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how is life going? what are your projects doing?

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As of today I've been sober 8 months after drinking daily for about 10 years. So just water for me.

But I have to wage slave tomorrow for a maintenance weekend so that sucks.

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here your water. tell me when you are ready for a real drink

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My pool exploded during a big storm after a tree banch punctured the steel wall. Broke my pool, pool heater , pool filter and my fence and a gas line. Kinda shitty but things happen.

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I voluntarily demoted myself this week and took a 30% pay cut because I couldn’t handle the stress and pressure of my current job. Not entirely sure how to feel about it.

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first order a drink, dude

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Life is okay. I also stopped drinking a week or two ago so weathering the storm.

Wet out so going to settle in and farm some tokens this evening. My PEPE bag was sitting idle so going to add to a farm that's launching tonight - frensfarm.com to farm tokens.

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Yea mcdonalds manager is alot harder than fry guy. I feel ya. Heres a bump, dont let anyone see .

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Just a shot of jack and a beer please

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no wild turkey, double maker? what kind of beer?

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I bought this dip.

What the strongest beer you got on draft?

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Three heinekens and the house chardonnay.
Keep it open

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here is your snake

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a 1999 Montrachet?

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>I bought this dip.
well done, lets hope this works out. if not i am here for you
get out
if one door closes another one opens
was it expensive? 1k should be enough

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jfc didn't know even half this strong existed

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I dont even know what my projects are doing because I got banned from their discord and telegram... they have been radio silent on twitter since eoly. Ren? Ren token? God how could I be so stupid

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i have heard about ren2.0. what happened?

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I'll have a dram of whatever Speyside or isles whisky you're serving my good man

lost ten eth on dbi
feels pretty good eth is tanking now too. fuck TheDev

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eth tanking isnt good for anyone

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Fireball please.

I'm trying to escape my shitty job by learning to code. It might not work out but it gives me solace. At least I'm learning something instead of mindlessly surfing there web. I'm looking at other jobs and hope they call me back.

Sorry to bother you all.

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rebel and cold water man. Im empty tonight

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i see a lot of coding guys here lately.

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did you ear and lemon?
and where is my bourbon rebel?!

a-aaaaaaaaa im leaving this shit hole

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That’s a little too spensy for my tastes

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>bourbon rebel
take it with you on the way out. its on the house

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*clears throat*

I don't really meet people who code irl. I guess three people who spend their time on electronics would want to work with it too.

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maybe this is more fitting

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That’s the shit I need

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Making some good progress saving up money to buy a house while interest rates are something only a retard would accept.
Feeling superior to all the poors who live paycheck to paycheck while blaming everyone but themselves.
Things are going to work out I think.

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I'll take a Negroni Sbagliato please sir

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hey sounds great, but dont forget about the people who you care about. drink?

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3k for the pool and heater but yea not alot just didnt expect to spend 3k this week

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Been unemployed for almost a year now, Barely have any money left and I'm not getting any responses. On the verge of just breaking down. ya know?

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Could use a Long Island. Shit's uncertain is all I gotta say.

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>ordering a drink with the word "negro" in it


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FINALLY someone who gets it. in the
exact same boat brother. with the same feeling of
superiority over the social media tards who cant stop
buying the next best piece of shit.

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Going very well, cheers!

Very well indeed, just sat on my comfy chad stack on 25k blackswan waiting for phase 4 to drop.

Knowing youve already made it is always worthy of a toast

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I was diagnosed with Cannabis Hyperemesis Syndrome yesterday. I have to get clean and I can never smoke again unless I want to risk another morning vomiting my guts out. Even one session and it could come back for a day.
Good times.

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A pina colada
I’m swamped at my devops job, got critical shit to deal with while I also get thrown in my lap other critical shit. Starting to get grey hairs, literally, trying to juggle between 3 critical tasks in a dog shit environment, thinking about quitting IT altogether.
I want to start trading - really trading, not retail shit. If I can get somewhere with that, I’d be really happy.
Don’t even want to start a family at this point, I have moments in which I wish I was dead/killed.
All of my feelings are dialed down to 1, I’m apathetic towards everything.
I’m hitting the gym, I look good, ai have a good face and I drive a german car. Started to dress better in the past years.
I get attention from women, even younger girls, I’m 26.
Couple of years ago I wanted to start a family, loneliness really got to me, but now I feel nothing anymore.
My existence in the end is pointless, I produce nothing, and contribute nothing to society. Living is a chore.
If I didn’t have parents, I’d off myself.
I’m talking to a shrink, telling them I have these feelings of not wanting to be anymore, they laughed thinking I said I didn’t want to be at their session.
I hate this capitalistic mindset I was programmedo
, it sucked out the life from living.

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Boomsauce please.

Dad died last year and I’m dealing with that along with trying to prove to myself and others that I’m not a stupid idiot for buying internet tokens.

>8k link at like -40% or some shit.

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Proterra's bankruptcy basically wiped out all my gains for the whole year. Only up 4-5%. Sometimes a guy wonders if it's just not meant to be.

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I just got kicked out of uni so now I'm on here looking for a way to start dumping money into something because I am fucked otherwise.

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today i was told that i'm not going to promote any time soon because i work on weekends and provide "non-constructive" feedback while leading almost all of the squad's projects this year

turns out protecting co-workers feelings at all costs is more important than delivering projects

> t. Berlin

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Two thousand in my checkings account, now 1200 after I bought a shitload of Coke and Xanax. I'm not even addicted to them as retarded as that sounds I'm just stocking up forever.

I have like 20k in dogecoin and 2k in various altcoins. I'm just waiting now.

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Ive given up on 3 business ventures to keep chasing 2 others. Ill never know if I made the right decision until its too late.

All of this wouldnt be that terrifying if my kid wasnt being born this month. Im barely scraping the line of a 6 figure income and its killing me especially knowing a market collapse is imminent

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Also load me up a neat vodka. Im feeling nostalgic.

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Rum and coke.

I'm getting tired of all the crabbing of these "legit" projects for the last 5 years. Probably just gonna gamble on memecoins do traditional stocks

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Worked kicked my ass this week but at least my wife hasn't found a reason to be pissed off at me

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For the first time I’m realizing the possibility we will never come back again. I’ve never felt sadness this deep and I don’t know how to deal with it. I’m going to drink.

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I'll take a mojito. I got a promotion at work.

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mix me something red, like my portfolio.
just got rugged on draco. ltc, btc, bch, algo down.

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Just got this after a nice long week. Totalled about 4k miles of driving this week. Currently in the deep woods helping family clear property for the weekend. Chilling in a camper bunk.

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Gookmoot stole my image

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My city and the surrounding towns have been engulfed in flames since last night. We've all been evacuated. I don't even know what city I am in.

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Orange juice please. I’m currently bullish on my portfolio and want celebrate

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It's 1776 all over again on a global scale, barkeep. The bank is collecting it's dues to stay afloat above the peasants.

I'll take...erm...the house, please. Pack it up. You have 24 hours to vacate.

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Profit generators are providing, for now, amounts I can siphon into potential 10x, which can each then scale.
2/3rds of solar components have come in so power outages will be a lot more comfy soon, though, they're rare to begin with.

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On the off-chance it hasn't been tried already, no 4-10 hour Amazon/UPS/FedEx stuff? I've done 10 hours at Amazon (and 4 too) so I know it's not the best but it's something to hold you over.
If you're into crypto, these may take longer to go off again but they've either been rising or more or less staying at the same price: NXRA, Kaspa, QANX. See if anything strikes your fancy once you have money to spare.

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Just remembered I have to apply for classes \°○°/

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Escape it, brother. No amount of $$ will help you if you got an addiction.
Unload the stuff, save and invest (not shitcoins, real stuff) and patiently watch the garden grow.

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I drove by their brewery yesterday if you would believe it. right in time for storm Betty to spank our arseholes today

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I watched pepe dump to .0000009 and then stabilize around .00000108. No need your booze bartender I brought my own

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an exploding pool

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sorry i went asleep

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try this one

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good job, how much more do you earn now?

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Brand and coke please.
My life savings are down 23%, if my stocks recover in the next few months I can at least break even and finally put a down payment on a decent house away from my shitty country

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things will recover, they always do

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Give me a 2L of generic walmart diet sprite and a half gallon of Barton vodka

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Have a you anon, I felt that post deeply. It's okay if you have nothing to live for. As long as you persevere.

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sorry sprite isnt served here

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I'll take a bottle of anything, and a glazed donut, to go

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I’ll order some water. Also am I banned?

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sorry, no donuts

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Yesss, I’m not (:
Well to continue; I’ve been buying the dips and everything seems ok. I see the storm on the horizon but fuck it, we’ll all get through it. I got my transmission fluid changed yesterday on my 2007 120k mile Camry. It’s the first time it prolly that the fluid change, drove like 20 miles and it seems not to be slipping so I think we’re good!! :)

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So yesterday i drank alone in my apartment
After 7 dl of gin i texted my ex
Had a nice drunk conversation with her
My project is entering its final stages, the bosses are happy i guess
Im getting a raise but only 10%, i hope i find a better job soon

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buying overpriced water is fine

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Sorry, ill have a pink & gin

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>I drive a German car

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based anon, stay on course.

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I massively profited off a couple shitcoins, thus I now have twenty shitcoins worth anywhere between 50 dollars and 2k.
I have no idea how long this bearmarket will last.

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Beer me to the gills

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>Instantly get drunk for almost 24 hours.
Wew lad

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Peak comfy.

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I’m going to graffiti your bar with this, Jew.

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I mean a pink & gin, not a pink gin. Its thomas henry pink grapefruit mixed with gin, with ice and garnished with a grapefruit slice

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I got into a gang fight with the local mafia people. I walked out with a knife scar from my eye to my ear. Id like a cosmopolitan to make the pain go away

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Imagine not having a parking assistant like in those faggot Tesla cars.
Even the japanese can do better now.

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>I bought this dip
There are still tons of knife catchers in this bear market. Just copped some Vet and Bmi for the first time, stacking other coins too, gonna add Ride on x exchange mainly for gaming.
Fingers crossed for the next bull.

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What am I supposed to do with the coconut and pineapple? Can I at least get some utensils to eat them?
>order blood cocktail
>get a rooster extra but not syringe