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God fuck Elon go back to /x/ you faggot

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These warnings are useless because people post all sorts of crap here that doesn't come true. How are you supposed to pick out the correct ones?
What wasn't useless, was Larry Fink suddenly shilling BTC. THAT was your obvious sell signal.

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Fake news nigger

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Ok, what else you got for us?

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look at >>55871332

material algos was giving you precise whale behavior

<------------------ read it. know it. trade on it.

The market is entirely fake.

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>The market is entirely fake.
Yeah, I have very much come to this conclusion. Everything makes a whole lot of sense once you understand this.

And what gives this twitter user such insight?

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>The market is entirely fake.
So no ETH? Depends on who's faking it i guess...

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ups, *ETF

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they are saying sub 20k next so we'll see

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A broken clock is right twice a day

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As yes the screen shot season after a huge dump

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>selling low buying high
Based Musk retard strikes again

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So normalfags are panic selling? Nice, let the golden bullrun begin
>pic once again related

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I've noticed that one retard who ALWAYS first replies to any kind of bearish post with one stupid all-lowercase sentence. Glad there's now documented evidence of him getting btfo.

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still somewhat confused how the end of the musk sell pressure is somehow a bearish thing
still looks more like whale games using any bad news just to pull their tricks

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who is selling in response to "tesla already solded"? This is just whale games >>55871355
trying to trick people into thinking everyone le paniced.
also, ETFs coming soon, need to crash it a bit to give normans the illusion of safety beforee they get rugged at 38k.

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you were supposed to sell 1 month ago when anon warned you in OP pic related

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Yes. But now is it too late to safely sell or should we be holding at this point?
Each time they started marketing directly to normies, it was time to start looking for an exit as prices began to appreciate.
But is it the exact same in reverse? Should we start looking for an entry as they start turboFUDing the normies and prices begin to depreciate or should we already be in?

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>But is it the exact same in reverse?
the fud was insane in november/december
remember tradfi twitter accounts suddely giving opinions on crypto despite never before having had anything to do with it
yeah that was a major bottom signal

2 years ago there might be people in who would listen to le epic space man, but today anyone that is in isnt gonna care about whatever musk says
still seems weird to sell out of fear after the selling is done

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Should we sell now though if we hadn’t sold already?

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>says he's going to turn twitter into a micropayments platform
>sells all btc
>fednow lists dropp as a service provider, HBAR can used for micropayments
huh. it's probably nothing.

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>the fud was insane in november/december
thank your for reminding me, anon

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>HBAR has the astrological sign of Saturn
Oh come on, I thought that was just a silly Larp about Musk trying to sacrifice his babysitter.