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Cryptocurrencies = Money laundering + Tax evasion

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Pic related is the only crypto that actually does it

Everything else is going to get cucked by data matching companies who are currently employed by governments to scan blockchains and figure out who owns what

This is why Bitcoins future is ultimately cucked

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some of it, but also crypto = higher interest than my bank and I get to say fuck you to the banks

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Monero is strictly designed as a money laundering coin.

In the grand scheme of things, you are an ant for the bank.

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A million ants is a terrible thing

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No one cares about cryptocurrencies, it's a fad, people with real jobs and obligations only care about speed and efficiency, not about your emotional struggles with money and the market.

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it’s nodes are ran by a ponyfag

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i can say that most of chinese and pajeets operations that promise people money go through USDT in order to launder their money

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OP is currently proxyspamming /biz/ AGAIN
Fucking spanish sack of shit mods do your job

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Take your meds you stupid whisky dick chink

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yes and USD fiat is a perfect angel only being used in righteous ways.

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OP is unironically spanish see his filename he was spamming the board no idea why my comment was removed in his previous thread for calling it out, but whatever.

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Damn, cryptocurrencies sounds extremely based. Thanks for the heads up.