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So what the fuck is the deal with n4d and why is he burning so much money for no apparent reason? most of it was GNS and GMX, as well as some ETH and NFTs.
Arkham has a good rundown on his antics on their twitter acc. Is he going to kill himself or something? Is he trying to fuck over someone else or an external group of people??

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probably someone killing themselves soon. not the first time someone burns a shit ton of money right before suicide.

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Get it right next time :)

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fuck elon musk.

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Or maybe he got it all doing some illegal scheme and got paranoid for one reason or another so he decided to remove the evidence?
Still doesn't make sense since all the transactions are there, in the blockchain, forever. But that's my best guess.

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only trannies are going to call twitter "x".

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prolly hacked or maybe just roping who cares?

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>whale starts burning his crypto assets
>this is somehow supposed to be a big deal to raise alarms/questions about it
The only tragedy here is that I'm not the one receiving all that money for free.

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Go be a huge faggot somewhere else retard. Discussing semantics is the definition of cringe.

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>Is he trying to fuck over someone else or an external group of people??
8 million dollars just for vendetta makes no sense. Something else is going down. Interesting this guy has said nothing at all. Does he even have a twitter or something?

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>tfw someones burning more than 10k usd because that's life changing to you.

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The (((feds))) are after him after they discovered he was buying Cheese Pizza on the darknet

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Got sources on other people that did something similar before an heroing themselves?
It's not a 'big deal' but certainly a very interesting topic. Who does this shit?

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what is even the big deal. why do you faggots care so much about another person's wealth.

makes me wanna vomit

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If you're gonna an hero or whatever just give it to random anons
>like myself
fuck I'll take your stolen money I'm suicidal anyway what are they gonna do take away my birthday?

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10K is literally, unequivocally and unironically pocket change. It's barely entering the absolute personal hell that is 5-figures limbo. It doesn't even reach the painful experience that is 6-figure hell.

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Interested in a source on that as well. I only know of people killing themselves after losing a shit ton of money (obviously) not the other way around.

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It was over eight million dollars you fucking morons. Dude has 200k left of GMX apparently.

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Not when you have literally only pocket change to your name, 5k to me is life changing, 10k is life stabilizing, whatever this guys burning is depressing.

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Someone who's about to rise up against society, perhaps? Time to LARP and put on your tinfoil hats, gentlemen.

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Maybe the account got hacked and the hacker decided to burn all the money for some personal reason or whatever?
Also no twitter or anything. People have sent messages through minted tokens to see what the fuck's going on and he hasn't replied to anyone yet.
Not a good idea if it is in fact stolen money.

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Point remains.
>Can we profit off of this?
>If not, why do we care, again?

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10K is fucking nothing. You could make that much money in a couple leveraged trades. You're just extremely poor.

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>It's not about money or power... It's about sending a message..,

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am i supposed to care about this shit or whatever....?

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This dude effectively lowered the supply of ETH and GMX in his tirade so this is technically a good thing.

Hope he's doing ok, however.

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anyone looking to do bad things online use monero. what illegitimate business online is going to use anything else?
besides, if the feds were looking for him, he's already fucked. he can't delete his transaction history. burning the money is a retarded move.

only answer is seppukku.

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>See, I'm a man of simple tastes. I like gunpowder...and dynamite...and gasoline! Do you know what all of these things have in common? They're cheap!

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Not by any significant amount though.

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does this mean we've got a juicy arbitrage opportunity at the very least? I don't care if this nigger kills himself I just wanna make money with it

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why do you hope? he doesn't even know you exist

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Yeah I know genius.

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I can tell none of you kids ever got married. The guy is getting divorced and he's not giving that bitch a single penny.