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Codefag here with a 320k salary, I feel like my days are numbered and within a few years I’ll be unemployed due to layoffs and ChatGPT. I feel like I need to live like a pauper until I at least have 2 million dollars, but I only have 500k rn. FML what’s the point of making this kind of money if I’m not going to enjoy it? Literally all I do is work and put my paycheck in to VTSAX

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Jesus Christ, just shut the fuck up right now you stupid faggot.

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Shut the fuck up.

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yea...shut the fuck up

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Ignore the three amigos OP
Talk freely king.

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I retract my former statement
KYC immediately.

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Why don't you code yourself some money faggot

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> Brags about 320k salary
> Actual salary is 110k

So many such larping cases here on biz

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Are you a quant? How have you not just spammed NVDA calls and just exited the game? Btw you missed the boat NVDA is fucked.

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1) If you haven't put $100k in your 401k by now you're kind of fucked even if you stay employed.
2) If you think LLMs will replace us you're retarded. They don't need coders, they need someone to yell at when the shit blows up and you can't yell at a computer.

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AI is just an upgraded google
If anything, it makes your job easier
but you're just a faggot larper so what do i know kek

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you were always destined to fail. it's okay.

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His total compensation package is $320k:
- base $130k
- options/bonuses $190k split over 4-5 years, first cash out after 2-3 years

All those people bragging about those salaries do not actually make it and only cash out their if they manage to swallow all the shit and burnout their employers throw at them

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Actually I was given a signing bonus which basically translates into getting cash instead of stock for the first year. So I'm getting $270k cash and only $10k stocks first year.

OP is still a fag for making this dumb fucking spam on biz

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No one has that kind of split dude. There’s also a big difference between a public company, a startup that will probably be public in a few years, and a small startup. Google is paying people in stock that vests every month which is basically cash

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Yeah, I have also seen packages where total comp is an average over 5yrs. It is $300k, but first year people make $120k and $500k in the last year.

The problem is that people brag about total comp and other wagies seethe uncontrollably, which is the reason this bragging will continue