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If you woke up one day with the power to peer 1 hour into the future how would you utilize it to make money?

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mega millions

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you would need a lot of leverage and betting on something volatile.
you could also walk into a casino and memorize the outcomes of differing games etc..
red 5x in a row at roulette you could make a lot

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live sports betting

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that would make leverage trading pretty much risk-free

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The cutoff is like 3 hours before the drawing I thought?

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I thought it was 1 hour. But even if it wasn't every states local equivalent has different time scales.

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What if you decided to commit suicide but used your 1 hour right before? You could prove the existence of an afterlife. Otherwise, you'd just experience nothing and die.

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Otherwise I’ll just break the simulation and Agent Smith will put me back

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>0dte calls on TQQQ or SQQQ
you'd make millions with about 2k of capital

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That seems very specific anon...

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>see which way gdxu or gdxd goes in an hour

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intercept bitcoin transfers by rigging the order of txid in blocks

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Exactly - man if you had that ability you could be the richest person on earth in 6 months. I mean you didn’t even give us a challenge here. If I had this ability I would be a multimillionaire by the end of the week. Stocks, commodities, crypto, just peer an hour into the future on all of it and own all the markets.

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I'd be an unstoppable hitman