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This fucking nigger is driving me crazy
Bear niggers need not reply
Anyways suppression is obvious. What are the jews waiting for? A random black swan 2020 style??

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It's over. We will never haver another bull run

You had literally 12 years, anon

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BTC is going up at least 3x in 2024. Keep stacking before you run out of time faggot.

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STFU bobo.

AFTER THE HALVING. Why are you niggers so retarded? Keep accoomalating.

>>55813490 Fucking finally someone with more than a room temperature IQ.

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Suppression of what?
You got loads of people who wanna use BTC and pay enormous fees or something?

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this. sorry chud>>55813423

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>he thought there would be a healthy bullrun after a """bottom""" as high as 15.5k, after a mere 77% fall from ATH
Not a chance.

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all bitcoin ETFs will be approved at the same time by the end of this year. 10x from there easily next year after the halving. bitcoin WILL end up being 5-10% of all retirement accounts. at that point it's $500k+ per coin. it's inevitable.

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Keep stacking you stupid, fickle faggot.
Bitcoin has another 10x in store in the next 5 years.

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>suppression is obvious
You can't possibly be this retarded my dude

Here's a hint, wait for the halving. It's a long game.

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a nice read


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This. Name another asset as applicable to the current financial dilemma? Normally, this would be the time money rotates into bonds, but bonds look very risky now. This is why Larry Fink wants to legitimize it, because it's the only asset that's going to be the lifeboat.

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So it'll go back to where it was two years ago? That's crazy, bro.

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With 100% certainty, you will stay poor. Not my problem lol

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Zoom out the chart. You stupid monkey brained retard.

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