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Day 759 of snailposting every day until BTC is at 100k

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We're gonna see $100K before the halving snail bro.

We're gonna make it.

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>We're gonna see $100K before the halving snail bro.
that would be sick

rolling for seeing 19$ first, for a while

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>19,000$ first
to accu.

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holy heckin based

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Just bought $200 worth of BTC. I'm buying $200 per week, every week, until 100k. Let's hope it happens before the next halving.

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Your dedication is moving

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haircomb babes

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Bitcoin will reach $100k on 2/4/24.

For those who know

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i'mma start this for eth as well if i buy a heavy bag soon enough

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Way to go. Doing that with alts too. MATIC and AstraDAO will send so hard. Just a matter of time.

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Best decision, BTC is cool, but adding some random low caps like RAIL, SPOOL and the likes could be a good idea, a potential 20x

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>Before the halving

Imagine being this delusional. 100k isn't happening until 2025 at the earliest.

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100k is just x4 or x5 at best. Boomer gains

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godspeed and checked anon

altcoin enjoyers destroyed

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buy btc right and you get some haircomb on the side

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You have to account for risk. Likely 4-5x gains tops unlikely 100x gains.

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>until BTC is aCK

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What gives you assurance that this shits will hit a 20x?

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That's very true, but a 5x will take a little while

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it's a bot shill

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I am with you mumen rider

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Ask yourself, why would BTC ever hit 100k? It will happen only if dollar completely collapses. BTC has already reached its peak. It's all downhill from here, unless inflation actually picks up again.

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biggest dumb nigger in the dumb nigger hood, btc is a scarce money, compare it to gold, not burger shitcoin.
if you're mentally capable to do it, i don't believe, you'll find that 1BTC ~ 40-60 kg of gold.

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new memeflu is coming, which means STEMMIES!!!!
the gibs are real

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Noone cares about some garbage shitcoin. Buy bitcoin or enjoy being some fat devs exit liquidity