal immigrants and refugees are not getting jobs as airplane mechanics or HVAC techs.

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Back in my day, you didn't need to learn how to make metal cans fly to live comfortably.

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>What are they telling kids and highschoolers nowadays?

Go to college no matter what, debt doesn't matter.
If you do trades you're a failure.

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t. jew

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>It's time for weak bloodlines to die out. The problem lies in the parental line.
This isn't what happens. When the government sets out to kill as many innocents as possible, the population actually gets weaker and less intelligent. I understand that on paper it seems intuitive that the strongest would survive, but it actually a more obedient, slavish population. An obvious example is WWII. It's the healthiest and strongest who suffer the most. Don't think that the few people smart enough to dodge the draft can make up for the genetic damage inflicted on the majority. It just doesn't play out that way. A lot of perfectly healthy individuals will get maimed by this through no fault of their own. Your optimism is speculative and lazy.

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in the 90s i was basically told to "have fun" because you're only young once.

I wish id just worked hard back then so I can just laugh at the world collapsing now.

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this, there's a difference between overcoming a challenge and thinking that kneecapping yourself will make you a stronger person and yield better results.
Blogging here: i've got extremely rich grandparents who took the boomer approach to raising me, insisted that i do everything myself.
Went to shitty public middle/high school, attended a terrible nigger-filled state university because they didn't want to help me pay for decent schools i didn't get full scholarships for, had to live in a crackhouse apartment in the ghetto because that's the only one i could afford, then got an alright job where i make above-average-nothing-special pay and accumulate savings at an abysmal rate because we're nearing final stage burgerpunk hellscape. Meanwhile they just impulse bought a multimillion house.

I love them, but i can confidently look back and say i would have not have contemplated blowing my brains out dozens of times, been way more socially healthy, not constantly insecure about success, and had 2 inches of more hairline if they just gave me some finsncisl boosts along the way. Invest in your offspring, it stacks the odds in their favor.