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The recent DEX innovations are currently on the verge of rendering CEXes obsolete?
The launch of Uniswap V3 alongside other Perp DEXes makes it seem like it’s game over for CEXes.
Apart from being an easy first point for newcomers and an easy on-ramp for all of us, do you think CEXes will become obsolete?

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Dex and CEX work together, retard.
Who feeds DEX if CEX doesn't exist?
You personally might be able to make money without using a CEX for additional funds.
the lemmings you farm for those funds.... now they might not be so lucky. How do their funds enter the market?

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>you think CEXes will become obsolete?
-BINANCE midwit.

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Without CEXes, DEX would have solved the on-ramping problem

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I'm not sure any Dex would be as transparent as Binance.

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kado money is a non exchange KYC on ramp to dex. technically you can swap on there but its very basic, looks like a dex itself.

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I'm too retarded for asking this but i guess if i was able to buy there with credit card, i would be kyc'ing already...right?

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I think you have to create an account and provide some sort of ID beyond a credit card as it could be stolen and shit. I havent used it yet but probably will at some point in the future. xgwhh

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>do you think CEXes will become obsolete?

There's no way CEXes are going obsolete because majority of the newbies coming onboard are retards and they would rather make use of CEXes than use these complicated DEXes.

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>I'm not sure any Dex would be as transparent as Binance.

How retarded are you? DEXes are decentralized ffs

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This is no Dex or CEX but a money laundering spot. Go see Uniswap v3 to understand what a Dex entails and not fantasize ridiculously.

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But CEXes are more transparent and user friendly than CEXes. Moreover Dex can never offer P2p as I was mentored..

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>alongside other Perp DEXes
>Mention them liar!

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first time you hear about dexes like gmx or dydx?

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save your future by holding your coins in where you can control

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DEX offers more control and privacy, and with the right security measures, you can mitigate wallet vulnerabilities. It's all about striking that balance between convenience and safeguarding your assets.

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WTF is in uniswap V3 to understand? If you have nothing meaningful to say fucking shut up!

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Most folks lean towards using it over CEX. The recent crackdown on CEX platforms really drives home the point of why opting for DEX is crucial for privacy. But vulnerability of wallets is a notable concern.

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I guess you should check out the new Uniswap V3. There are new integration that makes Dex more interesting to use.

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Many projects are now partnering with Uniswap V3 because of its concentrated liquidity pool, so I think its the best in DeFi at the moment

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>Who feeds DEX if CEX doesn't exist?

Have you considered visiting a mental health facility cause only a retard thinks like this. Jsyk DEXes can exist independently without relying on CEXes.

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If Allianceblock can pull off its plan with the Nexera exchange on Uniswap V3, then I think it should be among the sought-after soon

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I definitely will look at this feature because I'm just hearing it now.

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I heard about the onchain limit order book. I learnt it will be deployed on Arbitrum network.

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I prefer self custody and that's why I like DEX over CEX, also we get to have access to more crypto assets even before they become big so it's better.
But with the regulations that are coming, how will DEX maintain its privacy while staying compliant

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Self-custody, privacy and compliance is the order of the day. NexeraID is offering this.

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>>alongside other Perp DEXes

There are a shitton of perp dexes a few include Vela, GMX, dydx, Mvx and a host of others.

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It's good to see that projects are moving to L2 especially now that the bull market is getting closer instead of staying on ETH whose gas fees are still a major issue

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>Instead of staying on ETH whose gas fees are still a major issue

The year is 2023 and gas fees continue to remain a major issue for Ethereum, what exactly is ethereum foundation doing if they can't find a solution to this.

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If it's not your keys then it's not your money

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CEXes are too big and too convenient to die all of a sudden. Too many normies adore Binance and Coinbase and will deal with their constant bullshit no problem. CZ alone is worth $13-ish billion dollars, as of last year or so.

But yes, I'm glad Uniswap V3 and Kinetix (best perp DEX hands down imho) are making big strides on keeping decentralization as a good and popular choice.

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Don't know why the anyone uses CEXs anymore. I haven't used a CEX to trade in 2+ years. Only to cash out to fiat by selling ether or stables for fiat. Dexs have billions of liquidity even on L2s with fees in the cents there is no excuse not to use them. Another benefit is that if a coin doesn't have liquidity on a dex or a permissionless bridge its a fucking shitcoin and you can't buy, avoiding loses on absolute shitcoins that are listed on CEXs.

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Recommend me some decent DEX's while you faggots are at it. I'd like to protect my funds from pic related

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SELF CUSTODY IS A FUCKING MEME. There, I've said it. I have literally NEVER had a single issue with Coinbase before + the added bonus of not having to worry about having my funds stolen. Fuck everyone who keeps saying "xd not your keys not your crypto haha"

Don't trust kikes like Sam and you'll be fine. Simple as.

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>too convenient to die all of a sudden

This is the exact reason why i believe they will die a sudden death cause they are too convenient and they haven't been innovating for awhile.

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>gmx fork whose whole gimmick is being built on kava instead of arbitrum.
I like the fact that they're attempting to reduce slippage but they're gonna need to offer some more for me to fully switch over

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it ain't our fault that you're too much of a brainlet to actually protect yourself from jeets trying to phish your coins. stay filtered

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Uniswap for ETH, it's a good starting point.
After that, choose your ecosystem of preference, marry your bags and then cope and seethe when you get dunked on because you decided to buy some shitcoin with the false promise of "making it". Good luck.

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Not like you have enough capital for cexes to throw error messages at you lol

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GMX was my best buy in years.

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why is kinetix the best? they got a few pairs tops...

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My nigga. Bitcoin is the same it was in 2007. Only gimmick shitcoins feel the need to "le move le industry forward". Ethereum got popular out of sheer luck and for beingg the first serious alt, by the way.

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You quite literally don't NEED to reinvent the wheel every two weeks as long as you can offer real value in the form of security and convenience. People will keep using your platform as long as you earn their trust and prove to be a viable long term solution for their needs.
Okay sir lemme give you my metamask seed phrase, yes? good morning btw.

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this lol
i feel like half people who promote defi and only use defishit are doing it out of spite after finding out data brokers and their own governments have been profiting off of them for nothing in return since forever and the other half are unironically monero criminals that don't want a single trace of themselves out there.

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I bet you will say something different by the time coinbase freezes your account, by then you will prefer self custody and techs like NexeraID

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I have 6 figures in crypto, 7 figs at one point near the peak. Earning about $40k/year in defi income.

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Uniswap still remains the best, but you can also try the Nexera exchange

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Never heard of this, i only knowthe popular ones like Vela and GMX

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DEX's will exist for as long as they're allowed to exist. I wonder who will be the ultimate market makers and liquidity providers for the crypto market years from now.

CEX's will exist no matter what and whatever company operates most legally, makes money, and has the easiest user interface will win

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>prefer self custody and techs like NexeraID
How tf does this shit guarantee self custody when jews are barely aware and using it... What happened to polygon Identity solution?

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Why keep larping on shitty tech? I mean why are desperate pros trying to lure jeets to unworthy location...

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It's all paper written hype and will never be implemented to scale UNI. And Uniswap can never scale Binance TVL.

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>Earning about $40k/year in defi income.
Never! Where do you think the 40k is coming from? NGMI...