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Did we ever have a thread about this?

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based on what?

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What do you mean, based on what?

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>checks price

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if you've been following chainlink for a while now you should know the move is to USE the chains their feeds get turned on in order to profit

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this. thanks ARB for the near free 5 figure airdrop

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What this mean?

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>Chainlink FREE price feeds are live on X
Who cares?

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bullish for base and meaningless for LINK

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why not just hook it in to CCIP? isn't it just a copy pasta of OP (which is CCIP'd)???

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what does this mean

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Please vote:

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The entire market is green but Link is -0.5%. In before



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It's just, you know. You're just based, it's... based, you know the way you posted the thread and everything.

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coinbase is probably not giving them any money, they don't need the pr. so it's back to free price feeds funded by bagholders

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What is there to talk about? All that it means is that base will benefit greatly while link either subsidizes or gets net-zero in profits.

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All price feed users pay Chainlink, they always have.

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it's free, everyone uses it for free, it's what makes chainlink so popular: it's free

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From your own Link: "On mainnet, sponsors are paying the LINK associated to keep those feeds live, decentralized, and secure, so they are not free."

>it's what makes chainlink so popular: it's free
lol what makes them popular is the fact that they never fail and cost their users hundreds of millions of dollars. Pic very related.

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>sponsors are paying
so price feed users pay nothing, because it's free

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The sponsors are the price feed users.

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users take advantage of the sponsorship and use the feeds for free. if nobody wants to give chainlink money, they just sponsor it themselves, and we all know where their money comes from

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>users take advantage of the sponsorship and use the feeds for free
This makes zero sense.
The users are the ones paying the sponsorship.

And the users of those users pay them in turn.

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some organizations like linkpool pay chainlink money so they can write a grandstanding blog post about it. everyone else just uses the feeds for free. it's a loss leader for chainlink, if no organization sponsors the feeds, they do it themselves (and they do). its surprising that you don't know who you are giving your money to in exchange for tokens

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>everyone else just uses the feeds for free
lol, every user that handles more than a few $k pays Chainlink.
They always have.

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And let's not forget this gem.
If the feeds are free, then how could Link "blackmail" feed users?

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if that's true, how come they had to demand payment publicly (and then never talk about it again, because everyone just uses them because they are free and would just switch)?

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if feeds weren't free, how could users use them for free?

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>they had to demand payment publicly

If the feeds are free, then you cannot be "blackmailed" into paying for them.

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if the feeds weren't free, you wouldn't complain about them becoming not free. they stayed free, by the way

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They were already paying prior to that.
He was complaining about a price increase.

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if everybody was already paying for them, why did the "pay up" meme emerge in the first place?
keep spamming those twitter literal whos though

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>if everybody was already paying for them, why did the "pay up" meme emerge in the first place?
Because the price got increased.

>twitter literal whos
They're literally the Chainlink users.
Even small projects like Ohm pay Chainlink for the feeds.

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Another freebies? I thought there wouldn't be any again. Well, if there is, it is worth hoping for, along with sei and also brillion for testers of their smart wallet.

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>Because the price got increased.

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>He was complaining about a price increase.
they paid chainlink once for the pr blog post and got backstabbed as thanks. that's why everyone else uses the feeds for free

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>they paid
Yes they did.
Just like literally everyone else.

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once, as a pr expense, totally optional. because using the feeds is free and despite the weak effort by chainlink to push for payment, remain free to use

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>once, as a pr expense, totally optional
kek, pure headcanon

>using the feeds is free
Then upping the price would not be called "blackmail".

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Marketcap of base network is too low for farms. It's too early to do much of anything unless you're a dev. I will let it bake.

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>Then upping the price would not be called "blackmail".
it's called blackmail because it was free before. of course, it stayed free afterwards because chainlink spinelessly backpedalled because everyone would just go somewhere else and never talked about it again, per usual

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>it was free before
The same guy who called it blackmail literally said he was already paying before.

Brain no workie?

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Just read this thread and am buying more Link rn

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>it stayed free afterwards because chainlink spinelessly backpedalled because everyone would just go somewhere else
where's the source for that?

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>same guy
exactly, a single guy got upset that despite generously giving them money for something he doesn't have to, because it's free, got told that he now has to pay a recurring fee. the mild backlash was very effective in the end, chainlink keeled over and everything remains free

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>a single guy got upset
Yes anon, he got upset at having to pay, even though he doesn't have to pay.
Makes perfect sense.

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he didn't have to pay, but did to pay lip service and get pr, then got told to pay again, which he refused. in the end nothing changed and everything remains free

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Hey niggerfudder answer this>>55823877
Or are you just going to seethe all the thread and make shit up as you go

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>to pay lip service and get pr

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you don't have to get so mad, everything stayed the same after all, it's still free to use. calm down

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>he’s upset
>because he paid for something that’s free
>and then got asked to pay more for something that’s free

Imagine spending hours every day for years of your life digging yourself deeper and deeper into demented holes like this.
Such is the life of the anonymous Link fudder.

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>i don't know if price feeds are free, can you provide me with a source for that? i only buy their tokens, i don't know how it works
sure, but it didn't change, it's still free, but here are all the parameters required to consume price feeds. as you might notice, there is no payment required, because it's free:

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If you're running an actual product with actual users, you need a lot more than just the "view" function of the price feed. You need support, customization, advance notices, ...
You'd know that if you weren't an anonymous nobody.

Pic very related.

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>How do you enjoy spending your Sundays anon?
>"Oh I prefer to pilpul on an anime imageboard and convince people this particular paid crypto service is actually free to use"
>"Uhh, I guess I hope it upsets them and that makes me feel good?"

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>ok it's free, but actually, you also have to check your email regularly, because chainlink warns you for free when their service won't work correctly to deflect blame

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You need a lot more than "view" to actually use the feeds.

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like writing your own code that uses the free price feeds? well yeah, obviously

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One update, pause, ... and your code is worthless.

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You are the one making shit up. Are you going to provide a source for any of your claims of 1) Chainlink feeds being free and 2) Chainlink feeds being free, then paid, then backpedaling (the term used by YOU in this post>>55823495 ?

You have been posting for a couple hours in this thread, frantically replying to all posts, lying about Chainlink price feeds being free. Now, provide back up sources for your claims. It should be easy, shouldn't it?

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that has nothing to do with the price of the feeds. i am however glad that you agree, that the price is zero, because they are free to use (or "view", as you like to call it, so you don't have to admit that they are indeed, free)

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why are you getting so mad about this? the feeds are free, you don't have to pay anything for them, all is good. it's the weekend, no need to get upset

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>that has nothing to do with the price of the feeds
lol of course it does.
If you don't pay the price for the feeds, you are at a constant risk of failure and massive loss of money because updates, pauses, ... can happen at any moment and you won't know about it.

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chainlink won't let their feeds become unreliable, that would be a disaster. so they pay to keep them at pristine quality, so they users can use them, for free

>> No.55824293

They will absolutely change things that will wreck your shit if you're not a paying customer with advance notice and support.
There's a reason any project with a name pays them.

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You concede you cannot produce any source for your claims and have been making shit up through the entire thread, don't you? starting from this post:

>coinbase is probably not giving them any money, they don't need the pr. so it's back to free price feeds funded by bagholders

Where does it say the price feeds are free, you subhuman brownoid? Kek assuming there are people lurking at all, do you believe your way of making stuff up sways people from buying Chainlink?

How does it feel to know you will NEVER get your brown claws in a make it stack?

>> No.55824336

>price feeds are free
yes, it says so right in the documentation. you have to infer it a bit though: there is nothing you have to pay to use them, therefore, they are free. it's a bit of a logical step, but maybe you can manage:

>> No.55824378

they are smart contracts anon, they can't be changed. if they release a new one, you can just deploy a new version of yours that uses it, for free

>> No.55824409

>they are smart contracts anon, they can't be changed
There are a bunch of contracts upstream from the end result, and any or all of them can be altered at any moment.

>you can just deploy a new version of yours that uses it, for free
Even if you have your nose glued to your screen 24/7, all it takes is a fraction of a second of downtime to lose untold millions.
Which is what happened here: >>55824102

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>20 pbtid lazily lying about an obscure altcoin over a seven hour span
wtf is this website doing to your brain? you're like a crackhead foraging in a dumpster explaining to normal people passing by that they don't have to pay for food in restaurants because it's actually free. you need to be institutionalized and given a bath.

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>>price feeds are free
>yes, it says so right in the documentation. you have to infer it a bit though: there is nothing you have to pay to use them, therefore, they are free. it's a bit of a logical step, but maybe you can manage:
Are you fucking stupid nigger? Do you even know how the event calls for a decentralized oracle work? Are you seriously linking to the API docs without even looking at it? It even provides the url to the billing configurator (https://github.com/smartcontractkit/libocr/blob/master/contract/OffchainAggregatorBilling.sol)) it even says "Fixed LINK reward for each observer".

You are a lying piece of shit, subhuman third world filth. You are not fooling anyone and all these posts are getting screencapped and reposted at every turn your brown kind tries to lie and spread malignant FUD.

>> No.55824484

>any or all of them can be altered at any moment.
and for those new versions to be used, the calling contracts have to be updated, resulting in the same scenario: there is a new free price feed contract you can use. or not, the old one is still around (free, of course)
>what happened here
what would paying for the free service have accomplished? they got a notification in advance, ignored it, and suffered the consequences of the price feeds behaving unexpectedly. if they paid, the same would have happened, but they lost money by paying for something that everyone is using for free

>> No.55824492

>angry screeching
there is no reason to be so upset. it's the weekend, try to relax

>> No.55824496

>there is a new free price feed contract you can use
Until you update your code to fit the change, your project is left vulnerable.

>what would paying for the free service have accomplished?
They were paying, but they ignored the warnings they paid for. And they lost a lot of money in minutes.

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did we ever have a thread about this

>> No.55824527

>spinelessly backpedalled because everyone would just go somewhere else and never talked about it again, per usual
Post source on this, seriously. If you do I will unironically sell

>> No.55824532

so even if you are paying, you must have your eyes glued to the screen to not get burned? no reason to not just use it for free then

>> No.55824548

the price feeds are still free to use. i could post the link to the documentation a third time, but i'm taking a shit right now

>> No.55824570

That’s not what I asked for retard.

Show me the source where they backpedaled? An image of tweet? A news article? Any announcement from the actual team? It’s not that hard

>> No.55824576

The word "free" is used 68 times so far in this thread. Interesting thread. Not selling either.

>> No.55824611

sergey doesn't like to admit his mistakes, he just sweeps them under the rug and hopes that people will just forget about them. it's a weak move for a ceo, but at least he realized the unique selling point for people using his services: that they are free

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You get emergency notices, which only happen in case of emergency lol.
If you don't pay, you won't get those.

They're free to use if you absolutely want to lose millions, yes.

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So you have no source and it’s all a fan fiction.
Get the fuck out of my thread

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the source is the documentation. price feeds were free. then chainlink begged for money. then people said no. then price feeds were still free. what happened in between?

>> No.55824645

Yes and in my documentation it says you’re a faggot

>> No.55824651

>price feeds were free
Then why were Ohm, Kava, Compound, ... already paying?

Because if you only use the free "view" function, your project is as secure as a wooden door on a gas chamber.

>> No.55824674

the same reason companies sponsor events or donate money: it's advertisement. they could have dug a well in africa and used that for a blog post (like cardano does), instead they chose something a bit more related to their project. it's not necessary though, price feeds are free

>> No.55824688

Getting support, updates, warnings, customization, ... is not advertisement.

>> No.55824718

>more fudder lies
Is the "price feeds are free" line the newest attempt at FUD? Kek fuddies

Doesn't matter if you try and convince anons in a basket weaving forum that price feeds are "free". What matters is that any serious project is FORCED to PAY UP, and they themselves say as much. Chainlink has truly converged into a monopoly, and no matter what kekfuddies try, there is NO breaking up that monopoly :}

>> No.55824727

>support, updates, warnings
the kind where you have to stay glued to your screen to react? sounds like a really bad deal when all you need is free price feeds
there is no customization, it's a smart contract. if they release a new smart contract, everyone can use it, for free

>> No.55824816

Dumbass, it's literally in the whitepaper that Sergey would be doing this. 35% of the treasury is dedicated to it.

>> No.55824831

>the kind where you have to stay glued to your screen to react?
In case of emergency warnings, yes absolutely.
If you aren't paying, you won't even get any kind of warnings, let alone emergency warnings.

>there is no customization, it's a smart contract.
Lol, if you pay enough you get entirely new feeds, you dumbass.

It's in the whitepaper that sponsors would be sponsoring the feeds so they can use the feeds for free?

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>BASE x Chainlink
>BASE x Arkham Intel
Why is Coinbase aiming directly at my heaviest bags? Why do they want to help me out?

>> No.55825328

that's a really weak value proposition. the main thing is the data, which is free, so it's no wonder chainlink begged for money. it's just not a great business model to give away your main deliverable for free. but it's great for everyone else, so let's not complain

>> No.55825381

>the main thing is the data
kek no, all the oracles that got exploited for billions of dollars used the same data as Chainlink.
The main thing is the infrastructure built between the data sources and the users; key parts of which are only available to paying users.

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>31 pbtid

>> No.55825496

Damn these big name crypto firms paying chainlink for secure feeds should have consulted an anonymous nigger on a pornographic anime image board first about how it's free anyway

>> No.55825524

>only available to paying users
every feature is available to every user. they are just pushing data onchain, which you can then use through a smart contract. every feature that sits between the offchain data and the onchain representation is therefore used by this contract. that contract requires no payment, i.e. it's free to use, for everybody

>> No.55825571

How does chainlink labs stay afloat if their services are free?

>> No.55825574

>every feature is available to every user
Only paying users get things like support, customization, advance warnings, ...
Without which your product is unreliable and therefore useless.

Which is why even smaller projects have always been paying Chainlink.

>hurrr just do it yourself
Why not do everything yourself then? Collating data from all the sources is arguably the easy part. Just make a bunch of nodes that you run yourself and viola.

>> No.55825586

by dumping tokens on the market

>> No.55825611

>How does chainlink labs stay afloat if their services are free?
by creating pretty marketing slides to trick retail into giving them money for tokens they created out of thin air, of course. that's the key innovation here: instead of taking on liability towards investors by doing an ipo, just sell them worthless tokens while skirting securities laws

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>33 pbtid
the fuddies know we just filter them, refresh, and read the 10 posts that are left before closing the tab, right?

>> No.55825637

it's much easier to let chainlink to all that and use it for free. every time they think of a way to improve the system, you get to use it, it's great for users

>> No.55825696

Isn't it weird how they're all paying though?

>> No.55825734

you are right, no new information was mentioned here, price feeds are still free to use. one important thing happened though: after repeating it often enough, anons stated to admit that yes, price feeds are completely free to use, but it's all about the support that you are paying for. so progress was made here. and that business model can work, i.e. you wouldn't pay to use ubuntu for example, and essentially everyone uses it for free, but some company might pay for support

>> No.55825748

>some company might pay for support
They're all paying.
Because the feeds are pretty much useless without the paid services around them.

>> No.55825752

>they're all paying
do you have a source for that?

>> No.55825758

Show me source for one that is using the feeds without paying.

>> No.55825760

>he thinks retails can afford billions of dollars
At this point you’re just being funny

>> No.55825839

>no u
since chainlink doesn't want to publish this data, it's easy to see why you couldn't answer. it is telling that they don't, though. if everyone was paying, how come they had to do their "price hike" (read: people weren't paying)?

>> No.55825908

I posted a bunch of examples of small and big users paying Link.
I'm not going to post proof for all of the many hundreds of users, the trend is perfectly clear.

Show us one user of note who is using Chainlink feeds without paying for them.
Actually, show us a bunch of them. If the feeds are actually free like you say, the vast majority of users (big and small) should be using them for free.

>> No.55826009

Wait but why is a loser like you celebrating? You didnt make any money off this. Maybe the team did, but not a cuckold like you

>> No.55826013

there is one well known user that recognized that everything chainlink does is free for the taking: Binance. they even copied the entire code base (still receiving upstream patches for free, of course), cut out all the extraneous stuff like the token and built a service around it

>> No.55826023

>the cultie screams out in pain because he cant recruit new members


>> No.55826024

So I take it you can't find a single project using the price feeds for free then.
How very odd and totally unexpected.

>> No.55826039


why would anyone pay for this vaporware shit

>> No.55826047

Hahahahahaha another cultie becomes ENRAGED that others wont buy into the grift. Maybe try getting laid? We know you cant but you could at least try

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File: 1.08 MB, 1125x1646, ECF56451-8106-41FC-8061-C405EB36499E.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You arent actually laughing though…because the chart (you got cucked)

The “pay up” meme was meant to describe the relationship between you (cultie) and your masters (ie Chris Barrett). You are essentially paying to fund his vacation lifestyle, new running shoes, etc.

So with that said…pay up bitch

>> No.55826079


Too obvious with the bait. The 30+ pbti faggot has kept his bait going long enough by very carefully riding the line between deranged retard and very funny troll. I actually can't tell which one he is, so hats off. Take lessons from him

>> No.55826091

Hes inching closer and closer to the truth. No one tell him

>> No.55826123

Shutup pussy. I dont take orders from cuckolds. Pay up bitch

How funny is the guy a few posts up who doesnt realize Link was completely funded by dumping on retail bahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

The best part about this whole thing is how you retards still see yourselves as heckin geniuses. This is too good

>> No.55826133

you posted a tweet of someone that successfully got out of paying. that's your happy customer. in return, you got the biggest player in the whole crypto space recognizing that paying is optional when the product is free. it must have been a shock, so i can understand your reluctance to believe it

>> No.55826136

>schizo fuddie babble
Yawn nobody cares faggot. Go ping the rest of your brown cumbrained tranny friends on discord. I'm sure they will come to your rescue kek

>> No.55826141

>you posted a tweet of someone that successfully got out of paying
lol so post source that he's still using Chainlink without paying.

>> No.55826148


Trying to help you be a better troll retard lmao

The hysteric aggression makes you come off teary eyed from the start. Just chill and and throw in some concern trolling or unusually broad claims about le whitepaper or something

>> No.55826175

sers we need to stop fud pls time for curry ok

>> No.55826200

>b-but, the source! i provided a random twitter screenshot of someone complaining, after which the price stayed at zero, please show me that he caved in, with a source
no sorry, you'll have to look through your hard drive full of finely aged twitter screenshots and power point slides yourself. you could look at the contract addresses, look at the users and see if any of them are well known. then you'd just have to hack into sergeys computer where he keeps the miniscule excel file of paying customers to cross reference if these addresses aren't in there. all that to prove that people will prefer the free product to the paid option that only offers support

>> No.55826222
File: 618 KB, 220x220, 1661151311170892.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

All that seethe and no source.
Looks like I just won me another internet argument.

Go drown yourself, you pilpulling kike.

>> No.55826235

Holy checked and based

>> No.55826261

at least you admitted that price feeds are free, that was a big step for you today. fleeing into "you have to provide a source for my claim" is nothing to be ashamed of, you had to concede a major point already

>> No.55826275

Which is why you found all those examples of projects using Chainlink for free?

>> No.55826284

even better, the source for the feeds being free, the official documentation

>> No.55826292


Honestly the trolling was great up to this point. Should have shifted goalposts instead of outright admission of nothing

>> No.55826321

Band copied Chainlink code too, and they got exploited anyway.
Pieces of code are meaningless without everything around it.

Show us a whole bunch of projects using the actual feeds for free.

>> No.55826334

here are no goalposts to move anon, the price feeds are free, that's the only point ever made, and look at how hard it was to get it across. it took a lot of repetition, but the official documentation is clear on this, so it got through the thick clouds of vested interests in the end

>> No.55826350

Don't you think trolling this gets boring after like 5-6 posts? How do you manage to play this part for 40+ posts? Is your life really that devoid of better things to do?

>> No.55826375

i'm not sure, it was a really simple point, it's in the documentation as well. but it paid off, i think it starts to dawn on some anons that price feeds might actually be free to use

>> No.55826393

you really want to know if that one guy from your twitter screenshot is paying money for the free service, do you? you could just ask them, maybe they can send the link to the documentation as well

>> No.55826396

How old are you and what do you do for a living? Serious question.

>> No.55826432

that's a bit offtopic here, we're in the middle of discussing if the official documentation can be trusted

>> No.55826454

>pls find my sources for me pls
fucking lol
Why would you claim up and down that the guy isn't paying for his use of Chainlink if you have no indication that it's actually so?
Because you're a pilpulling kike, that's why.

>> No.55826458

In the middle? You've been discussing it for over 12 hours my friend. Nothing wrong with letting yourself get a little sidetracked after 12 hours of honest, hard work at the pil pul factory. So, what keeps you busy usually anon?

>> No.55826469

No one cares , no one uses chain link because nobody actually needs it to begin with

>> No.55826498

This thread is bananas

>> No.55826499

it's perfectly normal to become so invested into a story that when it is questioned, you become defensive, even if you don't have any proof in the first place, so don't beat yourself up about it. you learned that price feeds are free today, that's a big enough pill to swallow

>> No.55826513

Do you feel fulfilled? I am very curious what motivates you.

>> No.55826525

Yet you can't find a single project using Chainlink for free.
Because the free version of the feeds is useless.

>> No.55826528

Hold that thought, I have to go. Please keep the thread alive for another 12 hours hard working anon. See you tomorrow!

>> No.55826558

>the free version of the feeds
there is only one version of the feeds, and it's free

>> No.55826562

And yet nobody's actually using it for free.

>> No.55826580


>> No.55826631

if you pick a random caller of the contract, chances are good that they are not paying, because it's impossible to pay the contract

>> No.55826639

Look at you trying so hard to hold frame. Again I dont take orders from pussies. To quote the great Tony Montana, the only thing that gives order in this world is balls.

Youre my little bitch. I guarantee you’ll keep replying to me, because I own you.

>> No.55826646

Your keyboard is gonna break with this constant stream of tears

>> No.55826652

>y y you have no life
>spends entire life policing thoughts on a random loser forum for the cult hes in

Bahahahahahahaah. The irony is never lost on the cult cucks

>> No.55826663

Lol you got nowhere to go. Is Mcdonalds having a social event or something..

>> No.55827180

>49 pbtid of non-stop twisting and squirming and goalpost moving

This will never not entertain me

>> No.55827226
File: 285 KB, 1170x837, IMG_8877.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

How is there a thread about Chainlink and Base without a single mention of Base’s participation in Chainlink’s SCALE program? This deal means Coinbase (not Chainlink) is subsidizing the operating costs of Chainlink feeds running on the base chain. The SCALE program is effectively how Chainlink is monetizing new chain integrations. Either you pay up (Celo’s SCALE deal was in the millions) or you don’t get the oracles you need for apps like Aave and Compound to deploy on the chain, which they desperately need to get any traction. Chainlink is actively monetizing their services and they’re telling you they are, yet somehow this keeps getting completely overlooked.

>> No.55827239
File: 456 KB, 1170x1112, IMG_8878.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

They’re literally telling you they’re paying for Chainlink oracles to be deployed on their chain. There’s already seven chains who have joined SCALE, meaning every Chainlink price feed on those networks are running entirely in the green, pure profits, as the chains pony up the money to cover those feed costs.

>> No.55827325

because it's another optimism scam chain with no fraud proofs
in saying that it might get adoption from brand name alone and of course if coinbase actually tries to integrate it in some way with the exchange

>> No.55827358

50 fucking posts. What a weekend Michael. You slant eyed shrimp dick loser.

I'm never selling.

>> No.55827390


>> No.55827516

I don’t see what this has to do with the question if Chainlink feeds are free or being monetized. It’s been communicated that Aave and Compound will deploy on Base and naturally they need Chainlink feeds and Coinbase is willing to pay for that. So this whole thread is completely confused to how Chainlink is actively monetizing their feeds right now.

>> No.55827698

you're likely talking to a bunch of bots/fudders anon, most of what they have written is just going to be slide posts to get you off topic. Most link holders here already knows that Base is a part of the SCALE program and that there are huge fees coming our way which will be mostly pure profit. I have a feeling some anons are realizing that the fees are going to be so big its going to cause fomo soon so they're fudding/sliding. I mean Base just hit 100m volume today. Things are just getting started as Coinbase is about to onboard 98+ millions normies to defi through link. At this point it really only a matter of time before the inevitable perpetual pump begins.

>> No.55827749

Truth. Most real anons have distanced themselves from even mentioning Chainlink IRL because the ETH guys fucking hate the Chainlink community. Personally I am sick of the death threats from the wider crypto community just because I identify as an OG Linkster. I blame the wagies working for Chainlink because they shilled too aggressively on places like Twitter, where all the good posters went. LINK shills just needed to fall in line and respect the existing crypto hierarchy.

>> No.55827781

About 400, this month

>> No.55827796

>Twitter, where all the good posters went.
All the good posters? All the namefags went there after they lost their dopamine supply of (You)'s here. Any anon above a 130iq left this place for the most part and maybe visit occasionally to post when they see a decent thread. All you see on twitter is people reposting screenshots of those occasional replies.

>> No.55827820

>do you have a life outside of biz
The one question that ANNALLY RAPES the SEETHING fudder with FACTS AND LOGIC

>> No.55827835

>LINK shills just needed to fall in line and respect the existing crypto hierarchy.
You're goddamn right you just needed to fall in line stop being so fucking loud and give respect to get respect. Anon, when the Bankless Nazi Nation say they want to gas all LINK kikes they do it out of love. When Vitalik single handedly forked Ethereum after the DAO hack it was out of love.
What you STINK marine KIKES do is not love. It is hate. Irrational hatred against the ones that came before you who have already made it.

This is what happens when you go against crypto trillionaires you fucking ungrateful chainlink kikes.

I stand with my fellow Bankless Nazis against the chainlink kikes. I am pro-gas and pro-1488. Gas Chainshitters today.

>> No.55827853

look we link marines just wanna make it too ok
frankly i think all the 2013 OGs are being selfish at this point

>> No.55827920

NO. WE already scammed trillions from stupid retail scum like you and WE need trillions more, each.

When you look at OGs like Bitboy or Sassal who do you think pays for their hair plugs???











>> No.55827939

holy based wtf I love bankless nazis now

>> No.55828183

unbelievably based and redpilled

bankless nazis take my money

>> No.55828881


>> No.55829426

delete your 4channel account nazi scum

>> No.55829508

Putting in caps doesnt help. Youre a cuckold cult member thats is loyal to the person scamming him. Not much that can change that, sorry bud, not everyone can win…

If its any consolation, your donations has allowed the team to have new European experiences. Congrats on that, seriously

>> No.55829513

Have allowed* i meant, fag

>> No.55829757

based and redpilled

>> No.55829862


>> No.55830329

even if it was a bit embarrassing to witness, it was impossible to refute the sinple truth in the end: price feeds are free to use, just call the contract

>> No.55830584

You only think they're free because you're a literal nobody. Try using the feeds as part of a larger project and find out for yourself.
Chainlink is a services company, and they provide a ton of services to ensure guaranteed uptime. For which you have to pay.

>hurrr I'll just do it myself
There's a reason banks, enterprises, etc. outsource nearly everything even remotely IT-related. It's a lot more efficient.

>> No.55830718

>It's a lot more efficient.
you'll still need to constantly monitor everything around your contract, else you'll get burned by surprising behavior, as evidenced by the screenshot that was supposed to support that paying is mandatory. so you are already paying an external services company. if that company now also wants chainlink to eat into their profit margins, that's debatable

>> No.55830729

>they provide a ton of services to ensure guaranteed uptime
of the nodes that supply the data, that can then be used onchain, for free

>> No.55830841

>you'll still need to constantly monitor everything around your contract, else you'll get burned by surprising behavior
>What are SLAs
Anyway, the thread was kept alive, but you never answered >>55826513 or >>55826458. What gives? Your ignorance when it comes to Service Level Agreements tells me that you most likely don't have a white collar job. Do you have a job, anon?

>> No.55830854

>Do you have a job, anon?
imagine having a job. kill yourself wagie

>> No.55830862

SLAs concern uptime, a problem that is solved by chainlink well before the data enters the chain. it's of no concern if you just use the end product (for free)

>> No.55830879

>you'll still need to constantly monitor everything around your contract
A fraction of what you’d have to do if you did everything yourself.
Not to mention that you won’t know anything in advance.

>> No.55830897

That is one component of SLAs, yes. SLAs are mentioned several times in the Chainlink whitepaper and on the website, so it seems Chainlink does not fix, nor ever intended to "fix" the need for SLAs.

>Importantly, stakers will have the opportunity to monitor the feed, raise an alert, and get rewarded if they successfully detect in a timely manner that the ETH/USD feed has not met the conditions of the SLA agreement. In v0.1, alerting conditions will be focused on feed uptime but will expand in scope in later versions.

You are alerting whenever you can, right anon? Keeps Gary Gensler's grubby paws away.

>> No.55830900

if we are talking about those elusive big corporations that are using smart contracts in production but outsourced everything to service companies: all the code is open source and well commented (even under a business friendly licese, so it can be freely copied and sold, see Binance), so service companies will have the same information on what actually happens as chainlink themselves

>> No.55830914

ah, you mean the scheme where chainlink tries to outsource the work to easily manipulated retail investors while paying them in tokens they created out of thin air. yes, you can't achieve any kind of general SLA with that setup

>> No.55830928

Haha exactly anon. Did you switch ids btw?

>> No.55830940

After reading this thread, I'm more convinced than ever that LINK is going to fucking moonshot. The services are real, and major projects pay big money for them.
Thanks for setting that absolutely straight in my head, fudder. The only person doing anything for free here is you.

>> No.55832251

You’re absolutely right. I’ve been around awhile and while the Ethereum fud was no where near as deranged and vitriolic, it was quite rampant prior to the run up to $4k. Now that it has held $1k+ for years, that fud is mostly gone. I think it’s safe to say we’re on to something big with Link. If it were nothing their fud wouldn’t be necessary.

>> No.55832570
File: 56 KB, 745x463, 1667155143314673.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>coinbase is probably not giving them any money

52 pbtid, and your very first post itt is already completely wrong.

>> No.55832717

funny to see chainlink threads go from magical feeling threads in 2018 to giant bagholders arguing about how chainlink even works. good luck guys, wish you listened to me when I said to buy BNB.

>> No.55832732

>all the code is open source and well commented (even under a business friendly licese, so it can be freely copied and sold, see Binance)
The vast majority of corporate and institutional servers run on open-source Unix forks, but almost all of them still outsource server management because it's the better option in every way.

>> No.55832933

and those companies doing server management, do they pay canonical for ubuntu support, or do they have in house experts? that's the point, anon

>> No.55832956

>we are collaborating
doesn't sound like money is changing hands here, but maybe you have insider information?

>> No.55832991

ironically, this alerting function is still nowhere to be seen, congrats for this
btw how old are you anon? what are you doing in your life?

>> No.55833036
File: 222 KB, 1337x859, 1691959023711479.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>doesn't sound like money is changing hands here

>> No.55833077

I'm nearing my 30s, working on my career while I stack LINK. Made promotion very recently and I qualify for a management function next year. At the moment I am enjoying the summer, taking walks and trying to get back into sports. Going on a short trip with my gf soon.

What about you, anon? Did you switch Ids again or are you just another anon interested in smalltalk?

>> No.55833631


LMFAO you fucking retard

>> No.55833697

sounds like you don't, then

>> No.55834200
File: 42 KB, 1099x276, 1685750407100791.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>52 posts
to be fair i've seen a lot worse, pic rel
it all just reeks of desperation to me
never selling

>> No.55834239

The companies that manage, build, and maintain data centers, servers, networks, ... themselves have subcontractors of subcontractors. It's a huge business in its own right with lots of cottage industries within.

>> No.55835248

you forgot to answer the question. but i can answer it for you: if the product is free, very few buy support. look at the whole CentOS fiasco, Elasticsearch, you name it

>> No.55835312

>if the product is free, very few buy support
You mean like Base totally isn't paying Chainlink? Except they are?

>> No.55835976

turns out they are covering some of the operating costs, that's generous of them, and they even got a blog post for pr out of it, well done. i was talking about the free price feeds though and how the situation is comparable to it service companies not paying for support from canonical or redhat / ibm when using their free products

>> No.55835998


>> No.55836027

>i was talking about the free price feeds
You mean the free price feeds Base (among many others) is paying for?

>> No.55836100

they are not paying to use them, they are providing them, so they can be used, for free. they are sponsoring some of the operating costs, so they can look like a good actor in their announcement blog post. it's cheap advertising, a smart move

>> No.55836118

>they are not paying to use them
They are paying.
For the feeds.

>> No.55836510

in the meantime, we're all paying for you poor reading comprehension

>> No.55836691

>they are not paying to use them, they are providing them, so they can be used, for free
Base is providing them for free, Chainlink is getting paid for them.

>> No.55836963

base spent money for advertisement
>cover certain operating costs
... and haggled them down to boot

>> No.55837101

Whatever helps you sleep at night lol

>> No.55837126

the coinbase sales guy must sleep very comfortably. on the other hand, chainlink rolls over on any kind of headwind, so it's not that great an accomplishment. see for example the attempt to make people pay for the free price feeds

>> No.55837132

>the attempt to make people pay for the free price feeds
Well the attempt seems to have worked on Base.

>> No.55837172

apparently, the attempts by your teachers didn't

>> No.55837761

Link might still get another shot next cycle anon, and Bnb is yet to reach its full potential. I'd do my Dca on it alongside Dot and Krest for long term gains.