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Didn’t swang any but I wish I did

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zippity doo dah

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what happened

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shytoshi confirmed toad to be treat on the discord

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Shib dev here. Don’t buy this piece of shit. Toad is not ours. Buy AVI. That is all

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Screenshot me bro.

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I did. I bought 1k more at like 5.5m mc even though it was above my average (I'm one of the dumb dumbs that didn't take any profits during the giga pump and immediate dump.)

That it was just suspiciously hanging there right at the pre pump price for days instead of dumping lower convinced me something was up. A fast and brutal dump like that should have plunged straight through it's pre pump price... but then it didn't... and it kept not doing it.
Fuck off leech.

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Oh Nice! Ready for the next spike!

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I saw the shot but didn't save it. Sorry my guy. It was a discord and you can't validate those. But if you were here to watch dogbonk last season you'll read between the lines

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Im top 20 holder ser, all in. >>55881901
Just away from computer now to check. Just plz tell me its true. What did he actually say.

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What? So Shiba Inu farmers can dump on /biz/ a third time? No thanks. Hope you get range banned and filtered.

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>shytoshi confirmed toad to be treat on the discord
No he didn't, this nigger is lying

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Nope I bought more AVI

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he posted it on the discord and deleted it you stupid faggot. it started pumping that second

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everyone on /biz/ is in profit on this coin unless they're terminally retarded.

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did he actually? or are you just being a meanie.

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No it’s treat of a dog

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Seriously this.

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Even if this turns out to be a larp, I do find it strange that the team keeps mentioning Toad soup whenever the treat token is mentioned.

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I got a feeling those soups will play a part in all this too. I’m not thinking bored ape level but we haven’t even seen the whole supply yet

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Give up the larp. I am in TG and Discord and he did not say Toad is Treat. Are you trying to make Toad look bad on purpose? Post teh screenshot or stfu.

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>toad pumps
>avi dumps
>avi pumps
>toad dumps

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This is so stupid/cunt behavior from whales and swingfags.
I mean, there are people here who think there is some kind of competition between these two projects.. many of us hold both...

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It's especially odd because TK should be pitted against PEPE if anything
Wanna see competition break out as people try to make their preferred meme come out on top
Meanwhile AVI gives live helicopter coverage and profits roll in from all three
true kino

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I hope AVI kills TOAD and then PEPE. Frankly I'm tired of TOAD being such an edging schizo pump and dump cunt token

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based trips avi flips toad

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Toad is another schizo coin.
They (whoever is in charge) promised to kill pepe and i'm holding until then even if it takes 2 more months or years

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Imagine being such a jeet coin that you have to come into another coins thread and fling shit every where trying to convince people to buy. Like we're trying to flip PEPE, we don't have time for your stupid helicopter games.

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>Did you buy the dip
>Still down over 50% from ath
The dip is still here retard and no I won't buy your heavy bags

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i like how we're right next to the previous ath but somehow we're baggies

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now FREN is my FREN

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Try it. You know your trading record

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Who even gives a fuck. Does it really matter if it's a treat or if it's a pepe killer. I'm a noob dont care about shibfags but I'm down to catch the next shib.

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I mean next pepe fuck shib

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Who buys memes now Fag? Better to hold assets from projects with real-life use cases that will always be needful like Ripple, Helium or Holoride which is taking in-car entertainment to another level.

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kek rakesh allows his bot to say fag now, oh no no no how will i tell it apart

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How's that working out for you
Do you have a mini cell tower giving you cancer for fake internet money

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Woah almost got me to buy Ripple, lmao, I think it was "the needful" that gave it away. Something hilarious about a jeet attempting to train his bot to blend in but instead trains the most obvious perfectly jeet poster instead.

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Yea buy some globohomo banker memecoin with massive overhead and get dumped on for the next 3 years. No thanks

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No but I sold my initial after there was no news after the conference. Now riding the rest comfy to 100 mil and beyond.

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>many of us hold both
Speak for yourself avitard, toadchads wouldn‘t touch that avi shite with a ten foot long pole

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No, the dip was still higher than my highest buy so far, I was hoping for more, but fuck it, let's blast through the moon, I have enough anyway

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Who rugged us

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Well that lame "pump" was easily killed. Back to the dip. You faggots were saying?

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fuck this slow rug frfr

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Ya had 4 months toad baggies

See you at 1 billion greetings from the coin that goes up

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I'm more bullish on Pepe, Kava, reef, and this low cap sylo decentralized project. As well as Tomo, it's recent moves gave live to my portfolio

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Sylo is fucking dead. They couldn't finish nearly every feature of their 2022 roadmap and so far didn't even bother to realease a 2023 roadmap

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>slow rug
>continually rising floor for months
Which is it?

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I fucking bought the dip of NXRA, SOL AZERO and TWT dumbass.

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>buying useless altcoins instead of memes

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I guess for aesthetic purposes, the right testicle needs to be finished tomorrow with another dump to 13000, and then maybe a crab between 10k and 12k to make it stand out.
Only then we moon.
Hope you're watching and ready to accumulate.
I'm not saying this in hopes it would raise the price - if demand from /biz/ starts pumping the coin, fofo will fix the price anyway.
But we need this glorious chart to be complete.

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why would random anons' dick obsession have anything to do with the chart

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I'm taking a break and enjoying my weekend by ordering cheeky takeaway via CryptMI app.

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Last day and a half has been great! Sold near top and just bought back in. I doubled my stack for free.

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Nice job. I wish I did it too but I thought we’d get an overt signal.

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I bet you have a trillion too huh? If I had an ETH for every Toadnigger Telegram shill that said they doubled their stack and had a trillion plus Toadnigger tokens. Scammers.

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kek it dumped again already

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>my 1 coin of 100 on that screen is treat

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Pls sers HOLD your TOAD so i can do needful selling, do not redeem benchod!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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pfft fuck no, I'm poor. I now sit at around 34 Billion which is better then I had before.

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I'll buy when it dips back to 3M.

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>HarryP0tter0bamaPacMan8Inu does 500x to 100 million mc
>Toad can't sustain a 3x
>Toad cucked again by literal who shitcoin
We've been farmed haven't we?

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if you didn't make money the last few days you are an idiot.

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>if you didn't make money the last few days you are an idiot.

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The conference, shibarium, all of it was completely cringe and fail. I sold my over 1T stack on the way up and took home over 40k. No, I won't be buying back in. Thanks /biz/ for the exit liquidity.

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Ive been green in TOAD for a while now just diamond handing,

If this shitcoin dies it's okay, it was just an asymmetrical bet, betting on whether some schizos are right or not

I think the coin is related to the boiling frog syndrme, except when its done boiling we moonshot. It would be a very inspirational story

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I caught wind of AVI before this so I have both, just in case it pumps nicely enough for me before TOAD does.

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>No, I won't be buying back in
Kek you’ll regret saying that. Anyway, screenshot for even more keks SOON

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more than two years of soons and look at the dumpster fire that is ACTUALLY A JEET SCAM.

>Shibarium = fork of Matic

Not just any fork of matic retard, fucking MUMBAI.

Toadies are subtier humans under the brownoids.

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DBI reaches 100 million dollars market cap next before TOAD add that to your screenshots fag

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Miss me yet?

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was going to tell you to go fuck yourself but then i thought about it and...
>dbi has a higher all time high than toad
>dbi has actual developers
3 plus months and any way you look at it toad has been a huge disappointment so i don't think dbi cucking toad is out of the way of possibility...every thing else has been cucking toad so far so why not...i guess

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>We've been farmed haven't we?
Gee, what made you think that?

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A round of applause please for Shibarium / Toad devs

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we're always shitposting about this or that being pajeet but scamtoshi actually hired pajeets for his multi billion dollar shitcoin project

kek what a cheap ass

you get what you pay for

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Toadie shills so quiet now, what happened? Not too late to swap to AVI before AVI cucks this retarded scam-coin.

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I don't want avi I want the coin with the green middle finger so gfys!!!

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Boy get that shitty hands off my face, I ain't the one who told you not to know your damn risk management. I'll keep slurping the dips on Eth, ARB, Sylo, Asto, Inj, and lots of others so fuck being tied down coz I be greedy when y'all are afraid and TP when y'all are FOMOing.

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Good morning. Sir.

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I hold both because I like making money.

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This piece of shit took so long the whole market is going to collapse before it can moon. You could have made six figs from throwing a dart at biz as long as it didn't land on this total piece of shit.

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Even plebbit donut is better performing than your shitcoin hahahahahaha fckin schizo morons.

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They tried to ride Pepe's coattails but got greedy and forgot to pump their stupid shitcoin. Now people hardly care about Pepe either. They will never surpass Pepe. It's over.

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Reminder: trans women are women, and Toad is Treat

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Your patience will be REWARDED