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Which of these should I ditch from my poorfolio?
iExec RLC

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the one that smells like dogshit

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50% or rlc

cardano should be fine but don't expect massive gains. Double top at best

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Anon, all of them

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For me is buying fictional rubber ducks and gamble with my NFTs on $DUCK race derby
got a lot of money out of it

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Keep LTC and ADA, good buys. Replace RLC with Marlin Protocol (ditching one obsolete techshitcoin with another slightly more promising one). Also I hope you have a very healthy BTC stack. Remember, over 50% of your crypto money into BTC, the other 50% for diversification.

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then what to buy, pedo?
>lolicon lovers are all btc maxxies
why does this keep happening

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Lurk for about a week or so so your shills can be less transparent and obvious. Thanks.

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ignore what troglodytes here tell you about ltc you MUST hold that shit to dear life just fucking trust me. delete rlc immediately.

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bleed, shill.

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Trips of LIES.

Got a problem, chud?

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All of them do, though.
Pedos are smart and also support XMR a lot.

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i unironically will never ever understand how the fuck iexec took of. what a stupid fucking retard sub room temp iq project.

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You mean hold ADA for dear life?

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Marlin is only good if you are a tech enthusiast and you are the kind of nigga that becomes a validator for the shit he holds.

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dumping rlc for anything else is a valid move.

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get curb stomped

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>Still no dApps
>Still no real usecase
>Still no adoption

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All of them

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iExec RLC

It's an old alt that scammers on biz keep resurrecting in desperate hopes to pump n dump their bags. Remember that old alts (often) don't return to their ATH's, ever.

Now, you can argue that Cardano is also an old alt, but it's '21 run outperformed it's '17 run. It does have staying power, even with the "muh security" fud ongoing.

Litecoin has survived multiple bear markets so hold onto that of course.

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cardano without a shadow of a fucking doubt

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Rlc after the next scam pump

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I would ditch the RLC as well. It is just an old outdated tech project with nothing going on for years now. It's not even a novel application in the respective field. It also has no real world use. Ditch it.

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Everyone saying dump RLC is a psyop kek

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Idk I feel like the majority of biz has ptsd from holding RLC

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how so? litecoin is dead look at it, RLC is an old meme ,buy 500 bucks worth of it ,best case scenario

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Like they don't LINK too? And every other coin

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RLC ain't too shabby to hodl, Cardano's my OG buy in crypto, I still have tonnes of it in my metamask.
Personally, I'd swap out Litecoin for Sylo any day, considering the fact that It's got a smart wallet with staking, NFT storage, and a messaging app like WhatsApp for daily usage

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Link has kept some of its sats value at least and has a lot of adoption so you know it might work out in the end.
RLC was supposed to be the chosen one. It looks so legit with all those PhDs, EU Commission grants and the tech and it was also heavily shilled. But it still hasn't achieved much regarding adoption or sats price which is very frustrating after 7 years.
Other shitcoins at least are more obviously shit, have some adoption, or went straight to zero.

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You need to check up on RLC then because big things are going to happen soon

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Keep LTC, convert the rest into LINK.

LTC will gain sats later, and is a solid long term hold because of tokenomics and whats coming.

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They're solid holds fren, you can also consider tossing in a couple gaming projects like gods or Ride if you wanna win big in the next season.

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I still hold it but what's there in the mid to short term?
pem tools are shit.
tdx will take forever to release
holograph? we don't even know what it is.
It's good for swing trading but just holding it sucks

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all of them

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I'm not aware of your preferred holdings, but I suggest looking into projects related to DePIN. Peaq, Helium, and Chia are just a few examples. These assets could potentially lead to long-term gains due to their real-world utilities.

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The halving is just the first step and Ltc would do major numbers. I also have IoTex and Peaq on my radar for integrating into what DePINs is bringing to the space.

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These are my picks for long term gains anon.

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Hey anon, do what feels right for you, buddy. Just so you know, lots of people are getting in on the Peaq airdrop action. If you snag a quick 2k Krest tokens, you're all set

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Everyone telling you to drop litecoin is retarded

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LTC is the best bet given that even after the halving the price is getting more halved like wtf bruv is that what it's meant to do?
HODL RLC and Ada so well, but in terms of low-caps don't rule VRA, Route, and RIDE from your list, alphas with massive growth potential.

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RLC for XRP. Hold for 5 years no matter what and you will be able to retire.

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They ain't but you just stuck up on some retarded shit fr, boy I didn't bother buying LTC upon halving. Made pretty DCAs on:

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How the fuck is litecoin still a top 15 coin? Actually half the top 30 look like complete dogshit we really have not bottomed out just looking at the front page there needs to be a real cleansing here before we can move forward.

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Everyone buying INJ.
I'm buying: